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I replaced the stock ABEC 5 bearings on my Razor A5 with the Bones Reds I bought on Amazon just to see if it would really make any difference. To make a long story short, they are amazing! There is virtually no rolling resistance. They are so smooth and glide much longer than the stock ABEC 5 bearings. I am replacing the bearings on all the scooters I have with Bones Reds. They are so inexpensive as well.

If you are wondering which Bones bearings to buy, buy the Bones Reds if you have no intention of spending the time to clean your bearings regularly. Cleaning Bearings does take some time, costs money, and it is messy. I think spending 12 bucks a year replacing your bearings is just more reasonable. I will probably change mine every 6 months so that I always have a fresh set. Since my Razor A5 scooter only uses 4 bearings, I will spend only 12 bucks a year. In reality, there is very little difference in performance between the Reds and the Swiss.

But if you don't mind cleaning bearings, spending a lot more money, or you compete, then buy the Bones Swiss or Ceramics. The more expensive Bearings are really for competition where every ounce of speed must be utilized.
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on July 11, 2012
Older Dude here (45)...most likely heavier than most, too (230 lbs). Started longboarding again when I turned 40 (call it a "mini mid-life crisis"). In any event, First new longboard I picked up, the guy I ordered it from recommended REDS (nice reco, dude). Put those in some Kryptonics 65s. Nice and Smooth, Quick and Quiet. Subsequently, have purchased and constructed numerous longboards since (around 6-7) for both me and my 10 year old son. I have used REDS on all except one of them. We're talking in wheels like ABEC 11 Zig Zags, Centrax, and Fly Wheels and Dregs Luv yo Muthas, as well as the ol' Kryptonics. The REDS are all still running Nice and Smooth, Quick and Quiet. Hate to admit it but I haven't even cleaned any of them, either...Still Nice and Smooth, Quick and Quiet. I don't ride everyday but when I do, my heavy Chimp ass is carving it up...putting massive stress on the REDS and when my son is ridin', he's not straying from puddles and rough road...guess what?...still running Nice and Smooth, Quick and Quiet.

To note, I just purchased a new longboard and decided to splurge on the bearings...upgraded to Super not seeing any difference and the Supers rattle when they roll...going back to the REDS.

Unless you are a PRO or super-hero boarder, you don't need anything else...All You Need Is REDS.
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on September 26, 2012
I've been skateboarding for over 15 years, and I've skated many different brands of bearings. There are very few products I stand behind as strongly as Bones Reds. They roll great, they're easy to clean, they're cheap, and they last a long time (especially if you take care of them). For the grand majority of skaters, this is as far as you need to look. If you're serious into downhill, then you might be reasonable in considering other options like ceramics or Biltins (which I also hold in high regard). In my opinion, these are the gold standard of bearings. You know what you're getting, and it's quality. I can't recommend them enough. I have a set that's probably over 2 years old that I still ride, you just gotta take care of them, which isn't very time consuming:
Pop off the shields and toss the bearings and shields into a vessel (I often use a mug) filled with isopropyl alcohol. Swish it around, pull them out, and dry excess with paper towel. Spin them and blow on them until completely dry, then add 1-2 drops of speed cream (3-in-1 brand oil works just as well, I've found). Put the shields back on and put 'em back on your board. It takes literally less than 10 minutes. I do this a couple times a year, or when they start to get really squeaky.
I wish there were other ways I could convince you of the quality of this product, but I guess you'll have to take my word for it. I encourage you to consider my endorsement a guarantee.
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on October 14, 2008
I ordered two pairs of these bearings and they work great, I installed one of the sets on my Original Longboard and I now role twice as long than when I had my abec-3 bearings.
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on April 20, 2013
I decided to take out my ABEC-5 bearings from my ripstik... what a HUGE difference!!!! I can go up hills MUCH more easily!!! I'm extremely happy I did so. I had to google how to switch them out but it's not hard... if you are on this page click buy, you won't regret it! I did the same with a lower end ripstik and it rocks out too!
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on September 17, 2015
Reds have rightfully earned a reputation as a great value in skate bearings, costing very little and offering a great glide. I installed these four years back on a Sector 9 pintail that had lost its glide. Nearly a half-decade later, following use in all weather conditions these bearings still provide a smooth ride with no apparent reduction in glide. Highly recommended.
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on December 18, 2013
Just a normal bearing. This whole talk about super-fast is just talk. I had Russian military grade bearing that I purchased before, I guess Russian plant had money problems and they started making consumer goods- those were SUPER-FAST awesome bearings.
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on March 9, 2016
Haven't skated in 8 years but these are exactly as good as I remember them. Not quite as buttery as Bones Swiss, but a much better value.

7.75" Mini Logo
Independent Stage 11 129 mm 7.75"
Powell Peralta Rat Bones 60mm 90a
Bones Reds
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on July 17, 2015
They are bearings - Nice bearings. I purchased as replacements for my kids Razor scooters - overkill for this. The seals are super-low-rolling-resistance, and not super sealed. The lube is super light majic red slippery snot, and not very robust. I packed full of synthetic grease and popped them on the scooter.
I can see how they are VERY nice high-performance skate/scooter bearings. For cheap kid scooter bearings - overkill.
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on October 25, 2015
The bearings seem to be some kind of popular standard among boarders. I recall using them in the past as well. I bought them recently as I was piecing together a new longboard to have fun cruising with.

First the myth. I've seen videos of people claiming the get their wheels to spin for more than 15 and up to 30 minutes. Wrong. I'm not sure what those people are doing, likely also oiling it up excessively somehow but that's definitley not going to happen out of the box. You can expect to get a couple minutes of nice smooth spin on a pair of nice and smooth trucks with good spacers in between. That's the fact. And that's great ! It's what I expected and results in a nice ride. Just watch for those exaggerations out there. Anyway, wheel spin doesn't always correlate with how long you will cruise without pushing since there's so many factors involved. A free spinning wheel is not real life riding by any means. Also once your wheel spins well for over a minute, any extra spin after that won't be appreciably noticeable after that while riding, similar to how once you watch a full 1080P resolution film, higher resolutions don't make that much of a noticeable difference anymore.

I think these are great bearings to switch out any sluggish old or stock bearings with.

I did get a pack wich had a wobbly bearing that was noticeable made the wheel wobble and made a horrible noise, but switched it out and others just fine.

Recommend for affordability and met my realistic expectations, while providing a great ride.
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