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on January 19, 2012
You get what you pay for, right? Right. I've wanted a strapless heart rate monitor for a while now, but could never justify the expense; I'm a regular gym-goer, but not a serious athlete. Once Groupon featured it for $20, I jumped!

Resting, the heart rate monitor works well and seems to be very accurate. Whilst exercising in a fashion that gets your heart pumping, fahget about it! I've tried different pressure, wiping my fingers from moisture and holding them on the sensors for various amounts of time. Most of the time it won't give me a reading, even after 10 full seconds, rendering the device nearly useless (for what I wanted it for).

Ultimately, it's become a $20 stop watch that doesn't fit very well. Invest in something nicer if you truly need performance!
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on January 10, 2014
I have 3 different Heart Rate Monitors and this one is not the worse one. The best one is Garmin 310 but it requires chest strap. Comparing to stripe less MIO model and Bowflex EZ Pro – this one is cheaper and provides more accurate Heart Rates I don’t have any problems to get the readings from this device you just need to follow instructions and it works all the time. I did compare all three units and the readings I get from them are within +/- 4.
I wish people while writing review at least take some time to provide real facts about the item - so to fulfil this gap I’ll do it myself:
1. outside of white color I do like the design of the watch
2. buttons are easy to press and comfortable
3. getting Heart rate reading is not the challenge
4. the monitor has a nice feature compared to MIO - when you are in Heart Rate mode as far as you keep your fingers on the reading plates it will provide constant Heart Rate readings as long you want - compare to MIO where it only does it for 15 seconds and then stops
5. of course you can buy MIO Alpha model for 200 USD and it will give you Heart Rate readings without the need for your fingers to be on the reading metal plates, I personally just cannot justify the extra cost
6. sometimes it gets longer to get the reading - but as it says in the instruction you have to pay attention to the beeping heart symbol on the watch - when it’s beeping it means it’s getting your heart rate, when it’s solid and it’s not beeping that means you need to readjust your fingers or change the pressure from your fingers to the reading plate - if you do all that you should be able to see the beeping heart icon and the heart rate reading will come
7. Bowflex EZ Pro is also waterproof
8. compare to MIO it beeps only ones - when getting to the heart rate mode (which is nice) – MIO does it after successful reading as well - sometimes it can be annoying
9. on the accuracy side - once in a while MIO just gets inaccurate values - for example instead of giving you 66 it’s getting 99 instead and does it quite often, I would say in ten consecutive readings MIO does it at least once, on the contrary Bowflex EZ Pro never did it to me so far
10. another interesting observation - first reading I am getting from MIO is almost 5 beats higher that actual reading and it gets to the real value on the second and third attempt - as for the Bowflex EZ Pro -the first and all other readings are very close to each other and I never had first reading value jump so far
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on March 24, 2013
I bought this watch for $19.95. It use it while resting or on the treadmill. It did not work the first few times I tried it, but found that the key to getting a reading was having your fingers placed exactly right on the sensors. "Exerting pressure evenly and gently" is the key. It is also very accurate.
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on January 10, 2014
I saw some of the negative reviews, so I started getting nervous about this purchase even before I got the monitor. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it out. It responded very quickly and is very accurate. I can get a pulse within a few seconds and it remains stable if I continue to monitor it. One improvement that I would like to see is a continuous monitoring mode. To get a pulse, you need to hold the mode button for two seconds and then take your pulse by touching the pads on the top and bottom of the face. When you remove your fingers (I use a finger and a thumb), it reverts back to time mode within a few seconds. While I an exercising, I would like to keep it in the pulse mode and switch it back when I want to. For what I paid ($12.99 on special), it was a very good deal.
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on August 19, 2012
I tried using this watch for at least 10 times, the heart rate monitor never worked for me, tried activate while i am running, sitting, walking.
too much expectation from $20 dollar watch.

don't buy it.
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on June 22, 2012
Bought this online at a 1saleaday. I never use a watch so i was happy in getting a waterproof watch with heart rate sensor. This is until i used it while swimming. The mode button stopped working after several days. I can see the rust around the button. The sensor stopped working immediately after using it in the pool. It now only gives the time.
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on August 6, 2014
I purchased the watch for $11.95 with shipping. I'm glad I didn't pay more for it. The watch features are similar to other chronographs and the heart monitor worked perfectly for me. However, the bulkiness of the watch on my smaller wrist is annoying. The heart monitor sensors next to the already large watch face make the front of the watch wider than my wrist. The lack of flexibility of the straps has not improved during the 2 weeks I've been wearing the watch and there continues to be a large gap between the watch and my wrist. As you can imagine, during exercise the watch moves and chafes. I wouldn't recommend this watch for any female with a medium to slender frame.
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on June 15, 2012
It looks nice.

But, it requires a very deliberate press-and-hold to get into the heart monitor mode, otherwise it wants to go into the stopwatch mode instead (when you don't apply a firm press of the button for a sufficient time ~2-3 seconds). Then, once you're in the heart monitor mode, it sometimes doesn't register a heartbeat, times out and goes back to the time function. Unfortunately, I don't have confidence that a more expensive model is going to be better (based on other reviews I've read). Maybe the technology hasn't progressed enough for a viable strapless device.
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on September 30, 2012
I bought this from one of those Daily Deal websites and got it pretty cheap. I figured it wouldn't be bad for the price. It mentioned that is was strapless (as in no chest strap for measuring hear rate) however I assumed that meant it constantly measured your heat by reading your pulse on your wrist somehow. My assuming this may just be my ignorance at the time as to how HRM's work, you have to hold two fingers across the top and bottom of the watch face to measure HRM, this is very awkward when you are riding a bike or jogging. Also, if you sweat it reads incorrectly or not at all.

To get into the HRM mode you have to hold a button down for a few seconds. If you don't put your fingers on the sensors quickly after that it will default back to the time. It has a backlight that comes on with the press of a button however it lasts for maybe 2 seconds before shutting off. If you are jogging at night and sweating then you have your three strikes that make this monitor useless.

Even at the $10.00 I paid it was overpriced. Do yourself a favor and go ahead and get a good quality monitor, you may have to pay twice as much but at least you'll have a piece of equipment that you can use.
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on February 21, 2014
This is actually the second one I've purchased. The first was for myself and this one was for my daughter. It is not a complicated watch, which is why I like it. It is very simple to check your heart rate while exercising (just keep two fingers on the buttons) and I love how it tracks calories burned. Those were the two big things I wanted and the watch does a great job of providing them. It may do other things (stop watch, etc.) but I've never used the other functions.
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