Customer Reviews: Box Set: The Arrington Trilogy
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on May 5, 2012
Honestly one of the worst things I've ever read, and I'm an avid reader. The characters are two-dimensional; the men all weak and mostly vicious, the women conniving and hateful, or victims and saints. People are introduced to serve a narrow purpose and disposed of, the writing is dreadfully repetitive, and explains the same plot contrivance over and over. This series caters to people who believe everything that happens on the Kardashians is real.

Don't waste your money, or your time.
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on April 7, 2012
Allow me to explain my rating and review title...first of all, let me say that this series is very well-written, and leads you on a journey with the characters through 2 generations.

In the first book, you are introduced to Ameila, a sweet little girl who lives with her daddy on a plantation in Georgia. Her mother died in childbirth and her dad is raising her alone. Well, not exactly alone, he has the help of Abigail...his slave/nanny/lover. He and Abigail adore each other and Abigail's daughter, Hattie and Ameila are as close as sisters. In order to save his plantation Thomas (dad) takes a wife that rules his house with an iron fist, and lothes his precious Ameila. This book takes us through to Ameila's late teenage years. The suffering this child endures is heart wrenching, and by the end of the book, you almost think that she will finally be happy.

Book 2 takes up a few years later. Ameila seems happy, and you breath a sigh of relief for this dear girl finally found peace and happiness. This book is told from the prespective of Ameila's young daughter Lillian. Lillian moves with her mom and dad, who is a lighthouse keeper, to a new island. The assistant keeper and his family live there. They have two young boys, one who is Lillian's age and one a few years older. The childern become the best of friends, and Lillian develops a huge crush on the older brother. Well, tragedy strikes and at the age of 11, Lillian is taken to Georgia to live with her wretched grand-monster. There is much suffering and tragedy in this book.

Book 3....ok, I'm thinking at this point, someting good has got to happen for Lillian. I will not go into detail about what happens here, but lets just say that I could not stop reading it because I just had to see what was going to happen. Can I just say that NOTHING good happens. NOTHING AT ALL. Through out this book you are given hope that finally, something is going to work out but her happiness is dashed every time. EVERY TIME!!! I was so depressed when I finished this series...I read every word, but was so disappointed. I hate to read a book that I feel worse after having read it. Very depressing read.

If you like happy endings, I would not recommend this book. If just one thing had worked out in the end, the entire tragic story would have been worth it. But, to my dismay, nothing worked out!
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on April 18, 2012
This is hands down the worst piece of drivel I have read in a long, long time. The main character is completely unlikeable (seriously, a teen that goes after her half brother like a sex crazed fiend? What's there to like?). Her step mother was plucked out of a Disney movie (oooh she's sooo evil, waaaah!!) But really, how can you blame her? she's left alone with the teen drama queen who can't keep her pants on. I don't mind the suffering, some stories are like that and it makes sense, but this seems like somebody made a list of horrible tragedies and then just started throwing them in for the heck of it.

And don't get me started on the (non existing) proofreading.

Do yourself a favor and stay as far away as you can from this mountain of doom. You'll never get the time back.
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on July 28, 2012
Cheer up, things could be worse! So I cheered up and guess what! They GOT worse. Love story - sure, but the impossible tragedy always appeared to end it. I can't think of one character whose lot was "happily ever after".
Would I recommend it? Sure, if I really didn't like you.
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on July 4, 2012
Wow, I just finished this trilogy last night, and my first thought is, did I really read all three of them? Why didn't I stop sooner? I purchased these books for my kindle on a day it was free, so no money lost and I would encourage future purchases to try to do the same.

When you purchase the books for your kindle the trilogy comes with the prequel first, so you get all of the back history, when really the "Girl in the Lighthouse" is the first book. I'm never sure how to read a series with a I read them in the order they came on the Kindle.

These books are just one tragedy after another, and I'm really talking tragedy. THe final tragedy is just so CRAZY that you want to jump into the ocean from the bluffs by the lighthouse yourself. If you are even on the brink of any sort of depression, stay away from these books...however, if you are feeling that your life is horrible and you need to see it could be worst, then jump on in and read away.

The one MAJOR complaint I have is that time almost stands still in the books. So much happens to Lillian in the one book that you think that perhaps 4 or 5 years have gone by and then there is a comment like "It was hard to believe only a year had past in my life". WHAT????

Oh, and the other reviewers that said the books are like VC Andrews? Ummm, not.
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on May 24, 2012
In my opinion, the first book of the trilogy was a mixture of Cinderella, Gone with the Wind, and Flowers in the Attic. It is hard to imagine how all three elements could be mixed into one book. By the time, I started reading the second book I had a hard time adjust that the narrator was the daughter of the first narrator. I really enjoyed the second book more than I did in any of the books in the trilogy. The author made me want to read more to see if Lillian would somehow make it back home to Maine and was able to see Ayden and Heath. The third book was the least of my favorite of the trilogy. I think that the author really made the third book with all the elements that is so prevalent in romance fiction. It almost became unbelievable. It seemed to drag on and on. I realize that author may have needed to make the protagonist character change since Lillian was also the dynamic character. I think that the author crossed the line with Lillian's decisions that made her a showgirl to housewife. The love trilogy between Ayden , Heath, and Lillian was too much like Legends of the Fall for my taste. I am glad that I was able to borrow this book from Amazon since I am a Prime Member. Honestly, I don't think that I would have been satisfied if I had purchased the book.
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on April 20, 2013
I loved this series. The writing was reminiscent of V.C. Andrews. It held me spellbound. However, if you like happy endings you might want to give this series a pass. It is a 2 generational heart-wrenching tale.
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on October 20, 2012
I couldn't wait to get started on this book, having all 3 stories in one book was quite a surprise. It was great not having to look for the second and third book in the series. The story was so enjoyable to read, that it was hard to put it down. I loved the setting and the time period of the story line. I think all of you will love this book!
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on April 29, 2013
Although I found the series to be a good read and it held my interest enough for me to get the trilogy after reading book one, I was very disappointed with the ending. Without spoiling it for possible future readers, I'll just say that it ended rather abruptly. The other books were detailed about the relationships, facial expressions, surroundings, etc. The last book seemed rushed; suddenly it was over. Where there was detail in the heroine's adventures in the beginning and much detail in her responses to those situations, we are simply told what happened over a 30 year period...weird. I wondered if the author was rushing to meet a deadline. I think the series would be much better with a re-write of book three. Other than that...a good read
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on October 9, 2012
Could so much really happen to one person / family.

From heartless, cold and reglious zealot of a grandmother, forbidden love between relatives, a tormented, desperate and niave girl, and the savage treatment of slaves (I can understand the need to liberate as all humans are equal).

Plots unravel, love is intense, scenarios to question.

I read the trilogy but as the novel got to part 3 it became - could all that really happen! Are women that gullable. Men that weak and scheming! All were searching for the elusive dream of true love, - perfect mate only to have so many hurdles / consquences thrown at them. Grieve the tragic loss of life with unrequited love. In the end you feel sorry for the whole family line.

Highlights never keep a journal - in the hands of the wrong person it could be disasterous! It reminded me so much about "Children in the Attic" series.

I loved the blend of history, the description of the grand plantations / mansions of the south, the isolation of the Lighthouses and the sways of the weather, feeling the breeze and the wild storms. I lost myself in the descriptions....
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