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on April 22, 2008
I have used these units in several buildings. The biggest building being an 8 unit building all with 1 bedroom apartments. Each apartment has it own hot water heater.

We have OVER a 60% fail rate. First you do a LOT of electrical work to get to the point of being able to install it. Then you put it in and this what progresses:

- day one works great and you think "what a great idea I had"...
- few weeks or months later it is hot for a minute, then warm, then cold as it runs
- you reset the unit try and test everything, it works ok you think
- get a call a day later it is the same warm then cold then warm showers
- you take it out and return it to the store.

I have replaced 3 yes THREE in one single apartment alone. All in all I bought 8, for an 8 unit building, and have installed either new or replacements 18, in a eight unit building that only has 8 on any given day, at this time. I am a whiz at getting them in and out.

So if you are looking to waste money and a LOT of time as you replace it and try and fix it etc this is for you. These could not even sustain a 1 bedroom with ONE tenant. All my units have a single tenant in them....

I did call the company and they are very nice. The guy I was talking with was a technician on what they called the "pro side" for builders professional etc. I explained everything to him and told him of my fail rate and he said that was possible. So they know of the problem, over 60% fail rate did NOT even phase him, he obviously had heard about this plenty of times before me......
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on October 3, 2008
UPDATE- It's now 2016. I wrote this review in 2008. It's important to note that this review is for the larger AE125. I put it here so those who are contemplating a whole house system will almost certainly need the lager size. I changed the the rating on the AE125 to 5 stars. I got 8 years out of it before the next failure. The circuit board finally went in it. Since the cost to replace the board for an 8 year old unit is 172.00 I opted to replace the unit. I feel I have more than gotten my moneys worth and saved hundreds of dollars on my electric bill over the last 8 years.
This product line is now obsolete. If you're seeing them for sale it must be old stock.Nothing wrong with buying old stock if the price is right, but I wouldn't count on being able to get parts. Bosch has upgraded the design. From what I can tell they got away from an impeller water sensor and are somehow determining flow rates with an electronic sensor. The element design looks the same or similar. The electronics have been redesigned. I opted to order a competitor unit for several reasons. The competitor unit has all metal sleeves, uses standard water heater elements and allows for an exact water temperature setpoint .It was priced slightly lower than the I jumped ship. I'm sure Bosch has made the next generation better. I am happy with 8 years of great service from the appliance. I think these heaters got a bad rap. I love point of use water heaters.

Oct 08'-I recently bought an AE115 to replace the aging oil burner we have. I actually ended up installing its cousin the AE125.The AE115 was found to be a little on the small side for my geographical area. I hadn't initially known this when I ordered it and I thought maybe I would save someone else a little grief by telling you this. A lot depends on your geographical area. I live in the north east US where my well water gets cold enough to need the larger unit.
You most likely will need to get a few 40 amp breakers if you already have a 200 amp service at your house. I needed to make a total electric upgrade to my house to 200 amps from 100 amps. The AE125 takes THREE 40 amp breakers. Actual amp readings prove to be much less than that and most circuits are protected to 20% over actual use so no need to get to nervous about this. Consider that this amperage is only on for the short time you take a shower .vs hot water heater that is always heating your water(unless you install a timer).

A few more tidbits of info that might be useful. Temperature fluctuations are more noticed than with a water heater but not in the extreme IF you do a little tweaking first. Most people expect no fluctuation right out of the box even though the manufacturer gives you a procedure that will minimize or eliminate this. I adjusted my thermostat and also adjusted the rate or flow of water entering the heater. Are you frugal/cheap? then take a bath and you wont notice it at all.
The AE 125 has six elements I think the AE 115 has at least four and they need good filtered/softened or both before the water gets to those elements or you might experience premature element failure due to calcium and other hard minerals in the water. One last thing- check the connections and make sure they are tight. At the factory they are throwing these together and might miss this. A loose connection will eventually cause a failure.
All things considered I am very pleased with my heater thus far. It sounds like customer service will work to either replace or repair a unit if there is a problem from other reviews I have read.


I am still using the water heater.My wife takes a shower with water from it every morning. In my earlier review I mentioned temperature fluctuations which others have referred to. I don't notice anything extreme with regard to temperature, even when showering. I did need to tweak the thermostat and you can tell some slight variations when taking a shower, but I guess we are accustomed to that, and the water never goes from cold to hot, more like from warmer to warm.

I am of the handy sort and I installed this myself. I know how it works and so maybe I have a slight advantage over someone who must trust a plumber to put one in and set it up. I did find a few things from an installation standpoint that can be bad. You have electricity and water in a very close proximity to one another. One squirt of water on the electronics and its probably over. If you are piping this thing or working on it turn off the water AND the power( a good practice any time). If you get the circuit board wet don't re energize the heater until it is entirely dry. Use a hairdryer...whatever it takes, or wait until it dries.

I had an O-ring leak on me last year...a very small leak. I simply obtained an o-ring of the same size, put on silicon lubricant and all is well. These are not easy to replace as it must be seated perfectly and clamped exactly right. When I had it apart I was surprised at how clean it was inside. Nothing on the elements at all!No calcium buildup. Must be because the water doesn't sit around the elements as in a tank water heater. The water flows past the elements only when in use.

I have looked at the electrical usage charts for my home. My home uses less electricity than most other similar homes to mine in my area. I have literally saved hundreds of dollars on electricity since 08'. I know a large part of that was this water heater.
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on December 17, 2007
Works great most of the year. When it is 50 degrees or less, the water tempurature declines. Through the peak of the winter, it's pretty much a cold shower. Customer service is very pleasant and willing to help. They have sent us 2 replacements (the last one was a larger size)at no extra cost to us, but still having the same problem every winter. We are looking into a larger one again. Our house is 2 bath. I still won't ever go back to a tank.
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on August 27, 2007
We bought the AE 115 for a small 2BR house. We had to add two 240V 40Amp circuits (the AE 125 would have required three 40A circuits and upgrading to 200Amp service) and we had to refrain from using the dryer or stove at the same time as drawing hot water. It did provide enough water for any one fixture at a time, except the bathtub, which we had to fill slowly. After about seven months the water would change from hot to cold during a shower. After ten months, it stopped delivering hot water altogether. The heating elements and the transducer appear to work, so we suspect that the heat sensor failed.

While installing a new electric water heater, we deduced that cold water was being drawn into the hot water line through the old gas water heater (which we hadn't disconnected in case the next owner went back to gas). I suspect that the combination of our error and the slightly colder than recommended intake water eventually overwhelmed the unit's capacity. So I'd think the AEC 115 would work better in a warmer climate.
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on December 14, 2008
We bought this product to replace a 20yr old tanked water heater. We have been working for a week now trying to get a hot shower. We live in Texas so our water temp is okay with this unit but our electric is taking alot of re-do to get it to the point of a pleasing shower temp. I recommend that everyone have the unit professionally installed by an electrician/plumber and then stay on top of the problems before the warranty is expired. Good concept just not so great for DIY.
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on October 27, 2010
I've now been through 5 different units in slightly more than 5 years! Extremely poor reliability. One heating element failure, three printed circuit board component failures, most distressing! The units just won't last any length of time. I've spent a lot of time trouble shooting,talking to customer service reps and technicians and far too much time and money ripping out old failed units and putting in new ones. I remodeled the space and area when I put in the first one and don't have the space to put back in a tank style heater. It lasted 20+ years!
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on December 28, 2010
I'm quite happy with this heater, except for 3 months out of the year. I live in Florida Tampa Area and figured this a warm climate, but if the temperature goes below 40 degrees the heater won't work, I have it in a carport shed, so no insulation. If I put a space heater in my shed and let it run for about an hour I'll get some hot water after leaving the faucet running for 5 min. The whole thing is very annoying to say the least.

So overall I do not recommend this heater except if you live somewhere where it never gets below 50 degrees.
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on June 6, 2015
I've bought 3 of these, oldest has run 7 years. Bad reviews I think are from a) electrical installs not up to par (use #6 wire for plenty of amps) (make sure your electrical service is adequate, including that voltage doesn't drop when you draw current) and b) from not installing ball valves to adjust flow rate. Swamp the heater with too much water flowing thru too fast, and of course you're not going to give it a chance to heat it. The units have 10-yr warranties, by the way. Don't listen to your lazy plumbers & electricians, make them install it to spec's.
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on December 10, 2008
Provides more than enough hot water for our two-person family. In Florida, the water is boiling hot even when it's 30's F outside. Failed after three years of use (during which maintenance was not required or completed) when one heater module started leaking. I called Bosch and they are sending a replacement unit that uses polymer heat modules (mine had copper units) after I explained the problem. Overall very friendly customer service (I called when I first installed the unit too). Sometimes runs hot and cold; but I think that it's related to my cold water pressure being very inconsistent throughout a single shower. The hot/cold cycles could be more than fixed with an automatic temp shower head.

**Update 11/2012 - I originally gave this a 4 star rating - however the replacement unit Bosch sent me (with the newer version heat modules) made me add a star. I installed it as soon as I got it - and after four years I've had nothing whatsoever to complain about; the water gets hot and stays hot. The only time I notice any change in the temperature is when my clothes or dish washer is on - and only then because the cold water side of the shower becomes unbalanced from the hot side - but the hot still stays hot it just drops in pressure. I have zero issues running a shower (I've got one of those rain forest shower heads, sorry environment..) with the same boiling hot water on 35 degree nights as any other time of the year. If I ever need to add hot water to some other abode the first thing I'm doing is getting another one of these.
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on April 27, 2011
I moved into a new home and was thrilled to find it already had a bosch tankless water heater. The savings on gas is phenomenal! Till the thing started having problems. Diligently I downloaded their user guide and read through the trouble shooting steps. But the problem persisted and got worse.
At first the hot water kept cutting out in the middle of a shower and would not come on again for a couple of minutes. I found that by running the hot water on the vanity sink the shower would stay hot. But then I'm using twice the amount of water, and after 4 months of doing so that didn't work any more.
It got to where sometimes I had to turn on 3 hot water faucets so that I could the heater to kick in.
I changed the scale filter,
I flushed the system
And when none of those worked, I called a plumber.
The plumber identified a faulty flow valve and called up Bosch. Bosch promptly refused to send a replacement valve even though the appliance is still under warranty. The licensed plumber becoming frustrated with the tech support person told me to speak to the support person that they might respond to home owner. Not only did he not respond, but when I offered to purchase the valve and have the plumber install it he refused to admit that the heater had any problems.
Finally I became frustrated and called the heater a piece of fecal matter. He did not hand up on me then but only after I insisted on speaking with his manager so I didn't have to get angry.
The guy was surly, rude and tenaciously refused even that courtesy. Instead, he hung up.
I called their retail department thinking that they would be trained better in customer relations, the same attitude persisted.
The customer care rep told me that I was yelling at the tech support person and using profanity and "The tech support person has no reason to lie". I basically called for the replacement part and to complain about the hang up. I got no satisfaction there. Customer support told me "Tech support has the say on who gets replacement parts"
So if you want to buy a product that
"Doesn't work"
"That doesn't honor its warranty"
And who believes the customer is always wrong; Bosch is the right product for you.
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