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on July 19, 2007
I disagree with the perspective expressed by a few others that this book is too Christian oriented. It contains very little Christian content and this can be skipped if desired without taking away from the rest of the book. Perhaps the book "Boundaries" by Drs Henry Cloud and John Townsend has been mistaken for "Boundary Power." In fact, "Boundary Power" discusses abusive religious systems and practices that violate personal boundaries.

I am a mental health counselor, and I find that many of my clients have unhealthy boundaries that cause them to be taken advantage of or be victimized. This book points out what boundaries are, where we learn them, and why they are necessary. It gives numerous examples of both healthy and unhealthy boundaries while guiding the reader to examine their own boundaries and to develop. I recommend it.
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on August 13, 2002
This workbook explains the concept of boundaries, helps readers learn how to identify unhealthy boundaries, and learn to set new, healthier boundaries on all levels. It doesn't shy away from the tough questions, like "How have you violated someone's boundary recently?" Although from a Christian perspective, and containing a full (and excellent) chapter on religious boundary violations, those of other persuasions--including atheists--could overlook the slight religious content and benefit greatly by working through the book.
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on November 5, 2002
I am a social worker. I had this book on my shelf for two years but it lay there untouched until today. I rediscovered it when I was going through my bookshelf to try to find something to help some friends who are struggling in their marriage.
I took the book home to read and couldn't put it down. The authors speak compassionately and from experience in a user-friendly style. I cried over the self-discovery of some of my own wounds that I have never let heal.
As a member of the LGBT community I would only be afraid that
people in all communities who could benefit from this book may never read it because the authors make assumptions about sexual orientation and nuclear families....but I will still enthusiasticly recommend it (with a grain of rainbow salt) to everyone I know. To the authors....THANK YOU...and best wishes with your continued recovery.
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on November 4, 2011
Never did I think I'd place this book among my 5 to 6 all-time self-help favorites. But I do. It's rather imperfect. I agree that it's a bit Christian-y, but it could have been more so and I found it tolerable in that aspect. Too, I had trouble putting my finger on what bothered me about the book--was it some of the language used? I'm coming from a Nonviolent Communication approach (Marshall Rosenberg). In one of the work sections in the end, it references the author's other book, which I could not get a copy of at the time. That was frustrating. It referenced two pages. How about including that content in the next reprint--? Yet, despite these glitches, in my perception, this book is stellar and I am so grateful to have found it. Despite two decades of therapy, this book helped reveal to me understanding about myself and past marriages and my family of origin--in the context of boundaries--that I'd never understood. It is detailed and thorough. And, though I've never read the other popular and acclaimed books on boundaries, it is my understanding that it builds on their wealth and delineates the issues much deeper. My copy is dog-eared, underlined, starred, annotated and highlighted. I worked it baby. I encourage others to do likewise. It's worthy. It's a Gift. Get this book.
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on January 19, 2002
This book is reasonably helpful, but I wish I'd realized before buying it that it uses a Christian perspective.
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on April 16, 2014
Two areas were very disturbing. Author states he did not have a relationship with God but tells others how to achieve it. Sexual boundaries were covered ad nauseum dealing with sexual abuse, but did not really touch on people losing their perception of other boundaries once physical intimacy has happened. Thought Townsend and Cloud book on Boundaries was much better
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on January 3, 2009
After 28 years of marraige, I am divorced and alienated from my daughter. Always considered myself to be astute and open minded,but after hours of therapy, friendly advice, Christian counseling, I have discovered why it all came about. Everyone in my family had "a hand in the pie" but it was truly my and to some extent, my husband's lack of boundaries that opened our marraige up to upheavel, neither one of us understanding what happened. This is an excellent resource. It should be mandatory reading for young people before marraige and any couple considering parenting. The impact of this knowledge is powerful!!!
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on September 13, 2010
this is a highly interactive book meaning you need to set aside time and answer some questions on pad and paper. it has helped me get to know myself better, my role in life, accepting more of who I am , and infintely helped me deal with other people ina guilt free way. i also discovered many ways in which I was violating other peoples boundaries. great book but dont skim it! you must do the exercises to get the full benefit.
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on September 13, 2013
"Boundary Power" is a workbook that can be used alone or in a group. I used "Boundary Power" in therapy. The exercises
Opened up many insights into my own behavior. I became aware of how my reactions caused the negative way I was treated.

This workbook took me through three phases of my life; my childhood, my adulthood, raising children, second marriage
And aging..
I was helped to see what boundaries could do for me. I saw that I had very few boundaries in my life. One of the most important
Insights I had was to realize that the other person is not me! That sounds pretty obvious. What that means is that I expected
The other person to act like me. Not true. "You are not me". And " i am not you ". And, that's ok!

There are many more important lessons to be learned by using this workbook, "Boundary Power". I think it is worth the time and
Effort if you have issues with boundaries.
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on March 29, 2015
Good book on setting boundaries with people who emotionally abuse you. The material is a bit dated now, but the teaching is still useful. One thing the book does not adequately cover is when you face certain folks with bona fide personality disorders you cannot really build enough boundaries, and you must flee and escape before the one with the personality disorder eats your soul, takes your energy, and pounds your esteem into the ground, for which it will take a long time to recover. Consider the boundaries you need to set from this book workable with rational people, but for the really way out there ones who are not rational, boundaries here are only temporary at best; you must flee before they damage you.
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