Customer Reviews: My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me
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on May 5, 2011
Ok. Wow. Just finished this.

I wrote some sexist crap as a reply to somebody else's comment on this book which I now regret. I had only just started the book. I don't know why I wrote that, probably because I was a little embarrassed that I bought a book clearly not for my demographic. I was slightly hesitant to read it in public. The first sixty five pages were somewhat interesting but I thought they were a little sentimental and the jokes were affected and sitcom-y. I was somewhat amused to realize that I had already read the book that her ex wrote.

Part three and onwards completely shut me up. That's where the arc of her romantic life really gets interesting. From there to the end of the book, I can't recommend it enough, and the fluff at the beginning is the only reason I wouldn't give this book a full five stars.

It feels a little cheap to describe the final chapters with words like, "intelligent, witty, hilarious"; don't get me wrong, they ARE very darkly funny and smart, but those are words to describe sitcoms or people that you're trying to set up on blind dates. The cute little one liners melt away as the book progresses. At the end, I felt like the emotional anatomy inside my head had shifted. I began to reevaluate all the "crazy" girls I've dated in my life. I felt guilt at certain anecdotes that I've made out of them. I closed the book and looked at the cover and no longer saw a picture of a cutesy nutcase that just can't get her dating life together; I saw the thousand yard stare of a grizzled veteran of the dating wars. I felt like the woman on the cover was staring right through me and all my bullcrap.

Hilary Winston has made a fan out of me. I will definitely purchase whatever she writes next.
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on April 26, 2011
This book was funny and filled with details that really made these stories come alive. Smart, intelligent, and hilarious collection of essays. Also, I learned a lot about vaginas.
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on November 28, 2011
Ms. Winston doesn't disappoint. Firstly, I can relate. She's the proud mama of two cats, chronically single, and happens to take a lot of baths. The title is indeed telling of the story within, Winston's ex evidently did write a tell-all book thinly veiled as a fictitious novel, dubbing her his "fat-assed girlfriend." (Thanks to sleuth Googling skills I found out that "Kyle" is Chad Kultgen, and the book is called The Average American Male. Vicious and must-read.) Through the ashes of her grief and humiliation, Winston spins heartbreaking and hilarious dating/sex/relationship tales. Her candor is disarming, refreshing, and will make you cringe - she's bold enough to write about herself completely unselfconsciously and as a result, you get a fantastic package of real and relatable stories.

With chapters like "I Know You're in There, Whore," "A Questionable Poo: The End of Romance," and "The Coital Laugh," My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me promises some raunchy laughs that don't disappoint. The book has a decidedly melancholy undertone, but Winston sews threads of hope throughout her tales like Lurex through fabric. I can honestly say I laughed and cried, and that's a true gem of a book in my eyes. One that can span emotional gaps and be affecting in more ways than one. There's hope for us single cat ladies, after all. Once we learn about loosening our grip in more ways than one (read the book to understand the joke), we can let go and really enjoy. So go ahead - crack it open, and take a bath or two with Ms. Winston. You'll be glad you did.
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on April 27, 2011
I'm not sure what I'd do if my boyfriend broke up with me and then wrote a book about the relationship. Perhaps if I was already a comedy writer, I'd do exactly what she did. The book wasn't just about the one ex though...she writes about all of 'em it seems. I guess they know who they are!
I loved this book. She manages to relay some of the funniest dating and, ahem, "intimacy-related" stories that I've ever read, but with a real humanity (not just tell-it-all shock value). Oh, and there's a diabetic cat, too. That part's sad. Good sad. Who doesn't love a funny book with a little bit of sensitive. Very good stuff!
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on April 27, 2011
What a fantastic book! not just because I'm a single woman in my 30s, with two cats, and a very successful job, and I can relate more than I'd like to this author, but also because it's raw, and funny, and reminds us to have a sense of humor about our lives, even when circumstances seem so painful that we can hardly stand it. As my mother said time and time again, that which does not kill us, makes us stronger.... and this author is wicked strong.

kudos to Hilary for being brave enough to openly talk about things that most people I know don't even acknowledge in the deep dark recesses of their brain. Intimacy = boyfriend finding toilet paper in her butt? I almost died laughing.

a must read for successful single women.... and also for the men who love us... or who are at least trying to.
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on April 29, 2013
The worst thing about this book is how passive and pathetic the narrator is. She repeatedly reminds the reader of this ("I have low self-esteem!" is the continued excuse), but that doesn't negate the fact that I'm never truly rooting for her. The title of the book is amusing at first, until you actually read the work through, and then it just sounds like a pathetic attempt to not seem pathetic. Kind of like, hey guys, I'm actually a cool person! This book proves it with my quirky title referencing my boy problems!

That being said, it's not the worst book. I finished it in a few hours at the beach, and it was an OK read. It has its entertaining parts. The best way I'd describe this book is that it's similar to listening to one of your girlfriends regale their bad dating stories. Sometimes you're in the mood to care, but other times you're just tuning her out because good god, enough is enough.

I recommend this book as an easy, mindless beach read, but warn against setting your standards too high. At the end, I just didn't care. I didn't care if she got back with "Kyle" or if she ended up alone forever or if she landed some Hollywood hunk. I just don't find her all that likable of a narrator, and that killed it. Despite finding myself relating to and being mildly amused by a few of her anecdotes, this book will probably sit on my bookshelf and never be picked up again.
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on April 30, 2016
I'm writing this after just closing the book. Number one. Epilogue made me cry. Having 2 cats myself, I dread the day I have go through the same thing. Number two. I adore this book so much. This is a piece of humor similar to my life. I connected to many of these stories because similar things have happened to me. (I wrote about my dating experiences as well). I admire Hilary for her honest view of life and love. I hope she finds peace in herself and can learn to love again. (And get another kitty).

This book will make you cringe from her experiences and laugh along with her. Relatable for any girl who has ever dated. Quick but very funny tales of a twenty something navigating life and love and kitty pee. I aspire to write something similar to this. Kudos Hilary! 👏🏻👏🏻
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on August 15, 2015
I first read The Average American Male and found out this book was a response to that. It's definitely interesting to hear both sides of a story. especially a break up. Both books were ok in my opinion.
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on April 10, 2015
I really tried to like this book, and really hope the protagonist had some Peggy Olson, Mad Man charm to her. But she tried too hard to be Lena Dunham-- a chubby, self absorbed millennial, successful but with no charisma. Her stories have no moral compass and no punch. Her insistent whining about ending up with gay, unsuccessful, self absorb men would generally allow you to give her some sympathy-- however, the more you read about her-- you just go-- "girl, respect yourself and get over yourself." The redeeming quality of the book? I like the PJ's she wore on the cover, but she's no Lena Dunham and Peggy Olson.
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on December 5, 2015
This book was well written, funny, and kept me laughing. I reread it and also bought copies for my friends. This is something women can relate to and probably men too. This book will have you laughing.
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