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on December 17, 2010
I know everyone so far has rated this system really high because Bose is the best selling audio brand in the country but please read on and I urge you to do your own research and judge for yourself. I purchased this system, against my better judgement, a few months back due to a friend of mine raving about it. I went to my local Bose store and heard it and it sounded great in their little room. I fell for this trick once before several years ago when I purchased the original Bose 321 system and hated it. So anyway, i ended up getting the V35 system for $3k. I took it home and set it up and it did not sound anything like it did in the store. I took it back and got a new one and BAM, same thing so I called the store and they had a guy come out and "professionally install it." The guy did a great job and was very honest about the product. After it was fully configured it sounded better but not like a $3k system should sound. The sound it put out was either very boomy or too rich so in other words it lacked midrange and true punch for movies. For example when at mid to high volume, the surround sound comming from the center channel overpowered the dialogue such as hearing to much street noize in a city sceen and not being able to hear the voice crystal clearly. We fooled with it for several hours to no avail. It either got much quiter in which the base response overpowered the audio or it got two loud where all the sound seemed to mix so where it lacked clarity. Honestly my old Onkyo 7.1 THX system I purchased for $799 sounded WAY better than the V35 Bose system that was replacing it (replacing the onkyo system because the receiver died and I wanted to go all out). After talking to the installer he told me that Bose systems always sound good in the store because the rooms they are set up in are perfectly rectangular with nothing in the way to block sound waves meaning these rooms are configured so that the sound waves will bounce of the walls perfectly. Basically, its a nice trick for a perfectly square, small room but not practical for most lived in living rooms. So I kept the system an extra week and moved it to a 14x14 bedroom and bam he was right. The system sounded much better however still lacked true midrange but overall the sound was much better but still not worth 3k in my opinion. The room which I needed a system in is a 20x22 room so it is more of a challenge for the small sounding V35. So needless to say I took it back. So once again in my opinion the sound was not good enough for that price tag however in its environment you can get a decent sound. There are however some plus's for the V35 system... first, it is VERY easy to set up and its an all in one system which helps many people who dont care to buy seperate parts and build their own system. The speaker size made the system virtually invisible but that is also why it sounds so small. Anyway, I took the system back and had no problem getting my money back... I then did about a months worth of research/searching and for the same price built an amazing system. I can't stress how much better it is when you put a little time and effort into doing this. I am not an audiophile but when I watch an action movie i want to be able to clearly hear the dialogue while hearing the surround effects while getting punched in the face by the subwoofer. The Bose simply didn't do it for me. I ended up getting a mixed system which consists of a Definitive Technology CLR 2500 center, (2) BP7002's towers, (2)Klipsch RF-42 surrounds, an Epik Empire subwoofer, 12 guage wire and banana plugs from monoprice and a Pioneer Elite SC-35 receiver. Total cost for parts... $3100. A mere $100 more than I paid for the Bose but if you factor in tax from the Bose store, my system costs less. Once again you have to shop around and look for the best price so there is the trade for a boxed home system such as bose. If you don't shop around that same configuration I quoted will cost you around 5k but it can be had in non holiday/non football seasons for half the price. After setting up my new system I watched Pirates of the Carribean and then Blackhawk Down... when I walked out after the movies had finished I had two black eyes and was sore everywhere because the sub punched so hard but never for a minute did the Definitive technology and Klipsch speakers feel as if they were overpowered. I cant stress enough how good the Klipsch, and definitive technology speakers are. If your on the fence, jump... you wont be sorry. These speakers have great lows, mids and highs and create a room full of quality sound. The Empire sub is by far the best sub I had ever heard... it kicks so hard that it could probably power a real theaters low end. If you don't believe me, get on AVS Forums and do some research. Anyway... if this price is too much for you I also recommend the KEF3005 speaker system (which was my second choice if I hadn't configured my own system). I heard that system at a friends place and it sounds amazing when paired to his Denon AVR1911 receiver. Anyway, my point is that you really need to do your research and not buy into mass marketed, overpriced junk. Once again just my opinion... good luck and turn the volume up!
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VINE VOICEon January 27, 2011
After two years of research, many many visits to the local Bose store, lots of questions asked, we finally took the plunge with the latest model and enjoyed a 10% sale that was offered at the time! We were looking to replace our current home theatre system with the very large Kiplisch speakers (one of the main reasons for the search and hence was attracted to the jewel boxes) and we were looking for a replacement that was more befitting an apartment space. Addtional extra was the remote ended up operating more like a harmony, which was not what we had orginally thought (we remain a harmony-run family, with this one exception). All hooked up to the receiver include the TV, tivo, xbox, apple tv, and play station.

We love the slim line look of the receiver and without all the huge speakers in the room, we feel we have gained back a lot of space. The receiver has inputs/outputs that really reflects the current modern day demands and entertainment devices. The speakers are amazing: the centre one offers the best sound in terms of hearing speach in any genre and we are not raising the volume to hear the talking part of a program and then having to turn down the volume when all the sound effects come into play!

The set up takes a while, even for my husband who is a technical nerd, but that maybe because of all the additional devices we had to program the remote to learn. The sound testing system is cool and I am sure that is why we are so enjoying the surround sound effects and the clarity of the voices is beautiful. The speakers bring music to life - seriously. we played so many genre and each one just echoed with such depth that you would have thought you were in the recording studio. We were impressed with the integration of the receiver with the speakers and the sound testing that came with the set-up.

One thing to note, we opted to have wireless back speakers which required additional hardware to be purchased. The sound quality is a tad better with the back speakers wired; but we opted for wireless and we will probably end up not noticing in the long run!

The remote was a dream and it did take a little time to learn the language of all our devices. We thought we couldnt use the infra-red wireless headphones with it - well you can! The cord has be be jacked in the front panel of the receiver and you have to turn up the volume to hear.

Like everyone, we were also aware of the high costs, but when you break it down, tangible and tangible benefits do out weigh the 'cost number'. For those of you who are looking for a cleaner look and good sound quality (loves movies and many genre of music: I am trying to differentiate from those who have ears that pick up a whole lot more than the average population and are very fussy about what they listen to): this being said, it is really worth a look and a serious investigation at this latest Bose Model.

This product was not bought on a whim and we had a lot of high demands and requirements, especially where the hamrony-like features and the wireless headphones were concerned! Seriously, we held back from buying the model earlier as we were still investigating on whether the Harmony could be trained for the Bose system: in the end we were impressed with the Bose remote!

We have had the system for over a week now and we cant stop pinching ourselves on the recent purchase and wonder why we had waited so long.
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on November 4, 2012
In reading some of the negative feedback it is my hope to assist the average buyer as well as some advanced buyers to make a decision about this product. I am from the era where mucic was pumped out on very large speakers during the disco era and I do know what mucic should sound like. Additionally, as a child my family had a small night club and as night clubs go-the sound of mucis is the center piece. I have a high end Rockford Fosgate (sorry mispelled) system in my truck and a very advanced surround system in my car. Although both of these systems are from different manufacturers they both meet my standards when it comes to listening to my music in my automobiles. In my home I have the V35 system in my den; and a sony surround system in my exercise room. Again; both of these systems is more than I need for my listening pleasure.

Now; in all honesty, as far as sound quality is concerned any of the systems I mentioned above far exceeds any of the systems from my so called music era age. My point is; most high end systems of today is truly high end and you will get what you pay for in most cases, and I do consider Bose as a high end system. If you buy a 300 dollar system from best buy you will never get the quality sound of a V35 system. If you put together a comparitive high end system based upon your individual needs for your needs then you "will" pay just as much or more than what the V35 sytem costs-period.

I do understand that those that bash the V35 and other Bose products can usually be considered very smart tech savy people that truly want you to know that you can get something better for around the same price. This is fine for people with such backgrounds but this is where the entire argument seems to miss the point. When the average consumer purchases the V35 system they go home, take it out of the box, plug it in, make the connections (that speak to each other by the way), and turn it on. Then they will put many remotes in a drawer and this V35 system will then become the hub of all video and audio in their home-no buts about it. Those with higher techological skills will more than likely purchase several different products and merge them together to make their dream system. There is nothing wrong with this direction, but if these people would take off their big brain hats they will admit that the V35 is not a joke when it comes to music and video usage. They must understand that they are not writing reviews for their tech savy brothers alone.

I am not a fool as I return things all the time that does not meet my needs or falls short of the best value for my needs. I would have taken this system back in a moment if it had failed in meeting my needs and these needs are based upon:

1. Great superior sound
2. Ease of use
3. Replacement of other remotes
4. Intergration to my entire home music and video needs
5. It has to be pretty!

My V35 runs every single music and video device in and outside of my home. I truly have not found a limit to what I can do with this system. It runs my televion and every single component (that used) to connect to it. It provides music to two additional zones, one inside my home and another outside in my garden. It seemlessly operates my IPHONE and IPAD. It does all of this and still makes your body tingle with explosive bass and great highs and lows. At any time when I am listening to any type of sound if I ever desire more punch all I need to do is punch it! Truly I have not found a time that I could not fullfill my need at any moment with the system. Most of all it does all of these things without pointing a remote at a screen but from anywhere inside or outside of my home, and the best part-this all came in one big neatly packaged box.

For those that state; "it does not sound like it did in the showroom"! Wow, what a misconception that proves to be! Every listening area has its own different sound failures. In regards to the IQ calibration system. "It does work people".

Another important point that the high tech reviewers fail to mention is this: because they are of such a high tech knowledge base, they may not appreciate the fact that Bose tech people are always available for those people that need such services. I have had Bose systems for over 14 years and I have never had to stay on the phone waiting for assistance and I never felt that the tech agent was reading from a manual when assisting me-they know their product! They never discuss the question of warranty, if it ia a Bose system they spend as much time as any new product with me, Also, I never had to keep calling back hopeing to get an agent that spoke my language because the agent always spoke my language. Also, I have not had to pay for many items but Bose simply sent them to me free of charge in many cases. Bose has been around for years and will be here for a while more than likely.

In closure; I appreciate the comments from some that bash Bose but if you really want to decide on this product you first have to listen to a person that "speaks your language"
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on September 23, 2010
Bought this for 2 areas in the house. After much argument and debate with various neighbors, listening to the different sound systems around, pricing out individual components, etc...

We went with the Bose V35 for several reasons:

1. Great sound.
2. Easy setup/use.
3. Easy to tweak settings.
4. Small and unobtrusive.

In terms of the constant comments pro/con about Bose in respect to its sound quality/price point:

My wife is a professionally trained singer, in the classical mode. We strongly felt that the Bose gives you the best recreation of the concert-hall experience. Having listened to Def Tech, Klipsch, Polk, etc... The Bose does a better job. If music is one of your purposes, especially classical, then we think you will be hard pressed to beat Bose. Music is important to us, and we have a wide range of tastes, but classical/sacred is at or near the top of the list, so this moved Bose up for us. The highs and mids are incredibly crisp and well defined. The bass sounds good as well. For classical music especially, you are going to hear more treble/midrange than chest/house thumping bass. There are other types of music that emphasize bass more, that a mega subwoofer would be better for. For pop music and some movies, we simply turn up the bass and it still sounds wonderful.

Movies/TV sound great as well. We watched Crimson Tide (wide range of sound...) I heard sounds on it I did not realize were in the soundtrack. A vast improvement over our prior system. Star Trek and Band of Brothers sounds fantastic as well. Haven't watched Black Hawk Down yet. but I am looking forward to it.

As far as Price goes. It is pricey. However, my neighbor spent about 3 times what we spent on his sound, and his is still not working well. Maybe his will sound better, but it doesn't yet. Some people like to talk about the size of their speakers. I have never felt the need for that, personally...

We found the Bose to be priced within reason for a custom configured system. It is more expensive than the HTIB, but it sounds much better, in our opinion.

Finally, if your goal is to have a massive system with huge speakers and bass that shakes the neighborhood, this system is not for you. In terms of crisp/clear outstanding sound, easy to use, minimal footprint in your living space, I can't think of a better alternative.
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on May 25, 2011
Bose in my room ...
Two years ago, I'd got a Bose 3-2-1 GS series III for my room. I was very pleased with its performance, simplicity design and size.

Bose in my Hall ...
Hence, I'd decided to acquire this new toy 3 weeks ago to replace my aging Sony DVD home entertainment systems (DAV-DZ720 series 1000W) in my living hall.

My Bose V35 system setup was simple - I need to configure & link up to the following items:
1. HDMI - Sony TV
2. HDMI 1- Sony 3D Blu-ray player BDP-S470
3. HDMI 2- Sony PS3 (Special Edition - White), and
4. HDMI 3- Cable TV HD

(Please refer to the 4 Photos posted by me in Amazon)

All my toys were easily configured and completed within an hour.

The Bose universal remote control is a wonderful gadget to have ... Now I can control the on/off power, play, fast forward, change channels, volume control, mute, etc all in a single devices for my TV, Blu-ray player, PS3 and Cable TV box. It has a very useful "glow button" on the rear of the remote - Press it to illuminate all the control buttons on the remote when you watch your movies in the dark.

The Adaptiq audio calibration is a state of the art calibration systems that sync perfectly with the Jewel Cube speaker arrays.

My living hall is now blessed with "Real theater like surround sound" for all my Blu-ray movies (my current stock is 210+ discs).
The Bose systems worked perfectly with my Sony (CD/DVD/SACD/Blu-ray) player - it plays beautiful & crystal clear vocals for my favourite audiophile voices and classical CD too.

The only missing zig-saw puzzle now is to get a new 3D TV.... ( I am still looking around for the best technologies and deals) to compliment my home entertainment systems.

In Summary:
(1) Ease of use & setup
(2) Small footprint & no messy cables
(3) High resolution video & Incredible Theater Sound Systems
(4) Crystal clear audio music, &
(5) Single Remote Control for all your devices

If you have the cash to dote on yourself, you won't regret investing in this wonderful Bose system. Cheers.
review image review image review image review image
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on June 11, 2012
I agonized about buying the V35. After reading all the comments above, and all the advice I could find on-line, I finally decided to trust my gut and buy this expensive system.

My first impression upon opening the box was: with Bose you get what you pay for. The packaging is amazing. Very smartly done. You can actually unpack the system easily, and find everything you need, and the instructions are virtually stupid proof.

Next the set-up. I decided to make setting it up a family affair, so I asked my wife and two daughters to help me. Altogether it took about 30 minutes to set everything up, and then another 30 minutes to go through all the steps in getting the sound perfect. This might sound like a long time, but it did not feel that way. The speaker stands are a snap to set up, and you can tell they are of high quality. The speaker cables come ready to plug and play, no cutting or measuring, just plug in the cable to the back of the speakers, and then to the unit. It's hard to go wrong because every wire is labeled clearly, and color coded so you know what plug it fits into.

The only reason it took 30 minutes, is because we had to connect all of the following: 1.) BluRay Player 2.) CD Player 3.) Satellite box 4.) Cable Box 5.) IPod 6.) DVD player 7.) DVBT Television 8.) Turntable, and even connecting 8 things, it still only took about 15-20 minutes for this part.

The next 30 minutes were spent setting up the system, and I must say this is where Bose blew me away. First, the Bose remote control is very smart. On your TV screen it gives you instructions what button to push on the remote in question (BluRay, CD Player etc.) and then within just a few steps you get the message "your device has been recognized, you can now use your Bose remote to control this device." And indeed, you can put away 8 remotes that used to continuously get lost somewhere, now you only need 1.

Then the sound test starts, but not just any old sound test. The V35 comes with a funny looking pair of earphones, but which are not in fact ear phones. The two bulbs that rest right above your ears are microphones! They measure what is coming in, or in effect, what your ears will later receive. You then sit in 5 different locations in your living room, and run the very fast test. The system goes through and tests each speaker, and how the sound reflects off the walls and furniture of your home. It automatically adjusts itself for the perfect sound. Then this part of the set up is over, and you can get started.

I am simply amazed at how good the subwoofer sounds. Normally I do not like a reverberating bass shaking my entire house, and it was always difficult for me to set subwoofers up for the right volume in the last 3 stereo systems I bought. Well with this Bose V35, you do not need to worry about that. The level is set for you during the test described above, and it is set perfect.

I was super impressed when I plugged in my IPod to the dock which comes with the unit. You can see everything on your TV screen that you normally see on the IPod screen. Earlier I read a review that says you can only search Genre, that is false, you have all the criteria to choose from. And best of all, you can play all your videos too! And they look and sound great! This is when my wife clapped her hands with joy, she has a lot of videos on her 3 iPods, and this is already her favorite feature.

So in summary about the setup: everything worked, everything fit, everything functioned perfectly right away. Other manufacturers should strive for this type of quality in packaging and set-up simplicity.

Then we plugged in a BluRay disc, and sat back on our sofas to enjoy the show. Mama Mia!!! What a sound!!!

We put in Transformers, and I can only say, these tiny little jewel speakers are really well named. The sound is so ultra realistic you feel like you are in the movie. The surround sound effects are simply incredible, you can hear the bullets zing past you, you hear the train coming up behind you as if you were standing on the track. The clarity is mind boggling, the sound is simply perfect no matter if the movie scene is quiet, loud, thunderous, or virtually silent, it beats the THX cinema sound system at the theater we normally visit.

I am not sure we will be going to the theater that much any more. After all my couch is very comfortable, my popcorn is just as good, my HD widescreen gives me an excellent picture, and now, now I have the sound I always dreamed of. Knock your socks off awesome sound that just makes you enjoy movies like never before.

To pay almost $ 3000 for a sound system is not a decision I took lightly. It took me 6 months to convince myself, but now I am so glad I did. My family actually enjoyed setting the V35 up. I think both my girls and my wife now appreciate why Dad had to have this system. The entire time we were busy setting it up you kept hearing "wow", or "oh my", or (my youngest daughter) "Bose is the Boss!!!" "Awesome" "Dude this is amazing" etc. etc. etc.

This is a 5 star product if there ever was one. Do not believe the Bose bashing people who cannot, or do not want to afford the luxury of a simply super system that is super simple to set up and enjoy. If you can afford it, and love great sound with a modern flair, tiny speakers, and exceptional quality construction, then get it. I decided this was my Fathers Day, Birthday, and Christmas present all wrapped up in one, and I am so glad I did.
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on November 4, 2013
I moved from a Definitive home theater ( floor standing Mythos plus center and surround , Denon 3210 amplifier etc ...) due to lack of space in my apartment. This is my first experience with Bose and I should say the product is amazing with the very small foot print and installation went so easy thanks to the accurate and complete user friendly manual.

In terms of sound you can't believe what you hear of these tiny (in compare to my previous humongous tower speaker off course) little speakers!!! They are unbelievably crisp and sharp and I recommend them for both music and movie.

I read many negative ideas regarding Bose being overpriced but I believe you pay for the quality, sound sharpness , smaller foot print which is very important for many people, despite of the fact that Definitive is a respectful brand but I found BOSE V35 has all you need for as a home theater all in one package.
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on September 6, 2011
The world it seems, is full of Bose bashers. Get onto any forum and there they are... telling all and sundry how poor Bose Lifestyle systems are. Most I suspect, just don't understand the thought process of the Bose Lifestyle buyer and have never owned one. Most being pre-occupied with 'how big theirs is'.

You see, the average Bose Lifestyle buyer doesn't really care if there are systems that 'sound better' for the money. As the name implies, they are buying the 'lifestyle' that Bose promises, and I might add, delivers in spades. There might be better sounding equipment around, but to my ears, the Bose is just great delivering clean crisp sound at a volume level that exceeds anything we will ever need.

Add to that the ease of set-up, the convenience of being able to control all the other components such as Blu-Ray player, TiVo, Satellite box, and iPod through the Bose remote and you've got a truly easy to use, great sounding, well thought out surround sound home theatre system. The amount of thought and planning that has gone into these systems is astonishing with everything being located just where you want it and where you would expect it to be.

Oh, and did I mention the build quality...?

As the Nike ad says... 'Just do it', you won't regret the decision I guarantee.
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on February 8, 2016
Ok people,i'm gonna set this straight..i have a hearing for sound not just any sound but GOOD clarity SOUND and DEPT...i've listen to many many speakers out there claiming to be good sound over the past 20+ years now.I even have separates components like your power amp,receiver,subwoofer etc..been there done that..NOW to the present..i didn't listen to people telling me whats good and not good i have a ears just like everyone and i decided whats good for ME,let me say that again foooorrr.....ME!ok moving on BOSE says to compare there system to ANY system out there and you will SEE and HEAR the lifestyle difference,and you know what thats exactly what i did and to my SURPRISE BOSE BEATS them ALL.It beats my separates,it even beats out many so call home theater receivers out there that i own,and i'm not gonna call them out,but if you have a earring for SOUND you will know who they are and there speakers as well.I challenge bose and i even have my wife see and hear the difference when i compare them.This is what i did i set up two is BOSE the other is the challenger,i played the same movie in the same blu ray player and my wife and i and even those that LISTEN to my system felt more INTUNE when they watch it thru my bose system its like there actually in the movie,the SOUND these speakers bring to your ears is like a jewel..the overall experience is just mind boggling.My wife face expression is enough to say this system make you experience live action drama or whatever you watch in your brings movies and music to LIFE,and those OTHER system out there are just imitation of what sound should sound like..its artificial...and not i know why they call it lifestyle system..good job Dr. Amar Bose good job..peace be with you..
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on March 11, 2011
I will make this review short and sweet and avoid any arguments with true audiophiles who will go on endlessly about specs that I could care less about. I gave this system four out of five stars for two reasons: 1) The high price tag; and 2) There are better sounding systems for the price. I bought this system to replace my aging 1995 Bose Lifestyle 12 system which was incompatible with current technology. The reasons I bought this system is that it is the most unobtrusive, sleek, and user-friendly home theater system I have ever seen. And it sounds pretty damn good, too. I have my Apple Time Capsule, Apple TV, iPod dock, WD-TV Live, Playstation 3, DirecTV DVR, Sony record player, and Epson projector all plugged into the Bose V35 without a hitch, and all the inputs are HDMI, save the record player. I project onto a 110" fixed screen and I could not be happier. It is true that better sound can be found with a lesser or similar price tag, as Bose is famous for "enhancing" sound, but you will not find a better overall home theater system for the price--that much I can guarantee. If you want small speakers instead of bulky monstrosities, easy-to-use and compatible components instead of fumbling around behind a huge receiver with a million inputs, and the ability to update current technologies instead of being stuck in the stone age, then look no further. You have found your system.
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