Customer Reviews: The Borgias: The Complete Series Pack
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on September 4, 2013
I absolutely adore this series, but the season 2 disks have flaws. All but episodes 2 and 5 have white lines at the top of the screen. Season one has the same white lines on some of the menu screens, but they don't really bother me since they're just menu screens. Amazon sent a replacement set, but it has the same flaws in all of the disks too! Also beware, this is not a special boxed set of the three seasons. This is simply all three seasons shrink wrapped together. There's nothing different about them than the three sesasons that are sold sparately. In fact, at the time that I bought these, the separate seasons cost about $25 each, whereas this set cost over $100. I would have saved money if I'd ordered each season separately.
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on September 7, 2013
Overall this is a great series, the plot lines and acting are fabulous. There are some funny parts and some things that are far more taboo now than they were back then. But this series has about as much basis in reality as a tabloid does. I did some research and the real Borgia Pope had about 8 or 9 children, at least. But, Lucrezia, Cesare, and Juan were his 3 favorites and they were by the same woman, Vanozza. Aside from that and some other things like the fact that Cesare was a lot like his father and Juan was a wastrel, there isn't a lot fact in this series.

After the first season it appears that the writers didn't know where to go with it so they focused, primarily, on the evolution of Lucrezia. She was one of the, if not the most well known of her siblings and she had the most potential for character development and growth. They also focused on the relationship between Lucrezia, her various lovers, loves, and suitors, as well as her family. They also focused on the characters who had the most potential for controversy, like Juan's self-destructive behavior and Cesare becoming more like his father in some ways, but with different personal ambitions. In other ways Cesare doesn't allow himself to become like his father. That is because he has seen how many enemies being like his father will and have gained him.

Overall, this is a GREAT SERIES WORTH WATCHING! I DO NOT RECCOMMEND IT TO CHILDREN! There is some minor graphic nudity and sexually explicit scenes. There is also a LOT of graphic VIOLENCE.
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on December 20, 2013
This is ridiculously clever visually. You get shots that look like living Renaissance paintings and scenes of everyday life so realistic you can almost smell them. The texture of it is just right. The acting is A+. The history is wibbly wobbly, with things telescoped and transposed, but most of the play is in the gaps where the facts are disputed, which I appreciate. The characterizations are very good and well fleshed out. I know I shouldn't love these, but I can't stop watching.
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on May 15, 2014
Rodrigo Borgia, soon to become Pope Alexander VI, is one of the most powerful men on earth.

But now, as Pope, he has alliances to seal, Truces to make, and enemies to crush.

In Three seasons, follow his family through heartbreak, lust, love for one another (At one point, a carnal love), and, in the end, hope for the future of the Borgias.

Welcome to the Vatican, and welcome to the reign, of Alexander Sextus, The Pope of Rome, and the Patriarch of the Borgia Family.
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on January 15, 2014
“The Borgias,” Neil Jordan’s one time dream of a movie turned providentially into a Showtime three season series, isn’t altogether faithful to the known historical record but it holds fast to the sinister, murderous and aberrant sexual activities that are history’s gossip. On that basis, it’s nearly spectacular in mouthwatering lasciviousness. And there’s much more going for it than just the juicy: its terrific cast, classy production values, music, editing and CGI effects reflect the reported total cost of $135 million.
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on March 7, 2014
I've always been a fan of period pieces. We've been led to believe that the Borgia's we evil and depraved but this series gives you another perspective and you can see that this family were people of their times. I can see why Cesare and Lucrezia trusted and loved each other. I'm SO disappointed the series was cancelled. Regina Maxim
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on December 24, 2014
This highly fictionalized version of a fascinating part of the Renaissance and some of the characters in it includes great acting, scenery and costumes but is so far removed from historical fact as to be slightly ludicrous. This is the only reason why I don't give it five stars. The people it's about, as a rule, did indeed live during that time period, but most of the relationships and many of the events simply did not occur. Lucretia Borgia did not poison herself, she died as a result of a difficult childbirth after several marriages and many pregnancies. And there is absolutely no evidence that she and Cesare had an incestuous relationship. But this makes for good television, especially when the actors are so incredibly attractive and charismatic. There is some evidence however, that Machiavelli based the main character in The Prince on Cesare Borgia. Our knowledge of historical fact during that period is sketchy, but not so totally lacking that this could even be called historical fiction. It's highly entertaining, and I wish there had been further seasons of it, but I really hope no one bases any understanding of history or of the Borgia family on it. It's important to note that much of the notoriety of the Borgia family can be laid at the feet of the Italian families like the De Medici, Sforsa, and Orsini who were no better behaved nor virtuous but who resented the fact that a family of questionable Spanish origin had taken over the Papacy and it's lands and risen to power normally reserved for their kinsmen.
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on August 29, 2015
This series is unbelievably enjoyable. I couldn't stop watching it. I never had Showtime only HBO so dare I say I didn't discover this series until 2015 on Netflix. I loved it so much, I bought the Blu Ray and Soundtrack. The music, especially the main title, is beautifully written. Rarely do I see such series like this made anymore. This series involves murder, corruption, bribery and sex and of course religion. So there is something for everyone, lol. I'm not Catholic so maybe that's why I listed religion last. Obviously no offense to those who are Catholic. If you have an interest in renaissance period movies, which this takes place in the late 1400's, I believe this may be up your alley. All the actors performed their art beautifully. There was not one bad actor or actress in this.

Now.......... to my negative review of Showtime. Yes, I believe in touching all bases. I was at the end of the series which was the third season, and the last show which was roughly an hour long like the rest of the episodes per season. After it ended, Netflix went into a different movie. I was wondering what the hell happened. I clicked back on Netflix to discover that was indeed the end and discovered Showtime cancelled it after the third season. I can understand they have to make money etc. BUT, the ending was horribly done. It didn't seem like the end. It left you wanting more. They should have done a 2 hour finale or something along those lines to satisfy the loyal viewers of this series. Although a few viewers don't make money. Pope Alexander died in roughly 1503 which they were not far from after the third season. Perhaps they should have at least considered including that as part of a finale. Oh well, what's done is done. I'm sure my opinion means absolutely s*** to Showtime.
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on March 22, 2016
When I first started watching The Borgias, it wasn't until around the middle of the second season - immediately I was hooked, so to the point that I had to buy the entire series. The Unholy Collection (Series pack of The Borgias) contains special features such as brief walk throughs with actors, previews, and of course the wonderful blooper reel. It is perfection for any fan of this series!

Naturally there are some historical aspects concerning the real Borgia family that most people will notice isn't included or has been altered for the sake of the story line, but even still I think this series does a fantastic job giving a glimpse into Rome and the "first crime family" (as Showtime dubbed them i believe) when they were in power. Now, I could go on and on about how awesome this show is: the dynamic plot, twists and turns, and of course the amazing acting by actors such as Jeremy Irons (DUH! That man is awe-inspiring) and the talented Francois Arnaud, but the real issue that fans across the country are (and will always be) currently talking about is:..........WHERE IS SEASON 4?! *flips table*
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on June 24, 2015
The first few episodes are kinda slow, but the series really picks up halfway through Season 2--specifically, on the episode entitled "The Choice."

Throughout, though, everything is gorgeous to the eye! Costumes and settings are beautiful to behold, and Jeremy Irons, Holliday Grainger, Francois Arnaud, David Oakes, and Joanne Whalley give splendid performances.
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