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on April 15, 2011
I have read one other Wrath James White book before this. Succulent Prey was one of my favorite books I read last year and when I found this book I knew I wanted to read it right away. This book was long out of print but thanks to Deadite Press, horror fans can read this book for themselves and see how sick Mr. White can get.

The book is comprised of short stories that range from the philosophical(No Questions Unanswered) to musings on racism(Resurrection Day) to out and out splat fests(More Maggots,Don't Scream)and everything in between. White has a talent for making the disturbing more visible in readers minds with his syntax and usage of words causing the images to burn themselves in the subconscious of the reader.

The Title story perhaps stuck with me the most. This is the shocking story of a dominatrix who discovers a forbidden book of torturous sex acts and whose disappearance forces her mentor to go on a depraved search through the underground fetish club scene to make his dreams of becoming a god real. Right off the bat White makes no bones about diving you into the sick world of these people and the acts performed. Let's just say that if a film version of this story would make the directors of "A Serbian Film" and "The Human Centipede" vomit and scream like little girls at a spider.

All in all there was no story that didn't turn my stomach and make me relish every word. Deadite is becoming my new favorite publisher of bloody good horror for horror fans. I suggest that if you want more depravity pick up "Brain Cheese Buffet" and "Bullet Through your Face" by fellow sick genius Edward Lee from this publisher and get the barf bags ready. There may be "A Thousand Sins" here but once you get your hands on it you'll feel like you've committed a trillion. You have been warned!
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on May 12, 2006
James White (sorry, I refuse to call anyone "Wrath") comes to the reader sold as an extreme writer. One who takes great pleasure in spinning tales so ghastly they leave you fighting back your repulsion. The author's bio also tells us he was a street brawler, a champion kickboxer, and a bodybuilder, though those activities rarely show themselves in the stories, except that big, muscular guys have an easy time picking up women, and they're apparently all extraordinarily well-endowed.

White doesn't really live up to his introduction, though I'll give him credit for writing about subjects you don't normally find in this genre. He tackles religion quite a bit, which is refreshing, but since each story comes to the same conclusion -- life is a pointless journey of pain, nothing awaits us at the end, God is a tormentor, etc. -- it becomes redundant. White has a remarkably limited vocabulary, and things are described the same way over and over again throughout the stories. The themes of the stories are likewise limited, as many of them share the same theme of a man, cruel and violent toward women, getting his comeuppance "Tales From the Crypt" style.

The longest story in the book, clocking in at forty pages, is the titular "Book of a Thousand Sins." For anyone out there who likes debauched sexual violence and S&M, you'll definitely want to check this out. The story concerns two doms who love each other, but are unwilling to submit to the other, so they end up torturing a group of people vilely, in the hopes of entering Hell and being able to control and dominate the other for eternity. The story brims with sadistic violence and gore. It does, though, get pretty silly toward the end.

The writing here isn't, to say the least, the best (my favorite line: "Her skin was a natural tan like fresh pastry"). And you get the sense that White is trying too hard to be hip, like some sort of Edward Lee-Chuck Palahniuk hybrid, but he has none of the ironic humor or skill of Chuck, and often his religious ramblings sound like a college kid who just read Nietzsche.

But there are some stories to like. "He Who Increases Knowledge" had an intriguing plot, "Don't Scream" works well (it's the best of his violent-men-get-theirs stories), "Couch Potato" is darkly hilarious, "Resurrection Day" mordantly covers overpopulation and immigration, and "The Sooner They Learn" is the best story here -- the weird tale of a psychotic vigilante who has an interesting way to keep children in line.
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on October 30, 2005
Wrath James White is known for his outrageously graphic, over-the-top, violent sexual imagery. So, yes, this collection has that, but it has much more as well. He delves into religion, spirituality, psychology, and other planes of existence. A lot of thought went into this work and it really showcases his talent not just to shock his audience, but as a great writer with something to say.

My favorites include "He Who Increases Knowledge", "The Sooner They Learn", "The Myth of Sisyphus", and "No Questions Unanswered". The main story, "The Book of a Thousand Sins", is novella length and very strong as well -- Wrath's fans will certainly get their money's worth.

Finally, as much as I enjoy seeing small press publishers do well, I was very suprised to see this edition by Two Backed Books have so many spelling errors. For a company only a year old, you would think they would try extra hard to present a perfect product, error free... I mean, come on, the book isn't even 200 pages guys. Still, I definitely recommend this collection to those that enjoy a walk on the darkest side of humanity.
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on August 30, 2011
The Book of a Thousand Sins is another great collection of short stories by according to the man Ed Lee "The premier author of hardcore horror." Wrath James White. If you are familiar with Wrath then you know you are in for some seriously sick and depraved things and in a good way. He does not disappoint with this collection where we get a variety of stories and characters all in different situations that range from depraved S&M to rampaging werewolves, to trying to create your own zombie you get it all from the warped mind of Wrath James White. I am a big fan of Wrath's and I am so happy with the collaboration of he and Deadite Press they just seem like a perfect match. Also thank you to Jeff Burk and the team over at Deadite for making this available again for the fans and can't wait for more Wrath in the future!!!
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on March 11, 2012
Just finished this anthology and whoa... what a workout. WJW packs a bunch of tales gorey sparse horror. many of the tales have the theme of what is the nature of God, especially considering how terrible the world is? In some respects, WJW's writing is lovecraftian, that is, his stories here are essentially cosmic horror in nature. But, if you want an idea of his style in this book, I would say it's close Harlan Ellison thirty years ago. It's sparse, to the point, and practically starts in media res.

the powerhouse story here might be the titular story. This story is packed with so much gore and hopelessness I suggest after reading, immediately start praying to your God or at least and a friend over for the night

I give this book 5 stars because it think it achieves what i think he set out to do - frighten you by leaving you alone and meaningless not only in a cruel world but a cruel cosmos.
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on August 10, 2012
I'll echo what the author himself has stated on his blog: If you're easily offended, don't buy this. But if you're into hardcore horror, if you enjoy curling up with something by Edward Lee, if your idea of a good movie is Martyrs or A Serbian Film, then maybe this will be your thing. It's violent and profane. If you like the rough stuff, check it out.
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on March 19, 2013
This is one the most creative books I have ever read. All the stories inside are so disturbing and horrifying. The way the author describes everything is unbelievable. It really makes the reader feel like they were at the scene with the characters.
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on May 11, 2012
This piece put my faith right back into the lap of Wrath James White! The last two entries I had read had disuaded me to purchase on more of his work until I had read more reviews. After doing so I thought this should be the next installment of his work I read. Glad I did, as even a week after reading BOATS I am still plaugued by the haunting images White burns into you mind. (Which is a good thing!) No one is spared here. Babies, Mothers, Werewolves, and Vampires. All are fair game to have immense damage inflicted upon them, and to inflict their own damage upon the world. Well done!
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on July 3, 2014
Don’t know how I’d neglected to pick this one up before now, but, mistake rectified! Snagged it at WHC, where I also attended the author’s reading (that voice! whoa! and reading nasty, steamy stuff!). Nobody brings passion and vehemence to the party quite like Wrath James White.

The Book of a Thousand Sins is a collection of no-holds-barred tales of sex, violence, torture, blasphemy, atrocity, and all the worst kinds of monsters both human and inhuman. Fifteen, to be sure; not a thousand, but it’s quality over quantity. Densely packed. Sin concentrate, if you like.

Most of the stories take a harsh, unflinching, and not terribly flattering view on matters of faith and morality. The religious themes run hot, hard and heavy. Biblical ideas of God, enlightenment, life, and the afterlife are given a stark dissection and examination.

One of my personal favorites of the fifteen is “Resurrection Day,” which takes a different look at the zombie apocalypse. Never mind them coming back to eat the living; just if they came back … what then? How would people react? What would society do? We think we’ve got population problems now!

The titular (hurr hurr) story, “The Book of a Thousand Sins,” reads kind of like what you might expect of Wrath by way of Edward Lee. Imagine a vile volume that’s essentially a how-to manual for earning your way into a primo spot in Hell, a book so awful that hardly anybody can get past the first few pages … until it ends up in the hands of someone depraved enough to give it a try.

The one I found the all-around creepiest was “Munchausen by Proxy,” which is already pretty high on the list of creepy disorders. This version takes it to a whole new level, in a way that makes awful, perfect sense.

“More Maggots” is fun, in a change-of-pace just kind of squirmy and disgusting way. Then again, what would you expect from a maggot story?

By the end of the book it sure FEELS like you’ve been shown a thousand sins, in merciless detail. Right up close and personal.
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on October 12, 2011
Let me first stress that unless you are somewhat used to the more hardcore horror writers out there then Wrath is definitely going to scar you. What fills these pages are 15 of the most nihilistic, thought provoking, depraved, gory and deviant srories you're ever likely to find.

Some of the standout stories you'll find are as follows:

Don't Scream- The is probably one of the sickest, insane stories you'll ever find. A man kills his prudish wife, only to have a sex crazed, sadomasochistic zombie from Hell return!

The Myth Of Sisyphus- This has to be one of the most cruel ways to be trapped I've ever read, will Todd escape from his waterlogged fate??? Definitely makes you think at the end.

The Sooner They Learn- An insane man makes it his mission in life to teach kids some very deadly lessons, some extreme depravity follows.

Fly- A killer that likes to throw victims from high places might have met his match!

The Book Of A Thousand Sins- Here is without a doubt one of the most evil and depraved stories I've ever read! Anja is a dom that has grown bored with her profession in general and sex in particular, nothing excites this hardened woman till one day one of her slaves brings her a very special book. What follows in hardcore horror at it's finest, you will literally have to pick your jaw off the floor after reading certain passages, don't say I didn't warn you!!!

As the blurb from Edward Lee states,Wrath James White is without a doubt the premiere author of hardcore horror. Do yourself a favor and check his amazing work out!!!
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