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on March 18, 2014
In my previous review I stated that the Mpow receiver/adapter wouldn't stay perpetually in connect mode, which is what I wanted-- to be lazy enough to just walk into my listening room, flick on the bluetooth mode on my iPhone, and listen to music. No unplugging and replugging of the Mpow device to activate it.

Well, Mpow decided to send me the revised version of this model, which is now sold in place of the previous versions. It appears they cracked the code and I can now wander into the room I want to listen to music, and, with the flick of a button, I can connect and listen to my music.

It's what I was hoping the old version would do-- and now it works just like I'd hoped. Good job Mpow. At this price, there's no reason fat lazy basterds like me wouldn't have an Mpow device in every room, making listening free of physical media and wires.
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on November 24, 2014
2 star or 3 star? I choose 3 to be nice.

Good: it works as blue tooth receiver. easy to pair with different devices. The sound quality is not bad if there is no drop of signal. It has a USB to charge phones, although I did not try because I have enough USB port to charge cell phones. It ships really fast (I am using prime shipping)

bad: range is about 5-6 feet max, a little far away (using Mac) it will drop signal. Such a short range makes it virtually useless because any audio cable can easily run longer than that distance. It does not seem to auto reconnect. No power on/off switch.
And of course, the sound is delayed, so it is not good for watching video, only good for music. But I don't blame this product for the delay because that is a problem for similar products.

In conclusion, it is not broken or defect, it is just not great. I am going to keep it and try to use it when I can. I would not buy it again, and would not recommend it, mainly due to the range limitation.
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on November 6, 2014
This is the process I have to go through EVERY TIME I want to play music via my iPhone 4S:
Settings -> Bluetooth -> "On" -> select "MPOW" (always "Not Connected") -> Music -> Play

It SHOULD be like this:
Control Center -> Bluetooth on -> Play

Let me just say that the product itself is very small and sleek (kind of wish the blue light didn't always flash, but it's hidden from view so I don't mind - might be annoying if placed out in the open in one's bedroom), the audio quality is excellent, and I rarely ever have issues with the Bluetooth connection itself (as far as staying connected once it is connected). But this auto-connect issue is a fundamental flaw.
My phone just does not automatically connect to it, like it should and does with other products. For example, my 2007 Toyota's stock Bluetooth connection automatically connects to my iPhone 4S the second I turn it on, and I expect the same out of a dedicated Bluetooth 4.0 product MADE IN 2014!

I bought this product to make it extremely easy to play my music whenever I wanted - turn on Bluetooth on my phone, then press play, right? - but it has actually made it less convenient and more time-consuming than fiddling with an auxiliary cable. I can honestly say I listen to music less often now that I have this.

I have contacted MPOW's customer support previously about this issue and they immediately offered a replacement. Kudos to them on their customer service. Their English isn't the best, but it's good enough to facilitate communication (and I only know one language, so who am I to complain about that?)
I paid $10 to ship it from Florida to California (they needed a tracking #) and waited a week or so for the replacement.
The replacement arrived and still suffered from the same issue... at this point, I just don't feel like dealing with replacing this thing AGAIN, as it would likely be another $10 shipping charge and week-long wait. Maybe I will get fed up one day and send them an email, but I shouldn't have to; the thing should just do what even a 10 year-old Bluetooth product does and auto-connect!
Until then, as great as the product is when it works, it gets 2 stars for such a massive flaw.
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I have a really great stereo, but it lacks bluetooth capabilities. The MPOW receiver allows me to stream music from my phone or tablet directly to my stereo.

The unit is really use to pair and comes with great instructions. The sound output is incredibly crisp and clean. All sound levels are present and makes for an enjoyable listening experience.

I just plug this in behind my stereo and just attach it with a 3.5mm audio cable. It comes with a USB charger too just so you may charge your device at the same time. It fits perfectly behind my entertainment center and doesn't need to be recharged like most receiver on the market today.

It is a great product that is easy to use, supports the highest quality sound codecs on the market, and provides CD-quality sound to your stereo. Great buy!!!
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on June 28, 2014
First off, I will talk about pairing with my computer. It worked great the first time. I used it about a day and a half, and then my computer freaked out and suddenly I no longer had bluetooth on the computer... Finally found some updated drivers and got that sorted, and then I couldnt pair to the MPOW anymore. Went round and round, and finally it worked. I have since stopped using the device with my computer(because I moved the MPOW to a different room)

Ok, phone. I have a windows phone (Nokia 928), not that it really matters... Connection was quick and painless. My phone never has an issue seeing it, BUT it does NOT auto connect, I have to manually go into the bluetooth settings on my phone to connect. A tad annoying, but I guess its better than dipping in the room, having music start playing then cut out when I leave... (Note bluetooth music auto starts playing in my car when I turn it on).

Another minor complaint, it identifies itself as a headset to my phone. So when I make a call, it tries to handle the call, IE I can hear the ringing through the speakers, not my phone. I have to switch away from bluetooth in a call. It does not have a microphone, so Im not sure how it can be a headset anyways...

Finally, Im not sure if its my phone or this device, but sometimes the quality is great, works where ever I put my phone, and other days I cant even get it to play flawlessly with my phone 1ft away.

Would I buy this again? Its a strong possibility, but I would like to try another device to see how it would fair. I would like to see an actual product manual for this thing. Or a troubleshooting guide. For instance, what the various types of blinking mean. I have multiple that have not been explained.
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on May 30, 2014
I was able to get more than 30 feet away. I was also able to get through a wall and around other obstructions. Very happy with the range. The sound quality was also good. Comes with audio cable. USB chargers is 1.5A and worked.

The major drawback of this device is the annoyingly bright blue LED. It is very small, so you would think this would not be an issue. However, it is deceptively bright and has a lot of range in the dark. Listening to music at night is pretty common. I don't know why they would put such a bright LED on this. You may want to cover with tape or a diffuser.
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on January 1, 2015
1st, I'd like to thank seller (Mpow/Patozon) for excellent customer service by sending a replacement unit quickly.

2nd, the replacement works great and doesn't have the range issue of the first unit I got.
My audio rack is in a built in wall cabinet and the first unit worked great from the front but was not having good connection from the side wall direction.

Replacement unit works fine from the side wall as well as from a room away with two walls in between so very good.
It's small and looks good. I added a foot extension cable on the back of receiver's a/c outlet so the unit sits on top of receiver and it's easy to unplug and move it around the house plus it exposes the unit for better reception than hidden behind the receiver.
Sound quality is very good and volume level is slightly lower than my Note2 connected directly but not by much.
When I turn on bluetooth in my phone, I have to click on the Mpow to connect but that could be because I have mutliple bluetooth gears listed to select from.
I mostly use online music apps like Spotify, Pandora, Youtube etc... and MP3 files.

I read some have issues playing FLAC but I don't use FLAC and haven't tested it yet. Will do that as a test and update.

It comes with a 3.5mm male/male stereo cable but since none of my receivers and amplifiers have 3.5mm input, I'm using a 3.5mm headphone to dual RCA cable.
Overall, a great unit to add for wireless convenience without losing sound quality.
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on October 27, 2014
It works perfectly. I like that everything is built into the plug instead of having to plug the device in but have the device sitting away from the outlet which is how most other devices in this category are designed. You can use it as just a device charger too using the included USB port. I am able to go further than the 33ft that the description states. This is the new version with bluetooth 4.0.
There are a couple of things bothering me however.. The first is most likely not even the products fault, but if I have the mpow and any other audio source connected to my speaker (I use the same speaker for my televisions audio) the speaker just keeps picking up the mpow, meaning if I am not streaming any audio it i still the default device controlling the sound and I can't hear my TV until I unplug the audio from mpow. It just sucks that I have to get up, if I am not playing any audio the mpow should be able to turn itself off or go to sleep. The next thing is the mpow has a blue LED facing away from the outlet which blinks at a fast and steady pace if no device is connected and stays lit solid if there is a connection. Unfortunately if you lose the connection to mpow like if you leave the house and come back it doesn't automatically reconnect you have to go back to settings and connect again. You don't have to keep entering a passcode the device is remembered but it just doesn't auto connect so the blue light is constantly blinking for me.
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on May 10, 2014
Bluetooth 4.0 APT-X Wall Charger...Rocks!

Since there are three item variations listed under this one product I want to be specific, this is for the Bluetooth 4.0 APT-X Wall Charger Plug-In version, not one of those mobile versions.

Revised Review 05/26/2014:

I have received an email from the seller/manufacturer insisting to give this device another chance and accept a replacement, so for I put it through it's paces once I received it.

To my surprise every single advertised feature now works as such. I must have originally received a lemon, and likely wrote it off too soon. Maybe I received an older version, outdated firmware, quality control issues - who knows - but it works exactly as envisioned and advertised.

The adapter arrives with a small instruction booklet that has all major features and functions described briefly but good enough and in legible English.

Bluetooth pairing is pretty much fool proof and worked just as well as on the original unit. You simply plug it into the wall and it's ready to go in pairing mode for the first device. It supports up to two devices simultaneously, so I paired it with a MacBook Pro and an iPhone 5s. Clearly only one will gain access to audio-output at a time.

Since we have more than two Bluetooth audio devices in our home and Mpow does not state how many devices the Mpow can remember I tried pairing it with another iPhone. This worked great, it basically seemed to work as follows. You can have the promised two devices connected at the same time, if a third one that is either new or was previously paired comes in range it will not connect. However if one of the other devices disconnects you can connect the third. However the adapter will only automatically reconnect with the last two known devices. It seems once one device disconnects it automatically re-enters pairing mode ready for another. This is pretty much awesome and more than I actually hoped for.

What was surprising is that it actually let me connect from both my paired devices simultaneously, obviously playing music from only one. This is great, because since the iPhone doesn't have a disconnect button for Bluetooth devices, I would need to disable Bluetooth altogether to get the music back from the MacBook Pro. However during my tests it appeared I can simply stop the music and after a few seconds the adapter will switch over to the other connected source. The adapter will always keep the original audio source active, but once you stop it, the second source will take over the output. This is really cool! No connect/disconnect necessary and no audio output hogging with complicated connect/disconnect.

Another surprising Bluetooth effect was that when my iPhone rang, it muted the music streaming from my MacBook Pros. Not sure if that is be design and by implementing the protocol accordingly. However it worked great, kind of like with stand-alone bluetooth speakers that have speakerphone functionality built in.

The Bluetooth range was as expected, not super far but good enough. I was able to stream music through a wall from my living room to the speakers connected to the adapter in the bedroom.

The charging port was not able to power my iPhone 5s, at first I thought it was dead period, but after contacting the seller I was assured it does work with Android devices. I am assuming it's based on the output wattage which simply wasn't enough, however it's specified with 1.5 Amp which is what I though the iPhone needed. I did end up plugging a less power hungry device to the charging port and it lit up and charged, since I did not have a meter available I was not able to measure the actual output provided by the adapter.

In the front of the adapter is blue led that indicates status and it is always on, so for example at night when you have no music playing, it will be in pairing mode and flash blue. The best suggestion I have is to put some electric tape on it, because once you get a hang of the unit you don't really need to see the led. It's seriously bright, but that's a problem with many electronics these days.

Alright, here is what truly matters, audio quality. I have have it connect to a Bose Companion® 20 multimedia speaker system and the main reason I purchased this adapter is so I can quit having to plug/unplug the audio cable to my MacBook Pro. Well, this second unit produces incredibly sound, I would say it sounds just as good as directly plugged into the computer. The original unit seriously sounded like on-hold music through a phone, it was awful. Also the hissing sound that I kept experiencing with the original unit is gone, not even barely there or lingering in the background. I can crank the volume way up and enjoy the music.

Honestly, when I was looking to purchase a Bluetooth Audio Adapter, this is what I envision the unit would do, and it does everything I was hoping for, beautifully so.


- Well implemented Bluetooth connectivity
- Connects to two devices simultaneously (streaming from one)
- Decent range
- Excellent audio quality
- Small footprint


- Charging port low power and NOT compatible with iPhone 5s
- Extremely bright blinking light

Bottom Line: If you receive one and it sucks, don't write it off just yet, get it replaced and you will be more than happy!


Original Review:

Pairing went surprisingly smooth. Plugged this into the Bose Companion® 20 multimedia speaker system, which by the way is an awesome set of speakers if you ever need some for your desk. The Bose speakers have a control pod with volume wheel, which I usually have cranked about half way. I immediately heard power-line noise, so I figured, I am just going to turn down the Bose and crank up the output from my MacBook Pro which I was wanting to stream from (basically I am tired of re-plugging the audio cord all the time). So I started to stream music and it sounded so flat, I mean like if you were listening to music through a telephone - on-hold-style. I waited a little and figured maybe there are some codecs that need to kick-in, you know like when you stream a movie and it first looks pixelated and then suddenly is HD. Well this never happened, I had flat sound and with the MacBook Pro volume cranked all the way up and the Bose set to barely loud, it wasn't even loud enough. Trying to crank up the Bose volume just gave me louder flatness plus line noise.

There is absolutely zero value to this item for the purpose of listening to music. It doesn't even sound half way decent.
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on November 28, 2014
Purchased the surround speakers of my choice at a great price without the in-built bluetooth capability, because of this Receiver Adapter. What a great addition (and money saver). Now I have exactly what I wanted in my speakers without bursting the pockets. Just connected the non-bluetooth speakers to the Adapter, device instantly recognized the Adapter and voila....streaming music through different devices. As for the effectiveness of the Adapter; it works. Connects easily to my pc, android phone and laptop. Each time one of them is switched on, the adapter connects (once it is within range); move away from range and it loses connection, step back into range and it automatically connects. No fidgeting with controls whatsoever. Couldn't ask for more. There is no loss in sound quality. What you put in it gives out exactly, CD sound for CD, MP for MP, Android streaming sound for the same.I give only 4 Stars because the range is not so much....about 30 feet. If they could twick the software to extend the range a bit it would be super-awesome. As it is is awesome.
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