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on May 30, 2008
Mr. Patterson has mastered the challenge of bringing his characters to life. I had no difficulty visualizing the characters and events, which allows the reader to forget they are reading a book, and immersed myself fully in the story. I was a tad disappointed that it was so short, and I believe the author could easily write a prequel and/or a sequel; however, the brevity in no way hinders what the story is meant to convey.
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on November 24, 2009
It took me about an hour and a half to read this book. And while that may not seem like a long time, I could have spent it vacuuming my car instead.

The underline story is a good one. A man loses his love and struggles with moving on and whether he was right in doing so. But the author could not leave well enough alone! Nope. He decided to add the supernatural. Not only did it read fake and out of context, but it wasn't even well explored. All of a sudden it's thrown at you and none of the characters react to it, unless you call crying for two minutes a reaction. I love reading about the supernatural but everything has its place. AND THIS WAS NOT IT! Not even the priest in the story was overly concerned with lights flickering on and off and the temperature dipping more than 20 degrees in less than a minute. There was just no tie-in between the two stories.

But let's move on and talk about grammar and spelling. Now I am not naive. Spelling issues appear in every book as no one can catch everything. But seriously, the errors that appear in this book a second grader can identify! This is an example of an author who would prefer to say he has self-published many books rather that say he has self published 2 or 3 excellent ones. He is the reason indie authors can't get respect.
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on May 30, 2008
Grief is a terribly destructive thing.
Grieving while being haunted by your dead lover... who won't let you get laid, or even date... well that's just no fun.
Bobby's Trace is a hauntingly beautiful exposition of one man's failing sanity in the face of prolonged grief. Touching and terribly heart wrenching.
Added to the mix is a mysterious ghostly twist... I don't want to give the plot away... making this trip through pain a psychologically straining thriller that M Night Shyamalan would be proud of.
Re-read it twice to more fully appreciate the subtleties.
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on August 19, 2008
Once again Patterson proves to be a master when it comes to bringing out the emotional side of the characters, the subject matter, and the overall feel of the story.

Perry is emotionally distraught over the passing of his beloved Bobby. Bobby is still 'present' and is reaching out to communicate with Perry. Perry makes an attempt to get on with his life and goes on his first date since the funeral. Bobby tags along...and there is no putting this book down until the last page is reached.

Patterson has a way of including the reader in every thought, emotion and experience the characters have. At times it was hard to determine which emotion had priority, laugh hysterically or cry uncontrollably. When I finished the book, I was tempted to re-read it just to experience it all over again. This was a great book, a joy to read, and one I'll want to visit again.
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on August 20, 2008
Perry Chaplin is a computer programmer mourning the recent death of his partner, the incomparable Bobby. When inexplicable events start occurring all around him, Perry begins to wonder if he may have lost his marbles when he lost his lover.

The fast-paced and unique storyline of "Bobby's Trace" held my interest right from its angst-ridden opening chapter until the fascinating conclusion. There were so many plot twists in this book, which thankfully weren't telegraphed miles in advance. On the contrary, when the curve-balls revealed themselves they came as a real punch to the gut!

The story is told from the points-of-view of three characters: Perry Chaplin, Father Paul (a Catholic priest), and the elusive Marlin Fisk. Although the titular Bobby is supposedly dead, his presence is felt in more ways than one!

"Bobby's Trace" is a combination of ghost-story, love-story and mystery novel, held together with the author's trademark black humour. At times bizarre and terrifying yet also beautifully uplifting, Edward C Patterson has crafted a literary jewel.
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VINE VOICEon December 6, 2008
Perry Chaplin is a programmer who is having a hard time. His life partner, Bobby, has passed from AIDS, as anyone who loved someone who's passed, it hurts the living to see them go.
But, author Edward C. Patterson has written what if those crossed over mourn the loved ones left behind in the world of the living?
Friends decide it's time for Perry to join the living instead of hurting from Bobby's death and sets him up with someone. As Perry finally goes on a 'blind date', Bobby's presence starts to be seen. Bobby's not too happy that Perry is getting back to his lifestyle and he's starting to make himself known.
Bobby's Trace or presence certainly is a force in this book. It also deals with church policy and the human heart, as well as the metaphysical aspect.
Mr. Patterson writes with fluid elegance. You can put any person in the situation Perry's in, and Bobby too, male or female, and the premise still is a strong one.
A sensitive read.
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on May 1, 2009
Perry Chaplin is in mourning and has been for a long time. He can't seem to get it together after his life partner, Bobby, passed on. Perry's job is at risk, as well as his own sanity. Things began to happen - unexplainable things - messages from beyond, pencils floating in air, strange notes on his computer.
Trying to move on, Perry goes on a date. Big mistake. Now the ghost of his lost love includes Marlin Fisk in his hauntings.
Bobby's Trace is a very well-written ghost story about love lost whose touch reaches beyond the grave. His jealousy is about to explode into the real world and place Perry's existence in desperate peril!
Good job, Mr. Patterson!
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on May 5, 2008
The writing in Bobby's Trace was so fast-paced and charismatic that I wished there was much more.

Poor Perry. Hooray for a programmer getting the leading role! It is impossible not to feel for this tortured man. "Will I ever find peace?" "Perhaps in the dark." I think that line broke my heart, yet this book is not about sorrow and melancholy. There are too many upbeat characters for you to stay 'down' for any period of time.

I highly recommend Bobby's Trace and look forward to reading Mr. Patterson's other material.
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on August 23, 2008
This is a great story about "Perry" who's just lost his lover to illness. He's deep in mourning when his dead lover's ghost begins to haunt him. The candle thing at the restaurant creeped me out! The story is fast paced and I couldn't stop reading. Great twist at the end. I never suspected a thing!!
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on August 12, 2010
IF you don't believe in Ghosts and have never read a 'Ghost Story' - then you definitely NEED to READ this masterpiece of a Ghost Story written by the prolific Author, EDWARD C. PATTERSON. I purchased and read TURNING IDOLATER, my first read of Mr. Patterson's work, and I am hooked.

BOBBY'S TRACE is an intense read that delves into the Catholic Church and its' teachings. Perry Chaplin's (the protagonist)lover meets an untimely death from AIDS. Perry cannot accept this, and feels his lover is with him at every minute haunting him in a way. He has grappled with his homosexuality and has been away from the Church for quite some time. Soon, his best friend at work, Mary Hughes suggests he go out and socialize, meet someone new. His boss at Gamma Rex Software Development, Mildred Wickersham suggests he go to church. She is unaware of his being Gay or having lost his lover.

Perry decides to go to his local Gay bar and there he meets a mysterious man, Marlin Fisk. A 'one-night stand' develops into something more lasting. There are, however, several obsticles standing in the way. Perry relents and goes to Church, where he enters the Confesional for the first time in a long time. The elderly Priest listens to his confession and suggests his younger, subordinate Priest could be of more help to Perry.

This novel has many twists and turns that keeps the reader in suspense and on the verge of really believing that Ghosts do indeed, exist. I don't want to give the plot away, so I will just say this is the second of Mr. Patterson's works that I have purchased and read. I enjoyed it immensely and highly recommed it to anyone who is interested in love and paranormal experiences. This is a FIVE STAR novel and I am now going into NO IRISH NEED APPLY, by Edward C. Patterson.

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