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on October 6, 2011
Much like you are doing right now, I poured over hundreds of reviews on numerous trimmers before I settled on one. I chose the Braun 6 Head and Beard trimmer and am very satisfied with my choice.

Short review:
Lightweight, Low vibrations, Low noise, cuts very well, short charge time, attached retractable small/narrow trimmer, can trim while plugged in, and covers a wide hair length range. The price is very good compared to how nice and versatile this trimmer is. Originally I was looking for a more affordable item, but the reviews urged me to spend a little more. Very thick, longer hair will clog up the trimmer quickly, so removing the comb and dumping the hair is required. It's a minor inconvenience at best. Definate recommend.

Long review:
When I read reviews, I read the bad ones first. Most of them said the same thing and they were far outweighed by the positive reviews. I trim/shave most of the regions on my body, and I will cover each area at a time. First, the trimmers are very lightweight which is nice when trimming your head with lifted arms for an extended periods of time. Compared to most other trimmers (especially plug in versions) the vibration and noise are nominal. The body is plastic and half of it is rubberized for improved grip. The trimmer fits well in your hand and is laid out very well. Unlike the Braun 5, the Braun 6 has a shorter charge time once you perform the initial charge. The indicator light does a great job of letting you know the state of your charge as well, both charging and discharging. My body hair ranges from very coarse and wirey, to very thin and light. I did not have one single hair pull/snag. The hardest part of using the trimmer is figuring out what length setting to use! The trim length guide is clearly marked and will not jump out of the setting. There are two detachable combs. One gives you lengths from 1 to 10 millimeters, and the other gives you from 10 to 20 millimeters. Not using a comb at all will give you a very close to the skin trim. The Braun 6 also has a retractable, narrow-head secondary trimmer. This smaller trimmer is great for reaching small and narrow areas, such as under the nose and around the top of the ears, among others. The comb prongs, although they are plastic, are pretty stiff and keep skin out, and hair cuts level with very little comb bending or deflection. As with most plastic appliances, you should take care to not be rough with the trimmer, the combs particularly. A reasonable level of care will yield many years of use out of this trimmer. I dropped mine from a four foot shelf after its first use, and it still works just fine (whew!). The trimmer comes with a small travel case and the charger has a curled cord so it doesnt tangle up if you are trimming while plugged in. I tested using the trimmer while plugged in with a very low battery. It ran at full strength, which is a very nice feature instead of having to wait for the charge. Charge time for the Braun 6 is 1 hour. My sessions are between 30-40 minutes and it was still running strong at the end.

My facial hair is very thick, coarse, and wire-like! The Braun 6 cut it all quickly with ease. My facial hair curls a little and some of those can be tricky to get all one length, so I recommend using a fine tooth comb to get the hair as straight as possible for an even cut.

Head hair:
My hair up top is very thick and straight. I wear a military 'high and tight' hair style. The trimmer cuts very quickly and efficiently. It took only a couple passes to get everything even and at the proper length. The only fault I found is that thick hair will clog up the area between the blades and the comb. I did need to stop every several passes to remove the comb and dump the hair clump. It only did this on the longer hair on top of my head, not the sides or elsewhere on my body. The advantage is that I could dump the hair clumps where I wanted instead of it going everywhere, like with regular clippers.

Chest hair:
My chest hair is fairly wirey. Once again, no issues with cutting here.

Pubic region:
Let's face it, tons of people trim that area and will do so with these clippers. Pubic hair is normally fairly coarse and curly,as is mine. Even on extremely soft and delicate skin, there were no dreaded hair snags. Also, the comb prongs do a very good job of preventing skin from making contact with the cutting blades. Of course you should always trim with caution down there to prevent unwanted contact, especially on skin that folds easily. The small size of the trimmer makes reaching certain areas very easy and less awkward. I know that when I get home from overseas, my wife will steal this trimmer and use it for her trimming!

My underarm hair is very light and thin. This was the only area that I had some difficulty getting an even cut. Due to the hair being so light, it didn't want to be guided into the comb prongs and into the blades. If you have hair like this over larger areas, you may need to make many passes to get a good, even cut.

As you can tell, I am pleased with my purchase. The only unknown now is long-term life span. If I can get 2 years out of this trimmer, I will feel as if I got my money's worth. I have no reason to believe the trimmer won't go well beyond that time frame.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The pro's of this product include being lightweight, which makes its easy and less tiresome to use and also that it is cord free. No more extension cord getting wrapped, hooked, or tangled with other products on the counter. In comparison to other trimmers, this product is very safe. It truly seems impossible to cut yourself and that is even without making use of the blade guard. It is able to cut very precise lines and the trimmer height adjustment makes it simple to perform taper and fading of short hair.

The con's of this product include that the motor is underpowered. The device requires frequent cleaning. Hair gets caught in cutting blades and during a single haircut (military-style) short hair the blade had to be cleaned approx. 6 times. This caused a lot of stopping and starting to provide cleaning maintenance during cut/trimming. It was also more difficult to trim hair around ears.

All in all: This is a more ideal product for beard trimming rather than cutting short head hair. If this is the purchasers main purpose, it is an excellent product. If you're hoping to have a more universal tool that can perform both tasks (beard and head), this might not be the one for you.

*This particular trimmer was used to cut very short (military-style) head hair of normal thickness.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As hard as I might try, it's difficult to muster up extreme enthusiasm over a hair trimmer. It isn't that they aren't essential, they are--the Braun Cruzer is about the sixth such device that I've owned. But on a functional review (especially on a product in such a competitive marketplace), if something does what it is supposed to do--that is a four star rating. You have to be completely special, unique or effective to stand out when hundreds of shavers exist in retail venues. Well, the Braun Cruzer did (surprisingly) exceed my expectations and my initial impression would award the device 4 1/2 stars. As with any electronic product, however, the true test comes with time and usage--so I'm going to round to four stars until I can make an effective statement of how the shaver holds up to continued usage.

Admittedly, I haven't always gone with the state-of-the-art options in my trimmers. Cost has always factored into my decision making process--I just can't bring myself to indulge in the high end shavers. The Cruzer is nicely placed in the mid-range cost category. You can certainly get cheaper, but it's also easy to spend more! The affordability is a talking point for me, however, because the unique design makes this seem like a more expensive option.

The most unique aspect in the Braun Cruzer is that there are fewer attachments and more actual settings. There is a hair comb and a beard comb--both easily snap and lock into place. Then you actually adjust the razor itself to get the appropriate length setting. It's so simple and ingenious, but was completely new to me. The trimmer, for more detail work, also slides out. While I rarely sport a beard or fashionable stubble, I can see how this would be invaluable to maintaining a consistent length. And the fact that it is almost idiot proof is also an added blessing. I've been very pleased so far with the Braun Cruzer, but if something develops (either good or bad--we're still in the honeymoon period)--I'll be sure to update the review and hopefully kick it up to five stars if it holds up to long term usage. KGHarris, 6/11.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As current users of both the Wahl Peanut and Groomsman, the Braun 6 Beard and Head Cruzer faces some stiff competition. It's obvious this trimmer is targeted towards a younger audience (by the displayed pictures/cartoons, think 20-something). The packaging shows a macho guy sporting two-day stubble; the blurb underneath reads "Real beard shaper...perfect stubble trimmer." While we don't have stubble-growers in this household, we did put it to the test on beards and thicker heads of hair, taking them down to near baldness. All three trim and cut hair efficiently, although the Braun has a nifty precision trimmer that pops up for precise contouring. All three also come with attachable combs, giving desirable beard/stubble/hair lengths. The Braun does offer six possible length settings with both combs. No pulling with any product, but it was necessary to make several passes with all to achieve desired looks. And there are some features that set the Braun model apart--it is cord/cordless and fully sealed, meaning the trimmer can be cleaned under running water or taken into the shower. It will trim wet or dry hair. That said, there is one major difference between these three trimmers--cost. We could achieve the same look using the Wahl Peanut or Groomsman at about half the cost, and have owned Wahl products for over ten years with not one problem the whole time. Perhaps if you are a stubble-grower, the Braun 6 Beard and Head Cruzer might offer more options for that type look. For all others who just want a bald head, trim beard or short haircut, consider the more affordable, yet very reliable Wahl Peanut or Groomsman models.
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on September 28, 2011
My last beard trimmer was the Norelco G370 all-in-one, which runs significantly cheaper at $15. I got it as a temporary solution at the time but to my surprise it lasted years until the battery eventually would not hold a charge, so I had to get a new one. I chose to go with this Braun Cruzer product based on the reviews, perceived build quality, and the most important improvement over my last trimmer: dual power. The Norelco, while great, had a big flaw in that it was battery operated only, so if you hadn't charged it you couldn't use it - even if it was plugged in. Braun's product sold me on the fact that it will run with the cord plugged in or via battery. Unfortunately, the power was also the biggest problem with the device.

No matter if I had it plugged in or not, the power output was the same: low. The speed of the blade cutting was so slow I would do 20-30 passes over my beard and it would STILL miss hairs. Gave me a terrible trim, and no amount of charging or plugging in the device to other outlets would increase the power. Matter of fact, once you turn it on, what little speed the blades have quickly goes away within a minute leaving you with a device that is unusable for its sole purpose: trimming. That's why I have given this product a one. The engineers failed massively in this department. Everything else about the product seems great: solid construction, hefty weight, great adjustable trimmer adapters, packaging, secondary trimmer, etc.

I ended up returning this to Amazon because it is a design flaw. Going to try out the Wahl Groomsman beard trimmer next.
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VINE VOICEon July 10, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Prior to using the Braun cruZer6, I had been using the Philips Norelco T980, which is a superb trimmer. As such, my review may be somewhat biased, having previously enjoyed the Norelco. That notwithstanding, the Braun cruZer6 is a great trimmer in its own right, so let me point out some of the pros and cons:

* Ease of use to change through six different blade lengths, and the extra attachment for the head is easy to snap in place
* Sideburn accessory is very handy for keeping the 'burns neatly trimmed
* Comfortable ergonomic design feels great in the hands
* Cleaning is easy, as this unit can be rinsed under water. Blade oil is included, for just such a purpose
* The internal rechargeable batteries hold a charge for a decent amount of time (just under an hour, so more than a week of normal use)
* Can be used with or without the cord
* Blades are fairly sharp and do not pull hairs
* Quick 60-minute recharge time is very convenient
* Operation is fairly quiet
* Travel pouch and charger make for an easy-to-travel-with item
* Two year warranty

* No hair collector component, which would have been great for keeping the bathroom sink clean
* As many have already declared, the rechargeable batteries are not replaceable, which is a definite strike against
* Could benefit from a slightly more powerful motor, as some hairs can be a little too thick and stubborn for the Braun on the first few passes
* Price point may be a little bit high for this product, especially considering there is no Lifetime Warranty

Keep in mind that if your intended use is for a body hair trimmer, the Braun Cruzer does not shave the skin completely smooth -- as that is not in its intended design. But if you are seeking a trimmer to crop and maintain facial, head or body hair, this is a great tool to have -- and a great gift idea!
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on June 7, 2012
Upadate 12/13/2012:
The battery life has now degraded to the point wher I can get 1 (one) 3-4 minute trim of my goatee. When I turn the trimmer off, the indicator light indicates (flashing red LED/light) that a recharge is necesary. Essenially, I am forced to keep this item plugged in constantly. My old Wahl trimmer that this Braun replaced holds a charge longer!
I like the trimmer with the exception of the battery life. I can get 2-3 trims (maybe 5 minutes each) of my goatee, and then it needs recharging. No where near what they advertise in the product literature.
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on November 28, 2011
it's ok
i have a braun pulsonic shaver so i wanted this for beard trimming/shaping
it's not the greatest for that.

it doesn't get the stubble well, and while your shaving the stubble (without any attachments) the detail attachment has the tendency to scratch pull at your neck/face. i wish there was a cap that went on top of it.

the beard adjustments are ok they have 1 3 5 etc. i kinda wish there was a four and a two.

it does a nice job trimming facial hair with the attachments, it effective, fast

battery life is good

bottom line
if you want some thing to trim your beard (not stubble) with a 3 or a 5 great, if you want more options and finer shaving you might want to go else where
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on January 7, 2012
Braun makes top flight personal care products and this one is no different, you can tell the moment you pick it up that it is a cut above the rest.

I used to do a lot of comparison shopping with products of this type, but Braun has gotten so good that I simply do a price check or might briefly look at the competition, then I buy the top of the line Braun product every time.... this, the 790 shaver, they all are actually worth the extra money, which is something you can't often say about electrics purchases.

The Cruzer 6 Trimmer is the top of the line trimmer product above the Cruzer 5 and has a bit better construction and comb accessories than the 5. It also has some kind of 'dual battery' construction which I don't know a lot about.

Points of interest
- Battery lasts a very long time and shines above other trimmers of this type by a mile.. there are complaints on line about it not being replaceable, but my experience is that sealed unit batteries perform so much better than replaceable that I much prefer sealed unit.
- the battery and cutting performance is so good that it's actually feasible to replace a 120v hair cutter like a Wahl full size with this.... I was very surprised by this, but it's true.
- it's very quiet for this type of trimmer and has a very low buzz
- when using the bare blade without the comb, the tip has been finished so that it won't scratch / scrape your skin, it's very comfortable to cut in hairline on the back of neck etc. and feels smooth when used this way, much better than the rest.
- it is a little smaller and lighter than I expected from the picture, which is good as it's very maneuverable etc. but it is still big enough to do large areas quickly.
- there are two comb accessories, a long and a short each adjustable to 6 increments measured in mm. The short is the most useful and adjusts to 1,3,5,7,9, and 11mm length. There are release buttons on both sides to completely remove the comb to use as a straight trimmer or put the other comb on for different lengths.
- the trimmer is very effective and cuts through thick hair very easily... so much so that (while I didn't try to do so) I could imagine giving and actual all over haircut with it. There's definitely enough battery endurance to do that, it cuts like a champ, and the long comb goes to lengths for tight military haircuts and even a little longer.
- a very minor gripe is that the depth adjustment button can be accidentally pressed during use if you hold it in an unusual way, so there is a slight possibility of shearing off an eyebrow if you are a freak about the way you hold it ;)
- one hint: the curvature of the tip casts a little doubt as to what side of it you put towards the skin, you should look inside the comb to verify which way to hold it until you get used to using it

I mistakenly dropped it about 5 feet onto ceramic tile about an hour after I opened it (of course) and it came through like a champ.... so I genuinely have nothing negative to say about it

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on March 29, 2015
I've had mine for about 15 months. I bought it as a beard trimmer. It doesn't seem to be large enough to handle full haircuts though. Best feature is that you can use it corded or cordless. The green/red LED battery level indicator makes it easy to tell when it needs a charge and when it's full.

Biggest issue I have is with the short comb/guide. The one that's is blue and grey. The individual blue guides break off much too easily. I haven't subjected mine to heavy use. I trim about every 7 to 10 days. Still one of the blue guides broke within six months—less than 25 uses. Two were gone before a year was up. I've concluded it's a defective design. Other reviews here mention the same problem. And all the sites that sell Braun replacement parts are backordered on that particular comb. Also the replacement part is $21—approximately half the cost of a new trimmer.

I'm babying mine in hopes of getting a few more months use before a third comb blade breaks. At that point I'll probably go with a different trimmer.

My recommendation is to avoid this product unless you plan to use it without the comb/guide.
review image
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