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on March 21, 2016
you might not expect this to be as good as it turns into. a little silly in a few parts, but can be expected and over-looked. overall a good story, well written and acted by all concerned, very enjoyable 90 minutes. can watch more than once.
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on January 26, 2013
I guess I'm one of the few that finds My Boss's Daughter hilarious. Even if you dislike Ashton Kutcher (and I'm somewhere in the middle on that one- will always love his role in That 70's Show at least) he's not really the one responsible for the laughs in the movie. It's more like Ashton's always around when something crazy happens.

It's about Ashton staying the night at his boss's house all in an attempt to win over his *extremely* attractive daughter played by Tara Reid. Well what happens is that... Ashton finds himself involved in SEVERAL crazy antics. One thing leads to another and suddenly Ashton has more on his plate than he can handle. Ashton himself is only funny once in a great while- it's the *other* characters and in particular the well-told storyline that makes the movie so memorable for me. Ashton has to make sure his boss's house remains intact and nothing gets out of hand. Well... too late there!

To give a few examples. The boss has a pet owl that gets into his own adventures involving needing medication and escaping the house all as a means to create more anxiety for Ashton Kutcher, a drug dealer roams through the house searching for drugs while Ashton tries to stop the man, the boss's secretary comes over to visit, several other people come over to visit and wreck the house in the most careless way imaginable, Ashton finds himself visiting the neighbors house when the owl escapes and subsequently becomes involved in *more* unintentional adventures concerning a new set of characters, Ashton and several of his "friends" are eventually surrounded in a murder cover-up, etc. I'm basically only describing the tip of the iceberg here- this movie has so much depth that rewatching the film a few more times is almost mandatory in order to absorb all the jokes. This storyline flows well, but it's really *fast*.

Yes this movie is utterly silly but good writing and comedy can't be ignored which this movie delivers in spades. I find myself disagreeing with people quite often. In this case, most of the reviewers here on amazon must not have the same type of humor as me. I enjoy it. I believe anyone who appreciates Leslie Nielsen will love this movie. Similar type of clever laughs. Oh and the Jimmy Buffett-sounding "If I Had a Million Dollars" by the band Barenaked Ladies is totally fitting at the end.
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on January 19, 2015
I thought this movie was hilarious, I bought it and watched it because it had Ashton Kutcher in it and I am a fan of him. It had a good plot to it and it was funny. This movie is so underrated from all you one star critics. It was kinda odd seeing Ashton play a serious guy cuz I always saw him as a comedian playing funny people like Kelso in That 70's Show, and his character in Dude Where's My Car.
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on May 30, 2016
Who pulled this screenplay from the depths of hell and decided to film this garbage? How does it have three stars? I am terrified that this many people think this movie warrants 3 stars. I could bring up the many flaws with this movie but it has taken years for me to repress them. There needs to be the option to give zero stars.
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on April 25, 2013
I put this movie in to get a laugh when I'm down, and it never fails to disappoint. What happens to poor Tom during the house sit is completely hilarious. Sometimes I wish something like that would happen to me.
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I want to point out that although it is true that my wife has gotten up and walked out on the last couple of DVDs that we have rented to watch that she is the one who picked the evening's fare the last couple of nights. At least what I sat through was the R rated edition of "My Boss's Daughter," which means either they put the good parts back in after Hollywood forced director David Zucker to make unwarranted cuts (half full theory) or they had no where to go so any changes were for the best (half empty theory). Zucker might have been the director of this film, but instead of recalling "Airplane" or "The Naked Gun" all this film made me think was that apparently not everybody can pull off what the Farrelly Brothers have been doing in their raunchy comedies. The creidt, or lack thereof, clearly falls to writer David Dorfman, but Zucker should have recognized how insipid this script was right away. Star Ashton Kutcher got a credit as co-producer of this film; he should see about giving it back.
This 2003 film has a strong opening and closing because we have the Barenaked Ladies singing "If I Had a Million Dollars." Unfortunately what we are treated to in the film ends up being the bare naked rear ends of Terrence Stamp and Andy Richter, although there is the obligatory Carmen Electra in a wet t-shirt sequence. The plot (actually it is more of a situation) is that nice guy Tom Stansfield (Kutcher) thinks he is being asked to a party by Lisa (Tara Reid) the daughter of his boss, Jack Taylor (Terence Stamp). Instead he is going to be house sitting...for the evening. Right away that should tell you this film is heading in the wrong direction. Tom is given careful instructions by his boss, which basically sets up everything that will go wrong in the next hour all because he cannot stop any of the growing assortment of oddball characters who show up from entering the house or get any of them to leave. Included in this group are Richter as Lisa's trouble brother, Michael Madsen as a thug named T.J. in a testimonial to have far his career has gone downhill since "Reservoir Dogs," and Molly Shannon as the fired secretary who will not go away.
The DVD extras are interesting because they show us that this film could have been even worse. You have to click on Simon to find it, but there is a video version of a key scene near the end of the film that Zucker made to convince the studio to let him film it for real. In a sense it was the one scene that sort of redeemed the film, at least on one level, so leaving it out of the equation would have made of "My Boss's Daughter" even more laughable (but in a bad way). The person who is most wasted in this film is Stamp, who steals all of the early scenes and then gets reduced to be the butt of jokes at the end (sorry, my resistance is down to such quips at this point). Kutcher is essentially playing the straight man here, so he really does nothing offensive, just watches everybody else try to tank their careers. Is there a message buried in this film? I mean, besides the importance of regular breast exams to check for lumps? Sure: love your kids more than your bird. Apparently some people do not know this so this film will be news for them. Next week we are going to try and sit through "Gigli." I cannot possibly believe that it could be worse than this film.
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on October 16, 2004
Only film I have ever walked out of the theatre....No redeeming qualities, ZERO stars....
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on December 16, 2005
I don't know why so many people hate this movie.Ok,yes,it did have occasional boring parts,but the humor is great and has some pretty good jokes.What its about is a straight laced guy named Tom Stansfield(Ashton Kutcher) who wants to move up in his company and impress his grouchy boss(Terence Stamp).He is shocked to find out that the girl he has a crush on is his boss's daughter.When she asks if he has plans,he thinks its for a date,but its actually a favor asking to house sit.Soon enough,a bunch of uninvited guests show up and ruin the house.Then he gets a call from his boss saying to pick him up in 15 minutes!

All in all I think this is a great comedy,although it doesn't exactly seem like David Zucker's type of movie,it is still very funny.
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on February 9, 2004
This is one of the worst movies I have seen in a LONG time. A couple of friends and I decided to rent the DVD...but after the 45 minutes decided it was so horrible we had to turn it off. After not being able to find anything else to watch we decided to give it another chance, maybe it would pick up in the second half. such luck. Ashton Kutcher is know for his physical comedy, which none of is shown in this movie. The jokes are horrible, none of us even cracked a smile. Do not rent this movie and waste 90 minutes of your life. You've been warned!
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on June 2, 2014
I seen this movie so many time & its was a $1 at my pawn shop so I bought it
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