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on December 30, 2005
No picture can really do these glasses justice. They have nothing aesthetic in common with any other double-walled cup I've ever seen--elegant, minimalist, super clear and light as a feather. They really keep stuff cold (or hot, as the case may be). They're even dishwasher safe. However, they are remarkably fragile. I accidentally rapped a spoon on the lip of one and within half an hour, the little crack had spread and the glass was in fragments. But if you're careful with them and keep them away from kids, animals, and, apparently, me, they will serve you well.
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on March 24, 2010
I loved the previous version of this glass, which was completely hermetically sealed. The new version has a small hole in the bottom, covered in a silicone(?)-like rubbery compound. On one of my two new glasses, this compound came off in the dishwasher, which means that water gets in between the two walls and is impossible to dry... sort of like double-paned windows where humidity gets in between the layers of glass. So it's ugly and foggy, rather than clear and pristine.

Wish they had left well enough alone!
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on April 9, 2006
I purchased these after seeing them on the website. I admit the cool factor lured me in.

The cups maintain the temperature of a cappuccino for as long as it takes me to get to the bottom of the cup. Additionally it is nice not to need coasters (especially if you have men or children in the home).

The 9 oz cup is less than 4 inches tall, making it fit perfectly under the fill spout of my super-automatic Saeco espresso machine (which I also love).

My husband and I have had 4 of these cups for more than 6 months and not one of them has broken. I mention this because the 9 oz cups seem to be much more sturdy than the 21 oz Pavina ice tea glasses. We broke one of the 21 oz cups with the first ice cube that went into the cup. We broke 2 others in the first two weeks.

Bottom line, I cannot recommend the 21 oz Pavina. However, the 9 oz Pavina cups are very tough, having survived 6 months of daily use with less than dainty owners. I think you will be very pleased with your purchase of the 9 oz Pavina cups.

UPDATE: JULY 18, 2006
All 4 of the 9 ounce Pavina mugs are still intact even with frequent use. I continue to recommend this product.
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VINE VOICEon February 27, 2006
The Bodum Pavina glasses are beautiful. Each one is mouth-blown to form a clear one-piece glass chamber that holds your drink. Since it's clear, your drink appears to be floating in the glass. Cool point #1.

Cool point #2 especially for those of you living in hot places: It doesn't sweat. You know what I mean here? When you put really cold liquid in a glass and condensation runs down the outside and collects in a puddle at the bottom of the glass. That looks attractive on a Coke or Beer commercial, but not great for your desk or nice table!

Cool point #3: You can put hot drinks in the Bodum Pavina and the glass doesn't get hot. Because of the double-wall construction there's an insulated layer of air between the glass you touch and the glass that holds your coffee. Like a plastic thermal mug it stays warm a long time (also cold when you pour in something cold), but it's oh so beautiful.

Now to address some user complaints. Users have universally complemented the design and "cool" factor of the glasses, but some complained about them breaking. I've been using mine all day, everyday for 2 weeks [UPDATE: I finally broke one in May 2007, 14 months after writing this review]. I start with cold water in the morning, followed by hot coffee. More water later. Some ice coffee or a Coke in the afternoon. All fine. It's thin, but tough glass. However, you've got to be sensible: just because the company says it CAN be washed in the dishwasher, doesn't mean you should. Throwing rock-hard ice into a glass and then stirring briskly with a tablespoon just isn't smart! How tough are these glasses? From readers' comments not as tough as a regular heavy drinking glass but with a little caution they are plenty strong enough.

The Bodum Pavina are the functionally perfect drinking glass that so beautifully shows off your drink. Now you can drink with all your senses!
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on June 30, 2010
I had a pair of the old single sealed piece of glass design, which are probably the coolest looking bit of kitchenware I've ever owned. They're also quite functional; the outside stays cool even with espresso brewed directly into them. I broke one of the pair (own fault, fumbled it into the sink) and decided to order two more. The new ones are really disappointing; now instead of a single piece of sealed glass there is a hole in the bottom sealed with silicone (or some other similar translucent substance). Aside from looking tacky (and let's be honest; the main selling point is that they look cool), the new construction is less sound (the plug traps dirt, and feels like it might peel out), and less well insulated (I think the old ones were partially evacuated).
I'd buy more of the old ones in a second, but these are mediocre.
review image
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on October 11, 2009
I'm rating this product at five stars, because Amazon has combined reviews for at least five different products - and each one surely deserves at least one star.

Before you reply to, or accept any review for these products, know that the reviewer may be talking about a different product.

The only way you can be sure that the reviewer is talking about the same product is to click on the comment(s) link under the review, scroll to the top of the page, and look at the image on the upper right.

Thanks for breaking the reviewing system, Amazon. Looking at the one-star reviews, quite a number of them seem to be for the 21oz iced-tea glasses. So maybe the 9oz tumblers deserve a higher rating - but we'll never know, unless we click on each review to verify which product broke/didn't break/leaked, and tally the results ourselves.

Sort of defeats the purpose of a review system, doesn't it?
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on October 16, 2007
It's been about a little over a month since I purchased a sizable quantity of these glass for home everyday use (assorted sizes, 24 count total), and two glasses have spontaneously cracked on us. Other than using them for everyday-use, we have been very careful with them - they've been washed with a soft sponge, we have a designated space in the cabinet to store them (not stacked), etc. These glasses are just not cut out for everyday use. We have been using the glasses to drink warm (hot chocolate) and cold drinks (iced beverage). Both broken glasses spontaneously cracked at the bottom while it was sitting on the desk holding a drink. At first, I thought someone had accidentally slammed it, but I actually witnessed the spontaneous cracking when the second glass broke.

I am very disappointed with the functionality of the product. I'm a sucker for good designs, but I expect a reasonable level of durability. These glasses have been incredibly sub standard - my cheap ikea glasses I bought for $5/dozen have fared better. Maybe these glasses are meant to be put away in some display case, only to be used for special occasions... but what's the point of buying glasses if you are not going to use them?
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on December 28, 2009
I have a few other Bodum products (my one-cup french press is a personal favorite) and thought I'd give these glasses a try. I recently spent 2 weeks in Italy and upon tasting my "regular" coffee I made at home I was heartbroken. I went on a hunt for decent performing, affordable espresso / cappuccino gear to satisfy my longing. Enough of the silly background! :)

Why these glasses:
One thing important to keeping as much flavor in your caffe is heat. This involves preheating your cups with hot water or a warming tray before filling them with your favorite drink. I was finding that I had to drink my shots a bit faster than I wanted with a "normal" demitasse. I saw these glasses and thought I would give them a try - I thought the double wall would be good for holding in more heat.

Worries / initial impression:
The only worry I had about these before I ordered was how fragile the picture makes them look. I am not a graceful person by any means and I could foresee the possible death of one of these beauties at my hands. The reasonable Amazon price and my experience with other Bodum glass products convinced me to give them a try. Unpacking the glasses from the box didn't encourage me - they arrived in a sturdy cardboard box packed with bubble wrap. I gently extracted one glass and held it gingerly in my fingers as I looked at it. They really are gorgeous little things. I have big hands and they are a good fit for me, yet my wife has very small hands and they seem to be the perfect size for her too. I just couldn't get the thought out of my head that I should handle these things with the utmost care - not unlike your great-grandmother's set of handblown Austrian Christmas ornaments that have been passed down through the family for the past 100 years, ending up in your care. ;)
Rating: 5/5

I have only had these glasses for a short time, but I use them three to four times a day and have a good feel for them already. I run hot water through my espresso machine to preheat everything and that includes the glasses I drink from - including these. The first thing that happened when I went to sip my first shot is that I burned my mouth. This highlights the first quality I would've realized if I were a smarter person: the outside of the glass stays comfortably "cool" (compared to the 170F liquid inside the cup). I thought that I somehow poured a lukewarm shot and went to dispose of it quickly (by gulping it, I'm too cheap to just pitch it) and immediately found out just how hot it was. Mother always said I was more brawn than brains, and I'm not a very strong guy either. :) Immediate and strategic action was taken and I survived the incident (placing a large ice cube in my mouth until it completely melted - based on prior experience).
So, take number two was much better. Outside of glass stays cool despite how molten the liquid inside is, check. Normally, I would have to drink my espresso within about two minutes of making it before it cooled off too much to enjoy. That's fine if you're in Italy standing at a bar, but I would really like take my drink from the kitchen, go sit in front of the fire, then enjoy the drink over a few minutes without losing the flavor. These glasses allow me to do just that. :) Someday, I may take some time to pour a sacrificial shot, then plot the change in temperature over time of these glasses vs. a regular demitasse; until then, I am going to claim that these wonderful things will keep your shots within good drinkable temps for at least five minutes. For those that like to drink their shots a bit cooler (and quietly - I loudly "sip" air over the shot as I drink it), you can enjoy your drink for at least 10 minutes (double shot).
Rating: 5/5

Despite trying to treat these with kid gloves, I have managed to knock them around pretty good, and they are no worse for wear. I treat them with the same care I reserve for glass and ceramic kitchenware with great results. I originally thought I would have to handle these like I do with champagne and wine glasses (imagine someone playing the old milton-bradley board game "Operation" crossed with a nervous person handling nitroglycerin) but they are tough little guys! I bump them when I wash them, bang them into other glassware and can set them down on our stone counter top without having to emulate the early eighties video game "lunar lander". Dishwasher safe too!
Rating: 5/5

The double wall construction creates a very comfortable lip to sip espresso over - it even seems to enhance my experience. The glass has a hole in the outside bottom with a silicon plug/"valve" in it to allow the pressure inside the glass to equalize with the atmosphere. Very clever design that enhances safety (perhaps a hot liquid poured in a cold glass would cause excessive pressure to build up - potentially creating enough force to scatter glass in a larger area if you should drop it - by that is just an engineering guess), but I don't know how durable it is with repeated trips to the diswasher or if you microwave it (I have NO IDEA if it is microwave safe, but in my opinion, you don't buy this set of teeny glasses to warm up small amounts of liquid in the microwave). For me, a simple hand wash and dry before setting them on top of my coffee maker works well. The size is good and not cumbersome washing or drying and I can get my fingers inside with a towel to dry everything.
Also, if you use these for espresso, it is neat to watch the layers form as you pull shots into them - very similar to watching a pint of Guinness properly poured - or at least the one time I bought one. :)

Cliffs notes:
A beautiful set of shot glasses that are relatively cheap, durable, and incredibly functional. I cannot think of a thing about them I would change.
Overall Rating: 5/5
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on December 6, 2005
These work very well, but be really careful when using them. Do not:

Drop ice in the glass -1 glass

Jam your hand in to wash -1 glass

Other than that, they will keep cold drinks really cold. You ice cubes don't melt for a long time.
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on February 16, 2008
I fell in love with these cups the first time I held them in my hands.
With piping hot coffee suspened in beautiful clear glass, I was mesmerized. So began my ill fated love affair with these glasses. In space of few months I went through 6 of them. Yup...SIX...urgh!!!
I couldn't resist. Even when they broke into little pieces at every bump or ill fated couple inches of drop in my sink, I had to get another set.
Nothing kept my hot drinks longer than these beauties...even now I keep them in my amazon cart and feel the flutter in my heart that longs to hold them again...I must resist...I must resist...
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