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Feb 17, 2015 by L. Hart
Just got these today and just to re-iterate, my hands are of a medium to large size (long skinny fingers) and while the gloves fit my hand, the cut between two fingers is much too short, so I can't spread my fingers that wide.(i.e. if I were to make a fist, the cuts are only 1/3 the length from the middle to the top knuckles).
Feb 7, 2014 by Jonathan
jsut place an order for multiple items at once, or you would need to contact us with the order numbers.
Nov 16, 2013 by Bird lover
what size Dec 16, 2012
I'm a female with smaller hands and they fit me just fine. I think they're one size fits all, but I've not had an issue with fit.
Dec 16, 2012 by Lisa
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