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on February 26, 2003
About "Born Too Short"
Born Too Short was a great story. The story was about two teenage boys living in New York City. One of the boys named Matt Greene is a 5'1'' nerd and is about five inches shorter than his best bud named Keith Livingston. Now Keith is the kind of guy who is the stud and also the athlete in the ninth grade. He also is so handsome and charming that he practically needs to keep a chart of all his babes. While Matt is the kind of kid who played a guitar all day and has never made out with a girl before.
Later in the Story, Keith is having a wonderful time being a stud and having all the babes and all that fancy stuff while Matt is getting jealous. But then, finally Matt meets a girl and really likes her and asks her to go on a date with him to Keith's rock/jazz performance. But when Matt takes his date to the performance, she sees Keith and is hooked. So she leaves Matt and goes and hangs around Keith. And while all of this is happening, Matt gets even more jealous of Keith. Then, later that night Matt is talking to a friend of his from school when he sees Keith making out with the tenth grade "hottie". Now keep in mind that both Matt and Keith are in ninth grade. So Matt gets really mad about the fact that he is a loser and his best friend is inside making out with the tenth grade knockout. So then, after pacing a couple of times up and down the sidewalk outside, he yells out a bunch of wishes.
Well, further through the story, Matt's wishes start coming true and he wants to set everything back to normal but he can't. This story is very exciting. It made me laugh and sit on the edge of my seat at some points. So if I were to rate this story from one to five stars, I would rate it a five. I really liked this story and would recommend itm to everyone who likes a good story that will make you laugh.
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on September 15, 2006
Born to Short

I read a book called born to short. The confessions of and eighth grade basket case. It was written by Dan Elish who also wrote the world wide dessert contests which he made into a musical. The book is mainly about a kid named Matt Greene who is a shot nerd and his best friends with Keith Livingston a stud/athlete/Adonis. .matt becomes really jealous because he is a non stud / non athlete/non Adonis. After the end of Keith's play Matt could not take any more. It is one of those great be careful what you wish for stories .when he wish bad luck on his friend

What I liked most about the book is how much it sounded how a real eight grader might feel. I am in the eight grade and I do feel some times like one kid gets everything like in the story y how matt Greene fells with his friend Keith Livingston. Matt is probably my favorite character, because he is really dictated to what he does. I wish I was as dictated to my baseball has he is with his guitar and he is the underdog in every thing he does

I really recommended this book to any one who wants to get in to the head of and eighth grader. If is an easy read but it is still really good. This is and good moral booster with real problems and a really friendship. I loved it
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on October 9, 2003
"Born Too Short" is a novel that could be compared to a modern-day "Catcher in the Rye." Matt Greene, the main character, is completely invisible to girls, too short (he's only 5'1), and a total nerd. At least that's how he feels, having Keith, the biggest stud at New York City's Hannaford School, who is a God with all of the girls, and just happens to have his perfect smile pasted all over New York in a stupid toothpaste advertisement. Becoming jealous of his best friends good luck, Matt wishes that Keith's entire life would fall apart. He never knew that his wish would actually come true.
This is a perfect book for male or female fans. Matt and Keith are funny characters, whom you can relate with completely. Anyone looking for an insteresting young adult book should purchase this.
Erika Sorocco
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on November 2, 2003
Born Too Short: The Confessions of an Eight-Grade Basket Case by Dan Elish is a great book. Not only is it funny, but it shows meaning to how you get used to high school/junior high and it tells a story of who you are becoming as an indivivual. Well anyways, I am a kid and I think that this book got *****(5) stars! And check out her other books too. If you are into comdy/family(yourself)/problems and learning who you are, then defenitly read this book. It is fiction too, which I think is great.
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on January 12, 2006
This book is about a 13-year-old, 5' 1", 8th grade, non-athletic boy named Matt Greene. He has a friend named Keith Livingston, but is one of the most athletic teenagers in the whole Hannaford School in New York. Keith decides to direct a rock musical of Romeo and Julie, but Matt does not think Keith will follow through with his idea. Keith follows through and Matt Greene actually gets a date with a girl his height, his age and is hot. When the play's date finally came Matt got excited. The night started with Matt happy and his date, Katie, happy until she saw Keith. Her mouth literally dropped and she instantly lost interest in Matt. Matt got mad and wished every girl in the school hated Keith. His wishes did not come true, but much worse things happened. Matt's life started going really well, but Keith's went down like a falling meteor. Matt's life got so good his dream came true, he made out with a girl for..."FIFTY-ONE LIP-SMACKING MINUTES!!! (Elish, p.112)" and it was not any kissing game, it was on their own freewill. He was the happiest man in the world. He finally told his friend about his wishes and Keith did not even care. His exact words were, "You thought your wishes screwed me up? Dude, how old are you, anyway? Five? (Elish, p.151)"

This book is a fiction-comedy story by Dan Elish, it is most likely for ages 13, and up because of the swearing in it. It is definitely not a hard book to read for teens. This book was very funny and encouraged me to keep reading, sometimes I even laughed aloud because it was so funny. Dan Elish really made it seem like he went through this, exactly, because of the realistic ness he used. I am a boy that detests reading books, but still liked to read this book without being told to read. If you have read Surviving the Applewhites, you might like this book. If you went out to look at the book, you might think it was a kid book, but never judge this book by its cover. My rating for this book is 5.0 out of 5.0.

Q of A #37
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on February 13, 2005
This book that i read, Born Too Short, was a very cool and funny book. This book was about an eighth-grade kid named Matt Greene who wants to be like his best friend, Keith Livingston, who is a the stud/athlete/Adonis of their Hannaford school.This book took place in New York City, mainly at Hannaford High School.One really cool psrt in this book was when Keith was performing his rock musical, Star Crossed, which seemed really good except for the fact that it had only 4 different chords in it. In the beginning of the book, Matt is really jealous of Keith and he makes a wish that his life would be Keiths' life. Throughout the book Matt starts to get some girlfriends and party more and he soon starts to realize that his wish was coming true, he was turning into a stud/athlete/Adonis as Keith was. One of the major problems for Matt is that he was a nerd, not anywhere close to being an athlete, and was barley known in school at all. Throughout the book, though, he starts to change and become more mature and get into sports and stuff. My recommendation for this book would be if you like to read about peoples life and how they deal with high school, this book would be great. I would highly recommend this book for anyone in their teens because that is what this book is based on mainly.
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on September 14, 2005
Born Too Short was a fun and interesting book about a kid named Matt Greene who is the short and jealous protagonist of his best friend, Keith Livingston. My favorite scene was when he goes to his relatives and meets this sweet girl that was short also. This kind of gets the book started. Towards the beginning we find himself wishing he was like Keith which is practically the stud of the eighth grade. After dating his relatives neighbor he starts to become more like Keith. After realizing who he has become he finds out that he really didn't know how to be a stud or popular kid because hes been a short nerd all his life. Will he stay being popular or will he go back to being a nerd? This book was very amusing and could probably relate to many kids his age. If you are in the teen or pre-teen age I think you would really like this book.
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on June 8, 2002
This often hilarious book also has some serious things to say about friendship and responsibility, but Elish always makes his points with a light touch. Matt's envy of his over-achieving friend is handled in a completely believable way that doesn't soften his emotions; at the same time, he and the other characters are likable, humorous kids. Probably the best aspect of the book is Matt's extremely funny, hyperbolic narrative voice and his at times wild fantasy life--a great rendering of an adolescent's intense point of view. Very much recommended.
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on July 24, 2002
I have to say that while reading Mr. Elish's Born Too Short, I was immediately transported back to the 8th Grade. It brought me back to all the anxieties and longing that only an adolescent can experience with such intensity. This is not an easy thing to do to a a reader in his late thirties and Mr. Elish does it masterfully. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the writing and the humor. Most importantly, Born Too Short imparts an important message for readers of all ages. Very well done. An excellent book that I obviously highly recommend.
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on October 7, 2002
If you have had enough of teenage cynicism and jadedness, try Born Too Short, which is a good-natured and true and funny look at what it's like to be an eighth grade guy. You might ask, what could possibly be funny about that? Elish finds it in his hero Matt Greene's angst about girls, dating, sex, and other looming disasters. The heart of the story, though, is Matt's friendship with his overachieving best friend Keith, which is refreshingly and realistically close. A good read, and a definite change of pace.
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