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on February 20, 2013
For the price, this is a reasonable deal. On the upside, it gives you a real, well-made physical keyboard on an iPhone 5. I like the combination. Not only do you get QWERTY keys, you also get other helpful keys like the cursor keys, which makes editing a lot easier.

It seems reliable and the keys are large enough. It really is more satisfying for typing, so I no longer avoid typing long emails or text messages. The slide-out mechanism seems reasonably strong so that I don't worry about it snapping off or jamming.

However, there are a few quite significant flaws, not all of which are mini-suit's fault

1) The keys can be pressed while the keyboard is closed - simply due to flexing the case with normal pocket pressure. This unfortunately results in the phone unlocking, so - put the phone in your pocket and it will often be unlocked by itself. This probably made sense for separate bluetooth keyboards being used at a desk, but doesn't in this scenario.

2) Some apps don't work in landscape mode, such as the iPhone settings. So you have to open the keyboard, turn it off, re-enter the settings, and then you can use the onscreen keyboard. Seems like this would have been resolved if closing the keyboard turned it off...

Some other more minor flaws:

3) The space bar is too small. It's a big reach especially for the right hand finger/thumb, and generally hard to hit. However, you can probably get used to this over time.

4) The top row of keys is really too close to the phone.

5) The numbers are only accessible using the "Fn" button. In combination with #4 this makes typing numbers quite tedious.

6) The keys are not very well shaped in my opinion, and are quite firm to press. So actually typing isn't all that comfortable either. My old Nokia e63 with tiny QWERTY keys was easier.

7) The case itself is quite thick - it certainly doesn't seem like this is as thin as it could be. I am OK to live with the chunkiness, but anyone who likes the original svelte thinness of the iPhone 5 a lot, would be unhappy.

Finally, I was quite dissappointed to find this case offers NO protection for the FRONT of the phone. You know, where the expensive glass screen is ... the case only comes to slightly below the front of the screen, so if it lands on it's front or a corner, the case won't do anything.
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on November 29, 2012
Going from a g2 to the iPhone a physical keypad was what i was missing. The touch screen keypad is great and all but i like the feel of a real keypad. Minisuit provided exactly what i needed. the case/keypad fits only the phone so if you have another case already on the phone you'll have to choose between one or the other to protect your phone. The quality of the keypad/case is durable, I have yet to drop it and don't plan on it. The sliding of the phone is strong its not flimsy like my old g2 so it probably won't break. The phone fits snug in the cradle its a little hard to get out once you have it in, to me that's a good thing. It connect to your phone via bluetooth and is very responsive i have yet to experience a miss key press. The only draw back is that once you have the bluetooth keypad on it wont allow you to type using the touch screen keypad. If youre looking for a keypad for the iPhone this is your best bet! Thanks for reading
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on December 11, 2012
EDIT: I'll leave my following 5 star review up here just to show the stark contrast in the value of the product.

This product lasted 6 months, which is good for the price honestly, I wasn't expecting much from something I spent a Jackson on. The double typing issue I mentioned below got pretty bad, and then the keyboard eventually snapped away from the product leaving a metal plate and the case.

I figured it was worth it to just get another one, since I prefer a keyboard on my phone. The second keyboard I got was of much lower quality than the first. The first one has a much more solid, harder keyboard. This one Seemed to be made out of softer plastic. Also the aforementioned metal plate, is now plastic on the new model. They double character entry while typing, was apparent on the second day. I would no longer recommend this product unless you feel like putting up with hose issues, or unless mini-suit releases a notice that they have been fixed. I'm giving this two stars, because it can still protect your phone fairly well.

Old Review
I've wanted an iPhone for quite some time, but since I'm a little old fashioned when it comes to technology, I did not want to exclusivity use a touch screen.

Some of the keyboard cases for the iPhone 5 can get up to one hundred big ones, and if you look at the pictures, they almost look as if they are the exact same model as this one.

I bought The Minisuit apple iphone 5 Keyboard when it was around twenty USD, at the time of this review it's gone up about ten dollars. I still say that it is a great price to get it at.
This keyboard has done almost everything I would expect it to and then some. It's easy to sync, and it stays charged far longer than the phone. It uses a separate charge cord (a micro B USB) but it comes with it, and I just charge it whenever I charge the phone.

It has iphone specific buttons (you can lock the phone from the keyboard, and press the menu button from it as well). It also has shortcut keys for turning on the keyboard back light (which works great), adjusting the brightness of the display, and even bringing up the on screen keyboard if you need to punch in a character that is not on the cases keyboard. You can even turn it off when you're not using it if you want (I don't, but the fact is you can).

I've dropped it twice since I've had it, but only from about three feet at most and it landed on the rubber case both times. If it landed on the face of the phone I fear it would cause more damage since it dose make the case quite a bit heavier.

The only issue I have had with this product, is that every once in a while the phone will type double of the character I press. When this happens I just flick the power switch on, then off, and it resolves it within seconds. This issue has only happened twice in the couple months that I've had it. The case does make the phone significantly heavier and thicker, but that is something that does not bother me.

For a cheaper price than most, its good money spent and it does its job well. I give it 5 out of 5 because it meets expectations and is a fair bargain.
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on January 1, 2013
This case is not what I expected it to be. It is very cheap, the buttons slowly stopped working and then the charge started to go. Worst part about it I write the seller about my issues and they come back at me saying that since I'd had it for over 30 days( I would say all in all I have it for maybe 3-4 weeks unless you include the 2 weeks it took to ship it from when I ordered it) and they couldn't do anything for me.
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on December 30, 2012
I was never a real fan of the soft keyboard. Even though it was accurate enough, it was never the same as a physical keyboard.
This product is a clever idea to use create a case that doubled as a bt keyboard that paired with the iPhone.
It makes the iPhone 5 a bit thicker but that's the trade-off to have a physical keyboard.

1. Battery life.
2. Rubberized backing supports a good grip.
3. Price
4. Backlit keyboard.
5. Control of brightness, locking and app closing.

1. No SHIFT key on the right side of the keyboard.
2. The USB insert isn't centered at the bottom.
3. The 'Mini Suit' branding shouldn't appear on the sidewall of the case but should appear on the backside after you slide out the keyboard.
4. Wasted keys for CMD and ALT (who's gonna use this paired to a Mac??)

On Con item #3, I think this produces a cleaner look and when you use the keyboard, then whoever sees you using the keyboard automatically sees the brand.

UPDATE: 6/3/13 - For the longest time I was wondering why my iPhone, at random times, grew pretty hot in my pocket and now I understand why.
What happens is when enough pressure is applied against the case, the phone turns on, bypassing the lock screen making the phone vulnerable to screen touches.
This has resulted in accidental phone calls, launched apps and a drained battery.
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on September 27, 2013
This is really quite a good solution for those of us who insist on a physical keyboard. Without this, the iPhone would not be a viable option for me.

This is what's good about it:

+ It is surprisingly well made for the price, extremely thin and ultra-light in weight. It feels quite nice and fitted my iPhone 5S well. The increase in thickness from adding this is about 30% - the iPhone is not quite as sleek with this in place, but for me it is perfectly acceptable.

+ Unlike some keyboard cases that I've encountered, such as the FOM, this case doesn't make your iPhone appear cheap and nasty. Your iPhone still looks and feels like an iPhone.

+ Pairing was seamless and all the functionality of the product worked as it should have.

+ Keys are quite pleasant and the tactile feel is pretty good.

+ The keyboard switch can be left in the "on" position as the keyboard shifts into standby mode when not being used.

+ The physical action of sliding the keyboard in and out is extremely nice and feels very solid and satisfying.

+ I found no problem accessing the top row of keys - there was plenty of clearance for my fingers. If you have super-large fingers, this might be a problem, but for me the clearance was more than sufficient and accessing the top row of keys was comfortable.

+ Holding down the blue "fn" (function) key and pressing the space bar (which has a blue keyboard icon on it) re-enables the virtual keyboard on screen, as though the physical keyboard case had not been paired with the phone. This works really well because, most of the time, with the case keyboard paired to the phone, you don't want the virtual keyboard to appear and rob you of significant screen real estate. But the keyboard gives you the option to switch to the virtual keyboard if you want to (and, in fact, even if you re-enable the virtual keyboard, you can still use the case keyboard). Whoever implemented this did a nice job of thinking this through.

Now the annoyances:

- It takes a mini-USB for charging, not a lightning connector, so you need either a different cable or an adapter to be able to charge the keyboard from the same power source as the iPhone. Fortunately the keyboard battery life is very good (the manufacturer claims 45 days standby), so this not such a problem, but connector commonality would nevertheless have improved the product.

- Keyboard layout and some essential keys are "missing". The space bar is too small and, stupidly, there is no right hand shift key which is frustrating for a skilled typist. To type a capital "A", therefore, I have to hit the left "Caps Lock" then hit "A" then hit "Caps Lock" again, which is a lot of work and quite unnatural for me after more than three decades of touch-typing. The keys are laid out on top of one another, unlike a computer keyboard where they move to the right as one moves from the upper row to the bottom row. This induces unnecessary keyboard errors. I have to look at the keys when I type - something I did not have to do with my previous phone, an HTC G2.

- The case provides no frontal protection at all. I purchased a screen protector as well as the case, but a screen protector will not protect against impact damage if your phone is dropped face down. If you need to protect your phone from a hostile environment, this may not be the case for you but, for me, the risk is acceptable.


For the money, this keyboard case is a very good product. As I said, I moved to the iPhone from an HTC G2. As a phone my G2 was a far cry from an iPhone, but the integrated keyboard on the G2 was exceptional. This keyboard case approach is not as good a solution as was the G2's integrated keyboard, but for $20 it enabled me to move to the iPhone, and I'm quite pleased with the outcome.
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on March 28, 2014
Worthless!!!!!! I was excited about this product before receiving it, but it is cheap and flimsy! It also didn't slide out fully, so it was difficult to use the last row of keys.
Also, I couldn't get my money back when I tried to return it.(yes, I did have it for over 30 days, but thats because the company was not responding to my requests to return it) Would NEVER, EVER purchase anything that comes from this company.
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on January 19, 2013
When using the slide out keyboard, it feels top heavy and unbalanced. Plus the top row of keys are too close to the case edge preventing you from accessing them normally. You have to reposition your thumbs or fingers to touch this row. Other than that it works perfectly.
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on March 24, 2013
I ordered this for my teenage son as a Christmas gift for his iphone. I wasn't even sure if this is what he had mentioned that he wanted, but it turned out to be exactly what he wanted and in his own words...better than the others that he had viewed.
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on January 20, 2013
am i the only one who got the keyboard and the fn shift and alt key doesnt work? i emailed the seller and they said was i can give you $3 to get it repaired but no one repairs this problem. i will be returning it. if it wasnt for that i love the keyboard.
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