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on March 10, 2011
I run a one man chiropractic clinic and I highly recommend this book to any individual starting or about to start a new business. I am a doctor, not a business person. I am quite good at taking sick people and getting them better. I've trained for years in that field, but I have very little business, marketing, advertising experience. After 2 months of trying to gain customers, and people trying to sell me every advertising medium under the sun I found Michael's book. This book is a complete program. It offers guidance on how to organize your business and marketing approach to be congruent and meaningful TO YOU. This book guides you to create an organized marketing strategy in ALL areas of your business. This book took my head that felt like it was spinning out of control, not knowing where to turn, and gave me a compass and plan to navigate marketing and trying to grow my business. It's been 3 weeks since I started reading the book, 1 week since I finished it and I've already doubled my new clients from last month thanks to some very simple concepts Michael introduced me to.
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on August 26, 2012
This book contains the best advice I have read on how to run a profitable service business. I have a read a lot of books like this one. Most of them are disappointing. Most of them seem to contain advice I didn't want to follow. Michael's book is quite different. The strategies are solid. It is advice I can follow without feeling I am yet another person demanding attention and money from an increasingly jaded public. Following just one of the strategies got me a booking immediately.
It is an unusual book because it actually delivers what it says on the title.
I particularly recommend this book to introverts like me who hate superficial 'networking' and want to genuinely connect with people.
Highly recommended.
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on June 10, 2011
This the pre-"I'm finished with the book" review. I'll write an updated review after I've completed all the lessons.

This is one of the best marketing books I ever have read AND used. I'm continuously implementing the advice given, not simply reading and saying "Oh, that sounds nice", then doing nothing with the information given. Book Yourself Solid will drive you into taking constructive conscious action, as opposed to throwing tons of things together in order to create a quick profit.

This isn't the type of marketing book for someone who is:

1. Looking to make tons of cash ASAP and could give a care less about their customers.

2. Running their own business because it seems like an interesting idea and they're out to impress others.

3. Not doing what they love yet expect to rake in the riches and all the side effects of success.

I have to STRONGLY stress #3. I know business owners who hate what they do, yet feel trapped by the business. They think they can't leave and start all over again. They run around trying to find the latest info on how to make something that isn't working work (the business). Look into your heart and be honest. If you know that it's time to let your business go, let it go. Don't continue to force yourself to doing something you know you don't like. If you read Book Yourself Solid, it just could be the thing to get you out of the door and into something more profitable and enjoyable. Do what you love, it's the first step to success.

This book provides the type of information that's valuable to people who know who they are, what they stand for, and but want create even more social value in the world. I highly recommend doing all of the work laid out in the book, as it will help you create immense amounts of clarity in your life.

I was able to acquire two ideal clients, a business partnership for a large project, and create three potential income streams all within one month of reading the book and using the workbook. Prior to all this, I was spinning my wheels trying to figure out what to do with my life, my future educational plans, and business. The last 50 days have been transformational because I have gone from confused and desperate, to calm, relaxed, and confident. But I have to be honest and say that Book Yourself Solid has been one of two tools I've been using for personal growth. The other one of the Re-Create Your Life: Transforming Yourself and Your World with the Decision Maker Process system by Morty Lefkoe. You can find one of his book here on Amazon. I use his full-on interactive program, it's more comprehensive than the book. However, the book is a great place to start.

As I was saying before...

I have over six years tech business experience, both as an employee and entrepreneur. Never in all of my years have I worked with or for anyone who was totally concentrated on providing 100% true value to the customer. Instead, people were more interested in profit, success, and being cool. As a result, I was consistently in environments filled with confusion, scarcity, and financial struggle. I had the same attitude myself until I realized a few years ago. That's when I realized that life is about building quality relationships, both in business and in your personal life. Wealth is simply a by-product of creating real value consistently. You can't fake that and if you do, then the wealth will not be sustainable. People, money, and opportunities will slip through your hands.

Book Yourself Solid isn't just a business book, it's a guide that teaches you how to build and maintain quality, authentic relationships with people. I've been using it for 5 weeks and I can't put it down. I don't think I ever will!

Hope this review helps! Get the book, you won't regret it :)
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on November 21, 2011
My business was struggling for the last three months (I had not sold anything for two and 1/2!) when I decided to read your book and print up the free workbook. I decided I had nothing to lose, since I was already doing so poorly. I had only just decided to work with my ideal clients(my first day of reading and doing the exercises), and dump my duds when I signed my first client in nearly three months! What followed was a flurry of sales and new clients that was awesome, but somewhat baffling. I didn't expect success to come so fast. I had only gotten through the fourth exercise in the workbook, and I had signed up one of my biggest accounts in the last two years! When I went to dump one of my dud clients, he apologized and said that he did indeed want to do business, and would I please send him a proposal right away! The flow of ideal new clients has only increased since I've made these changes, and it's not even been one month yet. I'm working just as hard now as I was before, but with a different attitude toward sales and marketing than I've had in too long a time. I believe too many marketers and business coaches shy away from the use of the term "spiritual" in reference to doing business. I'm glad Michael Port is comfortable enough in his own skin to say out loud what most of us already know inside concerning the need to understand that side of marketing and sales. No rah rah hype here. Just good common sense that has become quite uncommon nowadays. If you not only read his book, but DO the exercises from the workbook step-by-step as you go, you will get solid, even awesome results. I'm not booked solid yet, but I'm definitely on my way! This may sound like a cheesy marketing pitch, but I'm going to tell you like it is: Do yourself a favor and get this book. Read it, do what Michael says, put aside any preconceived notions, and see for yourself how and why what Michael Port teaches is different. Quit wasting your time on the rah rah intellectual motivational fluff that you'll regularly find on many bestseller lists (I have a whole library of those). Many have good ideas, and they give great seminars, but most of them don't really walk with you down a path toward lasting change and prosperity.

Thanks a ton, Michael!
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on June 21, 2012
*** NOTE : I don't benefit in any way from this review.

I am a fitness trainer and own a gym in India. As others, I was always wondering how to increase my walk-ins and appointments.

I read the reviews about this book, but I took 2 months to finally buy it. I wish I hadn't wasted this time!

As per my kindle reader, I have completed 41% of the book. The main part (methinks) i.e, the core promotional techniques, is next.

With just the small part that I have completed and implementing 2-3 of the many suggestions given, I am already so booked that some days I don't even get time to drink water. Almost daily, I have walk-ins in waiting!

In fact I have become so booked, and with clients that I actually feel great about, that I am not even finding the time to read the next part!

My walkins have almost doubled and my sign up rates have more than doubled.

Don't think about buying this book. Just grab a copy!
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on May 14, 2013
First off, I'm not skeptical of Amazon in regards to the reviews here, but it looks like the author "encourages" positive reviews in some way on his own. Too many 5-star reviews that all sound the same.

The author lost me early on with the "fire your customers" thing. I don't disagree that customers that are never pleased, ask for discounts, or slow pay, etc., need to be dealt with, but it's Port's other reasons that seriously make me question his judgement and knowledge of human nature. He implores us to fire customers that BORE us, yes BORE us! And drain us, and other inconsequentials (made that word up).

It's our job to bring in sales. When our work day is done, we change hats and forget the work day. NO ONE should ever get into your head. YOU, and you alone, decide what your mood is going to be; the earlier and better this is understood and practiced, the better.

Port's point of view is the Selling his "Professional Services" is all about HIM. But the best salespeople in history realize that it's about THEM (customers), not about you. The sooner we, as salespeople, can learn empathy and that nothing matters but how we can best serve the needs of others, the better. Try to "walk a mile in their mocassins" and understand their world, ASK them what you can do to help them out in their job. I would highly recommend Bob Burg's "The Go-Getter" over this book. Add some healthy doses of Dale Carnegie and Stephen Covey, and that's 98% of what one needs to succeed in sales, if practiced. Other recommendations would be "The Inner Game of Selling".

We all have our opinions, and there is some valuable info in this book, but for the time and effort you might use on this book, find something else.
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on February 6, 2014
*Note: I listened to this book in audio format.*

Author Michael Port is a business marketing coach who took the leap years ago to start his own marketing business. After six months of very little business, he quickly realized that he needed a more comprehensive approach to getting clients. The result, he says, is the Book Yourself Solid system.

Overall, the book focuses on how to attract clients, how to communicate effectively to promote yourself and your services, and how to love meaningful marketing. It's primarily geared towards service professionals of all stripes.

Key Points

Every service professional knows how difficult it can be to get clients, especially if you dislike marketing yourself, as many do. Yet Port argues that everyone can market themselves in an authentic fashion by following these three basic areas: buid a foundation, build trust and credibility, and implement the seven core self-promotion strategies. Don't skip steps in this process as each builds on the one before.

Build a Foundation

First, Port recommends that you brainstorm and choose your ideal client, the so-called "Red Velvet Rope Policy." (There's agreement here between this approach and the advice you'll find in the Four Hour Workweek. ) Only by working with your ideal client will you do your best work, and, in turn, be appreciated by them. Next, you find your target market (of which your ideal client list is a subset), understand their urgent needs, and explore ways to show them the benefits of your service. Your service is an "investible benefit" for them, meaning it will bring a return on investment greater than the money they are spending on your fee. But you must make this connection for them in your marketing.

Build Trust and Credibility

This section discusses how to establish yourself as an expert in your field, build relationships over time through your sales cycle, and have sincere sales conversations that get results. A big focus in this section -- which seems to be frequently overlooked in other marketing books -- is on becoming a "likeable" expert. Much of your credibility-building work will be for naught if you are not likeable.

Seven Core Self-Promotion Strategies

Here is where Port gets down to the nuts and bolts of how to market yourself. He explores and gives examples for each of the following seven strategies:

Networking Strategy
Direct Outreach Strategy
Referral Strategy
Keep-In-Touch Strategy
Speaking/Demonstrating Strategy
Writing Strategy
Web Strategy (including social media marketing)

Depending on professionals needs, they could use one or all of these strategies to help promote themselves and their businesses.

Action Steps

If you're intrigued by the book, I recommend stopping by the Book Yourself Solid website. If you sign up for the newsletter, you can download two of the chapters for free. Give them a read, and see if Port's approach appeals to you.

Next, read the book and complete each of the exercises. If you can't get a hold of the book, go to [...] to download a complimentary workbook that has all of the exercises listed out. (This workbook is especially helpful if you're listening to the audio book, as I did.)

Complete each exercise and follow the accompanying action steps. You'll be surprised how it opens up your thinking about marketing yourself and your services.

My Take

Not all the ideas in this book are applicable to everyone, but I challenge any service professional not to find some great new approach that they can use. My husband, an attorney starting in a new market, used this book to jump start his personal marketing efforts. He's already used some of the ideas in the book to very positive results.

One especially valuable section is how to productize your service-- that is, how to turn your service into some sort of product that doesn't require your time beyond making it. Otherwise, as Port points out, you can only make as much money as you have time.

The book has a special section on how to build an effective website. Though it did have some great basics in there, some of the advice did come off as a little dated. Keep in mind, though, that I was listening to the first edition which came out in 2006. I'd recommend seeking out the newest edition for a more up-to-date perspective on technology.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on March 3, 2012
I figured this was going to be your standard "go get 'em" sales book. I was wrong.

The book got me to change my thinking from "how do I sell the product in my business" to "what business should I be in?" And although I didn't think that was my issue, it turned out, it was. He starts off with the point, "either you know what to do and aren't doing it, or you don't know what to do." Makes sense. Who knew that I wasn't doing what I knew I should do because it was boring, uninteresting, and not my life calling.

Now I know. And I've changed my direction. Instead of figuring out how to sell widgets I don't like producing, I'm learning to produce widgets I love to sell.

All in all: I'm hooked. Nice book. I wish I could learn more.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on February 29, 2012
I loved this book because it simplies the marketing process. Typically in the early stages of starting and growing a business, the whole aspect of marketing can be overwhelming. Michael Port breaks it down into some very basic steps so that executing a marketing strategy is completely do-able. He helps you to focus on the strategies that work, so you spend your time and energy doing things that deliver results. If you want more clients, buy this book and do what it says. And for goodness sakes, join his website community, because you get a lot of useful information about how to grow your business, for free.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
Book Yourself Solid provides a plethora of knowledge in the areas of business development, how to correctly operate a functional service business, and how to book additional clients. The information was neatly categorized and explained in detail. There is no doubt that this book is a hit and something to be proud about. The downside exists in the areas between the sweet information that Michael Port provides. I constantly had to skip over the self-promoting jargon and the fluff stories that crowned the point of the chapter. Although, the self-promoting was offsetting, I did finally attend his website and found a few additional bits of information that were worth my time. The highlight for me was the section that explained how to provide free services for clients in order to introduce them to the niche that you provide in your service business. Overall, this book provides a service that aids people to achieve better results and is a valuable addition to the field of business.
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