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on November 20, 2010
These are the sixth or seventh set of earbuds I've had for a succession of iPods and iPhones. I'm slightly hard of hearing, and I've gone for the 'phones that get best reviews for sound. Before these, the best I've had were the Klipsch s4i; those produce great sound, and good noise isolation, but I had to jam them so far into the ear canal that they got uncomfortable after a short while, or if I were sweating.

The Bose 'phones don't get quite so far into the bass as the Klipsch, but nothing I've ever tried beats them for clarity of overall sound. Nothing else even comes close. I find myself hearing lyrics clearly for the first time; the overall crispness and balance is absolutely amazing. I don't miss the pounding bass at all.

And I've decided, after wearing these for a couple of days, that noise isolation is over-rated. Sure, I can hear what's going on around me, but the same holds true when I hear music live, or listen over a speaker system. With the clarity of sound that Bose delivers, my attention is focussed on the music, even in a coffee shop where there are people talking at neighboring tables. I've even found that I can listen comfortably at significantly lower volumes and still distinguish the words and hear every riff and arpeggio distinctly.

And speaking of comfort. Wow! When I first put these on, I was sure that they were going to fall out, because I wasn't able to jam them into my ear canal. Didn't happen. These ear pieces sit most lightly, and they never budge! (I did find that the large tips fit my ears better and feel more secure than the medium tips that are on the ear pieces coming out of the box.) I can wear these for hours, and I feel no discomfort whatever. And because I'm listening at lower volumes, and the 'phones are not isolating me from my environment, I don't even have to take them out when I'm dealing with a cashier at a store or getting a grocery list from my wife.

Construction quality seems superb; the cables are thick and fairly stiff, so they don't tend to tangle. The "Stay Hear" tips clip into place, so that I can be virtually certain that I won't have the problem I've had with other earbuds (especially the Apple In-Ear units) that the tip stays in my ear when I pull the bud out.

The MIE2i handles the iPhone functions just fine, although, like with most iPhone headsets, it takes some practice to feel the inline controls with precision, so that you don't stop the music accidentally when you just meant to change the volume; double-clicking is just as sensitive and tricky as it is on other iPhone sets. Clarity at both ends is excellent, and the stiffness of the cables keeps the mike from rubbing on my clothes and generating noise.

The only negative thing I have to say about the Bose is that they are glaringly ugly. The cables are a bizarre black-and-white swirl; combine that unfortunate design decision with the fact that the shape of the buds and the stiffness of the cable causes the cables to stick out from your ear further than most earbuds, and the whole thing calls attention to itself and looks more than a little ridiculous. [Update: The cables relax over time, and though I still think that a uniform black (or white) would be more attractive, the buds don't seem nearly as ugly as they did when I first wrote the review. BTW, they are really, really durable; I use them all the time, and they are still sound and work just as well as they did when I bought them nearly three years ago.]

Still, if you're looking for great sound and awesome comfort in a pair of earbuds that you're likely to be using for a long time, look no further than the Bose MIE2i. Worth every penny.
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VINE VOICEon December 28, 2010
I purchased these to replace the Sennheiser's that I had been using at the gym, cycling and skiing. BTW I will never buy another pair of Sennheiser's as the quality has been lacking in both of the different types that I have purchased -- both seemed to die right around the time the warranty expires. Ditto for the stock Apple buds; I've had two pair short out on me from sweating too much. Anyway, after considerable research these Bose headsets looked like they would fit the bill nicely based on all of the glowing reviews (you should also check the reviews for the MIE2). I love the Apple-specific controls on the MIE2i as I can easily adjust the volume while working out, or with the iPhone in my ski jacket.

While still very new, it seems as though the Bose will withstand the rigors of the gym, skiing and cycling (read lots of sweating and jouncing) and if they fail the warranty is a good bit better than average (1 year in store no questions, $50 to replace with new pair after that). A final note, these are earbuds, which is exactly what I wanted as they still allow me to hear what is going on around me. In the past, I have been willing to sacrifice the poorer audio quality associated with earbuds for the added safety of being able to hear what is going on in my surroundings. No more -- the audio quality on these buds have blown me away; the sound is rich with plenty of good bass. I'm thinking that these are keepers...

UPDATE: The Bose buds have not held up well under strenuous gym workouts (read sweat). After a couple of months the in-line controls would cease to work and caused my iPod to randomly pause, stop and skip tracks. The first time, I thought perhaps I had a bad unit and the second time I figured it must be that that are not sweat-resistant in the long term. Both times the Bose customer service was awesome in giving me a brand new pair, but I'm no longer using the Bose buds at the gym; I'm now using the Yurbuds which are less comfortable and don't have the same audio quality.
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on June 29, 2011
When you take 100 dollar earbuds the biggest hurdle is the technology. No matter how accurate the earbud WANTS to be, its going to be hindered by the cost. Earbuds are smaller than a penny, there is amazing technology inside of them, but they are limited by the competitive pricing.

Klipsch, Sennheiser, Shure, and a host of others have competitive products in the market. I am not a "nose in the air" audiophile, I am just a lover of music. My Current line up of Audio gear I have is the Sennheiser 555 for recording music, and Bowers & Wilkins P5 for listening to music around the house. My Audio gear is powered by my MacBook Pro, iPad 2, iPhone 3GS, and iPod Classic. I have no interest in dealing with amplifiers at this stage.

I tried and really enjoyed the Klipsch Image S4i. I specifically bring these up, because they are probably the closest competitor to the Bose IE2. The Klipsch were very accurate, the way it presented the music, sounded like they were much more expensive. My problem with the Klipsch's were that, no matter how hard they tried to present the sound in its natural way, the treble hissed, and gave me headaches. It was not noticeable in every song, but it sounded like I was in a 5th grade choir class learning about the importance of the "s" sound. The technology got in the way of an otherwise great earbud. I couldn't take it. Soon after I tried the Sennheiser IE7, but because i couldn't create a good seal, they ended up sounding terrible.

Enter the Bose IE2's.

I am far from a Bose faithful, I think their product lineup range from incredible to trash. Bose's most concerning quality is their custom EQ. In which they EQ their headphones and speakers to sound a specific way. Every company does this to some extent, but Bose has been known to do this far more prominently. The catch is, I think their custom EQ works to the IE2's advantage. While the BOSE IE2 is not natural and accurate, they manage to make these baby's sound far bigger and bolder than they are. Nothing sounds bad on these, nothing sounds tinny, or muddy, it comes off sounding warm and full. The Treble doesn't sound tinny, the mids are solid, and the bass sounds like they are being produced by larger headphones. These still have that polarizing Bose sound signature, but they are done in a tasteful and welcoming way.

The design is plastic, but its good looking plastic. With the black and silver accents, along with the alternating black and white chord it gives them a stylish and professional look. The most interesting part of the design is the "stay hear" tips. The tips fit around the outside of your ear, and the earbud peeks into your ear canal. Never going in, and most importantly never falling out. This design is simply.. refreshing. I am not someone who hates the feeling of IEM'S that go deep into your ear, but hate the feeling of not creating that all to important seal. With the IE2's you never have to worry about that seal, you get the perfect fit every single time. Its bliss, it really is. I walk around the park, and they never fall off, I sleep with them in nightly and they don't come out until I pull them out.

Overall the value of these are worth the asking price. They are reasonably priced, they are stylish, and they sound pretty darn good. I am sure you could find better IEM/Earbud's for the price, but in my opinion everything sounds good on these. Meaning that, for around 100 dollars you'll get a pair of earbuds that don't sound tinny, but sound full and fun. I purchased the Bose MIE2i, which were made for the iPhone in mind. I have not tested the microphone yet, but the music controls work perfectly on all of my Apple stuff. I will give these earbuds a solid 4 out of 5 . Why not 5/5 ? Because I know that there are better earbuds out there, heck the Klipsch S4i's had some attributes that were better than these, but overall I think these are the best choice for me, for the price point, and perform well with everything I have thrown at it. hopefully this review was helpful.
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on August 15, 2012
Sorry folks...

Looks like Bose still hasn't resolved the microphone moisture issues (as of late July 2012). Just bought these two weeks ago and at first I absolutely loved them. The sound quality is excellent (especially compared to standard iPod earbuds) and the StayHear design works incredibly well - I use these when running and working out and I've never had a pair of earbuds that even comes close to fitting so securely.

After a week I went on a fairly long run and that's when things started going downhill. A couple miles into the run (I was sweating pretty good at this point), Siri started activating and asking 'How can I help you?'. Then my music started playing really fast and started skipping songs. At first I blamed my cheap eBay cover on my iPhone 4S, so I ripped that off and continued to run. Seconds later Siri started interrupting me again followed by my music playing at 2x normal speed... I was pretty frustrated at this point (I hate when people try to talk to me when I'm running!) and decided to switch off Siri completely, which fixed the issue for a few more minutes before the 'Voice Command' feature started popping up. ARGHH!!!

After my run, I decided to check out for any possible issues on the internet, and of course I saw that I'm definitely not the only one with this EXACT issue. Since I really didn't care about the microphone/volume control anyway, I decided to cover it up with black electrical tape so no moisture would get in the microphone. To my dismay, when I went to the gym last night and started running on the treadmill, Siri started up again, and again, and again... At this point I didn't even have a chance to break a sweat. I even took the tape off (just in case it was accidentally causing one of the buttons to be pressed) and still had the issue. I think people around me were pretty amused (or offended) because I couldn't stop swearing at my phone during my run. Needless to say, these fantastic earbuds are now completely worthless to me.

I'm returning these back to Amazon and just purchased the IE2 model since it lacks that #^%$& microphone (and is $30 cheaper because of it!). I'm really hoping the IE2's work out well since I would have GLADLY given these earbuds 5 out of 5 stars if it didn't have this fatal issue...
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on September 6, 2012
While I would normally boast of the Bose name, this time I am let down. I have had these earphones for just over a year, and I do not use them everyday. I am one of those guys who always puts them back in their case, I don't wind them up to be the size of a quarter, and never have them being tugged on etc. However, while the quality of sound and the quality of design (compromise between the in-ear plug style which I dislike, and the typical ear-bud style that always fall out) is exceptional... I have found the wires to be unraveling from the protective coating and starting to split. Very disappointing from a company who's name is based on providing above standard quality in their products. Unfortunately, there is no alternative with the same design for in-ear device. Based on the life of the product alone, I would choose differently next time... especially considering the price point of the MIE2i.
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on January 25, 2011
I've tried around a dozen earbuds in the lifespan of my iPod touch, and these by far had the best sound and greatest comfort.

It's too bad they didn't last.

Less than a month after purchasing them the control broke. None of the buttons work but the sound is fine. If only that was the worst part...

It's not simply that they don't work but will constantly skip songs, fast forward songs, stop, and (worst of all) activate voice control every 5-20 seconds. This is a bit useless too since the mic no longer works. I took them to the apple store to test on other iPods with the same reaction so it is certainly the earbuds.

I tried using these at the gym and on my commute to work. I took good care of them and didn't expose them to anything that would cause this kind of damage.

Unfortunately I was stupid enough to think the Bose reputation would hold these up and didn't keep my box or my receipt. Now I'm SoL since Bose won't help me and I can't return them.

My experience may be in the minority so you're free to give these a try. Do yourself a favor though and be smart. Keep the box and receipt for at least a year.

Too bad, I really liked these...

Date of Purchase: December 28, 2010
Date of Death: January 22, 2011
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on March 17, 2014
First of all I am very delicate with my electronic gadgets. This were my favorite pair of headphones. After one year of use the cable of both sides, very close to the speaker, start to fall apart. I call Bose for service but they told me that my warranty was reached and that they do not repair the headphones. This is my first and last product Bose. I will not recommend this product to anyone. Really this headphones cost me around 140$. My pair of JVC in ear headphones had a better cable than this and it only cost me 20$. Really stay away from this product. Good bye Bose for ever and ever...
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on June 10, 2014
Loved the sound so much I bought a second pair after the first pair frayed and fell apart. Now, the second pair is falling apart, too. Both times the cheap rubber cord was the undoing.

In the first pair, the cord rubber degraded near the earpiece. In this, my second pair, the cord rubber degraded near the plug. So, after wasting $130 twice because I really like the sound, I've concluded it's hopeless; the rubber fully separates near endpoints. In this pair, the cord rubber is starting to separate near the controller, too. The video shows it clearly, I hope. It's just ridiculous that these Bose folks can't design something better than this flimsy, cheap rubber.

Consider, too,that after paying $130 you get a 12-month warranty -- for something Bose slapped together with cheap rubber and plastic. They definitely put more thought into the price. I am now 14-15 months into this second pair. So, I'm not eligible for any remedy from the manufacturer or Amazon.

My spare pair (V-moda brand) is in service now full time. They use a nylon underlayer it appears with a plastic wrap of some sort. I've not had any problems with V-moda so far, and the sound quality compares well. Worth a look. Although the sound is good, I'm done with these over-priced, poorly constructed Bose products.
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on October 29, 2010
I have owned a few products from Bose, and I have always trusted their products.

My old phone died on me a few weeks back, so I got a new iPhone4.
And I was shopping around to get a good mobile head phones,
I found Bose has just released the MIE2i. I ordered it without hesitation.
MIE2i is exclusively designed to work with Apple products.

The new ear buds are so comfortable and fit so well.
Even when I have to run down stairs to catch a subway, they just stay right in
my ears. They don't even move a bit.

The buttons function just like the original Apple head set, and work fine.
Microphone seems to work fine too. When I made a call, I asked the person
on the other end about quality of sound, and he said it's very good.

The sound quality when I listen to music is just as I expected. Many people
have reviewed Bose in-ear head phones, so I skip this section, but I like it very much.
My pair is brand new,so they need break in a bit to get better bass.
There is no cord noise when I move around. That's a big plus.

Over all, it's the best mobile in-ear head set I can think of at this moment.
I recommend the MIE2i for anyone.

Just one more thing, the package came in a thin gray plastic bag with no protection at all.
So the original package inside was crushed and had a few cracks.'
Product itself was fine, but it needs better shipping package.
I bought it from Bose store on Amazon Market Place.
I wasn't expecting something like this from Bose.
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on November 12, 2013
I just want to let everyone know that after a while you may have some problems. Shortly after my warranty was up, I noticed that the wire started to curl up on its own. Within about two months the plastic covering has separated from the wire in multiple places, including at the ear pieces. The left ear piece no longer works. When I notified Bose of the problem, they offered to let me buy another pair for half price. No thanks! The microphone also fell apart. In no way did I abuse this headset, always taking very good care, keeping them in a case when not in use and never allowing any stress on the wire. BTW, the sound was great and the fit was even beter. Too bad the build quality was so bad. See my uploaded picture.
review image
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