Customer Reviews: Borderlands Game of the Year -Xbox 360
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on February 8, 2011
Several other reviewers had been dismayed by the Game of the Year Edition because it only came with down load vouchers for the extra content. I just ordered this game edition for X Box 360 early February 2011 and the DLC was on a second disk along with a poster. Also, the package was delivered very quickly.
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on September 2, 2011
I'm a 56 year old female gamer that fell in love with this game. I hadn't gotten into FPS much but definitely understand their appeal, so when my son popped in Borderlands and had me play I was surprised how much I loved this game. Here's why: different character classes, lots & lots of guns, skill tree that upgrades, ability to choose controller configuration, light story, humor, claptraps (dancing to boot LOL), fast travel network, and being able to quit but start back up where I was at - when I started playing the expansions I missed this a lot! Being an older gamer comes with age related issues :-) arthritis etc so having a controller configuration that lets me use the trigger for firing is AWESOME. This game has the 'replay' factor - I'm on playthrough 2 with Brick and seeing different weapons which is fun. I love when you play it again and it is still FUN, does anybody remember playing the original Zelda and on the second playthrough items were in a different place? Not quite the same thing but same 'feel' to it. LOVE this game!!!!
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on March 24, 2011
I purchased my copy from Amazon, not other vendors. It came with two discs (plus a map), one for the main game and a second one for the DLCs. As mentioned previously here, peep through the plastic case for the second disc before removing the seal. The plastic case is fairly transparent, even with the plastic wrap on, but you may not actually see the discs. What you are looking for is the presence of an additional piece of green plastic layer right in the middle. It is most visible from the top and the bottom edges of the case. Also my 2-disc copy is fairly heavy compared to other single-disc games. Check before opening. You can still return the game when the plastic wrap and the seal are intact.

This game is a load of fun!
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on October 28, 2010
I basically waited until the GOTY Edition so this is the first time I played the game. I'm a veteran of FPS game in general and this is definitely one of the best I have played. I've put in about 20+ hours solo in the main game but have not touched the DLC yet so I cannot comment on either multiplayer or the expansions from experience.

Awesome Features

Randomly Generated Guns:
Basically there are the 8 basic types of weapons (pistols, SMG, revolvers, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and alien weapons) and 5 or so randomly chosen parts on each weapon. This is GREAT because each configuration adds to the weapon visually and in purpose e.g. not having a buttstock on an assault rifle causes the accuracy to go down.

RPG Style Skill Trees:
With each of the four classes you get 3 branches in their skill tree. It is very similar to MMORPGS like WOW where you can spec your characters to play certain ways. My first play-through I chose the berserker character who I am specing to basically be an all melee character. This shows the unique flexibility of the gameplay, there isn't another FPS game out there where you can play as a melee class and be more effective than someone with a gun.

Awesome Reasons to Buy

Borderlands is a fully cell shaded game with plenty of humor and baddassness to satisfy the core as well as casual. It is very lowbrow and violent though so if you are easily offended by toilet humor and foul language and get sick when enemies chunk you may not like the game. If not, then you'll love it. The arcade/MMO style visual queues add a lot to the game play too.

Unlimited! Similar to Diablo you can play through the game multiple times keeping your level and the enemies will scale with you (also the weapons). Since there are 4 characters you'll want to try out all of their different styles. And with your current character you'll definitely want to play through several times until you hit the level cap (69 get this version and downloaded the DLC), to max out your skills, and get better weapons.

They're tight. I really have nothing more to say about it. Standard FPS (grenades, aim, shoot, look).

So far the pace of the game is perfect. I haven't heard/read much about this, but it is one of those things that will kill a game if it is bad and if it's good you will never hear about it. I'm level 35 and have never wished that I had more quests (or had to farm for XP like some RPGs). In the beginning it's a little hard going when you hit some of the boss characters, but once you pick up your skills and get some upgraded guns it quickly becomes less frustrating and more of an experience to fight them.

When I bought the game the sales guy told me that multiplayer is 90% of the game. That statement made me second-guess my purchase at the time (since I don't know anyone who has the game) but once I dived into it I quickly realized that if this is 10% of the game I made a great choice.
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on May 2, 2011
Picture a futuristic western environment on an alien planet... with copious amounts of guns, and special abilities, oh, and don't forget quests. A few of my friends were on board with Borderlands from the beginning, but I was skeptical and held back. I absolutely adore shooters like the Halo franchise and the Gears of War franchise, and I was very unsure about becoming involved in a game that appeared to be very wide open and lengthy. However, when I picked up the game and started it playing it Christmas 2010, I was beyond pleasantly surprised. I couldn't put it down. I loved the characters, I loved the landscape and graphics, done in the cell-shaded method, and I loved the guns, crazy amounts of smgs, snipers, pistols, repeaters, assault rifles. In less than two months, I had 100% completion on the game, including all of the DLC, completing every mission. For those of you who think that it is maybe too large of a game, please reconsider. I consider every second played time well spent. BTW, the cooperative play is also inspired. Play with up to three additional friends. My only warning about playing with other people, however, is that if they have some missions completed that you haven't started yet, it might mess up a mission or two. Otherwise, grab a copy of Borderlands (I recommend a copy of the Game of the Year Edition, with all the DLC already on it) and join the treasure hunt on Pandora. It's not too late to play one of the greatest games of the millennium.
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on June 9, 2012
I received this game as a Xmas gift about 18 months ago and to this point I've played 3 of 4 characters to Level 69. To be honest the first few hours I played this thing I didn't enjoy the experience being a recent cardiac patient that went thru open heart surgery and therapy and the skags and enemies lurching and attacking became startling at times and didn't know if it was safe to continue on especially in the beginning when the weapons are weak and you have no idea of what your doing but each time I played it became more and more addictive and I normally hate RPG's but the vending machines and weapons/cash accumulation became addictive as hell.

Whatever you do make sure you get the GOTY edition as those add-on's add tons of gameplay challenges for next to nothing. The Game has it's annoyances and I think the programmers do some things to tick you off but I still love playing it 90% of the time. I've succeeded with every challenge SOLO thru playthrough two and guys this is not one of those recent games that last ten hours - this thing can take what seems like forever to make through level 69. Admittedly, my biggest annoyance is Crawmax is the only area I've failed at SOLO - it seems impossible to do solo or at least I cannot handle another trip up that elevator after 3 hours straight of getting my butt kicked and losing my fortune.

The irony in playing all four characters is that what appears to be the strongest one in Brick - he is the worst of all IMO - his weapon drops and mod's SUCK and he is impotent and gets pushed aside when going up against Boss Levels - my favorite is Roland and Lilith/Mordecai a tie for second but Brick needs to go. I look forward to B2 hoping the programmers exclude any changes and follow the same track and not that Duke Nukem piece of crap - what a horrible POS that thing was - I wouldn't take Duke for FREE so stay true to the Borderlands formula guys.

A few tips - Save a corrosive launcher for all road bandits and Mel - takes them out like melting butter with a torch - one hit. Reserve regen ammo weapons for Destroyer level PT1/PT2 otherwise it's likely you may run out of ammo. When you finish a Playthrough or add-on set ALWAYS let the looooong credits run no matter how boring that may be - I made the mistake of turning off the console to bypass and I lost everything I'd done and had to repeat the Boss Battles again. When you finish regular mission and it says "Turn-in" you can either run back thru and 90% of the time you'll make it or you can save and exit and it'll return you (not during Boss Battles though). My best regular weapons have been the Combustion Hellfire 4X with Scope and Pestilent Defiler 4X (also have many CYAN weapons farmed in Knox Armory-they are easily the best but can take forever to farm) but keep in mind that weapon drops are different with different characters are as Mod's. Bricks weapons were easily the weakest - Rolands best and Lilith gets great weapons and Mod's even though the first 15 levels using her were annoying and hard to get used to but around level 20 she started getting kick butt weapons and mods that blew away Brick Berserker skills. Even if you don't use Regen Ammo weapons reserve them anyways for some major battles where you may run out of ammo - make sure you shop all Clap Trap repairs in PT1 to build your backpack storage since many become nothing but useless grenades in PT2.

Enjoy as it has almost unmatched replay value with the GOTY edition especially when you consider the strategy is different for each of the four characters you may choose.
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on November 21, 2014
This is an addictive game that I have spent many happy hours playing by myself. I am a treasure hunter at heart, the constant scrounging for loot is what keeps me interested. It's challenging enough to be enjoying without constantly dying. I would say I'm an intermediate X-Boxer, my favorite games being Skyrim and Fallout. I'm not into group gaming, probably because I've never tried it, but I did have some trepidation buying this because it's mostly known for being fun to play with friends.
Minor drag is the inability to see your character in third person; enemies can get up close and behind you and it's disorienting to always be in the first person view. Also, the guns seem really big. Lol, that's a girlie complaint I guess, and I know the guns are a huge fan draw because of the amazing ability to generate infinite combinations and they are cool to look at and shoot... but they shouldn't take up almost a quarter of the screen.
Sometimes I think it would be good to have a little more interaction/dialog with the characters (that's the skyrim fan in me I guess), but this is more about missions and gathering loot. There are side quests, but overall, the game is fairly goal-oriented.
I'm less than halfway through and I love it - excellent visuals, voice acting, the world is unique and fun. The add-on, Dr. Ned's Zombie Island was awesome and scary - those Zombies are so quiet, you don't know they're on you until your face gets munched.
Love it - Recommend!
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on October 13, 2011
Get this game if you're into FPS and RPG games, lots of fun. It's primarily a FPS I guess, so if you're all into Dragon Age type RPG stuff then maybe this isn't completely for you. The DLCs are great, with the exception of Moxy. Moxy music is great, and it's fun to play a bit, but actually beating it is ridiculously time consuming. Who over the age of 18 has 2+ hours to spend just to get through each of the 5-level challenge sequences? Forget about the 20-level stuff.

The Zombie Island was probably my favorite, great fun blowing up zombies!
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on January 28, 2015
Don't really see where the fascination is.....I played for a few hours and have never even looked at this game again. I guess it is a matter of taste but 2K games seem to get a ton of awards and hype but I have not really found one that holds my interest.
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on June 23, 2012
Borderlands is a fun, fun, fun game! Its wacky, its colorful - it has pretty sweet RPG elements, and oh yeah, its got some serious LOOT! And it had Clap Trap! Need I say more?!?! Ok, I shall (a little).

If you play all of the side missions and DLC included, this is easily a 40-50 game for a normal paced gamer like myself. This game supports 4 person Co-op, so play with a buddy or if you are a loner, like me, it'll play just fine solo.

This game is all about guns, more guns, and yep! More guns - if you are a pacifist, this is probably not the game for you.

I've played this one on the 360, but I'd say get it on whatever platform your buddies play on. This game was designed for co-op, so that's the most important thing to know going into this one...this is not a serious game, and the cell shaded look compliments the atmosphere brilliantly.

Bottom line: fun game, great look and feel - awesome cell shaded design and oh yeah - it has a Bazillion guns!
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