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VINE VOICEon July 18, 2004
When this movie first came out the critics panned it mercilessly and frankly I just can't understand why. I thought it was fabulous. Kevin Costner plays an ex-Secret Service agent hired to protect a spoiled, difficult to get along with diva receiving death threats. Whitney Houston portrays the spoiled starlet to perfection. The chemistry and interplay between Houston and Costner was electric. The music in the movie was also great.
There are really some key elements that made this movie extremely good. First, I thought the acting was top notch by all involved. The supporting cast really played their characters well, as did the stars. Secondly, the editing was outstanding. The movie and plot move along at a fast pace. There is not a dull moment in the entire movie. And finally, the plot was plausible (for the most part) and the mystery - who is the hit man - slowly reveals itself. Having watched the movie several times, there a several foreshadowings.
Overall I found it a most entertaining movie both as a mystery, a thriller, and love story.
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on March 10, 2006
"You can be as you choose to be. It takes some discipline but it can be done."

I first saw The Bodyguard in a hot summer day. I waited in a long queue for my ticket and the theatre was fully packed. Tired and frustrated, I could not enjoy the film but it grew in me over time. It was different experience when I saw it again. In fact, The Bodyguard is a serious, original and very well told story. Love can be as real as me, sitting and writing here, and still be impossible and bitter-sweet. I can relate to this. Don't we all go through it at lеаst once in our lifetime?

I love Kevin Costner's performance as Frank Farmer. I find him very convincing in the skin of this tough, self-disciplined guy with a heart of gold. I admire Kevin's portrayal of Frank's emotional torment when he had to choose between his duty and his heart. Whitney Huston is surprisingly good and her enormous musical talent makes up for her lack of acting experience.

The Bodyguard has it all: action-packed scenes, cool lines, pearls of wisdom, tender loving and fantastic soundtrack! This film is definitely worth your time.
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on November 4, 2003
Wow...This movie is the best I've ever seen. It was supposed to go to Diana Ross and some other guy. I'm glad the roll went to Whitney. Diana would not fit this roll. Wow, three lines into the review and I'm already off task. Okay. Why should you give this movie a chance? Because it's amazing. Whitney proves she is a great actress and singer. Her voice makes this movie even better. The songs fit perfectly. And Kevin Costner, this movie alone makes me a fan, and I haven't seen his other work. It leaves you in suspense, as a mysterious stalker is following Rachel Marron (Whitney Houston) step by step, waiting for the time to attempt in killing her. This movie has a dark atmosphere, which is something I love about it. It's not like most love stories. I was very unsure about trying this movie, because I get bored easily, and I'm not a big romance movie fan, but this movie is so different from a typical romance film. It doesn't just focus on the romance, it focuses on Rachel's career, the stalker, Frank's resistance to grow close to his client. That's what makes this movie so special. I'm thrilled Kevin talked Whitney into this film, although it took her over a year to decide, it was worth it. No one could have done the roles better than Kevin and Whitney.
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on February 11, 2012
This being written right after Whitney Houstons tragic death.
No matter who you are or the color of your skin, you will love her and Costner's performance and interaction(s).

The movie shows the balance of high profile people, between trying to have normal life and the reality of why they cannot.

This movie was the best work Houston had as a movie star. It's how I will always remember her, with that moving and powerful voice and sense of bottom line reality that God exists.

The torment is over...and now the fans of what she once was: "Will always love (and remember)..." The Body Guard is Whitney Houston. It is her role of immortality.
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on February 2, 2005
But this IS NOT a 2 disc set. I enjoyed this movie so much, but always wanted to see it in widescreen. Now, after many, many years Warner has graced us with one. Kevin Costner is the bodyguard, a role I would like to see him do again. There is a good sequel in there somewhere, but we don't really need Whitney. She's OK, well, she's playing herself really. The musical numbers are great, the soundtrack is superb! (Even that over, over, overplayed song "I'll Always Love You." I had the first edition on DVD, and this new one has better sound and higher picture quality. If you watch this film often, treat yourself and upgrade to this special edition. Also features a new documentary on the making of the film.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 25, 2008
Stars fade, in time. But, at the summit of her talents and her popularity, Whitney Houston was simply untouchable, a singing phenom and, lord, was she lovely. Being so photogenic, it was a natural that she dip her toe into cinema. Whitney made her film acting debut in 1992's THE BODYGUARD, starring opposite Kevin Costner, who himself at the time was riding on a film career high, coming off Dances with Wolves - Extended Cut (Two-Disc Collector's Edition) and JFK - Director's Cut (Two-Disc Special Edition).

Costner plays Frank Farmer, an ex-Secret Service agent who now hires out as a private bodyguard. Frank's vocation requires him to live a solitary, almost austere life. He doesn't stay too long at any one assignment for fear of forming attachments to the people he safeguards. Considered the best, Farmer is tapped to protect music and film superstar Rachel Marron, who is being relentlessly stalked. Farmer reluctantly takes on the gig and immediately clashes with the spirited and temperamental Rachel, who rails at the restrictions Farmer places on her lifestyle. And, because the long-proven cinematic formula dictates that the intensity of the leads' initial mutual dislike is adversely proportioned to how heated the romance becomes, well, the sparks fly brightly between the stoic bodyguard and the tempestuous diva.

THE BODYGUARD, in 1992, was a box office moneymaker, undoubtedly helped by the spectacular soundtrack, but also because, in its own right, it's a decent thriller and an effective and bittersweet romantic story. The action sets are nice, my favorite being the "We won't talk about this again" kitchen discourse, although that was more of a one-way conversation from Frank. The hook is undeniably the prickly interaction between the two leads. I would think that a bodyguard, by necessity and by definition, would need to blend into the background. As such, Costner's bodyguard tends to be understated and very controlled. But every now and then, the actor's low key charisma does get a chance to leak out, as Farmer cracks a half-smile or three or makes the occasional straight-faced one-liner. And by having his character this impassive and guarded, Costner allows his female lead to shine. And Whitney's Rachel Marron certainly has that large personality.

Casting Whitney Houston was a stroke of genius and luck. In that time and place, who better to play the most popular pop star than the real deal herself? I thought that Whitney was a natural on screen, although critics shaved points off because, supposedly, she was only playing herself. But do you think a non-singer could've pulled off the musical sequences with as much conviction and credibility? Whenever she sang, Whitney Houston was in her element, and I totally bought into it and, consequentially, everything else that came with the role. And, lest you think she's a one trick pony, she would show even more of her acting chops in Waiting to Exhale and The Preacher's Wife.

There's this thing which Rachel's jerk of a manager tells Frank as he dresses him down: "I mean, look, she's so hot right now. This is her time. If she doesn't get out there, she's dead... If she doesn't sing, she's dead, anyway." This, coming from a tool, nevertheless is a stark commentary on the ephemeral quality of stardom. THE BODYGUARD has lost a bit of its luster down the years as Whitney's star waned. Not because she suddenly sucked or anything, but her troubled personal life did get in the way of her performing and producing records (thanks a bunch, Bobby Brown!).

And, since misery loves company, Kevin Costner, after a string of film successes, would soon churn out A PERFECT WORLD, THE WAR, and the career-crippling WATERWORLD (which I actually thought was a cool flick).

The key song was originally going to be "What Becomes Of A Broken Heart?" And who knows what Whitney would've done with that torch song (but it would've been great). As it is, we instead end up getting the fabulous remake of Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You." I eventually got sick of this song, because of the constant airplay, but I remember how well it framed the closing moments of the film.

Another thing I dug: Costner's white, Houston's black. This wasn't even a factor in the movie. How cool is that?
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on February 9, 2015
This is no where near blu ray quality. I purchased the blu ray to replace my old dvd and thought the picture and sound quality would be much better than my regular dvd, but its not. Its a great movie but definitely NOT blu ray quality!
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"THE BODYGUARD" is one of my All-Time Favorites! I think I've watched it about 15 times. Kevin Costner plays the role of the Bodyguard with perfection. Whitney Houston's Music is Incredible to say the least, and her acting in this movie is one of her Best Performances. She was always a Big Fan of mine as soon as she was recognized for her unforgettable music. I remember how young she was when I first heard her sing, I was Amazed at her voice, and said "She's Going Places-Big-time!" Sure enough, she climbed to fame in no time. After her passing, I watched this movie once again, listening to that Beautiful Voice. Whitney Houston sadly left this world, but her music will live on forever, including her song at the end of this movie. "I Will Always Love You." And the world will always love the music she left behind. Together, Kevin and Whitney made this movie highly entertaining, enjoyable, and thrilling. The characters helped to make the movie alive, along with the young boy who played her son. What was there not to like? There was plenty of action from beginning to end, never a dull moment and the only thing I was sorry about is that I didn't want it to end. All-In-All, Outstanding in every aspect!
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on July 17, 2002
Whitney did a fabulous job acting, especially for her first role, particularly when she had to play a famous singer and really be different from the persona we see Whitney in. Rachel Marron was TOTALLY different. I also saw a new side of Whitney in this movie, and I am thrilled Kevin Costner chose her, GOOD TASTE! He wanted a real singer for his love interest and picking someone as gorgeous as Whitney wasn't bad.
I did love the entire movie, I loved Kevin and Whitney's characters, they both had annoying flaws and yet they drew you into their lives in such an amazing way. It was wonderful to see the lifestyle more closely of both a bodyguard and an entertainer.
Whitney and Kevin's romance was beautiful, and I did cry at the end, wow.
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on April 5, 2012
Please accurately describe the audio and video quality of any Blu-Ray you review. Thanks to those who do this.

Aspect ratio is about 1.85:1, which completely filled my widescreen LCD.
Sound is DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio, which was satisfactory, but nothing too special.
The movie lasted two hours an five minutes.

The video quality was disappointing. Half the time it looked like a DVD. Other times it looked high-def, but not real good high-def. I rate it from 8.0 to 9.0 on a 10.0 scale.

I thought it was a pretty good movie, and I am not a Whitney fan.
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