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5.0 out of 5 stars Incredible
These are amazing headphones. Everything about them is high quality. They feel like a well worn hat with soft covers over your ears. The sound is incredible, with outstanding imaging. The negative, they are expensive, but you know that already.

From the moment I cut open the two clear tape rounds and started to open the box, I knew these were special. Oddly,...
Published on March 26, 2010 by Daniel G. Lebryk

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3.0 out of 5 stars Mixed Bag
After reading some reviews for these headphones, I dropped by The Apple Store. I listened to a pair for maybe 20 minutes, trying some familiar music on the iPhone they were attached to. I was underwhelmed. At best, the music sounded "remote". Of course, The Apple Store isn't the ideal place to test headphones; too much ambient noise. I left the store feeling that I had...
Published on January 19, 2011 by Thunderhead22

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232 of 251 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Incredible, March 26, 2010
These are amazing headphones. Everything about them is high quality. They feel like a well worn hat with soft covers over your ears. The sound is incredible, with outstanding imaging. The negative, they are expensive, but you know that already.

From the moment I cut open the two clear tape rounds and started to open the box, I knew these were special. Oddly, Apple had them put a peg board hanger on the box - yes these headphones hung on a rack like any cheap old Apple accessory in the store. Inside the box, the headphones are nestled in a carbon fiber looking velveteen covered plastic holder. They lift out easily and the instruction manual (more like advertising literature for B&W), the straight audio cable, and 1/4 inch headphone adapter were underneath. A really beautiful black cloth case with a diamond weave is included. The interior is suede, and the flap is held closed with an invisible magnet. There's also a small pouch inside that exactly fits an iPod or iPhone, sweet.

The headphones themselves are beautiful. The black leather (they do make a big deal out of this being sheep's leather) cover over the headband and ear pieces is flawless. There is ample foam padding all around for the top of your head and ears. The metal swivel, headband, and speaker covers are machined beautifully and are heavy duty.

The headphone wire is interchangeable. Remove the left ear piece cover to reveal a jack and the headphone wire. The headphones come with two different wires, one with a microphone and iPod controls, and the other straight through. The little strain relief holds the wire snug. Unless you exchanged these wires every single day, that relief is never going to harm the wire. The great news about this arrangement, if the wires ever broke, it is a simple matter to replace them - both ends of the wire are 3.5mm jacks. The headphone wire is decent, a rubbery insulation, that looks like it will survive a good long bit of wear. May 22, 2010 update - a reader has mentioned that one end of the cable is 2.5mm and the other 3.5mm, so this might not be a super easy cable to replace.

These headphones feel fantastic on my head. I have a rather large pointy bald head (go ahead, conehead jokes are allowed) and a lot of over the ear headphones are uncomfortable. The P5's are just about perfect. The band expands large enough and the padding is thick enough that the top of my head isn't pressured. Over the ear is comfortable.

Oh you don't care about all these cosmetics, other than you don't want to look like a Bose lemming on your next flight (and these headphones are handsome compared to those by Bose). You care about the audio quality. I was stunned. The bass is solid and smooth. Vocals were crystal clear. These are warm speakers, there is good bass but it is not overpowering. The response seems to be very smooth across the full tone range - highs and lows were not emphasized. The first thing I noticed was imaging. In recordings that I thought were not good, I could actually pick out and position instruments that were blended across the soundstage before. These are audiophile grade headphones.

My frame of reference is five years with a pair of Shure E3c's. Those are absolutely crystal clear, accurate, efficient speakers. The downside, they don't deliver much bass. The P5's are nowhere near as bright; they are not sharp and crisp in the high end like the E3c's. But they make up for that in warmth, in some ways the P5's are like adding a subwoofer to my Shures. The P5's are not as efficient, they require about 2 notches more to reach the same volume. On my Sony DVD player, the E3c's are perfect volume at 1, the P5's need to be set at 3 or 4. There is still plenty of room to get huge volume out of the P5's.

From a music standpoint, the P5's are stupendous. I won't miss my Shure headphones at all. When I first listened to these headphones I was reminded of visits to the special rooms in high end audio stores, my eyes moved all over trying to find the musicians in the room. For movies, these headphones will work very well. Dialog might not be as clear, but special effects and music are much better. Sound is better localized to different parts of the screen.

The iPod/iPhone cable has a little tiny in line controller. It is simple beyond imagination. One click in the center (there is a depression for your finger) starts and stops music or answers a phone call. Two clicks advances one song. Three clicks moves back one song. It's kind of strange taking a phone call through these; the sound is so much fuller and warmer than through the crummy iPhone speaker. On the other hand, the microphone is no substitute for a Jawbone or Bluetooth set up. The only way this microphone thing makes sense is if you happen to be listening to music or watching a movie and a call comes in.

Sound isolation is surprisingly good. The world isn't as dead silent as in ear canal headphones, but I was hard pressed to hear much going on around me. I was aware of noise, but it was muffled and way off in the background. These will work very well on a plane. There is no need for crazy electronics to create the sound isolation.
April 2, 2010 update - in the back of a twin engine jet where the engines are connected to the plane body (some of the loudest jets in captivity, the Embarer 150) the headphones do a decent job on the engine noise. It is not a silent world, but much quieter. My Shure headphones were pretty much dead silent, and I would guess the Bose are also. But I'll still take a bit of noise trade off for the sound quality.

Overall these are outstanding headphones. They are super high quality. I expect they will last a very long time. The sound is wonderful, the comfort high, the materials sensuous, and they are unique (you likely won't see two of these on a flight any time soon).

April 30, 2010 update - something very unfortunate happened, while traveling I accidently left these headphones on a plane. The sad part of the story, United Airlines can't seem to find them. There is a crew member that is very happy right now listening to my headphones. I certainly hope they enjoy them, I will miss them. This might be a cautionary tale, if you are used to earbuds, you'll need to figure out a home for a much larger package if you travel with them. I really messed up.
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5.0 out of 5 stars And this folks, is what one would call "perfection"., November 8, 2010
This review is from: Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones - Black (Electronics)
Wow. I wish I could come up a more fitting word, but I'm currently listening to these as I type this review and I can barely think straight. Seriously.

I have several different full-size earphones, but I've been primarily reviewing IEM's as of late. These seem to be the "big thing" right now and what most people are looking for. People just want something small to use with their iPhone/iPod/MP3 player and full size headphones don't really fit into that equation. A shame, really. To me, over-the-head headphones always sound better than their earphone counterparts. But IEM's definitely have their place and a good pair can really sound awesome.

Moving onto the P5's specifically.

FIRST IMPRESSION/BUILD QUALITY: The box is pretty unassuming and the Apple store even had it hanging from a peg, right next to the Dre Beats and Skullcandy's. Say wha??? But fret not. It's whats inside that counts, and these count in a BIG way. Once the box is opened, you're greeted with the sexiness immediately.

Accessories include a nice magnetic closing pouch, the typical 1/8" to 1/4" headphone adapter, the manual, the warranty card, etc. Pretty much what you'd expect to find when de-boxing headphones. But you're not reading this to hear about accessories, so let me get right to it. The P5's are, to me anyway, a beautiful piece of retro-art, that are built like a tank. There's not a single piece of plastic to be found. The entire set is built with metal and leather. But, don't be fooled. These are still quite light and even after several hours of listening, my ears feel fine. A bit warm, but fine. You actually feel as if your money was well spent.

AUDIO QUALITY: Outstanding. Amazing. Uncolored and Unparalleled. I've got probably 50 pairs of earphones/headphones floating around, and none sound as clear and uncolored as these. Including $350 Klipsch x10i's, $250 Grado's, $400 Sennheiser's, $400 Shure's, $300 Denon's, crappy Dre Beats, Skullpoision's, etc. etc. etc. These, to me, sound better than all of them. And there are a couple pair in there that I swear by!

The sound is ultra smooth from the lowest of bass notes (I tested to 18hz with a frequency generator) through the mids, and all the way up to the highs. Everything just sounds...perfect. These aren't the headphones to buy if you're a total basshead, but the bass is surprisingly strong without being overly so. In other words, the bass doesn't completely wreck the rest of the signal. Mids and Highs are spot on and showcase every nuance of the instruments being played. You really feel as if you're in the studio with the engineer! Even though these are closed-back cans, the sound stage is still quite airy and open. Unreal. I can listen for hours on end without any physical or audio fatigue.

MIC/IPOD CONTROLS: These utilize the same plastic "indented stick" as genuine Apple earphones use and operation is exactly the same. I found mic clarity to be a bit muffled, but definitely not anything I would consider a negative.

CONCLUSION: I simply cannot recommend these enough. If you've been primarily an IEM user, and aren't going to the gym everyday, you owe it to yourself to try a QUALITY (i.e. NOT Dre Beats) pair of headphones, such as these. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are some amazing IEM's. And as I mentioned earlier, I have couple pairs that I absolutely ADORE, but when it comes down to it, if I'm not out jogging or at the gym, I reach for the B&Ws and leave the world behind. For a couple of hours, anyway.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Blown Away, November 9, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones - Black (Electronics)
I walked into the apple store a regular person and left an enthusiast.

After listening to the different headphones at the apple store: the Bose, Monster Beats etc. I finished my test by listening to the Bowers and Wilkins P5. I had never heard of the company at that point. I was blown away. I listened to the same song on every device: Fireflies by Owl City. The clarity of the voices and spatial imaging are amazing. Suddenly listening to music was more fun than I ever remembered it being. When listening to duets you can isolate each voice where with other headphones you can only hear the harmony of each voice together. It was night and day between the other "expensive headphones."

Later that day I went to one of the best hi-fi stores in Manhattan. I had already bought the P5s but wanted to listen to the Grados and Sennsheisers just for comparison. The salesmen informed me that Apple products often have problems powering the Sennsheisers, but moreover told me to come back the next day. They had something new coming in that blew the other head phones they had in stock away. Needless to say, this experienced audio salesman was talking about the P5s.

The conclusion: you may prefer other headphones, there may be better cans out there. However for the crowd using portable devices for their music I doubt you'll find any headphones that match better with the device than the P5. In audiophile circles they talk about matching products to get synergistic effects between preamps, amps and speakers. The P5s are the perfect match for iPhones, iPods, iPads and any other portable device.
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4.0 out of 5 stars That Fantastic B&W Sound; confusingly uncomfortable over time, May 29, 2012
This review is from: Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones - Black (Electronics)
B&W have produced high quality loudspeaker products since 1966 and their focus on clarity is well known. So it's no surprise that B&W's headphones would be impressive, at least as far as sound goes. I have owned this headphones for about 4 months and wanted to 'break them in' before I reviewed them as many make the mistake of reviewing them before they are at their best.

Sound: 9.5 out of 10

These headphones sound fantastic. They really do, they give a natural sound without adding anything unnatural and the bass has punch without being annoying or overpowering (Dre Beats anyone?). That being said some people prefer to have artificial adjustments to headphones such as extra bass; if your looking for headphones like those then these aren't for you. However, if you are looking for clairy and accurate to the recording sound these are your headphones. (If possible use uncompressed lossless audio files, they really make these headphones shine). As far as headphones with cost around $300 concerns these are the top of the ine and seem like they should be charging more.

Range of Genre Effectiveness: 10 out of 10

This is really where these headphones shine.The headphones bring out the smallest details and really make detailed music a treat (Electronic and symphonic are crazy on these!). I listen to literally all kinds of music and I need a headphone that can make all genres sound great. By not adding anything synthetic to the sound, these headphones can be used for any genre of music and sound fantastic. Meal sounds great, twangy country gains a depth that I have never heard in a headphone before. (negating some super expensive headphones) It goes from soft to very hard music flawlessly. I tried hard to find a complaint about it's ability to play all genres but I could not find a thing.

Range of Use: 9.0 out of 10

I not only listen to alot of music but also watch tons of movies and I play alot of video games. For me a headphone should not only serve as a way to listen to high quality audio on the go, but also be able to be able to handle video game audio. When I play a game I want to know that someone is trying to sneak up on me. These headphones deliver this vision, you can hear people trying to walk up to you AND the direction they are coming from. The P5's are very impressive and give you a slight edge when gaming. However, after around 2 hours the headphones start to become uncomfortable, especially if you have a large head. This being said audio freaks who will be wearing this for a while will be annoyed from time to time and have to either take them off for a second or readjust them. The sound of these headphones however outweigh this negative aspect in my opinion.

Comfort: 6.5 out of 10

This is the disappointing aspect of these headphones, they literally come so close to being perfect in their price range except for comfort. Don't get me wrong these headphones are amazingly comfortable for about an hour with their New Zealand Sheep Skin Leather and memory foam cushioning. However, after 2 hours your ears begin to hurt, especially if you are someone who wears glasses (I have to tilt my glasses so they dont touch the headphone otherwise I get red marks where the glasses were ) The sad part of it all is that it would not be hard to fix. First off they dont use enough memory foam for the padding, it's so thin that it doesnt even hold a shape and after a while you begin to feel the hard backing. Also these headphones have alot of tension and fit very snugly so loosening the tension would help with the comfort problem. (this could also however hurt the design as they would have to make the headphone fit larger and expand the ear cuffs to allow for more memory foam). There are positions you can put the headphones in to make them more comfortable, I just find it annoying that I have to do it.

Look:9.7 out of 10

These headphones are beautiful and dont look too flashy. Wearing these in a suit even looks nice without being to attention drawing. I could not give it a perfect score however as some people are put off by square earcuffs. I however believe these headphones look great.

Build Quality of Headphones: 10 out of 10

Just pulling the earcuffs apart give you a feel for B&W's attention to durability and quality. These headphones feel solid and I have (sadly) dropped them a few times and it did NOTHING to the headphones very impressive. I have no complaints about the build quality of the headphone unit, the quality of the cable however......

Build Quality of Cable: 7 out of 10

The cable used for the headphone is a 2.5 to 3.5 jack which can be annoying if one needs to replace it. Also the cable is very thin making it more capable of breaking. On top of this, part of the cable rests inside the earcuff and must fit in the designed path for the cable so upgrading to a nicer cable can be troublesome depending on the thickness of the replacement cable. I had a really bad incident with the cable in which I knocked into it really hard and it bent the cable. It looks weird and is bent but didn't lose any sound quality which did impress me. For the thiness of the cable it does have surprising strength but their is no reason for it to be this thin anyway and imagine how strong i'd be if they made it thicker!

Overall Review: 8.5 out of 10

I love these headphones, they sound great, they look great, and they deliver clarity as well as detail in my music. It makes me sad that they have comfort problems. They would not be hard problems to fix and it is all that is preventing them from getting a nearly perfect review. All in all I would recommend you buy these headphones if you want the best sound for a budget of $300. The B&W P5's are awesome and I get down with these headphones.
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5.0 out of 5 stars First Impressions, March 22, 2010
I just received my P5's at lunch and my first impressions are that these are a great looking set of headphones. The packaging was very impressive and protected the headphones during shipping. I was happily surprised to find that they came with a leather lined bag for storage. The headphones are also very comfortable and really do seal very well despite the small size of the cups. The leather pads are very comfortable and the headband easily adjusted to accommodate (large) my head. The metal finish is outstanding and does not disappoint. Sound so far is amazing and very detailed without break-in time. As with other B&W speakers these will not hide any imperfections in music or add anything to your music, they simply reveal what is there. I only expect the sound to open up with break-in. Package also includes 1/4" plug adapter and spare cable without the in-line mic. You also get 3 months of membership to B&W's Society of Sound when you register your headphones.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Finally. Noise Isolation Without Ear Canal Insertion, October 18, 2010
stlouisbrad "stlouisbrad" (Saint Charles, MO United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones - Black (Electronics)
I've owned Bang & Olufsen ear phones, Shure SE530's, and others. The Bowers & Wilkins P5 Mobile HiFi Stereo headphones are the first set that isolates, sounds great, is easy to put on and take off, and are comfortable to wear -- I mean sheepskin padded leather comfortable to wear...

Don't confuse "Noise Isolation" with "Noise Cancellation". Bose has great Noise Cancellation technology -- a little computer listens for repeating predictable "motor sounds" (like a jet engine, helicopter blade, air conditioner compressor, or other unnatural sound). The computer generates a sound wave to cancel out the motor sound. Nice for an airplane, but what about the obnoxious person in the cubicle next to you? Or the bus? Noise Cancellation won't work!

This is where you need "Sound Isolation". Up until I found the B&W P5 phones, I had to insert a foam ear bud directly into my ear canal. When someone came up to me to ask a question, I had to go through the pain of pulling out the plugs in my ears, then inserting them again and again. These headphones actually do the same job! I can't hear anything around me and they are a breeze to put on or off.

The genuine sheepskin leather ear pads are extremely comfortable. (PETA fans stay away..). Comfort and great great sound. I suggest trying these at an Apple Retail Store. You can put on a pair of Bose QuietComfort 15's (same price) and see what I am talking about (the Bose Noise Cancellation won't block out the mall noise at all..). The package includes a soft case and two connection cables (one with a 3.5mm plug for 3 circuits including microphone, and one with 2 circuits). One of the phones pads comes apart to switch between them.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best Portable Headset, September 22, 2010
dasn0wman "dasn0wman" (Brooklyn, NY United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones - Black (Electronics)
This is the best portable headset. Some criteria for portable:

-Can be powered by your mp3 player - Sorry, bringing an amp w/you is not considered portable
-Can be stored away in at least a jacket pocket - you'll need a large jacket pocket for this baby
-Closed-back design for privacy - my Grado SR60 would not qualify

More on the sound. Absolutely, perfection. Neutral, natural sounding. I hear sounds I've never heard before w/this baby (I know you hear this a lot [chuckle, chuckle]). When listening to a live performance of Carmen McRae at Newport, I can hear the microphone's ever-so slight tremors and her voice resonating in the background from the concert speakers. When listening to Katy Perry, I can hear her voice slightly cracking at some of her higher notes. I actually prefer Katy Perry on my Beats Solo because of the nice booming bass. The P5 doesn't offer any exaggerated bass and will sound just as it should, precisely as it should. They sound absolutely amazing when listening to classical and jazz. I listen to jazz a lot and the P5 with the Cowon J3 will just melt the song like butter. Very smooth and clear.

I benchmark all my portable headsets with the Grado SR60 and for the very first time, this beat it. In my opinion, the P5 sounded better than the Grado SR60. It's insane. Of course, you won't get the expansive sound stage as the Grado but that is to be expected by the P5's closed-back design.

When you first put this baby on your head, you can tell this is a quality piece of equipment. Made of steel and leather with very little plastic parts. The headset looks just as great as it sounds and is extremely comfortable. The memory foam inside the ear pads does a great job in keeping external noises to a muffle.

There really is no downside other than: 1) leather not going great with sweat - not for active people 2) not portable enough - the biggest portable headset I ever encountered and cannot be folded like a Senn PX100 or even a Bose On-Ear 3) Expensive. The most expensive over-the-head portable headset out there. I paid more for this than my AKG 702 Reference set.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Vintage analog beautiful, December 16, 2010
This review is from: Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones - Black (Electronics)
For the past 3 years my headphone of choice was wildly popular Sennheiser 555. I decided that I wanted to try something new, not because I disliked the the 555's, not at all because they were fairly solid cans. I just wanted to hear my music with a fresh sound, and sometimes changing headphones can provide that. Let me preface this by saying I listen to many different types of music. From extreme metal, jazz, acoustic, hip hop, electronica, progressive rock, so i needed a pair that was pretty versatile. I had a few areas i wanted to focus on when getting new headphones.

No external amp needed- Didn't want to be bothered with amping my phones

Smaller than the 555's the Senns were huge, so that shouldn't be so hard!

Closed headphones- I wanted to listen to music with out bothering others

Comfort- the 555's were very comfortable

Sound - I wanted more low end, and my Sennheisers didn't have much bass un amped (never tried with an amp)

Because I didn't want to make a mistake and buy a pair of headphones online relying only through reading reviews, I decided to check out the Apple Store and do some demoing of headphones there. I ended up buying the Bose On Ear's. While I am aware of the Bose hate, I was impressed by the power that came out of such a small headphone. So i bought it . Needless to say, Bose lived up to their "live sound" signature, because no matter what i played was excessive with bass. It worked well on harder songs, or hip hop, but when i played a mellow song, the bass would drowned out everything. Sounded muddy. I returned it to buy the Bose Around Ear. While these definitely had more clarity, and very comfortable, but they had very little low end, very bright and hollow sounding. My 555's sounded better. Back to the drawing board..

Enter the Bowers and Wilkins P5'S

I came across these gorgeous headphones. The P5's are made out of aluminum, metal, and authentic sheep leather. These scream class. They can scream anything but do they scream good sound? Lets just say, when I listen to music with the P5's they transport me into a wooden cottage in the woods listening to music plugged into a turn table. They sound very warm, almost the warmth you would get from beautiful vintage analog.Sounds very full, not hollow. Its hard to put into words. I am definitely not an audiophile, the bass these provide are not the over exaggerated bass you would get from Dr Dre's Beats or the On Ear Bose but provide a very audible punchy bass. Authentic natural sound all around. These are the only headphones I have listened to that sounds like the headphones are adapting to the music, rather than the music adapting to the headphones. Meaning that the headphones generally stay out of the way, and you get to hear the music as is. Not with extra bass, or power boost or what ever else headphones usually EQ into its signature sound. Its hard to believe that when I play Nick Drake, these are the same headphones that just blasted me out of the room playing Meshuggah. They adapt that well. No amp needed on these, just plug and play! The sound isolation on the P5's are quite good, you don't hear much of the outside world. The built in iPod volume works as advertised. Because they are on the ear designed, they did take a bit of adjusting for me because my Senn's were around the ears. Because they are on ears they employ a closed design.

Now lets look at my areas. No amp- check. Smaller than the 555's- Check. Closed headphones- Check. Comfort-not as much as my prior pair. Sound- Check.

Rating these headphones I give them a solid 4 out of 5.

Why not a 5 out of 5? Well lets just say I will be using these for many years as my headphones of choice, they are seriously a work of modern art. I love the industrial design, I love the size, I love the warm sound, I love that they sound this good without any amplification. I am going to be a real and say there is more than likely better headphones out there, ones that sound better or do something specifically better than the P5's. Personally I do wish they were more comfortable, but I think I feel that way because I am not used to on the ear type of headphone. However when you look at the sound, size, design, and price the P5's are unmatched.. For that reason is why I rate them a very solid 4 out of 5.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Pricey Perfection, April 4, 2010
Christian (PLANO, TX, United States) - See all my reviews
My wife bought these for me as an anniversary present at the Apple store thinking that these were noise canceling headphones. When I opened them, I realized they were noise isolating headphones. Somewhat disappointed, I tried them out and WOW - I was totally unprepared for the rich and full sound emanating from these awesome headphones. I have owned two pairs of noise canceling headphones (Sony in-ear and on-ear models) and the noise isolation of these phones are as good as those in reducing ambient noise, but the SOUND, oh the SOUND is an order of magnitude better.

Apart from the performance, these are well made and stylish phones. It takes about an hour for the memory foam to get comfortable on the ears and the pads do get warm after about a half an hour or so of wearing them - these will never be headphones that you take with you on a jog - but will be great on the plane.

Being the cheap guy that I am, I never would have paid for these myself - but now that I have them, they are worth the extra dough. The problem I have now is that because I have experienced such a rich sound experience, the cheaper phones I have been ignorantly happy with in the past just don't cut it anymore.

Bottom line: Very expensive / very good
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great headphones, March 4, 2011
This review is from: Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones - Black (Electronics)
I had been using a pair of Klipsch Image One headphones until I bought a pair of the B&Ws the other day. I feel I can give a good comparision...


- Flat very accurate sound. Vocals especially sound very real, full bodied and sometimes amaze me at how much I can hear in a person's voice
- No over emphasis on bass nor treble as many consumer headphones tend to give.
- Great build quality if not for the cord which seems a bit flimsy (though it can be user replaced).

- Earpieces are not the greatest. It's almost like sitting on a leather couch with shorts on. They tend to get a bit warm and sticky with prolonged use.
- Volume level can be a bit higher.

Are they worth $300? Yes I think so. Why only 4 stars and not 5? Well the cord for one, and the other is that fact that the earpieces as I mentioned really could have been better.

Compared to Klipsch Image One:

- Very good sound from the Klipsch albeit a little bright. Both high and low end are a bit exaggerated compared to the B&W and some may prefer this sound as it is a bit richer. The bass especially is punchy, you can feel it more pronounced, it's tight and impressive. However, the kicker is when comparing especially vocals side by side, I can listen to the Klipsch and say "hmmm, this sounds good..nice and bright..." once I change to the B&W I then say "Wow, the vocals here do actually sound more realistic. More like a human voice rather than a reproduction of a human voice. Doing a side by side like this really shows that the Klipsch headphones are great headphones, but the B&W are supreme headphones. If you never heard them and only heard the Klipsch you would probably be very satisfied. But once you hear the comparison, it's like...Well there IS no comparision really.

On phone calls, they sound pretty similar, again with the Klipsch tending to give just a bit more bass (which can occasionally make people's voices to sound a bit too boomy). The mic on each, while adequate is nothing to write home about. It does its job, but there is nothing spectacular here.

All in all, it's a tough decision considering the Klipsch goes for $150 and the B&W for $300. If you want the best, most accurate sound quality and can afford the $300, you won't be disappointed in the B&W. If $150 is all you want to spend, the Klipsch is a very good compromise.
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