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on July 30, 2013
AFTER ONE WEEK: Overall this is a fantastic buy and I'm super pleased with our purchase. The value for the price is amazing. The day after I ordered I had a little anxiety and compared the cheap sectionals at area furniture stores that cost a couple hundred dollars more. All had something wrong with them or were ugly and uncomfortable, and either didn't include an ottoman or their version didn't open. Plus, with Prime, free two-day delivery - which would have cost another hundred dollars at area stores. Eventually we have our eye on a pair of tufted leather sofas, but since that would cost more than my car at this point and we're still paying off student loans, this is a fantastic and affordable way to update the embarrassing and uncomfortable hand me down furniture we've had since college.

I got the brown version. It looks great in the room. It's the sort of couch that is more comfortable to sit on than to snuggle into - it is constructed with that new flexible webbing that high end upholstery has started using instead of springs in the base, but the cushions have springs in them! The cushions have a metal spring interior support and are wrapped in about an inch of foam and batting. This means it's a very comfortable couch to sit on - easy on your back with a lot of support, but if you snuggle into the corner to take a nap or read about half the time you might uncomfortably end up feeling one spring on your hip bone. You can easily lift your body up, readjust, and find a comfortable place to be, but it is NOT going to feel like those cushions on $6000+ sectionals that are made of high density foam wrapped in down, and which you can flop down anywhere and never find an uncomfortable spot.

I understand why they went with springs instead of foam and polyester - cheap foam breaks down a lot faster than metal will, so the springs make it more durable. I'm still subtracting a star because I would rather replace flattened foam in five years than lose the comfort, but if you're looking for something gorgeous to fill a space and you either have low back problems and need more support or you're not a couch potato and don't care to splay out to nap, read or watch a movie, this might be perfect for you. It's a good buy either way, it's just not perfect.

People should be aware that bonded leather isn't like regular leather - it's more like recycled leather. There are two kinds of bonded leather - the kind that is made of thin splits of suede that are essentially coated in plastic to strengthen it, and a second kind made of leather fibers from scrap leather that is pressed into a fabric backing, coated in plastic to strengthen, and is then embossed with a leather texture. The first kind is more like "real" leather, though it is weak and not durable because any scar on the cow will eventually tear in the bonded leather. The second kind seems more fake, but inherently has a lot more strength because of the underlying woven backing. I could tell when I assembled the sectional that this is the second type. It still smells like leather to me - not as strongly as an uncolored leather sofa, but that same leather/chemical scent of a colored one is there. It also has a faint chemical scent of foam and polyester batting. If you are someone who is extremely chemically sensitive, I'd choose something else or at least assemble it in a garage or shed and let it off-gas for a while. I get headaches from strong chemical scents - I avoid cleaning aisles at grocery stores - but this hasn't bothered me.

I have a yorkie and a declawed ragdoll cat, and so far neither the yorkie's nails while playing tug of war or the cat's fur has marked it. Random bits of white fuzz do seem to accumulate on it though, so a 2 minute wipe with a slightly damp cloth once every 5-7 days seems to help. Also, just like any plastic or oil-based protective coating, you should NEVER put oils or leather conditioners on it. Leather conditioners will eventually break down the coating and the leather will fall apart.

I found it easy to put together. In the hour and a half between when the delivery guy left the boxes in my foyer until my husband got home, I dragged the old furniture out, dragged the new boxes in, assembled the furniture, wiped the strange coating of white powder off of it with a damp microfiber towel, made an easy pasta dinner, and sat for ten minutes, all by myself. The only part that was difficult was getting the long back support of the sofa part on - I couldn't get the pieces to align at first so the bolts on both ends would go through at the same time. When I pushed that piece up against the wall for a little bit of leverage it went together easily.

My other tip for assembly - there are these long double-ended bolts that hold the back to the base. If you screw the bolts as far as you might naturally- until they are flush, like I did at first, then it will seem as if they are not long enough. Instead only screw them in 5-6 rotations - that will give you enough back support and still leave plenty of room to fasten them together.

The feet are made of plastic, not wood. It doesn't matter because you can't see or feel them after assembly, but they do feel cheap.

The throw pillows, while ugly, are surprisingly comfortable. I'd planned on tossing the ugly things out, but after my husband remarked for the third time how surprisingly comfortable they are I'm now planning on just making different covers for them - perhaps seasonal ones.


I'm subtracting a star from my review. After a few months one of the cushions started to wear much differently from the others, despite regularly rotating the 4 cushions that can be rotated. It was almost as if the metal springs in that cushion was stronger than in the others. The metal started to show through the foam, and left a faint circular impression on the surface of that cushion, as well as become increasingly uncomfortable.

I ended up fixing it by purchasing an inexpensive 6" memory foam queen sized mattress, which I cut into cushions. I pulled the existing cushion inserts out of the covers and took them apart. I tossed the batting, layered the inch of foam underneath the mattress foam, and inserted the layers of foam into the cushion covers. Then turned the sectional pieces on their backs, unzipped the covering on the bottom, and pushed the steel springs from the original cushion inserts (still wrapped in a white cover they came in) into the bottom of the sectional, where I supported them from the bottom with a frame I built out of 1x2" pine furring strips. I put quite a bit of pressure on the bottom of the springs with the new wood frame so that there would be very firm support under the new softer foam. I left the elastic straps in for additional support.

Now the sectional is extremely comfortable, and the pressure marks on that strange cushion are gone. Pretty inexpensive for an upholstery project, and cheaper than a more expensive sectional would have been, but if I wasn't the handy type who had previously reupholstered a few projects I probably wouldn't have had the courage or knowledge to try fixing it at all. And at just a few months in, I shouldn't have had to.

So my updated recommendation: If you're the type who's unafraid to dive in and make it work for you, or you're buying furniture for staging or a spare room rather than living with, go for it. If you're timid and just want something comfortable that works well without fuss, plan on spending at least five hundred more to get something of more consistent quality.

Two Year Update:

At this point I wish we'd ordered a sectional from a certain well-known Swedish chain store instead. It would have cost a little more but I think it would have been worth it based on their reviews. I'm subtracting another star. The arm rest in one corner must be made of cardboard bridging two thin wood frames, because someone put too much weight on it one day and it sounded like something popped. Feeling through the leather it's clear that the frame is fine, but something connecting the frames is very soft. Also, the back cushions are attached to the frame with velcro. At first this seemed nice because I don't have to fuss with the cushions much. But two years later it's still startling when someone flops into the cushion, moving the velcro a bit and getting startled with the ripping noise. Also, near the velcro the cushions are starting to tear.
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on June 24, 2010
UPDATE: 5 years, lots of teen aged boys, large dogs on couch (thanks, dog sitter)and 3 cats later. This poor sofa has had it. The "leather" is flaking off, the springs have sprung,the cats have dug a foot long gouge in it. But I can't fault it. It has been through hell. I think the dogs were its downfall. We never let them up there. WE went away and left a dog sitter who allowed them on our sofa and our bed! Ball in all I am considering purchasing this again!

I was initially upset about the quality when I found out that the feet were actually pieces of plastic that you screw in. Also, the leather is very thin. HOWEVER, once we put it together and put it in place we were sold. It looks great, it is very comfortable.
One word of caution: It was MUCH larger than I thought. I took the couch measurement to be the whole length of the back, when in actuality It did not include the Chaise end. So when we put it together it was 3 ft. longer than we had planned for. Luckily it still fit and now our whole family can hang out in comfort! So, just pay attention to the dimensions and realize you are adding the chaise width to the sofa length.

Assembly was only a little tricky at first. It definitely helps to have two people working on it!
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on February 25, 2012
This was delivered on 2/24/12 to my apartment. It came in 3 boxes. The boxes showed some minor damage, but the items themselves are in perfect condition. The delivery crew worked great with my schedule and were ready to deliver less than a week after the order. (I live in Cleveland, OH. I'm guessing this is different regionally)

The sectional took a little effort to put together, but it was truly not difficult at all. The hardest part was finding a place to put all the cushions that were all over the living room! Once assembled the couch looks fantastic. The cushions are a little stiffer than I would like, but I'm hoping those will break in eventually. I am very satisfied with the order, and I was very nervous buying this online. I would definitely recommend it.

I'll upload an image to the site so that you might be able to see it!
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on August 19, 2014
So we bought this couch after reading tons of reviews and we were so happy with it for the first couple of months. It is really beautiful and seats everyone comfortably.... for a while. It's just my husband, myself and our baby who was 2 months old when we bought this couch. Now after 8 months of owning this couch almost every piece is broken. We do not bounce around or anything on this couch, just two adults and a baby sitting on the couch like anyone else.

The first thing to go was the ottoman, the wooden beam inside snapped in half when my mother in law sat on it once to tie her shoe. She is not a large woman and did not flop down, just sat.

The second thing to go was the corner cushion, after about 2 months you could see the springs inside the cushion, not long after you could feel them and at this point it's uncomfortable to sit there.

Next went the back rest pillows, the velcro on the back has pulled away the fabric at the corners of the attaching velcro on the pillow and ripped large holes that the stuffing is coming out of.

Now the newest disaster is the support under the seat cushions... The fabric that covered the wood has worn out and the inside beams are exposed, this is a problem as our infant daughter loves to stick her hands between the cushions.

We could not be less satisfied with this couch. I wish that all consumers would go back and update their reviews over time, because at first we loved this couch and I would have given it 4 stars especially for the price. But even at an "afforable" price the product should last AT LEAST a year. Do not buy this product, do yourself a favor and invest just slightly more money in a product that will hold up!
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on December 7, 2010
I thought I was taking a big chance to buy furniture off a website. Isn't it important to sit/touch/etc. furniture? Well, I'm very glad I went for it. This set is quite soft and marks seem to rub off without too much work. It is a nice light cream color. Not stark white but also a bit lighter than it appears on my computer. The assembly instructions are clear. Think Ikea. The parts are labeled with letters to ensure proper identification. Also I think it fits shorter people well. You don't feel like you are sitting in a giant's chair.

So the product is very satisfactory and I think Amazon has priced this competitively. I am especially pleased because even before my set arrived (and I have to admit it was faster delivery than anticipated -- 8 days after I ordered), the price dropped and Amazon graciously refunded the difference. What customer satisfaction!
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on March 29, 2015
This is a very poorly constructed, cheap sofa. Within 3 months of purchase, the sofa was literally falling apart. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so please take a look at the ones I attached. You will see:

- The support beam for the ottoman completely broke apart within the first few months. The wooden bar is no longer attached at all.
- The connection points are not sufficient to hold the sofa backs in place. The corner is now loose and not attached to the base at all.
- The leather cracked almost immediately. It is beyond unsightly. I could not have been more embarrassed than when one of my daughter’s friends kept rubbing the sofa, thinking she had spilled something on it or marked it and I had to explain that it was the leather itself, not her.

Other problems:

- The sofa pillows that Velcro to the back ripped within a few months
- Because only one or two of the seat cushions are held in place with Velcro, most of the cushions tend to shift and separate. If you have children this means toys, crayons, socks, and general filth collect in between. It’s really disgusting and requires constant cleaning.

We are not easy on our furniture, but our last sofa, despite being fabric, survived 5ish years even with our shepherd mix climbing on it regularly to look out the window. Our dog is too old to climb on the sofa now, so this sectional did not receive any dog wear-and-tear and still fell apart. This is simply a poorly made sofa, and I would NOT recommend.
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on October 12, 2014
Yeah my bad lesson learned at least they give 5 year protection plans, didn't in 2012. Within about 3 months the arm on the ottoman broke. No biggie I didn't use it a lot anyway, but here we are 2 years after buying it and the "bonded leather" started coming off in pieces. Normal wear no kids no pets just starts peeling and coming off.
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on December 27, 2012
I read all the reviews online before making a decision. I noticed any complaints were made by people who didn't read the description completely or did any research. I am pleased with my purchase. It's perfect! It was easy to assemble. They did give you a wrench but found it easier with a socket wrench. It's definitely worth the price
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on November 12, 2015
This Bobkona 3 piece faux leather couch package was delivered to my home this afternoon from HomeGoods Mania in Vernon, California. They coordinated with me by phone a few days ago that it would be delivered within a three hour window today. I don't know why they couldn't give a more specific delivery time because three hours is a long time to sit around waiting. The deliver guy did not let me know he was on his way here. He just called me when he was outside my house. I was expecting that he would either assemble the furniture for me or at least show me how to do it. He did neither. After pulling everything out of the boxes, I found that I only had one page of the instructions, and that page just told me what parts I should have received. Of course, I was missing some of the parts. So, if you order this product, and have the same experience as me, expect that you will have no help or advice on assembling it, which is not intuitive. And, expect that the assembly instructions will be missing. Also, expect that you will need to go to the hardware store to replace missing nuts and washers. When you call HomeGoods Mania, you should expect to have a less than professional receptionist patch you through to Jerrod, the supposedly customer support representative, where you will likely get a voicemail message saying that he can't take your call right now but if you leave your name and number, he will call you back "at my soonest convenience". I'm not kidding. His voicemail message actually says "at my soonest convenience". That indicated to me that I was as likely to receive any support from them as I was likely to hear any true facts listening to a Republican debate. His voicemail system did not let me leave any message for Jerrod to call me back, so I had to again call the receptionist to leave a written message for him. That was about 1:30 or 2:00 PM this afternoon. Of course, Jerrod never called me back. I guess it wasn't convenient for him. There was nothing on the outside or the inside of the boxes to tell me that most of the various cushions, pillows, legs, and assembly parts are actually hidden inside of the chaise and sofa frames where you are, I guess, suppose to know that the bottom fabric coverings are meant to be stripped off to reveal the hidden items. When you finally figure out on your own that there are hidden items in these frames, you will find that the removal of the fabric will involve not only tearing of the very cheap and flimsy fabric but also the removal of the Velcro strips, which are attached to the frame by the smallest and cheapest possible staples. After you spend quite a bit of time figuring out exactly which pieces get attached to which other pieces, you will then need to go get out your power drill and bits because you will find that the pre-drilled holes in the frames of the sofa and chaise don't always match up to the places in the backrests where the bolts are inserted. In other words, using old fashioned terms, tab A did not always match up with slot B. I gave this product two stars, instead of one, because I am hopeful that the final product will be OK, but the combination of the awful lack of instructions. the missing parts from the manufacturer and the abject lack of support from HomeGoods Mania, forbids me from going above two stars. In case any of you are wondering about the source of these comments, I am 60+ years old, have a college degree, a master's degree, a doctorate degree, and a post-doctorate degree. On top of that, I am very good at DIY home projects. I shudder to think what would happen to some young, inexperienced person who had this dumped in his/her living room without adequate instructions, missing parts, and no customer support.

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on March 20, 2011
I don't type a lot of reviews because I don't know what to say. I like it or I don't like it. I felt like I should because it's so low in rating and I feel like it is a wonderful product. Exspecialy for the price we got it at. One thing that I don't mind but future buyers might want to know. It isn't going to let you sink into it but rather supports you quite well. Our family likes it that way but I know of others that like to sink into their sofa.
1.It looks really nice 2.It's comfortable 3.Fits a lot of people 4.Nice to have the option to rearange it any way you want
1.Instructions where hard to follow but product itself is easy to put together once you get started
All in all we are very pleased with it. would recomend it to family or friends.
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