Customer Reviews: Bosch GCM12SD 120-Volt 12-Inch DB Glide Miter Saw
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on December 17, 2014
We have had the saw for about three weeks. It arrived via delivery without any damage. Before purchasing this machine I researched Milwaukee, Hitachi, Freud, Dewalt, Makita, Festool & Jet saws. Here in Columbus we have a Woodwerks store that features Festool and I was given a hands on demonstration. At $1,400 it seems to be a great machine. But, the Bosch is also a great machine and the there is a substantial price difference. My Son and I have a cabinet shop and needed something to replace my 35+ year old Makita Model 2401 10" miter saw. For some time we have been cutting off hardwood boards that were beyond the ability of the small saw to accomplish safely. For over a year I was considering this machine. But at $750 I wanted to be sure it was durable, accurate with repeatability and user friendly. Two months ago Woodwerks raised the price to $799. I had decided that it would be a good idea to purchase it before the price went up again. Then I found Amazon had the saw for $599 including delivery. I have purchased several machines from them: 15" Jet Planer, 14" Jet Lathe, 18" Jet Bandsaw, Bosch Barrel jigsaw and others. All have arrived as promised without damage. So I have a high confidence factor with Amazon purchases.
It was easy to spend this money on this saw.

Others have criticized the weight, the noise, the inaccuracy, etc. I would like to comment on each of these points:
WEIGHT: The Makita 2401 weighs in excess of 50#. It was one of the first Japanese Miterboxes to come to America. It has been virtually indestructable. The Bosch 12" Saw weighs less. But because it is larger, there is a physical handling aspect that you should respect if you move it from site to site. It is certainly not as light as my Son's DeWalt 12" box. Don't let negative reviews scare you.
ACCURACY: I have never purchased any piece of equipment that didn't require final adjustments. The factory settings are usually quite good out of the box. However, if you have to turn out superior work, each tool will require setup. Taking the time to go through the process provides you with knowledge of how to make the adjustments. It also allows you to understand when something is not right. Plan on spending 2 hours to make the needed adjustments to: 1. the miter detent plate and 2. the vertical scale. The manual is well written and relatively easy to understand. I used a 4"x4" cherry piece to check/adjust the horizontal and vertical cuts. I found that by adjusting the vertical indicator arrow to the left side it is easier to achieve a more accurate and repeatable angle adjustment since the vertical angle is not detented.
NOISE: The belt driven saws, like the Hitachi, are quieter since there is no gear clash. The Bosch is extremely quiet in comparison to the Makita 2401. I wear hearing protection when using machinery but this saw is much more ear-friendly than other saws I have used.
CUTTING HEIGHT ON MOTOR SIDE: One review complained that the saw was limited to 4.5" in height on the motor side. Anyone who has ever used the old Rockwell Sawbuck will remember the 7.5" blade. Yet we were able to make wide cuts in trim materials simply by taking advantage of the long range of motion when the workpiece is laid horizontally on the cutting table. The purpose of any SCM saw is to allow these cuts to be made by taking the time to understand the way to set angles in the flat plane. Cheat sheets are available on the internet to show you how to utilize this powerful aspect of the tool. If you do not intend to use this function, then this saw is not for you and you would do well to buy a DeWalt 12" miter saw.
KICK FROM NON-SOFT START MOTOR: try an older saw like the Makita. You will quickly understand that this is nit-picking in the extreme.
SAFETY SWITCHES: The saw has two safety switches on the top of the handle. You can cut from either side and find a easily located safety switch for either hand. Like any tool, there is a learning period. I know a man with 2 and half fingers missing who decided to defeat the safety switch on his miterbox. Learn to use it.
TABLE NOT FLAT: this table is flat.
UNPUBLISHED MEASUREMENTS: I mounted this saw on the left side of my workbench. I had to wait until I had the saw in my shop to get the measurements needed to set the height to match the workbench. There is no way I would ever take a written measurement as something to set a critical height. From unpacking to setting the saw's mounting surface (bench) and setting the saw in place took less than an hour. The reviewer used this factor as a reason to "knock down" the rating. This is unreasonable and shows that the review is flawed and unreliable at best.
DUST COLLECTION: There are few dust collection systems on any of the machines in my shop that would satisfy some of the ardent critics of this saw. Even the Festool at more than twice the price can't do that.
LASER - DIM: If you are novice, then the laser is important to you. If you are a craftsman, you rely on your eyes. I have not found a laser that can be as sharp as my old eyes.

Conclusion: this saw is the best of the type under $1,400. Woodwerks' repair department is full of DeWalt and Hitachi SCMs. The repair tech said that the Hitachi was the quietest and easiest to repair. The filled shelves speak volumes to me. Looking at the display models utilizing the two round tracks to support the sliding mechanism, I found side to side movement that was not present in the Bosch. I learned a lot about reading the various reviews, especially the writers who complained about things that are not really part of the machine. 90% favorable reviews to 10% disgruntled only proves you can't make everyone happy. If you need this type of machine, buy this one.
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on November 12, 2010
Just picked this saw up from Tool King. they shipped it right away and I got the tool days before the earliest expected delivery date...took just 4 working days. Very heavy saw if you plan to cart it to and use it on job sites which I do. Man the gliding action is sweet. none of the typical resistance from the rod saws I've owned and I've about owned them all. I have the latest Ridgid and Dewalt 12" crosscut saws now and had their previous evolutions as well as the Milwaulke, Makita and Bosch cosscuts.
The high up motor is the first thing that smacks at you...ugly and in your cheek when you carry this beast, and it shoulda come with a lazer (even tho I have never used one) and a quick release material clamp...where's that? For the money all the bells and whistles shoulda been there IMO.
Here's what I see as this saws greatest flaw...The advertised baseboard against the fence height of 6+ inches is ONLY WITH THE BASEBOARD (or other material) ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE SAW BLADE !! Turn the table to the right at 45 deg and the bottom of the belt/spindle housing is the highest a piece of wood can be (4.5 inches). When the saw is pushed back against the fence (or used as a chop saw) the housing is almost touching the fence (at 45 deg right)...The tallest piece of 3/4 inch thick material against the fence cannot be any more than 4 1/2 inches tall to the right sided of the blade. Very very disappointing!
The manual tells you specifically :
Manual page 38: "This saw can miter cut 6-1/2 tall base boards verically positioned against the fence at any angle from 0-52 deg. All angled cuts must be made with the base board placed on the left side of the table. for certain cuts, the base boaard will have to be flipped upside down or placed with the face side against the fence"...
So any baseboard taller than 4.5 inches must be cut on the left side of the blade and that any miters other than at the right end of a board must be turned/flipped to have the finished side (long point of the miter)facing the who's gonna cut a finished piece of wood that way with all the splintered rip outs?? Yea right...use a sacrificial fence board (is what the manual says)or lay the piece on the table and use the bevel angle with the crosscut feature...not this finish carpenter! I cut alot of prefinished molding for kitchen work and (e.g.)the typical MTT molding that WoodMode offers for crown detail, which is 6" tall, can only be crosscut on the table with this saw. My Dewalt clears the same molding left and right of the blade, and the Ridgid can cut it if I rip it to 5 inches first. How many of us have an 8 foot piece of tall trim we want to chop cut somewhere close to the middle at 45 deg right miter? how about a 3 foot piece somewhere close to the middle? This saw won't cut it if it's over 4.5 inches tall :-(

Update 12-19-2010: have had more time using this saw and am convinced I would not have bought it if I had had experience with it. As a Kitchen remodeler, I install ALOT of cabinet mouldings. As I stated earlier, one of the upper crown detail moldings I quite freguently install is an L shapped facia between the cabinets and ceiling which measures 3" wide at the bottom by 6" tall. Crown is then applied to this. Since this saw can only cut a miter on the right end of mouldings taller than 4 1/2" when set against the fence vertically, I am forced to use the crosscut option laying taller mouldings flat on the table for the other end's miter cut. BUT, this saw when layed over to the right side at 45 degrees. ONLY ALLOWS A CUT HEIGHT OF 1 1/2". I cannot even cut one of the most common crown detail mouldings used even when using the crosscut option with the saw bevel layed to the right side at 45 degrees. In short, the 45 degree right side bevel crosscut allowance of this saw is only designed to cut a piece of 2x lumber (1 1/2" thick)

The idea of the hinged arms on this saw and the upfront bevel controls is outstanding, but the practical everyday use of this saw's capabilities is less than a cheap Firestorm chop box

I would NOT recommend this saw for anything other than for framing purposes.
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on November 3, 2010
I'm the guy you may have seen complain about sliding miter saws in other venues. I have tried many saws, but they all had the same problems. First, the blade was never perfectly aligned with its path (heel), and there was no way to adjust it. The resulting cut would be OK in some places, but not OK in others. Secondly, the slide always had vibration. This would impart a less than smooth cut.

I have been waiting to try this new design; it just looked like it had to work the way it should. I have it now, and I absolutely love it! It is smooth as silk, with no vibration, and the blade is "almost" perfectly aligned with its path. I am thankful they finally made a miter saw I could appreciate, because I don't think I have too many years left to wait for one to be invented.

I really do recomend this saw. My back can't lift it without some help, but that only had to happen once. Now that it is sitting on its TB4 gravity stand it moves easily. Go get one!

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on December 27, 2010
I have a 12" Dewalt DW703 that has served me well. I put a furniture grade blade on it and when it's sharp, I don't have to sand the cuts much at all. I wanted something that would cut wider pieces of material and I also wanted something for dados. I really hate my table saw dado insert. I never made a zero clearance insert for dados and that big hole just scares me. My lovely bride of almost 35 years bought me this saw for my birthday. I am one lucky guy.

The saw seems rock solid. The things I noticed that are different from the Dewalt.

1. As just about everyone notices, the glide is very loose. Bosch put an adjustment to add some resistance but I haven't done it yet.
2. It's not a soft start motor so there is a kick that I didn't get with the non-sliding Dewalt. It's just a thing.
3. One thing I didn't expect but should have is that the blade doesn't bury itself as deeply. The Dewalt, to get maximum cut width, went way down. The bed on this saw is about a half inch lower than the Dewalt. Again, just a thing but I was cutting some Baltic Birch plywood and I had some tearout on top. I don't think I would have had that with the Dewalt.
4. The handle seems higher than the Dewalt. I wound up rebuilding my stand and shortening it by 2" so it wouldn't be awkward. Part of the awkwardness comes from the safety (see item 1 below)

A couple of negatives (maybe)
1. There is a thumb safety release that I didn't have with the Dewalt. It's pretty stiff and I haven't quite got the hang of it.
2. The saw is very awkward to carry. The way the weight is distributed on the saw and where you are supposed to grab it make for a difficult lift. On the positive side of that, Bosch put in some locking pins that are easy to find and engage.
3. I am used to a zero-clearance insert on the Dewalt. It was a solid piece of plastic that I installed and then cut. Bosch has two pieces of plastic that can adjust inwards but they don't make for true zero clearance. I haven't figured out whether I care about that or not given item 3 above. It may be that I need zero clearance along the back more than the bottom. It could be that I never needed it at all.

I should mention that I am a hobby woodworker and that this saw won't travel.

Now I have to figure out what to do with the Dewalt.


1. The saw may be soft start. I was using it this morning and that's how it's behaving now. I did change blades but I can't imagine that having anything to do with a change in behavior. I started a support case with Bosch.
2. The table on my saw is not flat. The center is low by .029" which seems excessive to me. I have started a support case with Bosch.

Bosch told me to take the saw in for repair. They said that the saw isn't repairable but I could save shipping that way. The repair people tell me that the process will take about 3 weeks. I am waffling about what to do. The box is long gone so shipping back to Amazon would be a hassle.

Sadly, this saw is going back to Amazon. Customer service was great to deal with. I told them that the saw is defective according to Bosch tech support. The representitive I had was unfamiliar with woodworking tools so I dictated the reason for her as she typed and she was very appreciative that she didn't have to do that herself. I was informed that a shipper would come to my house to pick up the saw. I told them that the original shipping container is long gone and they said that wasn't a problem. Too bad about the saw but Amazon customer service gets 5 stars.

I will still buy the saw but I will be going to my local Woodcraft where I can see and touch the thing. I would have gone for a replacement with Amazon but I didn't want to get another bad saw and go through the whole process again. I thought it best to go brick and morter for this item.

I'm happy to report that everyone involved couldn't have been better.

Amazon offered to replace the saw or give me a refund. They offered to pay for return shipping even though I didn't have the original packaging. Because the saw is heavy, they scheduled a pickup with a trucking company. Amazon said I didn't even have to box the saw. The trucking company wanted me to box it in something...anything.

My experience with Bosch was better yet. I approached it from two directions: a support phone call and an email. The phone support guy told me that the saw was out of spec and was not repairable. He said I could return it to Amazon for refund or take it in to a local repair place where they would determine what was wrong (everything) and take care of me. They also said I could ship the saw back to them at my expense. That's about the best I could expect from a frontline support guy.

Meanwhile, the email folks were evaluating my case.

I consulted with my local retailer and they gave me the name of the Bosch Rep for Kansas/Missouri. I called him. I was trying to decide whether to go for a replacement or refund and then buy the saw locally. We have a couple of woodworking shows soon and I thought I might show up with my straightedge and get the pick of the litter. He expressed a lot of interest in my saw and talked with his techs who were more interested yet. They offered to order in several saws, pick the best and ship that one to me. Then I would use the box and ship mine to the techs for analysis. They would pay shipping. That sounded good to me so I accepted their offer. After all, I do like the saw, I just want one that's right.

Meanwhile, the email support folks got back to me. They wanted to ship me a new saw and have me ship mine back at their expense. It seems that their techs wanted to see my saw. That would make two genuine expressions of interest in what happened to my saw.

I have to say that one offer from Bosch might just be anomalous curiosity by a single person. Two such offers suggest a corporate culture.

I will update again in a week or so when I have more to report.


Bosch sent another saw in a prototype improved package. Basically, there was a box around the box with foam inserts between. The gaps in saw #2 were just about identical to saw#1. I contacted Bosch. It just so happened that the Woodworking Show was in town last weekend and my Bosch guy was working the show. Last Friday morning before the show opened he and another Bosch tech came by and did their own measurements. They got roughly the same results I did. It was nice to have a pro verify my measurements. I wasn't at all indignant. They offered to try again and had even brought another base with them. I said I was going to give up and send the saw back. Bosch offered to buy the saw and pay shipping. So the saw is gone and I have been promised a check in a couple of weeks.

[start opinion]
I am still convinced that this saw is top quality. Assuming I get the check, I have no complaints about how Bosch handled the situation. I have no complaints about Amazon.

Based on my experience with these two saws, I am still convinced that this is fine saw. If it were shipped upright on a pallet with other saws and handled correctly in shipment, I think it would be very accurate. However, I don't think the packaging is adequate for single shipping to my house. This is an 88 lb saw and most of the weight is not in the base. When that saw is dropped, all of that force comes down on the four feet and exerts a bending moment that would take a lot of aluminum to overcome.

If you are interested in the saw, buy it locally or go get it. Don't have it shipped to you.
[end opinion]
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on December 31, 2010
i just had to buy one 2 weeks ago and had high hopes it would be better than the 4 yr old makita 12 " slider i am currently using in my custom cab shop. mistake . it was not. could not get it to cut sq. ....there is so much play in the arm and flex in the turn table i had to call bosch tech to try to understand why. the table was not flat across from left to right as well. got the run around from bosch and was told it was within their tolerance specs and that the saw was not really designed for precision cabinet work. ???? i boxed it up and sent it back pronto. was very disappointed that bosch did not want to help in the least. i have now bit the bullet and ordered a kapex in the hopes that it will be a step up from my makita which is getting a little tired. i was suprised that as tired as it is it still cut better than the new bosch glider. and the dust collection on the bosch is a joke. my bench and surrounding area were covered after a few dozen cuts in a 3x6 trying to square this saw up. DO NOT BUY THIS SAW unless you are framing houses or other rough work. it might work for heavy to lug aroud a job site. i am disappointed in bosch service and i have 8 of there routers and 6 drills which have worked great. but not this new glider.
it is just to flexable in the head and table. i was also suprised and disappointed that it was made in china, blade and all. for me i try to buy american made when i can or at least from places that have a fair living wage etc. the bosch has a miter clearance pblm as well. there is a insert in the manual explaining the miter set up that could cause the saw to come in contact with the fence. obviously a problem they found out about after the fact. they will probably address it on the next version of the saw. i too was impressed when i first tried the glider; but not after a week of use. just my opinion and findings. everyone demands different uses and accuracy from their tools. the bosch just did not cut it for me.

just a note:
ps. amazon gets 5 stars. they are a class outfit and stand behind what they sell. i will continue to buy from them !!! GREAT customer service !!

This is posted in my comment section, but i thought i would bring it forward as it compares the bosch (which i owned VERY briefly) and the kapex and makita i now may be of help or not to someone.

i posted this earlier, but thought i would repeat it here as well. having used both the bosch and now a kapex following are some observations.
The kapex is a good saw and so far it is working great for my furniture needs. Time will tell. The saw out of the box cut true and square and had none of the flex that the bosch had. I had an issue with the table on the first saw i received ( i am very critical of saws after my bosch incident, and festool sent me a replacement and picked up the one i received from hassel and very quickly !! ) i was very impressed with customer service from festool. The handle/saftey switch on the bosch was a little clunky and awkward for me. It is similar to my dewalt ;but a little clunkier imo. The kapex has a vert. handle sim. to my makita, so not hard to adjust to. The lasers,which i did not think i would ever use, are turning out to be very useful and a feature i am glad to have. The one thing i think is far ahead of the bosch and the makita 1214L i have is the head angle adjustment. in my furniture making i use a lot of angles and compound angles in thick hardwoods and repeated accuracy is very critical. the makita is a p.i.t.a. at best and you are never quit sure what exact angle you are on. the bosch is a little better at adjusting the angle although the head seems a bit big and clunky to move; but on the saw i received the table would move slightly/flex every time you would clamp the head down from the front. not good in my work. the kapex has a geared head adjusted from a handle on the front of the right slide. seems smooth and very accurate so far.The forward slide rails are very smooth and have no play what so ever. I think having the slide forward puts the hinging closer to the cut. Seems tighter than my makita, (which is 4 yrs old). For me the hinge mech on the bosch seems to far back and seemed like it had a lot more flex with all the hinge points, especially when the saw was pulled out. the miter/angle tool included with the festool seems great; but i do very little trim work outside of the shop, so not sure if i will ever really use it. If i had to take a saw to the jobsite day after day, the bosch is big and heavy......its a beast and i would not want to lug it around. the kapex is compact and lighter. trim work in a house i would take the kapex. rough framing were the saw could be left...i would take the bosch. BUT my saw never leaves my shop so... weight and compactness,are not issues for me. Accuracy is #1, and so far the kapex seems to be the most accurate saw out there of the ones i have tried, for me. I had both saws hooked up to the same shop vac, and the dust collection was far better on the kapex. Again i have a big dusty shop ..always... so this is not a big issue for me. I have never hooked my saw up to a vac before... maybe i will now... it was kind of nice. don't let the review above fool you about the bosah cutting capacity. it is not 6.5 " . included in the manual is a slip of paper that warns of the saw coming in contact with the fence during some comb. miter cuts. the capacity is not more than 4.5 " on the right. the first review on this forum covers it very well. Price is always an issue; but for me if it works better and is more of a pleasure to use .... every day.... it is well worth it. The kapex is expensive and worth every dime to me. Just a few observations on the 2 saws after limited use.

UPDATE ADDED 1 25 2011: Was contacted by bosch main tech saw guy and we talked about the table problems and other concerns i had. He was understanding and explained that their appeared to be a problem with the packing and they were working on a couple solutions. He apologized for the poor customer service i had received . Said we may talk more after they had resolved the issues. not sure what that does !
3 08 2011 update; I have never heard from bosch again. The box i received had no damage to it at all. it was in perfect shape. 2 ups guys delivered this to my shop. so.... i honestly do not believe this to be a packaging issue, at least not alone. i believe it to be a quality control issue or manufacturing problem. just my belief. i have seen a lot of imported stuff that was great and a lot bad. very inconsistent. if you buy one hope your lucky and get a good one. mine was not.......and by now i have put some time in on my new kapex,..........I have no regreats.
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on March 27, 2011
I recently purchased a Bosch GCM12SD Glide Miter Saw. I received a saw that was damaged in freight similar to two of the 3 Star Amazon reviews. However I must say that Bosch took care of me immediately. And my new saw is cutting perfect cuts.

When I received the 1st saw the left side of the turntable was a full 1/8" lower than the sides. The right side was a few thousands lower. A single call to Bosch linked me to a customer service specialist who was aware of the shipping problems of this saw. The shipping weight is 87 lbs. so its not surprising that some rough handling may occur. It is still shipped by UPS without any special handling equipment. It's simply labeled "Heavy Object use Team Work". However, there is only one driver to a truck. On both shipments the bottom of the box was abraded 25% through the cardboard on one corner with punctures through the packaging. It looks like the box is pulled to the end of the truck and dropped to the ground in extreme cases, then dragged. The damage to my saw coincides with this theory.

The Bosch rep. said the replacement would be shipped on a pallet to prevent this situation again. The second saw came in the same poor packaging but survived the delivery in spite of a damaged box.

I have numerous Bosch tools and I've been happy with them all. I commend Bosch for the expediency in which they handled the problem. I called them on Mon. afternoon and had a new saw set up , adjusted and making perfect cuts on Fri. afternoon.

I hope Bosch realizes how serious this packaging issue is. I've read a few reviews that rate the product poorly. The owners list the same problems and think that it's a quality issue of the saw, when the shipping is what caused the problem.

I must say that after reading the Bosch GCM12SD 120-Volt 12-Inch DB Glide Miter Saw negative reviews I was leery of receiving a saw that was sub-par.--Not so! I'm completely satisfied with the saw for its intended use. Due to size, I'll still continue to use my 10" Bosch sliding miter for field work.
The up-front controls on these saws are great. The safety trigger on the GCM12SD is stiffer than the 10" saw, it just takes a little getting used to.

Update: [...]
Yesterday I spoke to my neighbor who saw the first delivery. It was delivered on a UPS 18 Wheeler Freight Style Truck. The door to this truck is approximately 4 feet off the ground. Just as suspected the driver pulled the saw with one hand off the tailgate bouncing it onto the ground. The second saw was delivered in a UPS Package Van. The driver placed it on a hand truck and brought it to the shop door.

I changed the blade to a Freud 96 tooth thin kerf--Wow! Smooth, cuts like butter.
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on July 18, 2015
I order this saw a couple weeks ago. Table was not flat. Amazon quickly sent a replacement. Unfortunately, the table on the second saw was off even more than the first. My straightedge was rocking back and forth- I had almost a 1/16" gap at each end of the table with another substantial dip in the middle. I'm waiting for a response from Bosch. I really wanted to like this saw - some of the new features are great - but it isn't much use to me with a table that is so out of flat. I have seen numerous reviews by people who have had the same problem. Either this is a shipping/packaging problem or a manufacturing issue that Bosch is not addressing (which I hope is not the case).

**UPDATE 9/23/15**
After multiple emails to Bosch, I still haven't received a response. I visited my local home store where one of these saws was on display. Same exact issue with the table. Perhaps there are some saws out there without this flaw but I'm 0 for 3 so far. I'm disappointed that Bosch didn't even make an effort to problem solve this issue with me.
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on March 15, 2015
I can certainly understand the complaints specific to the limititation on depth of bevel cuts when boards are positioned to the right of the blade. Also, I am sympathetic towards those individuals who recieved defective units. However, having used all the major saw brands (Makita, Hitachi, Dewalt and Bosch) over the years, both in the shop and on the job site, I would have to say that I am highly in favor of this saw. Making any simultaneously mitered and beveled cut that exceeds, let's say 30 degrees, on any dimension of lumber seems like a complete pain in the ass with any rail sliding saw when compared to this bi axial design. With the friction glide adjustment one can dial in the action to make any cut almost effortless. There is almost no comparison to the clunky sticky operation of the rail slide design, especially that of any Dewalt, which I consider the clunkiest of all.
As for cut accuracy, I have had no issues that I cannot attribute to the wood itself, such as cupping affecting the accuracy of miter cuts on wider boards or crook affecting the trueness of a square cut, both of which are easily rectified situations. The saw itself was calibrated almost perfectly right out of the box with minimal adjustments to the fence and bevel controls needed. The upfront operated bevel controls warrant mention too as their easy intuitive control make the awkwardly operated rear controls on the rest of the saws seem archaic.
At this point I have used the saw for a variety of applications including framing, finish, and cabinetry work. I have yet to be disappointed nor do I imagine I will be.
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on December 31, 2015
UPDATE: So, after trying to dial this saw in I have found a few flaws. 1st. the fence is is disconnected in the middle, unlike many other saws. Because of this, it is possible for the fence to not be true to itself from the left side to the right side, which means your miters could be spot on on one side, and completely off on the other side. Using a straight edge from a machine shop, the fence was off roughly 1/16'' from side to side. Correcting this and squaring the fence up was a frustrating process.

2nd. setting the left side 45 bevel stop was a nightmare. there is a square shaped washer at the back of the saw with small "wings" on it that appear to be completely useless. The washer would dig into the housing of the saw preventing the saw from reaching a full 45 degrees. It would stop it at around 38 degrees. I had to disassemble the bevel lock mechanism and pull out the washer and grind down the wing that was catching in the housing. It gouged the housing so badly it has almost gone through it. I have included a terrible quality photo showing the washer and the wing that had to be rounded.

3rd. Glide does not track straight. So with the fence trued up, and the saw locked at dead 0 degrees, (exactly 90 degrees from the blade to each fence) when the slide is extended, long cuts are off by up to 2 degrees. If I square the blade up while it is extended, then short cuts next to the fence are off. This is regardless of which blade I use and how slow and deliberate I am with the cut. My squares say the same thing too.

After all of this, there is no way I would buy this saw again, Yes, the glide and space savings are nice... but no, I would never trade them for the design flaws and inaccuracies of this saw. I wish like crazy I had not given up my RIDGID saw now.

***Initial Review: So, I sold a RIDGID 12" sliding miter saw to "upgrade" to this. Straight out of the box, the blade was not square to the fence, or to the table. This is something I was disappointed about as other reviewers have said it showed up spot on and dialed in. The bevel release to bevel right is different than to bevel left (a two step process to release it to bevel right) which I find very annoying. The bed or "table" is much smaller than my RIDGID and will be something I miss. The material clamp is not a "quick" adjust as the RIDGID is, which means if you are clamping down materials of varying thicknesses, its time consuming. The slide action is smooth as butter, much better than the traditional rail system. I have had no issues with the dust collection port breaking off as other reviewers have. In fact, it seems quite sturdy to me. It may have been re-designed and fixed on my saw. The fence seems to be too far back. With the saw arm all the way down, the blade is barely fully cutting through the material in the corner of the fence and the bed, causing edge blowout on many materials including MDF (could also be the crappy blade that showed up on the saw). The thumb safety seems to be awkwardly placed and sized for somebody with huge hands. I have big hands and it is still a stretch for my thumb to hit it at the right angle to get it to go in.

Looking at the construction of the saw, the cast parts seem to be a little light duty compared to my last saw, which is crazy because this saw is heavier than hell. Hopefully they hold up.

I usually use LEITZ (German made) blades on my saw, and have a fresh one I will be putting on soon. As others have stated, changing blades sucks on this saw. Luckily I don't have to do it too often.

I have the saw mounted on my RIDGID stand, and they work well together. I will update as I get a few more weeks on the saw. If I can finally get it dialed in and it will hold 0 then I will be a bit more excited about this saw. Until then, I feel like I should have just stuck with what I had.
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on April 23, 2011
Firstly, I knew full well the involved risk of mail ordering an 89 lb. package with a precision machine inside. UPS and others push the limit requiring their drivers to lug this thing around. I decided to roll the dice anyway, and got snake eyes... at first. In the end it still cost me less than purchasing at a local distributor.

The first saw arrived in two pieces, one large and one small. A three inch chunk that used to be the left/rear foot of the base was sliding around in the box. You know, the box with no Styrofoam in it, only cardboard uprights to ensure the saw lands on a fragile corner, and half an inch of rigid cardboard between $800/65 lbs. of miter saw and the concrete floor. The box did not appear unusually damaged (because it flexes so well), but the edges and corners were pretty beaten up. When I saw the damage, I felt like a nine year old who just dropped his ice cream cone. I picked my lower lip up off of the floor and I politely emailed Bosch about the substandard packaging. I'm sure they jumped right on the matter with lightning speed...

Amazon was great and I had a replacement two days later. I was out at the UPS store paying $120 (Reimbursable through Amazon) to ship the broken saw back. Meanwhile, the UPS man was delivering the replacement saw to my home. The UPS man asked my wife, "Didn't I just deliver one of these?" My wife told him where I'd gone, and that the first saw had arrived in pieces. She told me the UPS man looked "sheepish" as he "gingerly" placed the new saw on the floor of my garage/shop. We had a chuckle over the phone at his expense and I hurried home to open the new saw.

The second saw arrived undamaged, but the box looked like someone had lived in it for years. I mounted a Freud thin kerf blade and squared it up. Adjustments are easy. Even easier with a Wixey, or other magnetic digital angle gauge. The Bevel detent does not quite line up with the 33.9 degree mark, but the bevel scale is as accurate as the Wixey will measure (33.9/56.1 degrees). Everything lined up nice and square. The glide action is solid and smooth. Adjusting the tension of the glide action is easy with the supplied wrench. At full extension, there is very little side to side slop. You can force it to move side by side, but in use there is no hint of slop.

While shopping for a new saw, I tried just about all of the sliders from the reputable brands (Except Festool, don't want one). The Bosch has the least slop out of all of them.

The table:
The miter table (the part that turns) is flat. The outer support tables are not. They angle downward at about 0.3 degrees. At least thats what the Wixey shows. A straight edge across the entire table reveals about 1/64th or so of a gap. The outer edges of the support tables are coplanar with the miter table, but the inner edges of the support tables are not.

Even so, every single test cut I made was square and accurate with both long and short boards. The tiny variances on the table do not apparently effect the saw's accuracy. The miter table of my DeWalt 703 miter saw is positively convex, but it produces square and accurate cuts every time. I suspect that some folks complain about thousandths of a inch simply because they own the gadgets to measure that small (Dangit! Its three microns off! Burn it and get a better one!). No offense meant to anyone. I'm a woodworker not an eye surgeon. Forgive me if I'm out of line by .000000006 of an inch or so... give or take.

I removed the old DeWalt from my Lowe's clearance Bosch Gravity Rise Stand (gloating) and attached the mounting brackets to the Bosch. I found that when the saw is securely attached to the mounting brackets, the sliding material supports get jammed in the closed position. The mounting brackets flex under tension just enough to cause the supports to become stuck. I found that strategically placed shims (3/4" washers) between the base of the saw (near the material supports) and the mounting brackets allowed full use of the supports.

I'm extremely pleased with this saw. It is solid if you don't throw it out of a truck, and it performs magnificently. I have a dozen or so Bosch tools and this one is by far my favorite (and the most expensive). If a lighter 10 inch version comes out, I will be very tempted to get one.

My only caution to buyers is regarding the packaging. Understand the risk of mail ordering this saw. If you do not order from Amazon, only order from a company which has a return policy at least as good as Amazon. Be prepared to spend out of pocket in order to exchange a broken saw. The packaging for this saw is simply not designed to withstand anything more than sitting on a pallet... in zero gravity.

FYI: The following parts do not fit on the GCM12SD Axial Glide Miter Saw:

BOSCH MS1226 Vertical Quick Clamp for 4412 4410 5412L 4410L Miter Saws
The new taller fence is too high. The quick clamp mechanism will not clear the top of the fence.

BOSCH MS1228 Crown Molding Stop Supports Pair for 4412 4410 5412L 4410L Miter Saws
The new design of the material support extensions do not allow mounting of this accessory.

Bosch MS1223 Length Stop Kit for 4412, 5412L
The mounting holes are closer together than the 4412/5412/5312 saws and do not allow mounting unless you drill a new hole in the accessory.

I was disappointed when I tried all of these accessories, but hopefully Bosch will have new ones out soon.
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