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on January 19, 2012
Exactly what I wanted, simple 2.0 sound system with a small footprint that has nice full sound.

I took the liberty to take one of the drivers out so you can take look at what these things contain. I think the driver with the long cabinet vent is really what make these speakers.
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I purchased a Grace Digital Mondo Internet radio, model GDI-IRC6000. It's a single speaker radio, but has a setting for stereo and a headphone jack for installing external speakers, the same as you would do on a computer. While driving by Best Buy, I decided to check out the computer speakers they had for sale. After listening to a variety of speakers, I came across the Bose display and listened to the Companion 20's. I was in total disbelief with the sound that these speakers produced. I was looking for a sub-woofer, but there wasn't one. How Bose managed to make these speakers sound so good without the use of a sub-woofer is nothing short of amazing. Anyway, I rushed home and placed an order for the speakers on Amazon. After they arrived, I quickly connected them to my Grace Mondo radio, tuned into Pandora, and was absolutely blown away by their performance. These speakers are absolutely astounding. Combining them with my Internet radio, produces sound that is not only crystal clear, but is easily capable of filling up an entire large room. The bottom line is that these are among the best speakers that I've ever heard, regardless of size and regardless of the fact that there's no sub-woofer. I'm absolutely ecstatic with my purchase and with the quality of these truly exceptional sounding speakers.
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VINE VOICEon August 22, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
When this box arrived I was surprised at how substantial it felt and when I open it I found these amazing super high quality speakers inside! They are small but oh so sharp and clean sounding like you would expect from Bose. These are awesome speakers! Here are some reasons why:

#1 They are small 8.5 H x 3.5 W x 4.25 D and compact yet substantial and very sturdy.

#2 I am not an electronic person at all, yet I was able to have these up and running in just one minute flat! The one page diagram could be understood by a child, got to love that!

#3 They can be used on your iPad, iPhone, computer, laptop or anything else with an auxiliary jack (like the headphone jack on your ipod).

#4 The sound quality is AMAZING for such compact speakers! Plenty of crisp clean sound. I have a large open floor plan house and I can fill the room with music using just my iPad on Pandora and these speakers plugged into it, now that can fit in one very small space! No more need for a radio, stereo or anything else to take up space. FANTASTIC!!!

#5 Bose was even environmentally thoughtful when packaging this incredible product by using all recyclable packaging GREAT!

#6 My husband is a real music head and is far more into music then most people. He is not easily impressed but he was blown away by the quality of the sound these speakers produce! I would buy these again in a heartbeat!

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on July 28, 2013
I live in a 200 square foot studio apartment. That's small, in case you didn't know. Very small. And in this space, I have a full size bed, a standing computer desk, a Herman Miller computer chair, a dining room table, a digital piano, and a 32 inch LCD HDTV. The TV has terrible sounding speakers. I wanted something better. But I didn't have a lot of room to work with. I wanted speakers that had a small footprint, sounded great, and didn't need a subwoofer. Yeah, there are cheaper options, and yeah, I'm sure you pay something for the Bose name. But these speakers are fantastic for what they are. They have a small footprint, yet they sound very good. They don't have a subwoofer, yet they get great bass. I use them for TV and movies primarily, but also for music. And I have nothing but good things to say about them. If you live in a small apartment and just don't have the space for more speaker equipment, don't feel bad dropping your hard earned money on these. They are wonderful!
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on March 5, 2012
Got these to play music for my department at work, a seven-desk web design team, about 750 sqft. We were using a Pioneer amp with two decent JBL bookshelf studio speakers attached, but my boss said they were too ugly and were taking up too much space. In a significantly smaller package, these speakers produce clearer, warmer, and all around better sound than the JBL's did. As far as outright maximum decibles I'm sure the JBL's would do better, but for low to medium-volume music in an office, these outperform in every other way. Will probably buy these for myself soon, they aren't just slightly better Bose Companion 2's, they are in a whole other ballpark.

The analog volume nob is great for finding just the right volume (the pioneer had digital increments), but is definitely too sensitive for me.

These speakers have a wonderful heavy weight to them, but are highly portable.
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on February 23, 2013
First off - the quality is brilliantly clear - period. The bassis remarkable for such small speakers, my friends were initially looking for the sub-woofer because the deep, thunderous nuances were so well pronounced. If your picky about the clarity over anything else than your on the right track looking at the Bose Companion 20's.

This needs to made very clear - the type of music you listen to is going to need to be taken into consideration. The companion 20's do their best work with classical (orchestrated) music or similar live instrumental styles. I'm listening to Barbra Streisand's 'Love Is The Answer' album now which is mostly a type of smooth jazz, and every key and nuance is being reproduced extremely well with excellent bass response. Earlier I was sampling different types of music from techno, hard rock to a variety from the 60's. The speakers did not fair well with the hard rock and techno as I expected. It seemed the trebles were fine but they lack in the hard hitting drum type sounds. Do not let this discourage you though, as some music really needs a large sub woofer regardless. The spoken word and dialogue without music was perfectly crisp with detail beyond the immediate sounds. You really feel as though you are there. Alternate tests were done with LP recordings (rendered at 24bit 96Khz far beyond CD quality) - once again the companion 20's nailed analogue audio perfectly.

I personally did not plug the speakers into any source and just fire away. After reading other reviews that rate the Companion 20's sub-par; I'm concerned that too many people blindly listen to music not realizing their source (mostly the DAC in the computers) is inferior for these speakers. I purchased a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Go Pro! THX certified external sound card ($34) before reviewing these speakers which I would recommend to anyone for utmost clarity. The THX modes on the Go Pro! lift up the bass to a much more appropriate level retaining lower notes (such as ones produced with a cello) that would have been lost with my inferior on-board sound system. Remember this before jumping to conclusions if you buy these. Not all audio sounded the same. I placed the companion 20's on the sides of a TV in my bedroom and watched different scenes from movies (Prometheus, Silence of The Lambs, various James Bond films) which were great - while the best audio experience was about 5' in front of the sound system which makes me think they would be very well suited on a bookshelf at about ear level also. While I listen to them now on the computer about 2.5' in front of me in a smaller environment, I need to push myself back some to get the full range appropriately but this is nit picking. Oh, the volume level was much more than sufficient as well.

Overall the volume dial is fantastic and made with mostly aluminum parts with a rubber dial, that which if you touch the top of the Bose imbossment on the top it will shut the unit off and on. It came with a male-male 3.5mm cable for PC or pereferal connectivity. All cables were also about 3' long on each speaker which was more than enough. The only thing I could think of that I wish it came with was a digital audio in of some sort but I honestly doubt you would notice a difference being so close to the audio source (digital and fiber optic cables are mostly beneficial when near electrical sources such as a home theater besides). The build quality of the speakers is what should be expecte from Bose - the speakers are a mixture of metal and some plastic, they feel very, very solid and are slightly heavy (as expected with the driver is has).

In the end I highly recommend the Companion 20 mostly for the audio reproduction accuracy and overall clarity. Another great product from an American company.
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on July 23, 2014
This is a phenomenal speaker system. It does what Bose is known for: It delivers a big, full range sound from little speakers. I use mine to accompany my desktop computer. I previously had a big, bulky bass unit with five speakers. Hard to find a place to put something that big.

The speakers that I purchased with my computer were junky little things, unworthy of accompanying any computer. I threw them away and bought this Bose speaker system.

The Bose speakers take up almost no space. Their foot print is quite small, or, they can be hung from your wall. The little control pod with its 2½" diameter, likewise takes up a token amount of space. You can plug your headphones into the pod.

The system works beautifully. I would buy it again without hesitation. I recommend this speaker system for you consideration.
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on December 19, 2013
I've performed live music for over 40 years, so I know what live music sounds like. I've played in bars, concert halls, gymnasiums and recording studios. So to go looking for a set of speakers that cover all the acoustic texture that these different environments create when listening to live music is a fruitless endeavor. Music listened to in a smokey club as opposed to a school auditorium is going to be two entirely different experiences. So what I was looking for was a desktop friendly, FLAT response set of speakers that wouldn't break my bankroll. I considered some small studio monitors, but abandoned that idea because for them to be really accurate, you need a fairly good size box to mount the drivers in, plus have decent porting room. So I went to high-end computer speakers. I listened to Klipsch, Bose, JBL, Altec-Lansing and others. I kept coming back to these Companion 20's. The key, I might add, is taking some of YOUR music to listen to them with if possible, and not rely on the packaged presentation sound bytes offered up by Bose to obviously sway your evaluation to the strongest points of the speakers. The other thing to keep in mind is that most likely you're NOT going to be playing computer speakers at live performance volume levels, so you need a smaller speaker that can preserve the SCALE of sound quality as it is diminished from high live levels down to bedroom or study listening levels. That's the key, IMHO. And these Bose C20's do an admirable job of it. They have a pure, uncompressed quality in their amplifier, even though the signal IS processed through their "proprietary" sound technology. But it is very transparent and not noticeable to me at all. As one evaluator commented, these ain't for you if you want Cerwin-Vega 18" folded horn bass quality. But for reasonable volumes and a BALANCED and natural sound, I've have not as yet heard equals to these C20's. Oh yeah, and the build quality is solid and high quality. The only bummer to me? They're assembled in China. But you can't have everything...
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on August 14, 2015
I bought a pair of Spinnakers from Edifier 3 weeks ago. I kept them a week and had to let them go ( they have a power saving prgm. built in that cuts the music in and out when soft Ambient or classical music is played, pop pop in and out), shopping around I settled on these, the Bose Companions. Best move I ever made. I bought new desktop speakers because my Logitech Z-600's died. If only I had bought the Bose first, even before the Logitechs.

They have real and genuine resonance at EVERY level. I played exactly the same pieces I played on the Logitechs and Spinnakers and the Bose crushes them both, hands down. I listen to a lot of Ambient music, chimes, water gongs, bonsai flutes etc. and the sound is excellent, I hear every nuance. I Feel the music, at every level as well, its hard to describe, when I turned them on and played the first piece, I was smiling without realizing it, thats how good they are. Classical same, I hear ever instrument as it should with great pitch and tone.

For music with oomph, I played some rock and roll, Deep Purple, Pearl jam some Pink Floyd, the Bose rock too, I jacked it up fairly high, the speakers put out great sound, nice Rich base without vibrating or rattling the desktop or drowning out the mid range etc.......unreal.

I have a set of high end Klipsch in my living room, when the time comes, I am going with a Bose model to replace them, the quality in make and sound is there....

Oh and the price for these is most definitely competitive and worth every penny.
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on January 30, 2016
The sound from these ported units is certainly a far cry from what you get from any good pair of bookshelf speakers. Nevertheless, for desktop PC speakers, these do nicely throughout most of the audio spectrum and their highly vertical form factor takes up little space. I got a barefoot pair for my wife's PC, and she's pleased in part because she listens mostly to speech and doesn't care for "bassy sound." For my PC, I mate a second pair with a old Boston subwoofer that unsurprisingly helps bring life to low frequencies. The control module is nicely thought out, too.

Jack quality is another matter. They have a cheap, imprecise feel, and sure enough the first Companion 20 purchased had an erratic mini jack (input from the PC) and had to be returned. Bose really reached for the bottom of the parts barrel for these.
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