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VINE VOICEon November 25, 2007
This DVD comes in several languages: English, Hindu, Spanish, French, Japanese & music only (same beat for all menu choices).
It has 3 different dances, Maahi Ve, Chaiyya Chaiyya. Each section is 30-35 min each w/a warm-up, step by step, the 3 min dance performance itself & a cool down. The warm-ups & cool downs are all the same for all 3 dances.

From their website:
Songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Bombay Dreams" and the Bollywood film "Kal Ho Naa Ho" (Indian Love Story -- Tomorrow May Never Come) featuring Shahrukh Khan provide the music to 3 dances, each with an increasing level of difficulty and unique style which varies from playful and sensual to dynamic and powerful.

The woman on the dvd, Julia Casper, is the one dancing. At the dance portion, it's just her 3x with computer graphics.
Warm-up - uses basic dancing you will use to get you into it before the step by step portion.
Step by step - shows you the moves, she does break it down, such as only showing the veil first, then the veil & feet & then finally adding the hands. She even does it at a slower pace for faster moves before going normal speed. Each move is done at least 4x if not many more times. She gives great body movement cues, not just counts in 8s.
Cool down - is nice, added head rolls like the warm up, but also adds some standing fwd bends, lunges to really stretch.
I enjoyed Julia's presence, the breakdown was easy to follow & I felt more aware of my body to move better. I don't like this style of dancing as much as Latin or belly dancing or even hip hop, but there were a few moves I thought were great. Julia's style actually encouraged me to get into it more then I would have.
I took off 1 star because of lack of music during the step by step which made it drag on & boring (music only option will come in handy if replay it at later date). Though practice repetition is great & needed for any dance instruction, with the slower down & breakdown, there did not need to be so much, especially on moves that would not get the heart rate up. If these were aerobic moves, that would be great as exercise, but most were easy & required little physical effort.
After completing the step by step once, I will only replay the dance portions only for aerobic workout. I would love for Julia & production to put out more dances of different styles with my suggestions in the future.

Their site is bollyrobics com & all 3 dances are on youtube in all the languages.
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on October 10, 2007
This is one of my favorite exercize DVDS based on Bollywood/Bhangra moves--while the other similar routines out there (Sarina Jain, Hemalayaa, Honey Kalaria) all have something unique to contribute--this DVD is particularly good because the choreography is excellent & interesting and Julia Kaspar is just an amazing dancer. The 3 dances each start with a warm-up and end with a cool-down, are broken down into easy to follow segments, and are set to music that is actually dance-inspiring. The production quality is a little silly (or maybe just BASIC)--sort of Euro-90s but, that said, very fun. I would also note that this DVD is more oriented for someone interested in dance rather than pure aerobic fitness.
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on May 8, 2008
I bought this DVD together with another one by Heemalaya's and BY FAR THIS IS THE BEST! It has a great and easy routine, in several Languages (which I love since I can practice Hindi, and can see it with my friends either in English or Spanish. Although more languages are available). Julia Casper is a very good dancer and not just an aerobics freak (which was my impression of Heemalaya's DVD). Therefore the movements are very graceful.

It has 3 routines of great Bollywood songs and they all start with a warm-up, then she leads you little by little to all the beautiful steps... and she makes you sweat!!! (I barely sweat... until I did these routines). Then it is dancing time to Sharuk's music and finally the cool-down exercises. I LOVE THIS DVD. I hope they will produce more routines later on. ... and by the way, this DVD really has Bollywood music unlike the other one which pretends to... but has more a Westernized version of Bollywood.
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on June 15, 2008
This is a great dance/fitness DVD for an advanced student or an ambitious beginner. By the end of the 1st song (Maahi Ve), you WILL be sweaty, but smiling, because you will have learned a fun, energizing choreography. I had a lot of fun, and that was only the 1st song. You can choose which language to learn the dances in, and even choose no narrator for "performance" mode.

I wish the production value was a little better, but you get used to the static camera angles, and green screen background. I also wish the DVD came packaged with the recommended silk "veil." The choreography for "Maahi Ve" would have made more sense if I'd had the veil to go with it. If you look inside the DVD cover, they give you a website to purchase their recommended size veil... after the fact.

So, put a bindi on your forehead, channel your favorite Bollywood actress, and dance your way into fitness!

~;^) Bindi Beauty (^;~
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on November 16, 2007
I've had this DVD for less than a week and I am already hooked on Bollyrobics. What a blast this workout is! The music alone will get you moving. Length is over an hour and a half and includes 3 dances with warmup, step-by-step, performance and cool down for each dance. The dances are all energetic, sensual, hip and very fun. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with no or little dance experience because the pace is somewhat fast and she doesn't "break it down" but if you have experience you should get this dvd. I hope there will be another Bollyrobics dvd!
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on March 13, 2009
This video does not have the glitz and glam of some workout videos. The production is very simple, no fancy sets, no glorious costume changes. But what it lacks in scenery is more than makes up for in substance.

Each of the three dances has it's own warm up and workout section. The thing I like about this video compared to may of the other bollywood workout videos is that they are not turning bollywood moves into a workout. They are teaching you a dance number and that is your workout. To me that is much more enjoyable than a dance/setp aerobics mix that many bollywood workouts use.

The music is great, and I love the veil routine. It's helping to shrink my flabby arms! It's not going to make your heart race or tire you out like some videos will do but it's a nice light workout to get you moving and do on days when you think "Can I find any excuse not to work out today?"
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on March 9, 2008
This is my favorite Bollywood-type video. It gives you three routines to learn to specific songs. The movements are well broken down and fun to follow. From the title, you might expect that it will be like an American aerobics class with some Bollywood dance moves slipped in, but it's not. It's what I imagine a real Bollywood dance class would be like. Exactly what I wanted and I wish there were more from this producer/instructor.
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on October 15, 2009
Bollywood music always gives me a jolt of energy, so I thought a workout that uses it would create a perfect exercise routine for me. But "Bollyrobics" completely soured me on the idea.

At all times on this DVD, there are three things going on for you to follow and none of them are synchronized. The dancer does not move in time with the music, and the narrator randomly shouts out "1,2,3,4!" in a tempo that matches neither the dancer's timing nor the music's. Consequently, you never feel "in the groove" because you're always off with atleast two things.

There is absolutely no effort made to describe any movement--absolutely no attention to form. The narrator doesn't describe it (the dancer is mute throughout the DVD), and the static camera work doesn't show different angles. In fact, with the exception of the dance portions of the DVD, there is only one person on the screen and the camera never moves. It is impossible to see details like hand motions or what position the feet are in. This video DOES NOT TEACH anything. No useful information is verbalized. You are expected to simply watch and copy. I expect more from a workout DVD.

The production values are as low as it gets. It looks like the dancer stuck a video camera in front of a green screen in her basement and called it good. During the dance section three figures are shown, but they are the same woman reproduced three times. The camera seems to sit slightly below her, which foreshortens everything. With that, the lack of helpful angles, her dark clothing and a poor visual quality that looks like a bad VHS copy, it's just very difficult see the details.

After the "warm up" and "step by step," there is a dance section that uses all the previous moves. The problem is none of them were given names in the "step by step" segment, so when the narrator yells out "Temple!" you don't have a clue what to do until you SEE the dancer do it. And again, since you were not taught the transitions from move to move, you are left tripping over yourself to catch up.

I'm so disappointed in this DVD. It's so frustating to have purchased a product that fails on all levels. I hope you save your money.
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on September 21, 2007
This dvd has 3 incredibly fun and easy to pick up workouts. I was laughing and panting as I followed along to the fantastic soundtrack. The moves were sexy and quickly learned, then strung together in a dance just like some of the ones I've seen in Bollywood movies. An excellent buy for anyone looking for an enjoyable workout!
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on September 13, 2007
This is the most fun you can have while exercising. My wife and I tried to learn the moves and were laughing so much that we didn't even realize how much we were sweating. The songs are great, the dance moves easy, and the teacher is very clear. I wish there were more songs though, a sequel would be great!
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