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ArmA2: Combined Operations [Download]

Platform : Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Rated: Mature
3.7 out of 5 stars 240 customer reviews
Metascore: 77 / 100

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Platform: PC Download | Edition: Standard

From the Manufacturer

    ArmA2: Combined Operations

    Built on over 10 years experience, Arma 2 thrusts you into the heart of the most realistic military simulation ever developed, featuring cutting edge technology, vast, detailed environments and authentically modeled units, weapons and vehicles. Combined Operations brings together the award-winning Arma 2 and the stand-alone expansion, Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead where each game can be played separately or combined for the ultimate military combat experience.

    Arma 2
    • Command your troops through a branching campaign full of twists and surprises
    • The game simulates various aspects of combat and environment effects from bullet
    • ballistics, material penetration, ammunition types and stopping power to weather conditions
    • Explore 225 square kilometers of highly detailed landscape
    • Play the campaign in cooperative mode or join massive multiplayer battles with up to 50 players
    • Advanced AI: no scripts, no predefined pathways, units react on game situation
    • Intuitive, powerful mission editor with a dedicated creative online community

    Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead
    • New story campaign for both SP, Coop and MP gameplay with a wide range of new tutorials, single scenarios and multiplayer modes
    • 3 new Central Asia-style large maps, including urban, desert and mountainous terrain featuring a fully destructible and interactive environment
    • Multiple factions from all sides including US Army, United Nations, Takistani Army and Guerrillas making a collection of 300+ new units, weapons and vehicles
    • Fully integrates with the original Arma 2 for unmatched warfare simulation
    • Detachable backpacks with equipment, thermal imaging and new weapons optics, remote real-time simulation of Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAV), and much, much more

    System Requirements
     Minimum Specifications:
    OS:Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
    Processor:Intel Core 2.4 GHz or AMD Dual-Core Athlon 2.5 GHz
    RAM:1 GB (2 GB for Multiplayer)
    Hard Drive:20 GB
    Video Card:Nvidia Geforce 8600GT or ATI Radeon 3650 or faster with Shader Model 3 and 512 MB VRAM
    Additional Info:Unknown
ArmA2: Combined Operations
ArmA2: Combined Operations
ArmA2: Combined Operations

Product Details

Platform: PC Download | Edition: Standard
  • ASIN: B003UV8RRE
  • Release Date: June 29, 2010
  • Average Customer Review: 3.7 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (240 customer reviews)
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Customer Reviews

Top Customer Reviews

Platform for Display: PCEdition: Standard Verified Purchase
Armed Assault, the franchise with a pretty standard love/hate relationship factor. You'll love the free-form, gigantic sandbox that it has to offer, but you'll hate it at the same time for it's (unavoidable) bugs and complications.

Combined Operations is simply a package-deal with the latest "Operation Arrowhead" (Takistan, Zargabad, Desert environments) standalone expansion, as well as the original ARMA II (Chernarus) in the same box. The value is great, as you're basically buying the keys to a massive mil-sim amusement park, free to do whatever you please with not too many constraints. There isn't a good method in describing what kind of game this is if you haven't played it before. If you're used to Call of Duty and similar shooters, then you're in for a surprise if you play this game. It's a lot like the original Operation Flashpoint, except on a much grander scale, with more flexibility. I could spend a couple hours writing up an essay on what this game is, or I could just give a quick rundown on what one should expect.

- Flexibility in doing what you want. Create your own missions, scenarios, dynamic environments, etc.
- Striking visuals with the proper hardware. (Proper, as in: Very nice rig, $2,000+) A lot of things going on at once, leads to amazing scenes.
- Community and it's modding counterpart is amazing. First thing one should do after buying this game, is visit [...] or the [...] forums.
- Extremely *massive* environments, with land-air-sea mobility. Jets, tanks, helicopters, armored humvees, the works.

- Can be ridiculously complicated for first-time users, even for PC game veterans. Patience is a virtue.
- Quite a system hog, especially when the action is at it's finest.
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Platform for Display: PCEdition: Standard Verified Purchase
ARMA2 is a realistic military simulator, probably the most realistic on the market. It's not just infantry combat, although you can play it that way. ARMA2 also has cars, trucks, tanks, helicopters, planes, and more. It even models ballistics and bullet drop, if someone fires at you from 200 meters away you even hear the bullet hit the ground before you hear the rifle. It's a big sandbox, which is good and bad.

The game ships with 2 islands, a large and a small. Both have forests, hills, roads, towns, fields, mountains, etc. I'd say you would spend a good 15 minutes driving from one side of the island to the other. If you can see it you can go there, there are NO invisible walls. The game locations are fictional, although they are based on real-life topography. ARMA2 is set in Eastern Europe, Operation Arrowhead is set in the Middle East. The possibilities on the huge playing areas are almost endless. You can also download user-created islands, some of which are impressive in both scope and detail.

A mission designer is included to make your own missions, along with sophisticated scripting capabilities. In addition, there are hundreds of user-created mods and missions, everything from a simple "destroy the enemy" mission to new weapons, vehicles, sounds, etc, to new game modes like "capture the island" and a GTA clone.

In a way there are almost too many possibilities between official and user-made content, and the quality varies. The official missions have some neat tricks, although they don't expose you to everything the game has to offer. Some things work well, others don't. You'll have to find a way to manage missions/mods and all your time gathering, installing, and playing all the different things.
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Platform for Display: PCEdition: Standard
I owned the original Flashpoint and the first ARMA game - both decent but not without bugs. But this game, ARMA II has way too many bugs for me to bother with it. I gave up after a few hours of gameplay. It was simply too frustrating trying to complete a mission when the scripted events wouldn't occur or execute properly. For example, my squad leader was supposed to lead us in clearing out the village and then move on to the next objective. He instead stood in the middle of the street for 3 hours. I had to shoot him in the end. Ok if a bug happens once, but it happened mission after mission - some new, frustrating, roadblock of a bug that killed the action. Maybe a patch will fix it, but I can't recommend this to any non-ARMA fan. You have to really want to play this game to put up with the shortcomings.
If the game runs properly then it is a lot of fun. This is a realistic combat game and it's great to have games like this coming out in the age of Call of Duty. The graphics and shooting mechanics are well done in ARMA II and it's quite a rush to come up on the enemy when you have been marching quietly over the terrain scanning for signs of activity. The firefights are brutal and make the point that combat isn't easy.
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By Chill on August 30, 2010
Platform for Display: PCEdition: Standard
If you are a soloist, a Rambo, a loner, this is probably not the game for you. The majority of people playing video games now days, are multiplayers. They play online for that extra challenge. This game involves not only multiplayer but teamwork on a high level. That high level is set by the players. Once you immerse into the land of Arma II, you will find yourself talking as if you have been in the military for years. This is a military simulation, not the average arcade game. You will not hear people talking about face rolling, and total pwnage and all that crap. You will only hear the calls for close air support, transport and long ranged artillery. If you are that role playing, military game guru, you will love the multiplayer associated with this game. However if you are into points and worrying about your kill to death ratio, find a server with Player Vs. Player. Some snipers pride themselves on taking out those loners. The Delta Force will work together on special operations missions, the pilots will be in their own group, and don't be surprised to see a Shooter and a Spotter acting as one Sniper. This is an incredible game, if you play it the way it was intended to be played.

If you are considering picking up the game. Check out the guys at 7th Cav, they always keep a populated server, and they really use that teamwork you are looking for.
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