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on February 26, 2010
I will never again expose my skin to another tanning bed! I am in love with this product!! I have tried so many self-tanners and, like most other reviewers, was turned off by the orange oompa-loompa look they almost inevitably give. Well, no more! This product gives me a beautiful golden color without a hint of orange. It looks exactly like a suntan is supposed to look! I have extremely fair skin that burns quite easily, so it takes me almost all summer to finally end up with a tan. Now, I don't have to hassle. I just spray it on!! I have used this product for 2 years and will never buy anything else. This is so much better than even the expensive department store brands. Here is my process for a streak-free, never blotchy, always beautiful glow:

1. Shower and exfoliate. Get all the dead skin off or you will have blotches.
2. After showering, pull hair off of face. I use a head band and a pony to keep it off my neck and face.
3. Make sure you are completely dry. If water drips on you after you apply the product you will have drip marks.
4. Apply GENEROUS amounts of lotion to your elbows, knees, top toes, in between toes, tops of fingers and in between fingers.
5. Put on a pair of disposable gloves.
6. Lay a towel down on the floor and get back in the shower.
7. Starting with the back of legs and working up, hold the can as far away from your body as possible (12 inches... no less) Make quick back and forth motions up your body until you reach your butt. Quickly do the outsides of your legs. Doing this quickly is the key to no blotches so only go over each area once. It will feel like you aren't really putting hardly anything on.. you don't need to! If you want a darker tan, you can repeat later.
8. Next, do your shoulders then arch your back to reach it. Again, holding can as far from your body as possible.
9. Lift your arms one at a time to do each of your sides.
10. Lift your chin and starting at your neck, go quickly back and forth over the front of your body.
11. You do NOT need to spray the tops of your feet. TRUST me on this! Enough product is landing there on its own.
12. VERY quickly and holding the can almost completely arms length away, give your face a spray while holding your breath.
13. Step out of the shower and onto the towel. If you have any spots you sprayed too much product on, rub it in now.
14. Lift the edge of the towel up and rub all the lotion off your feet and toes, then your knees, and then your elbows.
15. Take off the gloves and with the lotion still on, hold your hands inside your shower and give them a QUICK one time spray.
16. Rub the lotion off of your hands with the towel.
17. Wait 10 minutes to dress and enjoy your beautiful tan!!

I typically put this on every 2 or 3 days to keep my golden glow. If you want darker, just apply daily until you reach the desired color and then go every 2 or 3 days to maintain.

Here's to SAFE and beautiful tanning! :)
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on May 16, 2012
If you love this product, one with much less hassle is Body Drench - same company - Whipped Chocolate Self-Tanning Mousse (a foam). It's available on Amazon. It is foolproof, and doesn't create a mess or get into your lungs like the spray. All Body Drench products are a beautiful color -- a tint of brown and red (giving you a sun-kissed look) and never orange. I'm very pale, so I need a natural look.

IMPORTANT: For both products, the key is to get Powder-Free Latex Gloves (through Amazon), which allows the product to blend soooo well. As you're rubbing in, any excess product sticks to the gloves -- then all you have to do is swipe your hand up and down on your arm or leg to get it off and it will blend in perfectly. When spraying only, I used to get little tiny dots all over (after all, it is coming out of a spray can). Trust me, if you're having any trouble with self-tanners, it's because you're not using powder-free latex gloves.

The Body Drench mousse smells like cookies, which I prefer to chemicals or perfume (like most tanners). I put the foam on at night before bed, sleep with it for 6-8 hours, then shower in the morning. If you apply it in the morning, it will streak or come off on your clothes. Also if you shower within 2-3 hours of applying, it will come right off. You need it to set for 6-8 hrs overnight without sweating or showering, then you must shower in the morning to get off that first layer, leaving just the tan behind.

Note: When you first put on the foam, IT WILL BE LIGHT. That's OK; it'll take 1 hour to start turning darker, and the longer you leave it on (overnight), the better it will last. You can apply 1-2 layers at once, but since it gets darker, don't go overboard. If you wake up with streaks don't worry -- they will wash right off in the shower, leaving you with a very even tan. The foam is the only truly fool-proof tanner out there.

I prefer the Body Drench Mousse (foam) to the spray because:

1) The spray gets everywhere - even if you spray in the shower, it will circulate in the air and turn everything red. I was also breathing it in, and my lungs were not happy about it!
2) You have to be very careful with the spray; any streaks you create won't fade off in the shower.
3) You can't "build" a tan with the spray - do it one night after the other - or it gets streaky and uneven. The foam is amazing; I can put it on one night after the other and once I shower the next morning, all streaks disappear. With the spray, I had to do one very careful spray, then wait a few days, exfoliate completely before spraying again. This was time-consuming. The foam takes MUCH less time, because it barely streaks and doesn't get all over the place.
4) The spray, after a few days, turns scaly and flakes off. The foam fades VERY evenly.

The spray is a bit darker than the foam. But the darker the tan, the more it has to be perfect; any slight mistake with the spray is OBVIOUS. The foam is still dark enough to be great but makes tanning a quick, easy process. I no longer spend hours per week (which I used to with the spray) showering, exfoliating, drying off, preparing towels to catch the excess spray, spraying in the tub, standing by a fan, etc. The foam takes 5 minutes - I just slap on a layer every 2 or 3 nights.

The Body Drench Foam also trumps lotions, such as Jergens or L'Oreal, which require you to apply daily, making it thick and uneven. Lotions are heavy and come RIGHT off in the pool. Body Drench spray and foam are very light. You're meant to sleep in it, and when you shower the next morning, the product comes off but the tan color stays on - which means your skin can breathe in summer versus having a thick layer of lotion on. Also, the foam and spray work wonderfully on your hands and feet (with the latex gloves!) whereas the lotions don't.

I've been out of tanning beds for 4 years now and have used self-tanners the entire time since. I strongly believe that finding the right self-tanner makes all the difference!
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on January 14, 2013
I consider myself an expert fake-tanner. I have used so many different products I cannot even begin to count, I even own my own airbrush tanning machine. Quicktan exceeds any other product I have ever had. when I found it, I instantly fell in love. It dries in under five minutes, smells decent, looks AWESOME and lasts a decently long time. I don't mind spray tanning anymore, it's not a nuisance. I can even put quicktan on under my makeup, which is a big deal if I need to look good quickly. I have recommended it to a couple friends and they feel the same
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on April 2, 2012
I am giving this the perfect 5 star rating. I have tried them all. This is the most amazing product I have used yet. Very simple to use and leaves a beautiful brown dark tan. Does not at all look fake. It last for 5-7 days. You will not be disapointed in this product. At first when you put in on, it looks slightly a sunburn and then a couple of hours later, dark brown. Doesnt streak or look orange and looks completely like a real tan. If you want this to last you, please take my advise and use it this way. It will go twice as far. Get a pair of rubber gloves...shake the can well and then spray it directly onto your gloves and rub it on just like lotion and doing it this way you wont be wasting half the can by holding it 8" away from your body. I promise you it will go along way doing it like this. *****I LOVE IT!
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on September 8, 2011
This is the BEST self tanner on the market. Its great over a tan as you start to fade your natural tan AND its excellent on pure virgin fair skin that hasnt seen sun in months or years. The key to a great looking tan is in the application. The tan will last about 4-7 days. And once you have it going you can quickly respray every few days to keep it fresh. When you spray hold the can far enough away so that it doesnt apply the product too wet.. You dont want it to be streaky but ratner "mist" on your skin. I apply it and let it dry for 10 minutes then go back for a second coat being careful to watch how my skin feels.. If it feels too wet or tacky, the product is being applied too heavy. You dont want tanner running down your neck because you are too excited about how great you will look if you get REALLY tan today! Go slow..and yo will lobpve it. For me a 2 day spray process is best and i always apply at night then sleep in black clothes. This stuff DOES get all over sheets and bedding BUT will completely wash out.. Buy dark sheets if it bothers you. Its goes on with a bronzer so you can see where its being applied then the color intensifies overnight. Shower lightly the next morning to rinse or you will smell like the tanner as your body heats up during the day. Be careful not to over apply on your neck..again to the point where it feels tacky or too wet or it can streak,,,also keep it off your hands and wash reallllllly well... But LIGHTLY mist your hands up to your knuckles realy fast at the end to give a little color to your hands,,, this product is excellent color wise giving a bronze warm glowing tan.. It is not bright orange and the mist spray application in the spray bottles is great just give a good 2 days to apply so that you get buildable even coverage... I like to do my face, chest and arms,, and my lower legs during fall or winter when i might not be in summer clothing or on the beach... Because i really dont care if i havewhite thighs or a white tummy under my clothes.. The first time i used it i over sprayed and did t let it dry before i sprayed some more.. Wanting to get really tan but then realized its better to hold the can far away and do a couple of coats day ne.. Sleep.. Wash off... Then do it again the next night so that in 2 days you have the even bronze color you want. Believe me, even after the first day people will notice you have color..but hy day 2 you will look like you were on vacation for a week. Dont forget the back of your arms.. Hold the bottle far away or have someone do it for you.. Just dont overspray (did i say not to overspray??) then wipe your elbows off.. And always wash your hands after! .. One last thing... If the nozzle is getting product on it or excess tanner is pooling around the front of the area where it comes out, Wipe it clean and dont spray your body because it will splatter..this would be a sign that you have been holding the can too close and the product is not reachng your body but rather going back to the can.. Ok, one LAST thing.. Your eyebrows. Spray your face ( do not blot at all) but blot your eyebrows or hairline off afterwards with a towel..softly. Good luck!
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on July 8, 2012
This product is wonderful! I have used this product for several years and have never needed to try any other tanner. It is a gradual tan, which is much safer for beginner tanners. It also means you control how tan you want to be, I like that. This product has never made my skin itch either, and I've had that problem with many drug store tanners. Some tips I could share about this tanner. Before use, EXFOLIATE, no tanner should ever be put in w/o exfoliating. Put a thin layer of lotion all over your body, especially if you have dry skin like me. I use Nivea Essentially Enriched. Wear gloves and RUB IT IN! It has to be sprayed on a section of the skin/body at a time, then rub it in. It is colored so you can see everywhere it goes to get it evenly spread. When finished with the body, take gloves off, rub a small amount of lotion on you hands then spray the back of your hand with tanner. Use the other back of your hand to rub it in, evenly of course, never use your finger tips or palms to do this part. Then let it dry while you finish getting ready! My picture was taken an hour after my first application.
review image
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on April 25, 2014
I have never written a review on a product before, but must on this one. This is the best beauty product I have ever used. I took a chance and applied it the night before a job interview, the results made me feel so confident. 4 days later, I still look like I have a natural suntan. It makes me feel pretty :)
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on January 19, 2013
I've tried many tanning products from cheap to expensive and this is my favorite. I, however, apply it differently. I don't like standing in the shower to spray it or laying down a towel or blanket to catch all the spray/mist that lands on the floor. First, I lotion the palm of my hands and then a body part like my arm. Then I spray a couple stripes down and around my arm and rub it in quickly. I do my whole body in sections this way and it's relatively quick. I do wash my hands and reapply the lotion to my hands in between the sections so my palms don't get stained because I don't like using gloves. I feel like the lotion on the palms helps create a barrier to the stain. Don't panic if your palms are orange, just wash them right away. Sometimes I have cheap apricot facial scrub (Target brand)that I use on my hands to get them extra clean and I always follow up with more lotion on my hands. I do this routine before I go to bed. I do lightly spray on my face and then pat it and it works great. I've also used this last minute if I'm going out in the winter and am wearing something sleeveless I will put on my arms and go out the door and it gives me some color. If I'm doing my hands I will do them last thing. My hands will be washed clean and lotioned and then I'll just take the can and lightly spray my hands. I already have a wet washcloth waiting and then I take a corner of it and wipe each nail off making sure I get the cuticles and then go to bed. I know this routine sounds putzy but it really isn't. The only thing I need help with is my back. I could spray it myself (without the rubbing) if I was alone but I just have my husband spray my back and rub it in. I had a spray tan at a salon once where they sprayed you by hand and I like this better (way more convenient, cheaper and it's more comfortable because it dries quicker). Hope this helps.
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on August 4, 2010
I really love this product. I've been a lover of the tanning bed since I was in my teens and made it my new years resolution to give it up this year. I've used many products with an orangish look afterwards. I like this the best because it's a chocolate color instantly on the skin just like when you get airbrushed at the salon. This is how I use it: I shower, exfoliate, and put lotion on my feet, toes, knees, elbows, and hands. I then spray the product all over about 12 inches away from my body. After I spray it on I rub it in and I find that this gives me great results. One reviewer said to wear gloves and then rub it in, I have not tried that yet but plan to. I just wash my hands afterwards. I then go out or go to bed with it on and it when I shower the next day the product is all in the bathtub just like when you get airbrushed. I find that the tan lasts 4-5 days. It's a deep tan, which I love. Never orange. I will warn you - it is messy. I do it in the shower and try and keep the shower curtain closed while doing it. Also, have a towel ready for the floor so that when you step down you don't get tan color on your floor.
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on February 13, 2016
True brown color, it IS an even color, I never understand why people give this a negative review in the regards of application, you apply side to side like you would a room spray, get it? Side to side. Also start at legs. Side to side. Don't be in a rush. Also, get a spray tan tent. Don't get lazy. It will make your floors a mess. Get a sheet a spray tan tent, something. I've been using this for years. I've been spraying for over 10 years. Side to side, take your time and wait 5 min and add another layer.
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