Customer Reviews: Bosch 5312 12-Inch Dual Bevel Slide Compound Miter Saw
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on October 2, 2010
After quite a bit of time working with this saw professionally, I have found it to be the most accurate, durable, fast to use, and easy to carry of the multitude I've come in contact with on the job site.


The saw was accurate out of the box and has an easy system to adjust if it comes slightly off a perfect 90º. I tested the accuracy by cutting an octagon out of some scrap wood, and found the last miter to meet very well, which is rare in a sliding saw.


I've only adjusted the saw once, after a big fall off a deck when another carpenter caught it with a 12-foot board. After the 9 foot fall, I didn't have the time to test the saw and make sure it was square, so I trued it instead. Other than a small crack in the handle, the saw came through the fall without any damage, and the crack doesn't affect the function at all.


The upfront controls make tilting the powerhead a breeze! It's made trim jobs such as tall baseboard and crown molding go much faster and easier.


That Bosch's engineers actually used this saw is apparent from the moment you pick it up. Best two (!) handles in the industry!


Factory blade- be prepared to replace this sooner than a Makita, but at roughly the same time as a Dewalt, Ridgid, or Milwaukee. We've replaced the blade with Freuds, which we've found quite satisfactory.

Weight/Size: Make no mistake, this is a big saw. Portable, but be prepared for it to take up some room at the job site and on your truck. We keep ours on a TB4 stand- best stand we've used!
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on November 13, 2010
No need to write a book about this saw, Eric covered most of the important features:

Recently my husband and I built ourselves a home. He worked as a professional homebuilder for many years before moving on to supervisor positions, so when it came time to pick out a sliding miter saw he talked with his guys. They had great things to say about this saw, mostly that the performance, quality, and features were equal to any saw on the market, even those that cost a lot more. They were right!

We bought ours from Smallring_Sales, not through Amazon. It arrived fast, in perfect condition.

The saw, equipped with the right blades, took care of every task from initial framing to hanging the final trim. It did it accurately, and without a problem in the year+ it was on the jobsite. It got wet, we knocked it over, etc. No issues.

Great saw!
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on April 29, 2012
I have used this item extensively over the last 60 days. It is very well designed for daily use. I am installing solid oak floors (roughly 1100 sq ft). I move it in and out of the house every night to cut. I also do fine carpentry for fun so accuracy was a concern for selecting the right saw. I would definately buy this saw again. It is very accurate and flexible for quickly making different cuts. The saw is a BEAST! To utilize the full slide range make sure you have alot of room in your wood shop/garage before you purchase. It aslo has good power to rip though 3/4" oak all day long. This saw is a solid 4star rating, I only have 2 cautions before you purchase:

1. The stock blade is junk. Buy a nice blade to replace it with your purchase.

2. Adjusting the side to side bevel to square isn't as easy as the directions make it out to be. Make sure everything is loose and be patient with the adjustment screw otherwise you will strip it. It could have just been me, but it was a pain in the ... to asjust is 2 degrees. It did not arrive adjusted, so check it before you use.

The disclaimer: I am not a professionsal, but I do use the saw almost daily. I will NEVER buy another miter saw as this is above and beyond the quality and capability I could ever need. I have also gone from entry level saws to this (Ryobi/Craftsman to Bosch). I hope this helps.
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on November 11, 2010
I purchased this saw because it came w/a FREE zero gravity miter saw stand. It was a promo. at Lowes...I couldn't resist. To prevent this review from being redundant, I agree all points in Eric's review. What I would like to add is that, if you are thinking of using this saw to make miter joints on crown molding (as opposed to coping corners, it is a dream to use! I have owned and used the Makita LS1214F for years. I bought it because of its reviews at the time and some of it's 'features', like a diagram on how to cut crown mldg. on it's flat.

When I first used the Bosch, the first thing I noticed was that there was no crown mldg. corner diagram. Disappointed. Getting angles correct on crown corners can be mentally challenging, especially when cutting crown when it is laying flat, on it's back, on the saw table(In this position, it is much quicker than propping it up against the fence -if you can get past the conceptual/math part). You need to hit angles like 31.6 accurately to make a clean corner. So I drew a diagram on the fence, remembering just how often I referred to the diagram on the Makita.

Within the first couple of cuts on the Bosch, I realized that I didn't need the diagram for the corners. For many reasons, the Bosch is much more intuitive and all the necessary angles for cutting corners are very clearly marked and many have 'stops' for truly accurate angles. I haven't owned the saw very long, but I'd say that I've made at least 40 inside and outside corners w/o a single backward or upside down cut and w/much less aggravation and thought. A very different experience than w/the Makita.

By the way, the zero gravity stand is the cats meow. Albeit both are heavy, but there is nothing like having a miter saw on a stable stand that can support 12' crown comfortably, roll around from room to room w/ no set up time, colapse to about 4'x3'x3' and stow away in a corner at the end of the day in seconds. The stand is compatable w/many other brand saws as well.
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on February 13, 2011
It was nice to get the saw out of the carton and with just a couple of parts to put on, begin to work with it.

I picked this brand because of the quality that they maintain, and also over one other brand in particular because that brand's saw had stick-on degree labels. What to do if they ever came off?

This saw cuts accurately, and the regular stops are consistent, so I haven't had concerns about good cuts while putting up my crown moulding. One thing, which is minor, is that the tick marks denoting the degrees are a bit thick, and when trying to set up for 31.8 degrees, for example, one has to estimate a little bit. But it always works well enough for me.

The up-front controls are also one of the features that I appreciate, since I'm always changing angles for each piece, it seems. No reaching around in back.

I like the fact that the blade stops quickly when I let go of the trigger. It makes the work go quickly.

The saw does not have a chart of angles as part of the package, but that wasn't a detraction. All my crown moulding has been cut in the flat, and I have cathedral ceilings, so a lot of my cuts have not been "standard", and I use a chart and example pieces to make sure the cut is right, so I didn't expect the saw to be able to have every type of angle engraved on it.

All-in-all, it's a great addition to my collection.
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on April 16, 2012
Im a contractor and Ive used this saw for about a year. This is one of the tools that the whole crew tends to use when its on site and they all love it. The tool is smooth and powerfull and can cut larger pieces accuratly. I am really pleased with the saw overall, it has been durable, accurate, and with the gravity rise stand fairly easy to move around, I do have a few minor issues that I felt were a tradeoff vs other brand of saw and they are probably worth mentioning for anyone looking for a 12"SCMS.

First I really wanted to buy the dewalt 12" SCMS but this saw offered a free gravity rise stand when I needed to buy it and the dewalt saw/free stand deal wasnt running at the time. This saw with the gravity rise stand is HUGE, heavy, and bulky. That said its fairly easy to move and even load in a pickup or trailor by yourself even without disconecting the saw from the stand. The dewalt saw and stand combo I was looking at was overall a little more compact when broken down, but didnt have wheels. The more compact saw would be beneficial to most contractors where real estate in a truck or trailor can be limited. Once unpacked though the bosch saw is hands down easier to move than the Dewalt would have been.

As for the actual saw unit, the bosch saw sits several inches higher than the dewalt saw and the slide rails are mounted higher on the stand as well. I have to say I think the dewalt design wins here because the weight of the saw head is better supported by the lower support. set the two saws side by side and then set the bevel and the dewalt seems more stable. At a 45degree bevel there seems to be a little flex in the bosch saw where the dewalt feels rock solid. On the flip side of this the bosch has the front mounted bevel adjustment that works great and really increases production. I cannot say i have had any issues with accuracy of the bosch saw due to flex but it has allways concerned me a little.

Another issue worth mentioning with this saw, again comparing it to the dewalt, is the handle. The handle on the bosch saw sits higher and further away from the blade than the dewalt saw. Personally I like the feel of the dewalt handle as I feel like I have a little more controll over the saw. On the other hand the dewalt blade shield can scrape your thumb a little if you wrap it along the side of the grip which I ussually do. This wouldnt really sway my opinion over either saw but some guys I have worked with really hate the dewaly saw for this reason.

As for the quality of all the components of this saw I have no issues with it. It has been a solid performer from day one and is one of those tools that has really " earned its keep". the only part that has needed replacement on this saw so far was the cord which got beat up somewhere along the line. I replaced it with a 25' cord and it is an upgrade I would recomend for any SCMS.
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on October 29, 2012
I owned a 10 inch Ryobi for years which got me by until I could upgrade. I wanted a top notch saw and had my eye on this Bosch as I've loved every Bosch power tool I've owned (I have six or seven of them now), but I was concerned about the size and depth of the slider and I also wanted the Bosch table saw so I was trying to save money. So I first decided to go without a slider and bought a Dewalt DW716. After I unboxed it, I felt ripped off that it was completely bare bones. No clamp, no laser guide. Go spend another fifty for the clamp and twenty for an off-brand laser guide and settle for a saw without a slider. I thought I was saving money and getting a good saw, but after everything they leave out of the box, it wasn't going to be much of a savings. I took it back before using it. Next I bought the Makita LS1016L 10-inch dual slider. The slider has two components so it doesn't go back as far and you still get very good cutting range especially for a 10 inch saw. I didn't like the way it felt and adjusted. I put it on a Ridgid mobile stand and noticed quickly that the double slider and the mobile stand do NOT go together well. Half way through pushing the saw forward during a cut the first slider would hit the back of the saw and the second slider would engage. That would shake the whole stand in the middle of a cut. I took it back before using it. Then I finally broke down and bought the Bosch that I wanted. No regrets whatsoever. Best saw ever. Slides beautifully. Cuts beautifully. The adjustments are so smooth and easy to use. I love that they are in the front and clearly marked. It performs exceptionally on the Ridgid stand which I also love.
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on December 7, 2012
I love Bosch. You just cant go wrong with them, so when it came to a Miter, and it went on sale, easy decision. Out of the box, the table turns great, no resistance, the slide, must be ballbearings in it. I have a DeWalt that I really like till I got this. But....there is no exhaust system on this, so if your using it inside, forget it. It comes with a bag and everything, but when your done, there is hardly anything in it, its all over you and everything else. I called Bosch, as I did hook up a shop vac to this and it did nothing and they admitted that the exhaust was pretty much useless. I could go with the new one for $700, but this is getting expensive. I now have the DeWalt 718 and the new Milwaukee 6955-20 I think. The lights on the MIlwaukee are awesome, the exhaust is awesome, the table and saw glide almost as good as the Bosch. Maybe I need to bring in one more to over complicate this decision, but not the Bosch. If it caught maybe 50%, I could live with it, but it doesn't.
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on April 18, 2013
Love this saw other than a terrible dust collection system, very little if any saw dust goes into the bag supplied by Bosch.
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on December 11, 2014
I purchased this saw + the gravity rise stand at Lowes for $600 which I think was a promotional price. This was about 3 years ago. On the first project I noticed that it was difficult to get accurate miters and even plumb cuts. Nothing was coming close. I went through the manual and performed the adjustments (which are not that easy to do) to try to calibrate the saw. I saw that another reviewer posted that they almost or did strip the adjustment screw, and I had the same issue. After calibration, it was better but still not perfect. I even tried the miter saw calibration steps at This Is Carpentry (blog) -- still, same issues. Then I thought, ok, maybe the blade is deflecting, so I got the Forrest blade for chop saw. Amazing blade, but still had the same issues.

I think there are 2 faults with the product:

1) the side extensions are not at the same height as the saw's main table surface. So if you cut moulding / baseboard that is long enough to rest on the extensions, you either need to put a shim on the bottom of the table, or your cut will be off.

2) the bevel/tilt adjustments on this saw just seem inadequate / hacky. I really do not understand why you would build a tool that you know will need to be calibrated (even in normal usage, over time), and then make the adjustment screw soft and make the process painful and totally imprecise. A summary of the calibration steps are: you loosen the adjustment screw, manually tilt the blade & cutter head assembly, then use the soft, squishy 'lock' mechanism (the red lever on the front of the saw) to lock it while you go around to the back of the saw and tighten the soft adjustment screw. If anyone knows of a better, easier way to do this, or has any other solution, I'd be very grateful.

In any case, every time I align it, after a few cuts, the problems resurface.

So I contacted Bosch, and they offered to ship my saw to their service center for repairs, which showed that they were taking it seriously which is appreciated. Unfortunately I didn't have the original box, so I drove it about an hour each way to the service center in San Jose. They charged me $100 to recalibrate the saw because they said there was nothing wrong with it, it just wasn't calibrated. I brought up the issue of the extension tables not being at the same height as the main table, and the service person told me "that's just how the saw is made, we can't fix that".

So on the next project, I removed the extension tables (since I have some on the gravity rise stand anyway), and noticed that the cuts were better. Unfortunately, the saw still needs recalibration every time I use it, which requires me to check it regularly and takes time and is a big frustration. This is a saw used for a wide variety of remodeling and light construction tasks, and I thought it would be a top of the line product. I'm very disappointed in Bosch, and as a result, I've stopped buying all of their tools and go for other brands like Makita, DeWalt, and Festool. Unfortunately around the same time I also bought their wheeling compressor and 16 gauge nailer. The compressor is good with the exception of the tires constantly going flat, but the nailer is an abomination. That went to the service center too, who 'fixed it' only to have the same issues happen again within a few weeks (it won't drive any nail flush, whether it is 1" or 3", and yes, I did try the adjustments on the nailer, still no joy).

I will say, the Forrest blade is incredible. The cuts have a surface as smooth as glass and I could almost shave with the edge, but unfortunately the miter/plumb angles are frequently off and require adjustments with a block plane. I can't wait to put that blade on a better saw.
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