Customer Reviews: Brand Real: How Smart Companies Live Their Brand Promise and Inspire Fierce Customer Loyalty
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on March 22, 2012
I love Branding. Brand to a company is like reputation is to a person. Like reputation - it can be invaluable and like reputation, it can be easily destroyed.

Reputation requires consistency. Brand does also.

I liked the cover "Ingredients of Success Hype 0%, Trendiness 0%, Gimmicks 0%, authenticity 100% and Experience 100%"

Vincent talks about brand identity (how the brand looks and feels - like logo, color, name, slogan etc) and brand behavior (what brands do and why it matters). Many people who think brand think about the former but it is the latter that really matters.

"Real brands make promises that they keep". And this is why we pay more for trusted brands. We like consistency and good brands (like many franchises) deliver that comfort. Consistency in many cases is worth more than being great.

I like to think I am a sophisticated consumer who is not influenced by marketing and brand. Not true. I will often buy from someplace I know will treat me fairly even without trying somewhere else.

I liked the chapter on "Brand Inside - Why People are the Key to your Branding Strategy". It is the people but it is also to training, coaching, mentoring, tools and processes that are in place to make the people great and consistent with the brand.

The gist of the book - work on what your brand really stands for.

Good book - worth reading.
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VINE VOICEon March 7, 2014
I work for a large corporation with thankfully a great brand name and I also try to invest in companies that are brand leaders. This book is a great read for investors and also for small business owners who want to help build their brand. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from the start to finish and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to understand the benefits of a great brand.
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on May 14, 2012
The book jacket characterizes Brand Real as a "business strategy guide," which pretty much defines what I did (and did not) like about the book.

Laurence Vincent knows his stuff. The book is a terrific primer on how to think about branding, what's involved in developing and nurturing a successful brand, and the many things to think about along the way.

This is a good book if you're looking to dive into the branding process. It's not terribly useful if you are looking for takeaways for rethinking how your brand can better connect with your customer base. As a business owner, I would have liked to have seen more examples and case studies that illustrate the material. I would also have liked to have had pull-out boxes to give the reader guidance on where to start and where to go next.
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on March 30, 2012
As a brand consultant myself, the main aspect of this book that I find invaluable is the focus on a company "Living the Brand", or "walk the walk" as well as "talk the talk". If you are not familiar with this any of this brand concept, then this book is critical for you.

Larry's writing style is very engaging - much more entertaining and easy read compared to many other dry brand books.

Another specific aspect of this book I liked is the organization of the categories of brand positioning options - there are many ways to do this but Larry's approach in Brand Real is easy to grasp and implement.
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on April 5, 2013
In today's world a strong brand is sometimes all you have to distinguish yourself from the competition. How people think about your business is much more than just your logo and your TV or Print ads. How people experience your business from pre-purchase interactions to post purchase customer service -- all of it is part of your "brand". This book gives you a fundamental way to think about how to define and create your brand -- your business.

I think anyone that is in charged with strategic thinking for a business should put this book at the top of their reading list. I highly recommend it.
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on March 27, 2012
Brand Real
How Smart Companies Live their Brand Promise and Inspire Fierce Customer Loyalty
By Laurence Vincent
Copyright 2012 by AMOCOM
Price $25.00
Pages: 257 with index.
There has never been a better time to read this book. If one were to give the proverbial "elevator talk" about this book it would be a shorter version of the book's subtitle, "live your brand." That's it. This is what this book is about, making sure that you live up to your brand identity; that you develop your brand honestly, based on what you do really well and what your company is really and then you convey that to your customers. In this age of over communicating we are in danger of knowing how to develop and send a brand, bit not knowing how to live our brand. We have to make sure that what we are saying about our company and its products is true and not just so much, well so much fluff.
Drawing on a number of real life examples, author Laurence Vincent takes us through a step by step process of how to not only develop a brand identity but also to make sure that it is backed by reality. The book teaches us how to make our brand memorable, by making us ask ourselves why a brand is memorable. Why do we love Apple? What goes through our minds when we see their logo on anything?
He shows us that our brand is all about the entire experience that we provide to our customers from the way our phones are answered to the way we tell our customer about our products, the way our sales people make calls, to the product and even how it is packaged. Yes how it is packaged! Think of the first time you opened that box containing your first I-Pod for example...I bet you probably still have it.
What was most important to me in this book was how everything comes into play when you are branding your company. From the company culture, to the products functionality, to the brand architecture you develop and thus to yes the entire brand experience.
I have to admit that the most fun, yes I said fun I had with this book was reading the section about making our behavior part of the brand experience. Like the fact the people have to assembly IKEA furniture; or the way Flickr which allows the users to do certain things that they couldn't do before. The author talks about when he worked at Disneyland and was part of the photo offering called Honey I shrunk the audience which was actually a very moving slide show set to music showing real people doing real things. People were so touched they are actually crying with emotion. The show had been developed by Kodak (if they had done more of this kind of stuff I'm sure they'd be healthier today).
We love to experience brands, we love to feel a part of a brand; think Virgin Airlines and Southwest Airlines both on opposite sides of the spectrum but both delivering brand experiences powerful enough to create incredible brand loyalty from their fans.
Think about your company, what do your customers think about you? Do they love what you do for them? Do they love the experience that you give them? I bet not, I bet it's time your picked up this book and found out how to create a brand identity that will not only stand for something that will make your customers loyal for life.
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This book is a comprehensive discussion of modern branding and covers the many interrelated aspects of developing and building a brand. Not only must you figure out what your unique promise of value should be (i.e your brand promise or position), but you then must align your entire organization to delivering that value and keeping your brand promise at all customer touch points. This excellent book will walk you through all practical implications throughout the process and help you build meaningful brands along with a brand-aligned organization.

A must read for anyone serious about learning more on the topic of branding.

~~Review by the author of the e-book, "How to Build and Manage Your Brand (in sickness and in health)."
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on May 10, 2016
Nice companion to Legendary Brands!
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