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Boy Meets World: Season 4
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Format: DVD
At long last, fans like myself who were waiting on the fourth season back in 2005 only for it to be delayed and then completely dropped from the schedule will finally be able to own it on proper DVD. Thanks so much Lions Gate for buying the rights! (Now just be sure to please finish releasing seasons 5-7!)

This set won't have any special features but it will have all twenty two episodes of this fan loved season that originally aired 1996-97. Season four is one of the best seasons of the show with many classic episodes, maybe all classic episodes in fact, though I've marked my personal favorites with a *.

You Can Go Home Again- Cory and Eric make the last stop on their summer long road trip but Eric isn't ready to head home. Alan wins an award but is still unhappy at his grocery store job.

*Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow- Topanga cuts her hair to prove looks don't matter. Horrified by what she's done she goes to a salon and her new good looks soon turn her into a different person and make Cory more self concious.

I Aint Gonna Spray Lettuce No More- Alan quits his grocer job without telling Amy causing her to make a huge family decision without telling him. Shawn teaches Cory how to be poor.

Fishing For Virna- Shawn's mother is back in town affecting Shawn and Chet. Cory deals with loss when the school lunch lady passes away.

Shallow Boy- Eric upsets his musician girlfriend causing her to write a hit song about him in a negative light. Cory's attempts at helping Topanga babysit find them arguing about future parenting techniques.

Janitor Dad- Shawn wishes his Dad would get a real job but feels humiliated when his Dad takes a job as the school janitor. Alan and Eric look for help at the wilderness store and wind up hiring attractive Lonnie, a girl from the mountains.

Singled Out- Eric goes on MTV's dating show Singled Out posing as a college student. Cory worries about getting his tonsils out and urban legends he's heard about hospitals.

*Dangerous Secret- Cory gets the wrong idea when he learns Shawn had a girl spend the night. It causes him to question the slow pace of his relationship with Topanga but then finds he and Shawn dealing with more serious issues.

*Sixteen Candles and 400-lb. Men- Cory agrees to help Frankie win the love of his father, but when plans conflict with Topanga's sweet sixteen party, Cory must be in two places at once.

Turkey Day- Shawn and Cory plan the first ever Hunter-Matthews Thanksgiving celebration, but class differences make the families uncomfortable.

*An Affair to Forget- Shawn's ex-girlfriend wants to give things another shot, but there's one condition: Shawn can't see Cory anymore. Meanwhile, Eric writes a one-man play about his life. (Hilarious)

*Easy Street- Shawn and Cory get jobs at Christmas. When they learn the men they work for might be questionable Cory quits but Shawn might get sucked further in. Meanwhile Eric and a girl, Lonnie, get caught in a snowstorm.

B&B's Bn'B- Eric meets up with Mr. Feeny out of town and they discuss friendships and relationships. Shawn turns Feeny's house into a bed and breakfast.

*Wheels- On his sixteenth birthday Cory just wants to hit the road with his friends but his father isn't ready to let him grow up just yet.

Chick Like Me- Shawn dresses up like a girl to experience a girls point of view; and it's not what he expected. Meanwhile, Eric teaches Lonnie how to get along with city men.

*Long Walk to Pittsburg (1)- A small kiss between Shawn and Topanga finds Cory concerned, but when he learns Topanga is moving out of town he realizes his problems are bigger than he thought.

*Long Walk to Pittsburg (2)- Cory is still depressed without Topanga; but when she appears at his door, his hope is renewed. Now he must convince his parents that he and Topanga are truly in love.

Uncle Daddy- When Erica dates a girl with a son he starts to wonder if he's ready to be a father. Corey, Shawn and Topanga study for the SAT.

*Quiz Show- Cory, Shawn and Topanga become stars of a high school quiz show when the producers turn them into dumb downed characters for better ratings. It's up to Mr. Feeny to remind them of the importance of educational value.

Security Guy- Alan fires Eric who then gets a job as a security guy. Feeny tries to convince Eric to retake the SAT's, meanwhile Cory and Topanga try to convince Shawn to take Feeny's SAT prep course.

Cult Fiction- Feeling an emptiness Shawn joins a cult, but when Mr. Turner winds up in an accident Shawn realizes its real relationships and people who love him that matter the most.

*Learning to Fly- Eric visits a party school in his last attempts to avoid the possibility of failing at a proper college. Meanwhile when Topanga backs out the trip Cory has to deal with the advances of college girl Mary Beth.

A great season, these episodes have what I feel is the perfect mix of heart and real issues combined with the fun and sometimes whacky elements that became a tad too prevelant in later seasons. Still this whole series is worth owning on DVD and while I wish they'd keep releasing these in the Beuna Vista style boxes with special features I'll take the episodes anyway I can get them after Beuna Vista abandoned us, the same way they abandoned me with Gargoyles halfway through that series. This 3-disc snapcase set will have matching artwork to the previous releases and lets just hope we get seasons 5-7 soon.

5 stars for this set, based on episode content and the fact that fans can finally own these episodes on proper DVD at long last, it's been a loooong wait.

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on September 26, 2010
Format: DVD
We will finally get season 4 of this awesome show! It took five years for it to happen, but it has finally happened! Thank you Lions Gate for buying up the rights to the show and for making fans happy by releasing the rest of the series!
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on May 28, 2010
Format: DVD
For all of us Boy Meets world fans comes good news!!! LionsGate has bought the rights to the show, and I have contacted them. They told me that season 4 will come out this fall (2010)!!!!!! I can't wait for this and all of the rest of the seasons to come out....ESPECIALLY the college years!!! UNDERPANTS!!!!
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on October 7, 2005
Format: DVD
Boy meets world is a great show. with its funniest chacters and episodes this is all the episodes and what they are about

You Can Go Home Again

In its fourth season, Boy Meets World finds Cory Matthews, now a junior in high school, feeling comfortable in his newfound romantic relationship with Topanga. He also thinks that he and his best friend Shawn will now rule the school. After all, his older brother Eric has graduated and is no longer there to look over his shoulder. However, this year Cory and his friends encounter the romantic, parental, and peer issues familiar to all adolescents.

Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow

As Cory's insecurity about his curly hair grows, Topanga tries to show how meaningless appearance is by cutting her own tresses, a deed she instantly regrets. Cory feels insecure about his looks, so Topanga hacks off six inches of her hair in an attempt to prove to him that inner beauty is more important than physical appearance. Her plan backfires when she gets a glimpse of her new 'do' and heads straight to the hair salon to rectify the situation. When Topanga emerges with her new look, she gets caught up in the attention she receives, and she quickly loses sight of the point she was trying to make with Cory. Will her friends be able to bring her back down to Earth?

I Ain't Gonna Spray Lettuce No More

Alan decides to demand a raise - then stuns the family by announcing that he has quit his job as supermarket manager. Sparks fly when Amy becomes furious that Alan has made a decision that affects their lives without consulting her. Eric now feels responsible for supporting the family, even though he doesn't have a job yet! A panicky Cory enlists Shawn's help in learning to cope with poverty while Alan takes Eric camping to clear his head; but Mr. Feeny saves the day by sending the family to a camping goods store he happens to know is for sale. Amy decides to buy it without telling Alan - so Alan will realize his dream of owning his own business and also learn what it's like to be on the receiving end of a unilateral decision. Just as Mr. Feeny thinks he is finally rid of Eric, the repentant young man approaches his former principal for tutoring to help his dad run the family business.

Fishing for Virna

Cory's newfound appreciation for the meaning of family prompts him to help reunite a hopeful Shawn with his mother, Virna, who has come back to town after searching for a better life. Cory also explores ways to honor the memory of Brenda, the beloved and devoted cafeteria lady

Shallow Boy

When Eric offends Corinna, a perky but weird girl who writes strange lyrics, she composes a nasty song about him, and he becomes famous as the motivation behind her hit record. Meanwhile, a bickering Cory and Topanga fear their differing viewpoints on child rearing could affect their long-term future.

Janitor Dad

When Verna gives Chet an ultimatum about find work, he lands a job as the school janitor, to Shaun's humiliation. Meanwhile, Alan and Eric look for experienced help at the store, and a bizarre mountain man answers their ad.

Singled Out

Eric says he attends Harvard in order to be on MTV's Singled Out.

Dangerous Secret

When Cory discovers that attractive Claire has been sleeping over at Shaun's place, he jumps to the obvious conclusion, especially when Shaun swears him to secrecy. But the two teens aren't sleeping together: she's terrified to go home because her father physically abuses her. When Cory learns the truth, he lets Claire sleep in the living room for a couple of nights - and then his parents discover her.

Sixteen Candles and Four-Hundred-Pound Men

Cory faces a time-space dilemma: how to be simultaneously present at Frankie's father's big wrestling match and Topanga's sweet sixteen party without letting anyone down.

Turkey Day

Assigned a Thanksgiving weekend assignment to consider how class divisions between the haves and have-nots are at the heart of the conflict in Rwanda, Cory and Shawn hope the Thanksgiving spirit will encourage their families to be better friends, but having the holiday feast at the Hunters' trailer park home is not what the reluctant Matthews family had in mind. Nor, it turns out, does the situation sit well with the other trailer park residents. Meanwhile, Frankie's little brother Herman asks permission to court Morgan; and everyone winds up eating dinner at Frankie's table which "always has room for more."

An Affair to Forget

Shawn is in a state of shock when his very beautiful, very haughty girlfriend, Jennifer, dumps him. She agrees to get back together on one condition: that Shawn has nothing to do with Cory ever again. This doesn't set well with either of them and the two friends begin seeing each other covertly to avoid Jennifer's wrath. Only the levelheaded Topanga has the insight to solve Cory and Shawn's dilemma. Meanwhile, Eric thinks he's onto a get-rich-quick scheme when he rents a theater for a one-man show he's written called Look at Me, Look at Me, and charges $30 a ticket.

B & B's B'n B

Shawn, bent on proving to Feeny that he can make it in the business world, convinces Cory to turn Feeny's quaint home into a Bed & Breakfast Inn economics-class project while their unsuspecting teacher is out of town. Meanwhile, Eric and Feeny surprise each other when they end up better friends while on vacation at the same hotel - especially when Eric passes up a date with a female bartender to console Feeny over the failure of his long-term long distance romance.


Alan finds himself at a crossroads when Cory, armed with a new driver's license on his 16th birthday, would rather celebrate with Shawn and Topanga than with him.

Chick Like Me

The war between the sexes starts heating up at John Adams High when the boys realize that girls expect different things when out on a date. When it is suggested to Cory that his school newspaper column is a tad boring, Shawn gives him a story idea on dating and sexual harassment based on the book they're reading in Mr. Feeny's class: Black Like Me. After Cory emerges from the bathroom in full regalia, it is decided that Shawn would make a better girl: he's studied them much more carefully. Making his debut at school, Shawn, now Veronica Wasboyski, immediately gets asked out by Gary, one of the school's more well-known Lotharios. Shawn soon finds out what it's like to push off a teen boy's advances. Meanwhile, Eric tries to teach mountain-reared Lonnie how to get along with city men.

A Long Walk To Pittsburgh Part 1

When Cory discovers the reason why his girlfriend, Topanga, and Shawn are acting like more than just friends - in fact, kissing - he must come to grips with an important change in his life. What's worse than the peck is the reason behind it: Topanga's moving away to Pittsburgh.

A Long Walk To Pittsburgh Part 2

A couple of surprise visitors may hold the cure for a lovesick Cory, who is trying to put his life back together now that his sweetheart, Topanga, has moved away. When she runs away to see him again, Cory must persuade his parents - and Topanga's prudish Aunt Prudence - that theirs is a true love.

Uncle Daddy

When Eric learns his new girlfriend Kelly has a son, he's confident he's mature enough to handle the responsibility - but too scared to tell his parents about it. Meanwhile, Cory and his friends prepare for the dreaded.

Quiz Show

The producers of a dull but prestigious academic bowl sense a hit after Cory, Shawn and Topanga become star contestants by enlivening the show with their humor and pop culture knowledge. But the price of success is changing the questions from brainy to brainless to allow Cory and Shawn to win.

Security Guy

Eric blames Amy rather than Alan after he's fired from the store; and when they pressure him to go to college, he gets a job as a security guard and moves out of the house. Meanwhile, Cory, Shawn and Topanga prepare to write their SATs, and Mr. Feeny tries to persuade Eric he should try again as well.

Cult Fiction

When a lonely Shawn starts hanging around with a new group of people he describes as "not a cult," Jonathan tries to stop him before it's too late.

Learning to Fly

Cory's in a jam when coed Mary Beth makes a pass at him while he's visiting a college with Shawn and Eric. Meanwhile, Eric considers attending an easy school.
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on October 6, 2010
Format: DVDVerified Purchase
You don't understand how much I love this show! And to find out Lionsgate bought the rights and are releasing the DVDs got me super excited! Let me tell you right now Lionsgate, I 1000% guarantee you; I will buy the rest of the seasons 4th through 7th the day their are released to pre-order. In fact... I just pre-ordered the 4th season, all I ask is not to quit on us like Buena Vista.
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on April 11, 2008
Format: DVD
I think it's so sad that they arn't releasing anymore of Season 4 or any beyond that! I would love to complete my collection. It is such a good show, and the last 4 seasons are the best! Don't get me wrong, I love the younger years. But the last seasons are what really completes the show in it's intirity. Anyone know where I can get my hands on any of the last seasons?!
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on March 24, 2009
Format: DVD
I hate when they put out a few seasons of a show, and then just when we're dying for more, they won't release the rest, I know that there are thousands of people who would buy the rest of them. come on, let us have the show!
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on January 31, 2010
Format: DVDVerified Purchase
I wanted to let everyone know that Lions Gate owns the rights to Boy Meets World, I got a hold of Lions Gate a week ago, and I was told that they plan to release Boy Meets World in the Fall of this year(2010)! Now I am not sure how they are proceeding to release it, meaning starting with season one and so on with added extras, or if they are going towards releasing the whole series in a box set, I personally, would rather have the whole season in a box set. So basically, we won't know anything until at least September-December, I just wish they would give us some more facts on how they are going to release it. Lions Gate if you are reading this, please give us fans of this wonderful show some more information on what your plans are in what way you are going to release this show!! I hope this was helpful for those people that wanted to know what is going on with the remaining seasons of this show and one last thing if you can't wait for Lions Gate to release this show on dvd in the Fall, I know where you can buy all the seasons for under $25.00. If you want to know where, just send me comment or however you can message me through
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on October 18, 2005
Format: DVDVerified Purchase
For those people who haven't read my other BMW reviews, I think this show has got to be one of the best that there's ever been. It's light hearted yet still manages to cover real world issues sensitively. It has as many laughs as it does touching moments of tears. And while I may say that this year reached the peak of the series, the truth is that by this season it got most of it's fans hooked and it just stayed great for the rest of the show.

This season begins where last season left off. This was the first time that the show had a cliffhanger finale, which was a true sign that this show was going to be around for a few more years. Eric (Will Friedle) and Cory (Ben Savage) leave for their road trip at the end of season 3 with Eric finding out that he didn't get into his last resort college and both boys realising that they really don't know each other well and need some quality time together. On the road trip Eric realises that he has nothing to go home for and decides that he'll stay living in a small town whose sole feature is the worlds largest yogert cup.

When they finally make it back home, the season progresses with Cory back at school with Shawn and Topanga and Eric lazing around on the couch. The show seems to jump a couple of years wround season 3 and 4, as the gang by the end finish their 11th year of schooling. But it really doesn't detract from the whole feel of the show.

During the season, Topanga (Danielle Fishel) FINALLY cuts her hair in an attempt to show Cory that appearances don't matter, but ends up looking more gorgeous than before. The couple continue to have their ups and downs, including the episode where Cory has to choose between attending Topanga's sweet 16th or keeping a promise to a friend and attending a wrestling match. It results in a pretty funny show where Cory and Shawn attempt to pull a Flintstone's stunt.

Cory and Topanga's relationship is also tested when Topanga's family moves to Pittsburgh. Things work out though when Topanga moves in with her Aunt (after firstly running away). There is an especially touching scene where Cory explains his love for Topanga.

Things aren't always rosey in the Matthew's family either. Dad-Alan becomes disillusioned with his work, eventually quitting and buying a Camping Store. Eric joins him for a while at the store and there's a few episodes with scenes focused around both of their experiences here. Mum-Amy puts up with both boys as best as she can, while Sister-Morgan is a general nuisance in most of the episodes that she's in.

Shawn moved back in with his father at the end of the last season and in this one he is also reunited with his mother who moves back into the family home. However Shawn also has to struggle with his father becoming the new janitor at his school and in general wrestles with a lot of self-identity issues. He also has to choose between Cory and his beautiful girlfriend (who is a cow). Jonathan Turner, his mentor from the last two seasons, finishes up this season and there is an especially touching scene from Shawn (Rider Strong) after Jonathan ends up in a coma following a motocycle accident

There are also a lot of episodes which cover the more meaningful aspects of life. These include abuse, where Shawn looks after a young girl who is being hit by her father; sexual equality, where Shawn dresses up as a girl in attempt to help Cory and Topanga show the female side of dating; A cult related episode where Shawn learns the real meaning of friendship; and a Thanksgiving episode where despite differences in economic status, Cory and Shawn manage to teach their parents the real meaning of coming together beyond their differences.

The Season Three DVD pack was pretty dodgy and lacking in the special features. However there is also an audio commentary for 'Hair Today Goon Tomorrow' in the season one box, so let's hope that they include some more of them or something else even better. There were meant to be some 'where are they now' shots in an earlier box set, so maybe they will finally use them.

The episode list is as follows:

You Can Go Home Again; Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow; I Ain't Gonna Spray Lettuce No More; Fishing For Verna; Shallow Boy; Janitor Dad; Singled Out; Dangerous Secret; Sixteen Candles and Four-Hundred Pound Men; Turkey Day; An Affair to Forget; Easy Street; B&B's B'n B; Wheels; Chick Like Me; A Long Walk To Pittsburgh (1); A Long Walk to Pittsburgh (2); Uncle Daddy; Quiz Show; Security Guy; Cult Fiction; Learning To Fly.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on April 2, 2008
Format: DVD
My girls have been waiting for the 4th season of Boy Meets World to be released for over 2 years now. I even enjoy this show and I think it's terrible that the studio has disappointed all the BMW fans by taking season 4 off the radar for a future release!
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