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on October 1, 2014
I'm not in this. Worst game ever.

-Handsome Jack, CEO Hyperion Corporation (Borderlands is developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K)
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on October 13, 2010
while I think this is one of the best FPS/RPG hybrids ever made,
this is a crime that they couldn't put the DLC ON THE DISC and instead included a lousy voucher for all four packs.
I bought this to get everything on the disc like most GOTY editions (I already owned the regular ed.) so I felt a bit jipped however it
comes with a great full map of pandora and that's nice. if you have the regular edition no need for this BUT
if you haven't bought Borderlands yet this is THE BEST DEAL!
and a heck of a game with 4 player online co-op, two player split screen
and single player as well as playthrough the full game with or without friends once and then access PLAYTHROUGH TWO WITH HARDER ENEMIES AND VASTLY SUPERIOR LOOT!
a must buy game without doubt. I'm just miffed they were too lazy to
do as dragon age or the like (fallout 3 anyone?) and put the DLC ON THE DISC ugh. oh well it's still some of the most fun to be had.
and as of this writing it's EASY still to this day to find online games and players. a FIVE STAR TITLE ALL THE WAY
I took one star off the GOTY ed. due to no DLC ON DISC...
it's not that tough to do. :(

EDIT: as of this edit 2/4/11 gamestop is confirmed carrying
the new version of the disc with the DLC ON THE DISC NOW!! and even Gearbox
confirmed this on their forums. I also bought another copy (yeah I love it that much!) and lo and behold you pop the disc in and highlight it and on the XMB you'll see another disc with the DLC!!! now a worthy Purchase!
still, they should have done this from the very beginning but to their credit, they could have ignored the issue entirely OR create an expansion disc such as the pc and xbox 360 versions are getting.

Borderlands regular ed (Ps3 only)

Borderlands GOTY ed.
Borderlands Game of the Year Edition

Borderlands strategy guide
Borderlands Signature Series Strategy Guide (Bradygames Signature Series)
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on January 25, 2011
I'm treating this as a supplemental game description; others have adequately reviewed the gameplay elsewhere. For those wanting a one-sentence summary: the DLC does appear on newer discs, but as of Jan 2011 it is difficult to tell if you're getting a "new" DLC-on-disc version or the older version with just a voucher. (Maybe the content is on all GOTY editions and an update will unlock it one day?)

I was torn before ordering from Amazon, but pulled the trigger on a buy 2, get 1 free sale. I'm new to the ps3 as of this Christmas and am having fun buying up older, established games for cheap. Borderlands fits perfectly into this category, so if you're on the fence and want a quick push either way: BUY IT if this type of game is your thing.

The DLC is now on the disc. I was VERY skeptical that it would be, as the (almost) unanimous consensus online said otherwise. Only a few recent posters claimed it was on there, and I dismissed them as trolls or uninformed. I bought anyway. The front cover of my game says very clearly at the bottom "Voucher for All 4 Add-On Packs." On the back, in a yellow band? "Add-on game content requires a connection to Playstation Network and 4.41 GB of storage space to redeem SINGLE-USE VOUCHER."

I was bummed. I held out opening up the disc, on the chance that maybe a newer version had come out, and Amazon had sent me an older one. If some (newer) copies did have the DLC, I wanted that one! But I couldn't find anything online about a new cover, omitted text, or anything else pertaining to the voucher.

I opened up the game and popped it in - and there it is. Below the Borderlands game icon in the XMB (Playstation menu, NOT the game menu.. where I first looked). There's a little disc icon that turns into an orange, one-wheeled robot labeled "BONUS CONTENT."

Sure enough, all 4 add-on packs appear here. The smallest is about 550MB, the largest is 1.6GB. No code needed... but a voucher code is still included. Mine was behind the map, before the instruction manual. I have not used it, but I did install the expansions to test - they install with no code and appear in-game (the menu tells you they're available and you need to go to a fast travel station to get to them).

As of this writing, the "most helpful" one-star reviews bash the decision to not include the 4 expansion packs on disc. I can understand this, considering other games (Fallout 3 GOTY, which I purchased along with Borderlands GOTY) DID put the content on there. It made the game feel disposable - once your voucher was used up, your resale is the same as the regular BL game. I am thankful for all those who complained. I can't help but think someone somewhere heard your logic and agreed.

Here's the problem - as of now, there's no way to tell what version you're getting. I bought mine from Amazon so I can confirm that at least one batch of theirs has it - but that's not to say everyone will get a "new" version. Same in-store. There was nothing physically on the outside that told me I was getting bonus content on disc. So until all of the old stock is purged, there are going to be some disappointed consumers. Even after that, there's sure to be fraudulent after-market sales of used GOTY editions.

Good luck in getting the version you want, and enjoy the game - I'm pretty stoked about the hours in Pandora front of me.

Until it becomes established knowledge that there are in fact "on-disc" versions, check Gearbox & 2K's forums for official word. As of Jan 2011, I still feel things are speculative among the online community of BL players, even though I can personally confirm vouchers are not needed for the newest printings. This is what you get when game developers waffle, but I thank the powers that be for getting it right; sorry to those who "suffered" for the rest of our benefit. ;)
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on March 4, 2013
Amazon needs to change the description of this product, or else the sellers need to be sure that they are selling the On-disc version. Like the two previous reviewers, the copy I purchased on 3/20/13 is the Voucher version. It's ridiculous, because the game description explicitly states TWICE that the Add-ons are on the disc, and the image clearly states it's the On-disc version. Absolutely the epitome of FALSE ADVERTISING.

Thanks to information on this page [...]I now know that the UPC code I should be looking for is 7-10425-37983-3, so I at least did not open the game and will be returning it for a full refund.

Original (Vocher) UPC: 7-10425-37881-2
New (On-disc) UPC: 7-10425-37983-3

Amazon, considering all these negative reviews this excellent game has gotten, can't you folks get your act together?

EDIT 3/29/13: Sorry, should have edited this post earlier. This is also in response to the first responder to my post. After returning the game, I actively sought out vendors who were selling this to find out whether they were selling the voucher version or the on-disc version. The key is providing them with the UPC code -- that makes it very easy for them to check. I got mine successfully from NYC Electronics. Most others didn't have the on-disc. The one I purchased from Shark Distributors was the voucher version.
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on July 21, 2011
The game itself is incredible, one little qualm though. I bought the GOTY edition because I wanted it all in one swoop, there was an issue. You need a coupon code that comes with the game. I got the coupon code, unfortunately it is only one time use. I guess I was second... This is only for the PS3 Borderlands GOTY edition. So, if you want to buy the GOTY edition; get it new.
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on March 21, 2013
I bought "Borderlands 2" a couple of months ago because of a friends recommendation. I like it enough that I wanted the "Borderlands: Game of the Year" Edition. I saw the negative comments about some people receiving the old version that requires the add-ons be downloaded with a voucher - something I no longer do because of bugs and glitches I have experienced with DLC, in the past.

None-the-less, I ordered the game hoping to get lucky, and was thoroughly dissappointed when I received the voucher edition from "BIG GAME VENDOR". I double checked the listing and the package shown is clearly the new version because it does not mention a voucher on the front cover (the older version I received says "Voucher for All 4 Add-on Packs" on the front cover, while the new version says "Complete Collection: ...All 4 Add-on packs). Furthermore, the "Product Features" section exactly states "Includes all 4 add-on packs released to date (on disc)". I also noticed the manufacturers production ID number was covered by a seller sticker, which blocked it from view (I carefully peeled it up to confirm this is an old version).

I immediately returned the disc and spoke with customer service. I suggested, at the very least, that Amazon take down their advertisement, since it is misleading. I also recommended that Amazon dissolve its partnership with "BIG GAME VENDOR" to avoid the problem of "BIG GAME VENDOR" misleading buyers.

Since the old packaging included an obvious reference to the voucher edition, and many other people reported this same issue, I must conclude that "BIG GAME VENDOR" knew about the problem, but was more interested in moving the out dated product, than in taking care of their customers. It would be easy for them to ID the voucher version in their stock, and segregate it from the advertised product - why didn't they?
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on March 31, 2011
I just wanted to to add my copy of the Borderlands GOTY Edition as one that has the DLCs ON THE DISC AS WELL AS A VOUCHER TO DOWNLOAD THEM. My copy was sold by Amazon (not some other seller on Amazon Marketplace), purchase placed on Feb the 16th, 2011. My version stated on the front bottom "Voucher for All 4 Add-On Packs" and in the back a yellow line with text stating " Add-On game content requires a connection to Playstation NETWORK Aand 4.41 GB of storage to redeem single-use voucher." However, the bonus content showed up as a seperate disc on the PS3 XMB when I popped the Bluray in.

I strongly urge everyone that has bought a copy of this game to post your results on the reviews section along with your order date, that way the people that are still on the fence, unsure whether to "make the gamble", will be able to see the frequency in which previous buyers obtained the version with the DLCs on the disc. When future buys start to see that most/all are getting DLCs on the disc, they will know is "safer" to make the purchase. Just a thought to try help fellow players that must have the content on the disc. Hopefully the developers will change the cover so its easy to figure out which version your getting, but until that day comes, this is the best way for us to help each other.
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VINE VOICEon January 4, 2015
I like "Borderlands" a lot, especially the 2nd game. I think pretty anyone who enjoys shooters will like these games. They boasts tons of loot, crazy characters, whacky sidequests, and narratives that somehow rewards both players who don't give a crap AND explorers who like to absorb all of the content.

However, it's 2015 when I'm typing this review. And to put it nicely, "Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition" has some aspects that haven't aged remarkably well. I'm sorry if this review comes off as a negative list of nitpicks. This game is absolutely worth your 20 dollars. I had a blast playing "Borderlands", and I'm glad that I got to enjoy this crazy shooter adventure. But if you're the type of consumer that wants to know all of the warts in "warts and all", then here's the dirt sheet:

This isn't a huge deal, but my co-op players prefer a different control scheme than the default setting. And while it isn't all that difficult to hit Pause and change it, we find it annoying that when we intend to fire our gun, it use our special power instead. Again, not a deal-breaker, and MAYBE we're doing something wrong. But couch party gamers might want to know this.

Of all the features that "Borderlands 2" added, it's the ability to tag all of my junk items. With the press of a button, I can sell or drop them instantly. In this first "Borderlands" game, you don't have that luxury. You have to go through weapon by weapon, shield by shield, item by item... and sell them one at a time. It might not seem like a big deal at first, but anyone who's played "Borderlands" for about an hour will tell you that you get access to so much loot that it can be nearly impossible to keep it organized. That's part of the fun...there are so many weapons and cash to grab it's gloriously INSANE! However, it can become a chore to haul all of the stuff to a nearby vending machine if you're the type of player who hates to sell a gun just in case it might come in handy later.

Once again, this something "Borderlands 2" began to improve exponentially, but most of the planet Pandora in this game feels like a giant desert wasteland. Even when you get to more interesting locations like a trash yard of a pier, you're still stuck with the same music track. Even the DLC doesn't change up the music that much. Pretty much every area in "Borderlands 2" felt like its own world, filled snowy tundras, a robotic city, an Old West town, a city that floats in the sky, and a eridium-infused wasteland. But the more I explored this first "Borderlands" game, the more I started to feel less enthusiastic. How many scraps yards and desert plains and industrial fortresses could I possibly explore?

Because "Borderlands" is a crazy open-world shooter/RPB hybrid, a strong narrative wasn't the primary focus. In co-op gaming, this makes perfect sense to not force players to follow a tightly-written plot. However, as "Borderlands 2" proved, a compelling narrative presentation is possible in this genre. Quite frankly, there were things happening in this first "Borderlands" that just made me shrug my shoulders and nod 'Okay, I guess I understand why we're going here and killing these targets.' The ending is also a let down. After such a behemoth of a final boss, players deserved better.

Obviously, first-time players would be wise to learn the different mechanics of "Borderlands" before jumping into the more difficult DLC packs. But first-time buyers be warned: You're gonna have to put in a small amount of legwork before you even earn the ability to explore the DLC.

There are four bonus packs: "Zombie of Island of Dr. Ned", "Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot", "Secret Armory of General Knoxx", and "Claptrap's New Robot Revolution".

The one consistent problem with these DLC packs is that you can't fast travel anywhere within the DLC packs. That means that you'll have to walk across the 6 different maps on Zombie Island, traverse the deadly highways in "Secret Armory", and navigate the confusing maps of "Robot Revolution" without any type of shortcut.

In terms of quality, I find "Zombie Island" to be the best. Though the optional "Brains" quests are a thorn in my trophy-hunting side, I love the ghoulish atmosphere and quests you get sent on.
"Secret Armory" is also a really good DLC, but newcomers would be best to avoid it until they've leveled up. The very first quest recommends a Level 35 or better, and I think that's a spot-on recommendation. As much as I hate all of the highway travelling required to get around, the guns you obtain are top-notch.
"Robot Revolution" is pretty good too, but the main hub Tartarus Station is a bit of labyrinth to navigate. Thankfully, the quests are pretty good and I personally can't enough of the Claptrap robotic humor.
"Underdome Riot" is sadly a giant letdown for me, especially since co-op gaming in "Borderlands" is no longer an easy option. I'm currently Level 42, and I can't finish any of the "Trivial Level 15" quests no matter how many times I try. "Underdome Riot" is basically a horde mode, where players go through massive gauntlets of enemies to level up and earn cash & loot. If you can find players to join you, you might enjoy it. But solo gamers probably shouldn't even get excited for this.

If you're willing to put up with some odd design choices, then "Borderlands" is still well worth your time and money. Yes, the sequel and "Pre-Sequel" have outclassed it in almost every way. But take it from a cheap gamer like me who always waits for stuff to go down to $20 --- "Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition" is a very fun shooter with more content than I can even remember. Almost 5 years later, it's still got a tremendous bang for your buck.
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on April 9, 2012
Growing up I was a big RPG/loot-driven video game player, and as I got older I slowly shifted towards online FPS play only (logged about >400 hours between all the current-gen Call of Duties). How Borderlands slipped under my radar is unknown to me. Thankfully, I was online when Amazon recently had this GOTY edition on sale and gladly picked it up. Have logged about 15-20 hours thus far and am very impressed with the game.

- Great, great, great feeling of desire to find more loot!
- All GOTY DLC comes ON DISC (it shows up as a separate icon on the XMB). Previously I guess it used to be a one-time only downloadable code; that's the reason for all the negative reviews for this item (understandably so!!)
- Great controls, feels just like a COD game (if that's your thing). You will have to change the control settings though, as the preset sets aim/fire to L2/R2. There is a preset for L1/R1 though, like all other shooters!
- World is expansive, looks great.
- RPG elements (skill trees, experience, etc) are no super deep but deep enough to keep you entertained and constantly thinking about which path/skills you want to upgrade
- Drop-in/Drop-out online co-op is a lot of fun (although see CONS too) and there doesnt seem to be a shortage of players online given how old this game is. I expect the community to grow even more as Borderlands 2 release date approaches
- loot, loot, and more loot. Guns all look different (colors, attachments, fire animation, etc). I wish when you were looking at a new gun it would compare the guns you have equipped right there on the screen but it isnt too hard to do.
- You can look through a list of online players hosting games (you see their level and current quest). Any quest completed in someone's elses game also counts towards your game. You can also host a game and basically play solo until someone joins your game.

- World is expansive, which is great, but that means you are doing a LOT of traveling. Sometimes it gets boring. Especially annoying is that this game is basically a bunch of sidequests. If you are in it for purely story online, you might not be satisfied. But i digress --- you get new quests by either talking to NPCs or checking bulletin boards. Problem is, once you complete the quest (kill X enemies, retrieve X item, etc) more often then not you have to backtrack to the NPC/bulletin board to "turn in" your quest to get the cash/EXP rewards. This constant back and forth can get tiring and time consuming
- The way you pick up loot: enemies can drop cash, ammo, and weapons/shields. To pick up items, you press square. You will pressing square a LOT. If you hold down square by ammo drops for example, you will pick up all ammo drops in the immediate vicinity. So you will also be HOLDING square a LOT. Problem is, if you hold square while standing over a weapon/shield, your character automatically equips that weapon/shield. So if you are not paying attention and just holding square to pick up all the loot (and trust me, you will) you will sometimes mistakingly equip something (and then have to go to your equip menu to adjust your loadout)
- Online is alive, but there are two minor problems: there is no level range cap for party members. Meaning, if you are hosting a public game that anyone can join, ANYONE can join. Meaning if you are a level 10 guy doing some of the beginning quests, a level 50 guy could join your game. Now usually when this happens, they are cool --- they will help you get through tough parts of the game, and let you take all the loot since all the stuff is probably junk to them at such a high level. Sometimes though, these high level players have hacked items (worth $$$$ in game) and drop them all over the playing field. Again, just trying to "help" but can be a minor annoyance if you want to play the game without "cheating". However, having near-infinite money can also be nice in this game if you want an easier play-through!

All in all these cons should not deter anyone from playing this game. If you like FPSs and you like loot-driven RPGs, you will be in heaven. I am eagerly anticipating Borderlands 2 now!!
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on December 11, 2011
***Updated March 3, 2012 - Feel free to read my initial review***

I saw a lot of people playing this game back when it first came out. I decided not to get it because I really didn't exactly know what it was about and I was addicted to teamfortress 2. My friend suggested we get this game to play online and I got the Greatest Hits (he told me that one and not the game of the year - little bit of a mistake). I've played it for about two weeks now and find it very addicting. I have now ordered the game of the year edition because of all the extras.

+ Artwork in the game is very unique. I really enjoy the style it has compared to all other games.
+ Gameplay is enjoyable. You are given massive amounts of missions to do. They are scattered throughout Pandora. Just a tip when you go through the missions and are in the farthest reach possible use the quick travel to avoid going all the way back.
- After playing almost half of the original game I have found all the missions to be enjoyable except for a small few. A couple of missions are the same where you have to find the parts of a gun that are scattered in a small area on the map/land/what you prefer to call it. When you search for these weapons you are given a flashing diamond at the bottom of the screen to help you locate them. I have found that this diamond is not accurate when you need to find the missing parts and can be extremely frustrating. I had to search online to find that last part and it was usually the barrel of the weapon.

My review is really choppy and doesn't give a lot of details into the game. As far as I can compare it to it has the style of first person shooter just like most fps games. The leveling up and finding items (guns) is similar to world of war craft (my opinion). Four classes level up to gain stronger powers and each is unique and provides different gameplay in the specific powerups they receive. The game has been out for a while and still offers the quality of games that were made this year. If you are on the edge about this game I would say go for it (as I said it's fps with level ups and missions i.e. WoW). It is fun when you can get a group of friends together and go through the missions. I know I will be purchasing Borderlands 2 because this game provides a lot of fun.

**UPDATE MARCH 3, 2012**

I played through the main story twice and enjoyed it both times. The game offers play through 1 and play through 2. After you complete those two the characters are typically at the level you are and drop better weapons. I played through all the DLC packs.

-**Zombie Island: It is awesome setting. The theme is sort of spooky and is a nice change from the original game. The missions are different but found one to be extremely annoying. Braaaaaaains - this mission (you have it to complete it multiple times) has to be the worst . You collect the brains from zombies (head shot only). You can't collect the brains in the same area because the zombies will need to respawn. You have to travel to another area to continue the collection process. I suggest you grab this mission right away. Moving on. I played this dlc in co-op with some friends. We noticed as you move through the levels it seems to lag very bad so be aware that when the action does pick up with multiple zombies moving at you that you may freeze on occasion.

-Mad Moxxi - Well this was certainly a fun area that is strictly arena. If you like tower defense this is the level for you (or it might be?). Fight through waves (20 in each level with bosses every 5 waves). Your weapon proficiency does not increase in the arena. Once you complete the three main levels you get to fight through 100 waves!!! If you decide to do this make sure you block off about 3 hours to complete it because it takes a lot of time! It gets repetitive after.

-**General Knoxx - Another unique level from the original arid badlands scene. You have three cars to choose from and the racer is more responsive compared to arid badlands racer. Best parts are the armory where you can loot as much as your heart desires in a few short minutes or glitch and loot everything. Beware that if you glitch and loot everything you will not be able to complete the mission for the armory unless you follow a work around from an online forum. You also get to fight the only true boss in this game - and boy is it tough. Fighting you know who with friends is even more fun because everyone freaks out. Missions were good except for the loot midget collection mission. This is similar to the Braaaaaaaains one I talked about in Zombie Island.

-**Claptrap Robot Revolution - Oh those claptraps are so funny. I expected to see only them but you don't. This dlc also has the long missions of collecting parts and gets boring. Scenery is pretty much the same as arid badlands nothing amazingly different. Pretty short DLC. You do get to travel to a level with a big "?" in the middle. Good luck navigating through that.

**So let me summarize my thoughts. The content overall was enjoyable except for the collection missions, which got old FAST. What is worse is no fast travel at all. Fast travel would have been nice to have in the General Knoxx content because you travel from maybe 3 levels deep to complete a single mission only to return it at the main starting area. This is the same for the other content. I can't hardly remember where Moxxi's Red Light is so I end up going the wrong way and fun game time is ruined. So is the content worth it for this price. Yup.
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