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Bose SIE2 Sport Headphones - Green
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Generally I'm not a fan of ear bud headphones, least of all for rigorous activity such as running, but these Bose headphones are a rare exception to a grocery list of qualms I tend to have with the style.

Firstly these actually stay in my ears without requiring periodic adjustment. I regularly run long distance at a fairly aggressive pace and haven't encountered a problem with these slipping around even slightly. Perhaps I lucked out but the default buds fit me perfectly; it goes without saying that your mileage may vary in that respect but the box also includes a couple more sets. Calling these buds is slightly misleading I suppose as they're more ergonomic to the inner shape of your ear compared to simply jamming a silicone nub in to your ear hole. All things considered exceptional design for extended wear particularly in light of their designated purpose.

Secondly the sound is completely respectable. Buds can lose a lot of sound quality to poor fit in my experience so going back to point one these already had a leg up in the nice snug fit but outside of that they produce surprisingly rich and full sound. I generally run with my volume just short of maximum with 'lesser' headphones (Sony MDR-J10 , cheap, fairly secure on the ear, get the job done) to curb the inevitable distortion I tend to see at peak volume but these also jump right up to maximum while maintaining the sound quality. I wouldn't go so far to call these audiophile headphones by any means so perhaps the price is somewhat suspect in that regard but they are still good easy listening headphones to be certain and hands down the best set of sport headphones I've ever had in terms of audio quality.

Last but not least is thoughtful yet simple features. The cord is splittable which at its shortest is pretty much the perfect length for an armband phone/mp3 player while at its longest will reach my waist (5'10" dude) without an excess of cable tangling up. It also comes with a shirt clip which plenty of headphones come with but worth mentioning. It's good for tethering the cable in place to avoid raking your hands on the cord and yanking them out while running or what have you. All of the materials inspire a fair amount of confidence in their weather and wear resistance but that isn't something I can confirm just yet.

The headphones also come with a pretty decent Reebok armband. While I can't really give credit to Bose for the armband I will say kudos for throwing it in there. The armband itself, despite a lack of adjustment aside from its elastics, features numerous entry points for headphone cables depending on the design of your device, a velcro cord wrap, and enough room for smaller phones (iPhone 4, HTC Aria...).

All things considered these are easily my new favorite running headphones. They really deliver on all fronts in really sensible ways as a de facto sport headphone unlike any number of things with 'sport' tacked on as an afterthought. The price is a little up there but even still I'd recommend them in spite of that when I stop to think about the oodles of other headphones I've purchased over the years.
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on July 27, 2013
I purchase your SIE2i sport headphones at the end of May 2013. Since that date, I have owned 4 pair because of it's faulty design.

I returned my first pair to Best Buy, sent my second pair back to Bose, and recently was going to send my Third pair back to Bose, but decided to send it to Best Buy again instead.

Bose Claims the headphones are sweat proof, however the in-line mic and volume control break when you sweat. When I called the other day the guy at Bose told me to wrap it in plastic wrap because their technically not sweat proof!

I own several bose products including a surround sound, outdoor speakers, a wireless dock for my ipod, as well as noise cancelling headphones. I love their products, and think the sound is phenomenal.

That said, it took a lot of thinking to get me to spend $150 on headphones for the gym, and while the sound is great, I am so upset with my purchase.

The company lied to me, and they are lying to consumers in general. Read the reviews on-line. The product is faulty, and it is breaking from sweat. In my opinion, they are stealing from people by telling them it's "sweat proof". They break when sweat on.

It's a shame that a company like Bose is putting out a product like this, and is telling consumers to wrap their $150 headphones in saran wrap.

The sound is great on this product though. If you are still considering buying them, do yourself a favor and buy the ones WITHOUT the inline mic. It will be broken in a week if you work out.
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Reviewer Disclaimer: This was received as a Review Product for the Amazon Vine Program. This program does NOT compensate nor reward for positive reviews.
Perhaps my greatest sin in reviewing the co-branded Bose/Reebok SIE2 is being a devotee to Bose products. The Wave Radio is simply fantastic (albeit massively outdated in interface and inputs), their Quiet Comfort headphones stellar in both noise cancellation and output quality. Thus, my expectations for the SIE2 were fairly high.

I wouldn't say the SIE2 disappoints me, rather didn't over-impress for its price point. To elaborate, the SIE2 are fairly well made, a slightly grade above equivalent Sennheiser's in cord thickness/texture and finish (including optional extension cord). The ear pieces (hard plastic component) are probably the best I've seen for sport headphones re: perceived durability. (I've been saddened by many a sport earbud style headphone crack apart due to low durability at the ear piece cover point.) Silicone attachment for the ears come in the usual suspects of 3 sizes, the 'insert and twist' variety so common to semi-waterproof headphones needed to keep them snug. As usual, the medium (default) size felt best...but never perfect.

Related and perhaps the most interesting aspect of the SIE2 is the shape and insertion angle of the ear pieces. In comparison to the circular insertion points of competitors, the SIE2 uses a thinner, low profile compressed oval. In tandem, the different size silicone ear piece covers vary only in the ear 'turn/tighten' versus insertion component. This design allows for a better feel inside the ear, also a decreased likelihood of popping out during exercise. Meaning, the SIE2 ear pieces - due to their thinness and shape - slide more naturally into the ear versus force-fitting a rounded rubber end conducive to sliding out via sweat. I wouldn't, however, declare the SIE2 any more/less comfortable than the alternatives. My ears still got sore after extended use.

The accompanying, adjustable armband is solid quality, around the $15-20 price point if purchased separately. Note that it's only designed for an iPhone and/or Ipod Touch. Also and logically, these devices would need to be removed from any case before insertion into the band. My iPhone 4 felt pretty snug/safe in the armband, the device evenly weighted when attached to my arm. Perhaps the greatest value add (for the fashion conscious among us) of the armband is its color match to the rest of the SIE2.

Arguably the most important variable here is sound quality...and this is where I couldn't give the SIE2 a perfect rating. Sound quality is sharp, distinct, but admittedly nothing that stands apart from lesser priced Sennheiser or even much lower grade headphones. There wasn't a single range of audio (high, medium or low tones) that truly shined via the SIE2...but also none that really struggled. Meaning, these are good headphones in audio quality, but not significantly better than what is out there. And they certainly are not Bose high end.

As a sum of parts, the SIE2 fares well to competitors, worth a good look based on perceived durability (I'd have to test it for months to conclude final verdict) and comparisons. Still, I can't help but recommend a slightly less comfortable alternative, but one literally 1/5th the price MEElectronics M6-CL Sport Sound-Isolating In-Ear Headphones for iPod, iPhone, MP3/CD/DVD Players - Clear with arguably similar build quality, better audio, but no armband.

If you're craving an armband (and thanks to fellow Amazon'er Emre Isiklar for the head's up): MEElectronics Sport Fi S6 In-Ear Sport Headphone System with Armband, Carry Case for iPhones/iPods/MP3 Players and Smartphones - Red/Black.
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VINE VOICEon September 25, 2012
I'll start simple... I love these headphones. I'd add a half star if we could. I'm not a headphone connoisseur, but I know what makes me pick a pair, so I'll try to outline those areas in my review.

Package: The package was nothing to behold. Simple box with a plastic container inside. The plastic container is a pain to open. Be very careful not to cut the headphone cables or your hand as you cut it open. They do give a few starter holes to get your scissors started. Just cut the dotted lines and then tear it open with your hands. The box contains the headphones (31 inch cord), 3 sets of ear tips, a 21 inch extension cord, a shirt clip, a Reebok armband, and the usual papers. Fortunately, the light lime green color of the headphones, cord, and armband is not over the top annoying. All in all, a nice set.

Comfort: The product comes with a few ear tip sizes(small, medium, and large), so you can find the best fit. They are all in the StayHear design. You'll want to choose the best fitting tips to get the best sound. I will say that the tip design is by far my favorite configuration. It fits in the ear snug, but remains comfortable. And you don't have to shove the tip in your ear to get it to stay put. It uses the countour of your ear to hold it in place. The medium was a perfect fit for me. I can enjoy them for long workouts.

Sound: I use these with an iPhone 4 and can compare them to a few lower end earbud headphone sets, the old style Apple ear buds, a circumaural pair, and a set of Etymotic HF3 in-ears. I'll repeat, I'm not a connoisseur. But, short and sweet, these are the best sounding headphones I own. One complaint I had with the Etymotic set is that the bass was very weak (they have excellent highs though). This Bose set shines. The sound these produce is an excellent blend of all ranges. Vocals soar, and bass is plenty. High volume or low, they handle it. And a nice addition is that the design of the ear tips limits external noise.

Construction: Nice thin and straight plug connector, which is very helpful with some of the device cases these days. The cable is very thin, so I assume the insulation is not much to praise. Fortunately, there is plenty of extra surround near the ear pieces and plugs. And the ear tips don't look like they'll degrade or rip without a lot of abuse.

Convenience: There is no mic or remote with this set. Be sure to look at the SIE2i set for those features. I appreciate the extension cord rather than having one long cord. I usually use an armband, so the shorter cord means that I don't have to feed the cable through my shirt or wrap it.

Armband: If you have larger arms, this is not for you. There is a nice velcro flap to make it fit smaller arms and to hold any extra slack in your cable. There is also an ID and key pouch. It also has multiple hole locations to accomodate different headphone port locations. However, as many phones are getting larger, this will not fit them. It's a challenge to get the iPhone 4 in there. The power button is easy to access, but the volume buttons - not so much. The touch screen works fine through the cover. A big plus of this armband is that the pouch for the phone/device is lined to keep moisture out. And there is a nice flap that goes over the top to assist in weather/sweat protection. I will probably use armbands I already own, but it is nice that Bose and Reebok included the armband for those in need of one.

Price: For the price, they should have incuded the mic and remote feature; instead of creating an additional model with those features. I also wish they came with a small carrying case. But, overall, these headphones are worth the premium price, and I hope to enjoy them for many workouts to come.
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on October 2, 2013
As a professional sound engineer, I can tell you there is a considerable difference in sound quality between the SIE2i and IE2 earphones. The IE2 has much better mids and bass response, while the highs on the SIE2i are a bit too sharp without the mids and lows. I suppose the difference is from Bose covering the bass ports to keep out sweat. They should have re-tuned the earphones to match the sound of the original design. What lazy engineering, Bose! I expected better from you.

The difference is enough to make me reconsider my purchase of the SIE2i (or modify the EQ on my iPhone which is not something I care to do since I use my iPhone with other devices that do not need tuning).

- short wire
- water resistant remote
- comfortable arm band

- sound
- colors
- no case

The longer IE2 wire slapping your arm on a run is a minor inconvenience when considering its superior sound. I might upgrade to the MIE2i so I could have the remote option and still save $20 for an arm band.

If you're an audiophile, I hope this review helps.
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on December 5, 2013
Volume controls stopped working after about 5 weeks. Too late to return to Amazon, so I'm working with Bose for warranty replacement. Will update review if Bose replaces in a timely manner and they last longer then a few months.

Update: Great customer service by Bose. Sent me a new pair, no hassle whatsoever. Unfortunately same problem after a few weeks of use. The volume controls stopped working. I resigned myself to just using them as headphones w/out controls, but now after another week the control must be shorting out completely. It is randomly changing songs and jumping playlists on me. This was a great effort by Bose, but they have a long way to go for a true "sport" headphone with inline controls.
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on August 5, 2013
I searched, read reviews and asked a million questions of other runners and the ear buds they preferred. An overwhelming amount said Bose SIE2. I had compared these to the Bowers & Wilkins brand of nearly $200.00 but they did not fair so well in their reviews. So here is the good and bad for the Bose SIE2's

Amazing sound quality, perfect high's and perfect low's
Comes with small, medium and large buds for a perfect fit
They DO NOT MOVE at ALL when running, it took an act of God to remove them from my ear! PERFECTION! Not even when sweating or jumping around
Variable length cord ( the short one is perfect with the band however)
Comes with an awesome Reebok/Bose armband and it fits the iPhone5 perfectly (without your case/cover though)
Easy to adjust volume and pause/play music
Great microphone for answering calls
The ear buds are easily wiped down and the cord doesn't tangle
Although they are not noise cancelling, I couldn't hear a thing over the music

Don't put your music up too high, you will most certainly be permanently deafened
Don't babysit and have these on, you will NOT hear your child cry ;-)
The cord is not so great for going in your shirt, so if running use the armband, much easier and safer ( you won't choke yourself)
Takes a little juggling around to find the fit under the ridge of your ear. Make sure you insert these pre-sweat for a perfect fit

I cannot say enough about these. They were pricey but the quality of sound, workmanship and the fit are all well worth it. I have used many other's that have not fit this well or delivered on their promise to not fall out of my ear when running, but they failed, hence this purchase. Awesome, thank you Bose for finally giving me an enjoyable run and crossfit workout, without having to deal with buds that consistently fall out.
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on November 8, 2013
Sound quality and fit we're excellent...for the 45 days that the product actually worked. Even though I had been particularly careful to not bend or otherwise compromise the integrity of the wire, the headphones completely stopped working after slightly more than a month of regular use. Extremely disappointing, especially considering the price point.
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on January 8, 2013
I went through 3 pair in 4 months before I returned them. Very pleased with MIE2i and these would be great too, if only they worked. Microphone goes first, followed by volume controls.
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on September 1, 2013
I wanted a set of headphones for exercising, that sounded good and would stay in my ears when running and when I was in the weight room. I had been using some cheap JVC in ear headphones. They worked ok but the sound quality was mediocre at best and often fell out of my ears esp during speedwork and box jumps. I purchased some Beats by Dr. Dre. They were the in ear model with the over ear extension. The sound quality was better and they stayed in my ear better but I had issues when I would run with a hat or sunglasses. The other drawback to the Beats were that they seemed to drain the battery of my Mp3 player. They also seemed to have excessive bass. Fine in some songs but created background noise in many "pop" and classic rock type songs that I listen to that don't have a lot of bass. I sold those to a friend and purchased the Bose SIE2 headpones. These things rock! The sound quality is great, no background noise in lowere bass songs, the unique ear piece stays in my ear no matter what I am doing on the track and in the gym. They don't appear to leach battery power from my mp3 player. They also do not interfere with hats and sunglasses. I've been using these for several months now on a daily basis and have no complaints for what I use them for.
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