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on June 26, 2004
I've owned a Braun Syncro for about a year and a half now. It's the closest shave I've ever had without cutting myself, and that includes the new triple blades. But those refills are pricey. Another Amazon review gave me a clue as to how to make each cartridge last six months. Here's how: Clean your razor once a week instead of every day. Between cleans, remove the cartridge from the cleaning machine and reseal the cartridge with the original plastic tab. No more evaporation problem. I've been very happy with the results.
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on April 3, 2004
You don't HAVE to use the cleaning function of the Braun. You can use it like any other shaver and clean it with a brush. But if you don't mind paying ~$60/year on these refills, then the cleaning system works great. I hope eventually someone decides to make generic versions of the refills or sells the fluid only so we can refill them (like they do with inkjet printer cartridges). I would NOT take the advice of the guy who recommended using alcohol and lemon juice as a refilling liquid. Lemon has sugar (and other impurities) in it, and alcohol doesn't have lubricating agents and may strip the lubricating that the blades need.

Cleaning every other day may seem like a money-saving idea, but I have found that even if you don't use it for weeks, the cleaning fluid still evaporates and you have to replace it almost as frequently, so I figure I might as well get the benefit of cleaning rather than let the stuff just evaporate away.

I hope Amazon starts selling these things directly since buying it from J&R is not a good deal because of the shipping charges. Instead, go to Walgreens or some other store that sells the shaver system, and buy it there. sells it for the same price with free shipping. J&R's prices are regular street prices (not 50% off).
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on July 27, 2004
I typically use the cleaning solution twice a week; once on a Monday after a 'heavy shave' (I can't be bothered shaving at the weekend!) and once at the end of the week. Anything more than that is unecessary, I find.

But when you do use it - oooh that next shave feels so good and smells fresh. It's like using a new shaver. So why don't I use it every day? I don't think its worth the money - these things aren't cheap and, rather disappointingly, I'm not a millionaire, so having the 'new shaver' feel every day isn't justified.

And another tip: if you can be bothered, you can remove the solution after each use and re-plug it to avoid evaporation of the solution - which makes it last even longer. But that's all a bit too much effort for me...!

So, Braun - stop charging so much for a simple alcohol solution and design the cleaner to automatically 'plug' the solution when its not in use to prevent evaporation, and you'll earn that last star!

Happy shopping

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on July 20, 2006
I bought a Braun Activator shaver because I was tired of nicks, cuts, and irritated skin. I had tried electric razors in the past but they never did a good job shaving and were always a pain to keep clean.

This cleaning fluid for the Activator shaver is a must! The self cleaning system makes it very quick and simple to keep the shaver clean and running good.

I typically run the cleaning step every other day, shaking out the shavings on the off days. This helps the cleaning fluid last a wee bit longer. The fluid lasts 2-3 months, with evaporation in the hot months shortening the life a little bit. The cleaning fluid leaves a slightly lubricating film on the shaver which helps it glide smoothly across the skin.

You can buy a 2-pack of refills in store at Target for $12, or you can get a 3-pack here at Amazon for the same price, plus no sales tax. The math is simple.
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on March 22, 2002
These refills do exactly what they are supposed to do, as you can read in the product description.
I have found no noticeable difference by cleaning my shaver every other use instead of every time. I have owned it for almost a year now. This is a good way to get twice the life out of the refills. They also seem to last longer than the 30 uses stated.
Also, these things are very easy to spill when installing. Be careful!
Finally, I'd recommend stocking up on them if you like the shaver because with products like these, you never know when the manufacturer will stop production thus rendering the shaver obsolete.
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on June 29, 2005
Well I've had my 8595 for over 3 weeks now and it looks like the solution is getting pretty dirty. If you read my review on the 8595 you'll see I'm only cleaning it once a week and doing the reseal-the-cleaner-with-plug trick.

The solution is not evaporating as I expected, but even with all the wiskers trapped in the filter, the solution itself is getting darker. I was hoping it would last longer, but it appears the only way to do that is to manually clean out the head before you drop it into the charger for auto-cleaning.

So I've given in, I just bought Qty 3 of this item... good enough for 6 months. As someone else commented earlier, you'll basically wind up spending $60 a year using one refill per month. That boils down to $5/month. You have to decide if $5/month is worth your time and effort to clean your shaver (even once a week) plus knowing that the cleaning solution has removed the oil and bacteria off the head and foil to minimize infection or in-grown wiskers.

Given the cost of gasoline and food nowadays, $5/month isn't too bad to me. BUT the refills are not eco-friendly. If Braun would get smart and sell a refill kit which came with a quart or two of solution and replacement filters, I'd buy that. At least you could reuse the container over and over. Just toss out the dirty filter and solution when it's time.

I read up on all the alcohol, lemon extract, silicon oil refill tricks, but they don't address the filter problem unless you backwash the container. It was at that point I realized the time to rejuvenate the refill would equal the time I'd spend just to manually cleaning the head.

BTW, it looks like Amazon has fixed the shipping problem someone noted earlier. Each of these items can be shipped for 50 cents. So if you ship Qty 3, it's $1.50 for shipping, Qty 6 is $3.00, etc. So my hats off to Amazon for reading the comments here and making the shipping reasonable. I did my order on Amazon because it looks like on eBay, you only save about $2-$3 (depending on quantity) and some auctions claim their refills are old outdated stock. Probably nothing wrong with that since they are sealed, but for $2, I'll just buy here to get the fresh stock.
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on February 27, 2006
If you want to make the most of this product, do not clean your razor every day. It is not necessary. After you shave, shake the razor over the waste basket gently and it will remove some hairs. Then clean the razor every third day. I started useing my 8595 razor on Dec. 10th following this technique and I just ordered replacement cartridges.
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on September 2, 2003
Over my lifetime I have had several other brands of electric shavers that provided 'acceptable' shaving closeness and lasting ability of the non-replaceable battery. It was time for yet another razor as my Remington's battery had finally died.
This was several years ago when I first saw the <b>Braun 7525 Syncro Shaver System with Clean & Charge Refills</b>, I had to purchase it right on the spot.
My first save with my new Braun Syncro Shaving System was the very best I had ever had with an electric shaver. But I wondered, "How long with this cutter provide a terrific result before it would be time to replace the cutting system". Would the foil last a month, three months ore have to be replaced every six months to a year? Four months later I was still getting the same level of closeness as the very firsts have. This is because the tiny hairs, dirt, and facial grease are never allowed to clog the pours in the foil or the cutter.
One week passed and I realized that I was HOOKED on the built-in cleaning feature. As life would have it, the solution ran out, now was time to replace the cleaning cartridge. <b>OUCH</b>, these things are expensive!
At these prices, a solution had to be found so that I (everyone) could stay out of the poor house. So I started to look for discount and generic cartridges in stores and over the Internet with no such luck. What else could I do but go ahead and pay those outrageous prices? NO. So I kept look for another solution to the problem at hand. It did not take long to figure out how to refill the cartridge thus saving me money! Below is the Easy Eight Step System to saving money you need to look inside the cartridge to see how much dirt, grease, and hair is in there. Do this by taking the cartridge out of the cleaning station and then look through the holes on the top of the cartridge.
If the cartridge if completely full of hair and dirt, most likely you will have no option but to purchase a new cartridge. Of course, you could try the following steps and maybe you will gain some additional use before a replacement becomes required. poor any remaining solution down the sink by gently shaking the cartridge several ways. Don't rofget to protect your eyes when doing this. fill the cartridge with some warm water. It is best to use purified or reverse osmosis water, found in many stores for a dollar or so. USE WATER ONLY, gently swish the water back and forth for a few minutes. This will remove most of the facial grease and loosen the hair attached to the sponge-like dirt collector at the bottom of the cartridge
, poor the water from the cartridge down the sink drain. Inspect the dirt collector to decide if additional cleaning with water is needed. Do this until you are satisfied with the level of cleanliness or conclude only a new replacement cartridge in needed. NEVER use anything other that water to clean the dirt collector
, Once cleaned, shake the cartridge to remove any remaining water from inside. Put the cartridge upside-down on a folded paper towel and let the cartridge sit for a few hours. Then turn the cartridge upside right and let sit for a day or two until full dry on the inside
, Fill the dry cleaning cartridge with Isopropyl alcohol between ¨ø and ¨ú up to the top. If you wish you cn add a few drops of real lemon juice to cover the smell of the alcohol and possible aid in the dissolving of facial grease Step Eight and Final Step. Place the cleaned and refilled cleaning cartridge in to the cleaning station and start using and enjoying the savings.
I hope this helps everyone as this refilling method may become our only option should Braun discontinue the offering of new cleaning cartridges. Let's hope not!
I wish you many more close, clean,and comfortable shaves using your Braun Syncro Shaver System. ----Michael, Florida, USA
PS: I do not work for Braun nor do I know any persons that work for the company.
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VINE VOICEon April 10, 2001
There were two things I always disliked about electric shavers: they didn't cut close as a blade, and they required regular cleaning with that annoying little brush. The new Braun shaver, which I've reviewed also, is an excellent device, and the shave is quite comparable to a blade. This handy little item, of course, solves my other pet peeve, the claeaning part. Every morning when I finish shaving, I just put the shaver in the attachment, and it does its magic. No muss, no fuss, and no little brush! The next morning the shaver is ready for use again, and there's a pleasant lemony smell to it, which I like. As long as I can continue to get these refills (and they tend to be hard to find at times), I will continue to use this shaver, and continue to love it.
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on May 28, 2004
I have read the reviews of these replacement cartridges for a razor that, in my opinion, shaves better than a blade and the biggest gripe seemed to be the cost. Yes, seemingly a bit pricey but, after shaving with a Mach 3 Turbo prior to this, I am certain that I spent much more in a year on blades. This razor can be used without the "clean and charge" system but everyone seems to love that feature and wouldn't want to give it up. I always shaved with a blade after trying a number of electric razors; however, after being placed on the drug Coumadin, I had to go to an electric razor. I won't go back. Five bucks a month for a cartridge beats at least 10 dollars a month in blades and it is much quicker and more effective. If the cost of the razor didn't prohibt a customer from purchasing it, why complain about 5 bucks a month. You can still clean it with the brush if you like...
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