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13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
First of all, if you don't own Bounce then order it NOW. And if you don't have Blaze of Glory then get that too and go read my review of that also, unless you consider yourself Jovi proficient.
Ok, now that Bounce is on the way to your house (for those of you who had previously contributed to the industry trend in declining record sales), let me tell you what to be ready for.
I wish one could rate halves. This album really is 4.5 stars.
First of all, the album is much better and less bland than Crush. It is also better than many of their albums, all of course which are are great anyway. As the self-proclaimed number one fan of Bon Jovi's MUSIC, I still say it doesn't have the musical aspirations of New Jersey and Keep the Faith, and although the songs may be better intended, it doesn't have the "classic-ness" of Slippery.
Bounce does, however, pack a punch. Always playing the game perfectly between musicality and commercialism, Bounce is almost a little TOO perfect, in terms of being the IDEAL modern day offspring of Slippery When Wet. Unfortunately, there's something about "modern day" that necessitates a decline in timelessness (9/11 inspirations not-withstanding). That said, Bounce doesn't sound dated, and they don't betray the roots that got them to where they are either. They don't use too much of 'the formula' so all they churn out is a stale throwback, but all will agree that this is a BON JOVI album, if there ever was any. So at the same time, they are not selling out and using all of the modern blips and bloops in the studio just to be accepted in the current day. The band cared about making viable music here, as they always do.
Which means, the "formula" to make Bounce is perfect. A little of the 9/11, done with respect, but not too much to be viewed as a cash in. A few ballads, but not too many to pigeonhole them as a sellout ballad band again, which happened in the mid 90's. You hear a lot of hooks, but you don't drown in them.
And perhaps the most important element, the rocking!!!!!!! Undivided, Everyday, Hook Me Up, and the title track (which is so good it is excused from being a revised 'It's My Life').... I've been waiting for this for years!!!! It isn't thrash metal, but it IS something that is badly needed. Crush didn't really have ANY of this type of song. Island records doesn't even put the band on the Hard Rock list! And I HATE the word pop.
Each element that went into this album was measured with taste; there's just the right amount of everything.....
....Except for musical virtuosity. Don't get me wrong, Jon never had aspirations to be in a prog band, but as a supporter of progressive rock myself, I always admired the band for being so talented yet taking their music to the masses so they would also achieve significance to the common man as well.
This album has a lot of great "songwriting" - which is great - but there is not one musical epic on the album. If you can write a few 'Prayers', you can write another "Dry County!" "Right side of Wrong" could have come close, but the chords are too simple, and Richie has this ongoing insecurity problem these days, of not overplaying. He is all about tone, which is also great, ... but we'd always get atleast one really stellar solo before, to remind everyone of what Bon Jovi COULD be. This time around, the album clocks in at 49:06, which is just waaaay to short, especially for 12 songs. EVERY song is the standard form, and moderately succinct. Jon says what he needs to then gets out of the song. Again, this has its place, but in a new Bon Jovi album, there needs to be more diversity. Epics, rockers, ballads, anthems, some blues perhaps, some other surprises.... but then, I can't help but act like a parent of the band when I listen to them, or like a piano teacher, I suppose... "You could do better if this", and "It would be REALLY great if that...."
Ultimatley, the band itself is what decides what kind of music it will write. Still, they do try to do what the fans want, and I feel in this review I have the right to ask for more. It's only because I love them so much. I get done with the album and I love it so much that I just want to listen to tracks 13 through 17, which don't exist. Just like New Jersey after Slippery: after Crush, MANY MANY people were guaranteed to buy the followup blindly. It is such a rare opportunity, I don't know how one can NOT put some other features into the album, to show off the band (Dave, write us a piano piece for God's sake! And I'm not talking about Lunar Eclipse), GIVEN there are ALREADY the singles there that will sell the album what it will, nomatter what. If they didn't want the world to hear their music, they would have never done what they've done so far. I hope the band doesn't just sit on the bonus packages that come with the 20 year anniversary so Jon can do movies for a few more years.... the band is REALLY really close to Greatness (again), but they must push onward and make more music. No more 2 albums and 5 year delays!
But just the fact that there IS yet another 'new' BJ album out is an oasis in the desert of a jaded music scene. Which sadly is more than can be said for GNR....
Bounce is a good album.
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on April 11, 2003
A good CD. The songs that are VERY good are near great... those that aren't upper echelon keep this from being a 5 "*" effort. Definitely worth a listen, though, especially for Bon Jovi loyalists (like myself).
Best Tracks (no particular order):
* Undivided
* Everyday
* Misunderstood
* Bounce
Bottom Line: Buy it! It's worth a listen!
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on September 20, 2002
This album is awesome! It's a good old fashioned American rock and roll album. The first song on the album is "Undivided". It is a beautiful song that could very well pass for America's new National anthem following the terrorist attacks. It talks about how we have all become United, as one, and that we stand for love, and truth, as we pray to God for his help. Try NOT to sing along with "Undivided", you wont succeed though.
The second track is "Everyday". This is a cool, clean sounding song that reminds us to make the most of "Everyday". To dream, and to spread our wings and fly to accomplish those
Track number 3 is "The Distance". It is about how when you love somebody, NOTHING can or will stop you from being with them. That you will do whatever it takes to be with them, even if it means "going the Distance".
Track 4 is "Joey" and is about someone changing their life, and making it better, even though it is sometimes scary to do so.
Next, is the song "Misunderstood". It talks about how, in relationships, or life in general, that when someone gets mad at us, we shouldnt be too upset about it, because they just misunderstood us, because we had good intentions in doing what upset them in the first place.
Track number 6 is "All about lovin' you". This title says it all. It talks about dedicating our lives to those who we love.
Song number 7 is "Hook me up". It is about a young man who is seperated from the rest of the world, and reaches out to be part of it, and that whether you live in America, or in Afghanistan, we are all Brothers, who all have the same be loved.
Song #8 is "The right side of wrong". This is a great song that has the feeling of Bon Jovi's classic "cowboy" mentality.
Song #9 is "Love me back to life". It describes how love can cure our pain and give us hope.
Song #10 is "You had me from Hello". It is a BEAUTIFUL love song...and any guy who wants to send good shivers down his woman's spine, should sing this song to her.
Song #11 is the title track, "Bounce". It is the classic, "If you fall off the horse, dust yourself off, and get right back on again" song. It's about bouncing back even when everyone else counts you out. If you are having a hard time in life, and need inspiration to have the courage to reach for your dreams, and to ignore what others say, THIS IS THE SONG FOR YOU!
This imported version has good bonus songs, but there is an aggravating pause between the last song, "Open all Night" and the bonus songs for some reason. "Open all night" is another classic Bon Jovi love song.
This is what the album "Bounce" means to ME. But the great thing about Bon Jovi and their music is that the songs can mean ANYTHING you want them to. They are YOURS and yours alone, and you can enjoy them and use them to inspire you anyway that you want. This CD is a great example of that. I hope you enjoy it, and that it inspires you to reach for your dreams. You just might reach them, as long as you dont ever give up.
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on November 22, 2002
This CD, like "Crush", establishes Bon Jovi as long-term rockers.
It is seemingly more mature in content than their 80s material, but still rocks. Great vocals, guitar work, ala Richie Sambora, keyboards, bass, and percussion are evident. Bon Jovi and Sambora still provide one of the best vocal duos around. Tracks such as "Undivided", "Hook Me Up", and "Bounce" really rock and there is a good mix of ballad/acoustic stuff to make this one a fine CD. Turn it up whether you are 16 or 46. Highly recommended!
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on October 18, 2002
Well its been two years since CRUSH came out. Two years waiting to see what would Bon Jovi do next?? Well, the wait is over and its been worth it.
Bon Jovi show a more mature attitude to their music. This is not surprising as they claim that the songs are influenced by the events of 11 september 2001.
But this is NOT a 11/9 album! No way! The only song that is related to the events is UNDIVIDED. The rest are mainly about looking to the future and bouncing back.
Here are my recommended tracks:
JOEY (Track Four) is a personal favourite. A beautiful song with an important theme "Hey Joey what are you going to do with your life?" says it all really. You hear Richies undereated voice talent and David is just beautiful on the keyboard.
UNDIVIDED (Track One) Oh yeah I cant complain about this one. Its very heavy on the drums and guitar (more of metal attitude than a rock attitude). Definetly worth a listen!!!!!!!
BOUNCE (Track Eleven) The title says it all- reminds me of ITS MY LIFE. A good tune with meaning- a good pick-me-up.
EVERYDAY (Track Two)- the latest single. Similar to BOUNCE and ITS MY LIFE but still a good tune
Buy it and rock on!!!!...
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on October 3, 2005
After hearing their new album, have a nice day, i can definitely say that this older album was actually far better, and ranks along with the best bon jovi albums like new jersey, these days and keep the faith.

this album is optimistic, rocking and uplifting and sounds better than any rock album in recent years.

a track by track review:

Undivided - 4 stars

a good opener for the album

Everyday - 5 stars

further propels the album with its fantastic hooks (they sound more metallica than bon jovi in many songs on the album)

The Distance - 4.5 stars

sounds similar to love me back to life. a typical bon jovi song, but sounds inspiring

Joey - 3 stars

i didn't dig this song. it is supposed to be like levon but levon (which jon bon jovi sang) is far better

Misunderstood - 4 stars

another typical bon jovi song, mid tempo, but not bad


All About Lovin' You - 5 stars

i hated this song at first. the chords sounded just like never say goodbye. but after watching the fantastic video, this song has become my favourite song on the album. kind of pop, but simply great!

Hook Me Up - 5 stars

it rocks! fantastic hooks!

Right Side of Wrong - 5 stars

another typical bon jovi sounding ballad. however, the lyrics and the vocals simply blow me away

Love Me Back To Life - 4.5 stars

midtempo anthemic rock

You Had Me From Hello - 4.5 stars

another typical bon jovi sounding mid tempo song. it is quite good, however.

Bounce - 5 stars

it simply rocks! i just can't get the verses and the chorus bbbbbbounce out of my head.

Open All Night - 5 stars

another typical bon jovi ballad..i love it because of the sincerity of the vocals and ritchie's backup

well, what more can i say, most rock albums are lucky if they have a couple of five star songs. this album is totally loaded with them.

unlike these days (which was introspective, and really good), keep the faith (which was a collection of experimental songs), and crush (powered by its my life), bounce really rocks hard, the hardest i have heard bon jovi play. at the same time, there are some mid tempo songs and tender ballads. this is truly a great bon jovi album! Highly underrated! highly recommended!! buy it if you like rock music
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on October 14, 2002
Some bands like Def Leppard and Journey still sound like they're stuck in the 80s hair metal scene, but Bon Jovi have transcended that barrier with "Bounce and its predecessor, "Crush." Starting off with "Undivided," a great rocker about the events of 9/11/01, the album grabs a listener's attention right away. "Everyday," the first single, is a very mechanical and calculated pop-metal number, and "The Distance" sounds like Creed meets Live, an interesting combination. But the real gem of the album is the haunting ballad "Joey." I am 15, and my very favorite song of all time is "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls, but "Joey" comes pretty close second. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it, and it sends shivers down my spine and brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it.
"All About Loving You is a pretty stock rock ballad, the most "80s" track on the album, but not bad. "Hook Me Up" is a great rocker, and the balance of ballads and rockers is pretty much even through the rest of the album. While none of the songs are as fist-in-the-air as "It's My Life" or as shout-along as "You Give Love a Bad Name," some are just as uplifting as "Livin' on a Prayer," and the band's best ballad (and possibly song) ever ("Joey") makes this album worth the price on its own. But don't worry, this is a collection of 12 quality songs, crafted with the commitment to excellence that comes about when Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora and Desmond Child all work on a project together. While none of the guitar solos are as flashy as Richie's older fare, the vocals don't dissappoint, and Tico Torres delivers some of his most powerful drumming to date. David Bryan's keyboards enhance every song nicely, but don't get in the way. Bon Jovi has made the best, most graceful transition from the 80s of any band from the era, rivalling Aerosmith as the icons of classic arena-rock with more than just a pocketful of hits. Definately pick this album up, it's well worth your trouble.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on October 20, 2002
Bounce is definitely a "must have" Bon Jovi album. This album is stylistically classic Bon Jovi, just older-and more mature with more wisdom. Bon Jovi has never been quite like any other artist and still holds to that reputation. They have the Jersey heart and drive that Springsteen has, but that is where the similarity ends.
This album does begin with the riveting tribute to 9/11, "Undivided," but quickly moves to more upbeat tunes that celebrate life like "Everyday." My favorite, "The Distance," poetically perseveres to a memorable melody. This bands classic storytelling continues, not with Tommy or Gina, with a new character, "Joey". "Right Side of Wrong" tells of nameless characters (compared to Butch and Sundance) on an adventure that ends unfortunately. "Misunderstood" is an open apology that creates a sense of regret. The album also has the expected ballads such as "All About Lovin' You" and "You Had Me from Hello." Both songs leave you feeling like a teenager in love listening to "Never Say Goodbye" but with the experience that "looking at the pages of my life" gives. "Hook Me Up" seems to be the artistic cut that tries to create the story through effects that perceptively leave you hanging. Conceptually, the way they used artistic effects to make a statement reminds me of Alanis Morrissette. "Love Me Back to Life" and "Bounce" are both songs that leave you unable to sit still, overwhelmed with adrenaline.
This album "had me from hello!" Bounce back with Bon Jovi!
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on January 22, 2006
Bon Jovi are my all time favourite group. I've loved them from the start back in the 80's. The reason they are still around today is because their fans still love them because they keep producing brilliant cds. This is another great cd and I still listen to it. Love Me Back To Life is my favourite song on here, but they are all good and whilst they do have similar sounds for many of their songs, the thing that separates them all is their lyrics. Jon and Richie together are superb writers and although Everyday is the one hit from this cd, if you go buy it, you will find your own hits on here. All good songs.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on February 12, 2003
You can easily tell by the topic of the lyrics, this album has got Sept., 11th written all over it.
The rock-driven, anger-full tunes have got a sense of revenge that explodes its way out off the speakers.
UNDIVIDED is the anthem, although HOOK ME UP shows Bon Jovi goin' back to hard rock roots and BOUNCE (co-written with newcomer Billy Falcon) is just so perfect for the arena concerts singalong audience...
As usual Desmond Child is there, his lyricist skills shining through some gem of a song such as THE DISTANCE.
Surprisingly enough, Jon and the guys still team up with Sweden, but this time it's not Max Martin.
Andreas Carlsson is becomin' one of America's most fav writers.
EVERYDAY - great rock tune -, MISUNDERSTOOD and the sweet and intimate YOU HAD ME FROM HELLO showcase how the man can easily swing from a genre to another...bravo Andreas!
And then you obviously have Jon and Richie displaying THEIR own amazing writing attitude, coming up with stories about ordinary people who live in the middle (JOEY) or losers who live on the edge (RIGHT SIDE OF WRONG).
After all of the fame and sucess they still relate to where they come from perfectly...

ALL ABOUT LOVIN' YOU and LOVE ME BACK TO LIFE are the two big ballads off the album.
Because you have to remember that anger and love can live within the same feeling...and after tragedies, and will of revenge, you still must be able to forgive and give love back.
Now go and get the album!
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