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on November 4, 2013
If you are reading this it is probably too late to save you from the UNENDING NIGHTMARE you will suffer after applying Bona high or low Gloss Polish to your wood floors (several times over in my case).

The first time I applied the Bona floor polish, I was in awe of how amazing my floors looked! After a while, I started seeing a cloudy looking coat that built up on my floors. After cleaning repeatedly (with vinegar and water, or floor cleaners) and thinking the polish must have worn off, I continued applying more polish to bring back the shine. Over 2 years I have used the Bona polish around 7 times, obviously I didn't realize the polish was causing the cloudy buildup.

It wasn't until recently when I started seeing smears and footprints, I realized the polish was to blame. Then my puppy peed on the floor behind my couch and somehow it became 'petrified in the polish,' like a mosquito in amber, freaky and disgusting! To remove the petrified pee pee I tried using my floor steamer but that only made it worse and turned the stain a white chalky color. That's when I hit bottom, and I knew I had to strip off all the polish and start over. I knew this would be a pain, but it's a lot worse than I imagined.

MY BEST TIP: Invest in a magical little floor polisher called the "GLOSS BOSS" mini, it's around $100 well spent! Simply attach the scrubber pads, (I suggest ordering several extras). Once the remover has been applied, I wait ten or 15 minutes, turn on the Gloss Boss and run it over the area for around 10 minutes. The Gloss Boss is a life saver, you can avoid being on hands and knees scrubbing for hours. The machine removes the old polish, leaving little gray clumps I wipe up with a cloth. When the polish is removed and I mop the area clean with warm water, there is one more step that really helps. Attach the microfiber pads (provided), spray some Bona hardwood floor CLEANER and run the machine over your area, leaving floors smooth and clean.

The final result is much better than before, but it's been expensive and very time consuming.

Moral of the story: NEVER USE BONA POLISH TO BEGIN WITH!!!!!!!!!
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on February 18, 2014
We love Bona floor cleaner and have used it for many years. However, I made the mistake of using the Bona polish. It looked amazing for a day or two and then horrible smudges and haze turned up everywhere. After reading the reviews on here I was worried about the task of removing it. I did some additional research and heard Windex works better. I simply sprayed Windex in a 6 foot by 6 foot area. let it sit just for a minute to walk away and get my sponge (don't let it dry on the floor). I used Scotch Brite Stay Clean scratch free sponges (for kitchen sinks - purple color) and lightly rubbed the windex all over the floor and then rinsed with a semi damp clean mop several times to get the windex up, then dried with a towel. and it was as good as new! Polish was gone! Looked just like before. Don't waste money on this product. Bona polish is awful and then they get you by selling another awful product to remove the first one. We have very dark new hardwoods and was worried windex would strip away the color or the wood's natural finish and it did not.
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on March 10, 2014
Whoever posted about the Windex - thank you!!! Had a beautiful wood floor and added the polish years ago (can't remember why now) and now have a floor that is super shiny, scuff marks all over that pretty much stick to the shine. Finally decided to have a professional come to tell me what to do and was told the polish should never be used, it is as bad for your floor as mop and glow. The cost to strip my floor with professional stripper and buffer would be $1500. He did one plank of wood and it was gorgeous - what my floor use to look like! Saw the review about windex and non scratch blue sponge and it does exactly the same thing - effortlessly!!! It will take a little time but easy to do and my gorgeous floor comes right back and $1500 in my pocket - thank you!!!
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on June 27, 2012
So, I am a victim, like you probably are, of the menace that is Orange Glow and Pledge Wood Floor Polish and other variants of the same thing. The clear liquid or cloudy liquid that makes your wood floors shine wonderfully at first... then become nightmares of cloudy, sticky, goo covered horribleness after a few more applications. I had done the deed for about two years. Was enamored at first but then started to realize that I need to put down more polish more frequently to just keep it from looking like garbage.

I tried spraying Goo Be Gone and wiping it off. No luck. I tried an industrial steam cleaner. Made it worse.

I tried the popular mixture of ammonia and water and a scrubbing pad. Not much luck.

Only after I tried this product did I have any hope of getting my floors back. My system that worked the best was:

1) Pour out some Bona Floor Polish remover on a reasonable size plot that I could scrub with force from a kneeling position.
2) Take a scrubber pad soaked in a mix of ammonia and water and use it to spread out the Bona Floor polish remover in an even coat.
3) Set a timer to about 6 minutes occasionally using the wet scrubber pad to keep the area from drying.
4) Then scrub full force, first in a straight line, then in circles over the same area.
5) Used a terry cloth towel to wipe up what became a grey, dirty solution of old floor polish and trapped dirt.
6) Rinse with a clean, damp microfiber mop
7) Allow to dry fully
8) Apply Bona Floor Refinisher (urethane based and not the same as what I had used in the past).

Now I once again have beautiful floors. Granted, they are not obscenely shiny like they were but they don't feel sticky at all. Water on them doesn't make it get hazy or cloud. The dog's nails don't leave marks.

I have blisters on my knuckles and my knees are really bruised and my arms hurt like the Dickens but this stuff works.
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on April 30, 2012
Wow, this was a life saver. My housekeeper ruined my hardwood floors by placing
polish over dirty floors.
Bona polish is great but hard to get off. I called and visited many of the companies that
sell Bona products, and they all said I had to have my floors refinished. The cost
would have been over $4,000.00.
So I gave it a last try by purchasing the bona polish remover.
Took a bit of work as my whole house is hardwood flooring, but they are beautiful.
I recommend Bona products, just make sure you hire a knowledgable housekeeper who knows
how to clean and polish hardwood floors.
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on April 27, 2013
I stupidly put bona polish on my new wood floors to add shine....and should not have. The polish streaked my floors and every foot or dog print showed up. So in an effort to get the polish off I used the bona remover and it worked! I was on my hands and knees for a while but it was worth it to get that junk off. I use the bona cleaner and love that but stay away from the polish if you have prefinished wood floors!
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on November 9, 2014
I stupidly used bona polish on my hand carved hardwoods throughout my home. When I started to notices white streaking, sticky floors, and the dust accumulate up so fast I knew something wasn't right. It was the bona polish built up after 3 years of usage. I ordered the remover but was scrubbing like crazy. I tried everything from vinegar to windex. Nothing worked. I was so frustrated. Until I was reading about a instant wax remover people were using to get orange glow off there floors. I thought its worth a shot. It's called Trewax instants wax remover. It sells at Home Depot online only for $11 . The best money ever spent. I had to put work into it. Scrubbing on hands and knees but it comes up instantly. What a relief-my hardwoods look new again because of this product. And I will never use bona again or any other product for that matter. Just my trusty steamer or vinegar and water. I don't write reviews but I was so frustrated with the bona polish and there ploy to then have u ordering there remover that doesn't work well enough I had to write this. I hope this helps someone.
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on April 20, 2015
When we moved in to the house the floors looks gorgeous. Within a couple of months they started looking filmy and cloudy. My dog's nails also left scratches on the surface. I thought I needed the floors sanded and resurfaced. After talking with a hardwood floor company about the white film on my Brazilian cherry hardwood floors, I realized the problem is Bona Floor Polish. I had found a half used bottle of it when we moved in. The floor guy said it sounded like a polish build up, and I probably just needed to remove that with the Bona polish remover. So I came to Amazon and read the reviews of the Bona polish remover. I almost bought it, but I decided to try Windex first, as many reviews I read said that worked just as well.
I tried the Windex using the Scotch Brite scratch proof purple sponges (the purple kind, because gunk doesn't get stuck in those.) I let the Windex sit 30-secs to 1 minute before scrubbing. So much white/gray gunk came up! I rinsed the sponge in plain water and went back over the area with water, then with Bella floor cleaner. The floors look great! The scratches from my dog are gone and the white film is gone. She was just scratching the film I guess, as the wood we have is very hard and should not be scratched by a dog walking normally on it. It takes a long time, on hands and knees and scrubbing. But it's worth it. Our floors look amazing.
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on February 18, 2013
Instead of using the cleaning pad to spread the polish remover, just use the flat of your hand. It's much more efficient because using your hand does not absorb some of the remover as the pad does. It therefore stays wet and does the job, not to mention that you have more control in just where you spread the remover.The downside in not using the cleaning pad is that you have to be down on your hands and knees when spreading and cleaning off the remover. I will never use the polish again; my floor looked like plastic, not hardwood. Thank god for this remover. Also, if you order from the Bona site directly, you will get a scrubber pad with the order, but ordering elsewhere (including Amazon), you do not.
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on June 29, 2015
Please please do not use this polish or polish remover. I have a dark engineered wood floor that was starting to look a little dull. So because I have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), I wanted my floor to shine. For those of you who don't know what ADD is -- It is a person who can't leave well enough alone (especially in my case when it comes to my home). So I applied Bona polish. What a disaster! It was difficult to use, streaked, built up to a white haze in spots, etc. Called Bona for their advice and they advised polish remover, which could only be bought online and not in a store where it could be returned. Then I read the Windex Lady's advice and, it took a lot of work, but today I finally got this disgusting polish off my floor. Don't get me wrong, it was a ton of work. I applied Windex full strength, scrubbed with a non-abrasive pad, then mopped it with a pretty wet mop with clear water, changed the water and mopped with a mop that I squeezed most of the water from. I still see some buildup in places but I spray the Windex again just in that spot and mop with clean water. Windex and the Windex Lady saved my life. Motto: READ THE REVIEWS!
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