Customer Reviews: Bose AE2 Audio Headphones (White) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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Price:$155.99 - $220.00
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on July 14, 2011
After trying out the Solo Beats by Dre, I found them to be extremely to bassey (if that's even a word) and too tight fitting for my particular taste. I returned them in less that 10 days. I recently purchased the Bose AE2i because I've just been dying for a new pair of headphones that I could use at home, on trips and that works with my iphone.

The price of these headphones is AMAZING! Not to expensive for the quality and control talk feature.
They are extremely light weight providing hours of comfort! Although I would prefer the cord to come out of the right ear, just because I'm accustomed to the mic being on the right side (apple ear buds), I do enjoy the feel of one cord.
These headphones sound great with all genres of music and although not totally cancelling, not very much outside noise gets in and disrupts your music.

I would def. recommend these if you are looking for a decent pair of headphones that are light weight and sound great with all types of music.
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on December 14, 2011
The Bose AE2i's sound like how I feel most Bose products do: nice clear sound, well balanced and a bit on the soft side. This makes them great for listening to pretty much ever genre of music but you're not going to get any real punch out of this headset which can be nice with bass heavy music (dance, electronic, etc). Still they're great for listening to that stuff if you favor balance over bass.

The set is extremely comfortable on my relatively large ears with plenty of breathing space inside each cup. Plus they're light and have a fairly slim profile of over-ears. The detachable cable is a nice touch which will hopefully extend their use lifetime. The jack that goes into the headphones is a bit strangely shaped but looks to be replaceable (inline control ones are $30 on the Bose site while normal ones are $7, might even be able to get away with a cheaper replacement/monitoring cable from third parties).

I removed a star because if I get one more headphone drawstring bag, I'm going to burn it outright. A bag is a nice way to tote around the headphones but provides next to no protection. I feel its much safer to simply carry them on my neck. I wish these came with a clamshell zipper case like the OEs (which I now wish I had been able to compare them to). Still I'm quite happy with these so far after three days use. Considering to size to sound quality I'd say they're just worth the price with that Bose premium. You can definitely find specialized headphones for less (fashion, bass, etc) but a well balanced comfortable set with a replaceable cable in the sub $200 range it would be difficult to match.
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on December 24, 2011
No, I don't work for Bose, I just love these headphones. Although, I am usually pretty tough to please. I bought these from a Bose store, but they are $19+tax cheaper currently on Amazon. To review:

- Comfort all the way around, most comfortable on ear headphones I've tried
- Sound quality is spot on Bose, these headphones uphold the respected brand name
- iPod/iPhone adapter works seamlessly, call quality is better than using the phone itself, buttons are raised in the right places to make it even easier to find the controls without looking than on the Apple earbuds themselves
- Naturally block outside noise, so while they are not noise cancelling, they do block out a reasonable amount on their own (EX: I have the music at moderate volume and hardly hear my own keystrokes)
- Cord only attaches to one earbud and easily detachable, connection is firm and snug
- Included carrying case

- Minor concern, but the cord is on the left earbud so if you are used to adjusting your music on the right side with your Apple earbuds you will just have to get used to doing it on the left side
- Earbuds are so soft sometimes unintentional impressions are left on the pad (purely a cosmetic "complaint")

These are some of the best headphones without noise cancelling tech that money can buy, the Apple integration is seamless and, in some cases, is better than Apple's original design. This is a worry free buy.
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on July 22, 2011
I purchased the headphones from the bose website within a couple weeks of them coming out. I have had Bose headphones before, but not for a couple years. The sound quality is excellent, and they are light weight and comfortable for me to use while i work for 9 hours a day. The ONLY issue that I have had, is that with less than a months worth of use, the cord right where it comes out of the iphone is starting to become disconnected. While this could be attributed to a quality problem, more likely it is my fault. At least ten times while standing up I have ripped the cord out of the headphones (its built to disconnect)and this probably put an undue amount of stress on the connection. However, once I noticed this happening, I called up Bose, and after waiting on hold for less than 2 mintues, and without a series of annoying automated questions, I was speaking to a live representative who got a new cord shipped out to me free of charge, BEFORE I sent mine back. Im used to aweful customer service that forces me to send in the defective product and sit on my hands waiting for a replacement to arrive. Not with Bose! I'm definitely satisfied with the quality and service, and I will be buying Bose products again in the future!
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on January 29, 2014
Wow I love these...did I say I love these?

First things first...Sound. I'm not a professional or audiophile but have owned several earbuds and headphones over the years(Shure,V-moda,Beats by Dre, Sony, Monoprice,Etymotic research, to name a few)

Imo these head phones are very well balanced. You can throw pretty much any genre of music at them and handles superbly. Defined bass without being overly sub bassy. Crystal clear crisp highs, and great vocals. I listen to progressive rock, blues, jazz, r&b, classical, hip-hop, dubstep and they do such a great job. I love and appreciate some of my favorites songs even more, hearing vocals and individual instrument separating I didn't hear with out sets of headphones. Great for a home theater system watching(listening) to movies as well. I primarily use them with my samsung galaxy s3 phone or my ipod touch. A little eq adjustment may be necessary (sliders) to bring more bass out if that's what you prefer.

Sound Isolation(they don't cancel): They don't leak much for those that are in close proximity...but they don't block much out to be closed back around ear headphones. Perfectly fine for mostly quiet places, however around noise you'll hear all of the outside stuff through them. I still use in ear, ear buds that seal well at work or around noisy areas.

Comfort: Ohhhhhhhh lightweight, plush and comfortable. No fatigue, you forget they are even on(can wear for hours), supersoft ear cushioning.

Design: Again ultra lightweight, Great design, mostly plastic but feel durable. The insides of the headphones actually slant/recess towards the back away from the scaffold part of your ear so they don't touch. (cord) jack on the left side that is detachable(but proprietary however, but only 7 bucks to replace if necessary) The cord is thin and a tad long but I haven't had the tangling issues some have mentioned. The 3.5 mm jack is angled to reduce angular stress on the cable when your phone or mp3 device is in your pocket. They rotate/fold flat but do not collapse or fold inward like some sets do. Not the most aesthetic set of headphones but nice looking enough. Fairly understated, not for show.

The soft draw string pouch doesn't provide much protection if you travel so I'd recommend an aftermarket hardshell case. I picked one up on Amazon for 13 dollars.

I can't speak on reliability since I haven't had them that long but just the comfort level and sound, amazing! After some years of trying different sets with mixed results, I feel I've finally found the all around performer I've been looking for, great all around listening/sound and incredible comfort.
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on January 17, 2014
First and foremost, I have gone through extensive research to find the ultimate headphones that leave my ears and wallet in bliss. Every single time it I thought of these, it always came down to Bose. The sound quality is crisp, concise and not overbearing. The design is stylish, sleek, and straight-up sexy. The comfort is absolutely SUPERB. And all for under $150? You would be a fool not to buy.

The sound quality may not be a hot issue for some, but for those who are picky about noise, these are ideal for you. Most other headphones of this caliber tend to overuse bass, or diminish the treble and melodic material. These, however, have crisp bass, and excellent treble. Another great thing is that these have almost no noise leakage. I can sit in class blasting music at ear-piercing volumes and not disturb any one around me.

The comfort is very enjoyable. I bought these shortly before a flight overseas. I thought "That 9 hour flight would be a good test of how long I can keep these on." And sure enough, all 9 hours, took them off only to use the toilet. The cushion surrounds your ear and sits lightly on your head. I would pay good money to have a pillow made out of that material, it is fantastic.

Lastly, the price. I saw these at Target and thought "$149?! That's pretty expensive!" Then I did some research, and immediately changed my mind. The next best headset to these costs around $199, and they don' look nearly as good. This is the best investment I've made in a loooong time.

-EXTREMELY comfortable
-Superb quality
-Stylish design
-Great price (they go on sale often too)
-Lightweight and durable
-Almost no noise leakage
-Natural noise-reducing, but not too much
-Exchangeable wire (in case your cat chews wires)

-Wire is not tangle free, can get messy sometimes
-If you have a big head like me, or big hair, expect a nice dent after only an hour of wear
-Microphone only works on Apple devices, so Android users beware!
-Plus, mic does not work on PCs, only Macs
-Wire is pretty long, so if you are a casual and use it for your phone or such, the wire can be annoying
-Thin wire makes it an easy target for cats, so it keep it out of reach of kitties

Overall, a definite 5/5 stars. Hope this reviewed helped!
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on November 29, 2013
First of all, after reading some of the bad reviews, I can almost guarantee that as someone who lives and breathes consumer electronics, some of these people complaining about bad sound, cushions falling apart after weeks and the headphones breaking quickly with "light" use definitely got some counterfeit Bose headphones because they were feeling cheap and wanted to save a buck. I've seen counterfeit headphones, they steal companies descriptions and photos and make compelling look-a-likes but when you feel them and listen, they're definitely not the same. Bose headphones aren't invincible, but they're some of the most durable headphones on the market. They're not designed to directly compete with Beats in sound either, Beats are artificially enhancing the bass, Bose is not. Bose is going for clean and even top to bottom, Beats are bass heavy. Neither is right or wrong per se, they're just very, very different. If you want to see / hold / touch / listen to Bose headphones, go to a retailer or Bose store to test them. If you do buy directly from a Bose store, they honor the warranty, if you are concerned about build quality or in warranty issues. Ultimately, most people don't realize how rough and tumble they are with things like phones, tablets, and portable audio products, take care of Bose headphones, and they'll take care of you. I take care of my (white) AE2i and QC2 and they're both still working perfectly! I hope this helps someone!
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on January 29, 2014
I've spent a lot of time around music in the last 24 years (and I'm 28). From DJ'ing at clubs and parties, playing on stage with jazz, country, alternative and heavy metal bands, solo classical piano recitals, and have spent a fair amount in studio recording and producing. I tell you that to reinforce this statement : these headphones turn your own musical collection into studio quality expressive art for less than the price of an hour in a good studio.

These are not technically noise cancelling, but they surround your ears, so you get virtually the same effect. They are the most comfortable headphones I've worn, and though I agree that they feel a little less durable than some heavy duty headphones, I feel that for the price and sound quality, these were the best headphones to fit my needs (plus, they look stylish when on your head, so another plus there too).

In summation, I will have to check out some other Bose options down the road, but for now, I will own a pair of these headphones... always. Buy them. If you can take care of a wonderful pair of headphones, you won't be disappointed.
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on November 6, 2012
I have used many different styles of headphones over the years. I travel a lot for work, by bus, boat, train, and I use headphones a lot. These are the most comfortable headphones I have ever owned. Once you get them adjusted you will probably forget that you are wearing them. The sound quality is excellent, both for music and movies. They fold somewhat flat for easy portability (this only makes them slightly more portable but I guess it is something). There is an included bag to store them in, which is kind of nice to keep the cord, which is about 4 feet long, from getting tangled. The only complaint I have about these headphones is the cord itself, it is thin. I do not know if this will affect its durability, but if my past experiences tell me anything I am going to say it will. It is the flimsiest tiniest cord I have ever seem attached to any good quality headphone. It reminds me of the cords you might find on the cheap 5 dollar ear buds that come with mp3 players.

I have not had these long enough to know if the cord will fail but if it does I will be sure to update my review on how long it lasted.
Overall these are great headphones, excellent sound quality, very comfortable, and available in either black or white. However, Bose really dropped the ball with the stupid cord they used.

One final note, these are not noise cancelling headphones (which I have never had any luck with anyway) but they still do a good job at reducing outside noise.

If you want something more portable and you prefer ear buds I highly recommend JBuds J4 Rugged Metal In-Ear Earbuds Style Headphones with Travel Case (Gun Metal).

I accidentally discovered (by stepping on the cord) that the flimsy little cord they use on these headphones is actually connected to the headset by a plug just like you plug into your ipod or computer. I didn't realize I had my foot on the cord and went to stand up, ripped the cord out of the headphones and first thought I just ruined them. Turns out all I did was unplug the headset from the cord, plugged it back in and everything was as good as new. Even though the cord is stupidly thin and flimsy I'm updating these to 5 stars just because of this one incident. Any other set of headphones would have been ruined.
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on December 27, 2012
So I consider myself a pretty hardcore gamer. I play ALOT of fps games everything from cod to bf3 to planet side 2 ... sound quality is of upmost importance to me. I've bought and used pretty much every major gaming headset available from 5.1 to 7.1 from logitech to razer and by accident really I ended up getting these headphones. I originally bought a pair for my wife because she listens to alot of music and figured bose was the best option for that.

She kept raving about the amazing sound quality and I decided to test them out one day while playing bf3.....holy sh! t ...i thought i was using good headphones before but once I put these on I was literally blown away by the sheer difference in sound clarity. I was using the logitech 7.1 up until this point but these just blow them away. It's not even a contest. There are sounds ingame that I literally did not hear before. Individual steps being taken behind me. wind blowing , grass moving....concrete crumbling around was like a revalation.

Never before had my games sounded like this. It was amazing, it was like playing a competely different game. I suddenly felt like I have been cheating myself for YEARS by not using these headphones. Never agian will i believe the hype about "gaming" headphones. From now on its Bose or gtfo. The difference is just THAT crazy. Couple these headphones with a good sound card like the xi-fi extreme gamer and just WOW. Anyone that complains about bose is just insane in my eyes or just doesn't understand how to adjust there sound correctly and is clueless. You can literally makes these sound however you want them to with the right settings so there really is no room to complain. Just dumb people that don't know any better. Anyway get these headphones. If you are not a moron you will not regret it.
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