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on January 11, 2007
This mix saved my life. After being diagnosed with celiac disease, I tried all the "great" gluten-free bread machine recipes I could find (I am awful at baking bread by hand). They were all uniformly and unequivocally TERRIBLE. They were dense, didn't rise properly, caved in at the top or sides, etc etc etc. They also all tasted very gluten-free.

This mix, though is wonderful. It rises, sticks together very well for a fluffy gluten-free bread (it still has the tendancy to fall apart if not toasted), makes wonderful croutons and stuffing, browns properly and only occasionally caves in a little bit.

Things I have learned with this mix that help it a great deal:

1. Let the loaf sit in the bread machine for at least 20 minutes after it stops baking. (I have the standard Oster bread machine that was popular when the bread machine rose to popularity.)

2. Make it with rice milk. To me, cow's milk and almond milk taste funny with this recipe.

3. Let it cool for a good long while, it is very moist and will fall apart if you try to slice it immediately.

I hope you enjoy this bread as much as I do!
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on February 1, 2010
I have made this bread about 10 times so far. I like it well enough, however, I did have some trouble with it at first. It was terribly dry the first couple of times I made it and did not rise all that well on several occassions.

I found out that using almond milk was what was causing the rising issue. It appears that the little yeast devils really prefer more sugar. I was out of almond milk and used skim milk instead and the bread rose twice the size and had a much better texture. I will also be trying the almond with a tsp of sugar to see if that alleviates the problem but since I tolerate dairy I may just stick with the skim milk.

I use four whole eggs rather than the one whole plus egg whites called for in order to give the bread more moisture and a less crumbly consistency. I whip the heck outta those eggs too. I stick them in by big mixer and let em go for a good 5 minutes. The eggs are whipped up to a pale yellow, light creamy texture.

I heat my milk and let the little yeast devils multiply while the eggs are whipping away. Sometimes I let them multiply for 5-10 minutes to really give them a chance to get going.

I also use double the oil called for on the package. The loaf was so dry and crumbly the first few times I made it that it was almost inedible and could not be cut without crumbling all over the place before I did this. HUGE difference in texture and moisture now! I was only able to grill it with butter before so while this adds fat it really is better all the way around for me.

I use a very long loaf pan to make this as well. It measures 5 inches by 15 inches. It gives a nice long loaf and will fill the pan with a lighter loaf than what you get from a regular loaf pan so long as you leave it to rise a few hours. It also slices great about 20 minutes out of the oven into a good 30-35 slices with this kind of pan.

I bag the slices flat and stick them in the fridge until I need them. If you are not going to use all of the bread up within a week, at best, you will want to do the same because it does mold pretty quickly otherwise (5 days on the counter one time).

I know there are other mixes out there but they all seem to use rice or corn flours which I can not tolerate so this one works well for me with the modifications above.
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on August 11, 2006
I've just made my first loaf. This bread has great flavor and texture: nice and spongy, not grainy like rice flour breads. It rose very nicely and didn't fall much during cooling, so you get normal-looking slices for sandwiches. I look forward to adding herbs and seeds to the next loaf. After you grease your loaf pan (if you use the oven method), add a sprinkling of rice flour to bottom and sides of pan. I've found that greasing the pan isn't enough to keep the loaf from sticking, and what a shame to lose part of loaf taking it out of the pan.
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on October 27, 2008
I love many BRM GF products, but this is not one of them. GF baking is tricky stuff and if you have only tried rice/starch blend mixes, you'll probably love this because it does rise well, isn't gritty like rice mixes, doesn't get "hard" at room temp like rice, and is much spongier.

Unfortunately, there is still more to want and like in GF bread. First, there is so much bean flour that it's noticeable in the taste. Seems that some people like this (or don't notice) and others truly detest it. We're in the detest category.

Second, there is actually too much rise in this unless you put it in the oven after a very short rise. I was making dinner and was about ten minutes late putting it in. It rose higher than you would think possible, but then collapsed in the middle - not the top, but think of someone sucking in air in their mouth and making that hollowed cheek look. That makes for a weird shape!!!!

Usually, this oddly shaped bread only happens when you either add too much water or when you use a lot of bean flour. This bread could be so much better with less bean and more sorghum, millet, Montina, amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, or almond meal. Probably, with a combination of the above, it would be fabulous.

I knew there was this much bean flour when I bought it. I usually make my own and have some delicious recipes. I try mixes for two reasons: to see if I'm missing anything and to support the companies that go out of their way to make GF products.

I've answered my curiosity...I am not missing anything and will not be buying this again. While too sweet, Pamela's is much better choice if you do not like the beany taste and the odd shape.
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on January 2, 2012
I just baked a fresh loaf of this tasty gluten free bread. I baked it in the oven and it rose beautifully and is the size of a normal loaf of bread from a 9" x 5" loaf pan. It has a very spongy , moist texture that does not crumble like alot of other gluten free breads. It is wonderful for sandwiches without even toasting it like you have to for other gluten free breads to even taste good. Tip: I used an non-stick baking spray like PAM and the bread just popped right out of the pan.
Try will like it!!!
review image
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on September 7, 2009
This bread mix really is "homemade wonderful"!!

After so many disappointing frozen loaves of gluten free bread, I decided to try to make some at home. I took a chance on this product and I am so glad I did.

It doesn't seem like it will work out as you are mixing up ~ it seems like batter bread rather than a traditional yeast bread. Just follow the directions on the package and you won't be let down. Remember to remove the loaf from the pan as soon as it is done or else the bottom of the loaf will get soggy. (cool it on a rack)

I found out that this bread doesn't store well for me. It gets stale/moldy very quickly (due to the fact there are no preservatives). I slice up the whole cooled loaf and freeze it, defrosting slices as I need them. Then you can enjoy the whole thing without waste.
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on February 13, 2015
Don't buy store bought GF bread or buns, this is the best! I've made this and the Hearty Whole Grain Mix bread. They are both terrific. Tonight I made this one and turned it into onion buns. I can now can say with all confidence, I am having lots of good hamburgers this summer! All of the GF buns I've ever had were just sandy, gritty, crumbly messes! Not this one. Great texture and not too heavy. I mixed this all with my standing mixer. I added a few tablespoons of minced onion and some Mrs Braggs seasonings. They turned out marvelous!
review image
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on January 18, 2014
BRM's GF Homemade Wonderful Bread Mix is a staple in our lives. We make a loaf every week. It is delicious!

1) Use a ceramic loaf pan. I've used metal, glass, and bread machines. Ceramic produces the best loaf. I got mine from the Giada line at Target.
2) This dough is light enough you can stir it by hand. When I travel, I do. When at home, I use a heavy beater (not the thin whisk; and not the dough hook) for my Kitchenaid. (I burned up a lot of mixers with GF doughs, then bought a KA.)
3) If you use a DF milk, it is more moist and delicate...very delicate. (If you are new to GF, often Lactose free is part of your diet, When you become GF, you can often add lactose again. Your intestines are able to absorb more now, including processing lactose.)
4) After it is cool and you cut it, interleaf the slices with this sheets of wax paper. Put the interleafed loaf in a 2 gal freezer bag, seal and freeze. Frozen slices can be removed easily, and will warm on the counter or in the toaster in minutes. NEVER store bread in the refrigerator. Even in a bag it will dry out.
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on February 24, 2014
After buying those ridiculously over-priced frozen GF loaves of bread in my grocery's freezer section, and being tragically disappointed with their texture and flavor, I really thought my bread-eating days were over. My lower left side was killing me, my hair was falling out, and I was so bloated I thought I was going to float away in a strong breeze. I was using copious amounts of Benedryl cream on my eczema, my head felt achy and foggy, and my sinuses were always stuffy. My dermatologist was stumped. My GP was stumped. Fortunately, there is this wonderful invention called the internet, and believe me, I know how to use it!!! All the symptoms pointed toward a gluten intolerance, so I decided to man up (or in my case, woman up) and give the gluten-free diet a try. This bread mix was my very first attempt at gluten-free baking, and I have to say, I am extremely impressed. I followed the breadmaker directions exactly on the back of the package (except for the eggs, I used 2 whole eggs because an extra yolk fell into the whites while I was trying to separate them and I didn't feel like fishing the little bugger out). The little bread-making voice in my head was having a nervous breakdown over the wetness and the lumpy unevenness of the dough, but I refrained from tinkering and adjusting the ingredients. Turns out my self-control paid off: the bread came out with a beautiful texture somewhere between regular white bread and a pound cake. I couldn't detect any bean-y taste like some of the other reviewers, just a lovely mild flavor that would go great with smoked turkey and white cheddar. Would definitely recommend, this was a very nice first experience!
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on May 13, 2016
I loved this mix. I lived on this mix, but the recipe change has totally ruined it. The new packaging doesn't specify that the recipe works in bread machines, and when I tried to make the bread using the usual order order I put ingredients into the machine it came out soggy at the base and not very risen. It also doesn't taste great...

Please bring back the old recipe!!!
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