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on November 20, 2009
I have used electric shavers for almost 45 years and this is the best yet. I started shopping because local stores no longer stock replacement foils and cutters for my old Braun 3000.

I chose this mid-range product because the 7 series is way too expensive, the 5 series tilting heads seem too gimmicky and their replacement cutters cost more than $40 even though the foils seem to be identical in design to those of the 3 series.

The Series 3 370 is bigger and heavier than my old shaver, but the heft feels good and the handle design and rubberized gripping surfaces on both sides make it easy to hold and control.

I almost bought a series 3 340, but opted for the 370 for just $30 more because of the "lock" switch that lowers one foil and the middle cutter to make it easier to get at the area under the nose. I'm glad I did, because it really does work.

What surprised me most is how much more comfortable the shave is with the 370 than my old shaver with its single screen plus cutter bar. The independent movement of the foils and center cutter probably contributes to that comfort. The new foil design gives me a smoother shave as well, and the middle cutter does a good job of scavenging the odd long whisker that had evaded the old shaver. (At my age they're not black any more, so they're harder to spot and so may grow to some length before I see them.)

Especially in the neck area I notice that I'm shaving cleaner faster and with much less irritation than before.

The pop-up sideburn trimmer cuts well and rises high enough that it is easy to see where I'm trimming.

Because all of the series 3 models have an indicator light to show when the battery needs charging, I did not think it would matter that the 360 and 370 can be operated while the recharging cord is plugged in. That little bonus feature did turn out to be valuable though, when I forgot to charge it up and the battery went dead just when I was in a rush to touch up 5 o'clock shadow before heading out to a meeting. I did not have to wait several minutes for partial charge to get me through a cordless shave; just plugged in, finished my shave and headed out the door.

Another bonus is that the Series 3 370 is much quieter than the old shaver.

The only negative I have noticed is that this model comes with a nice zippered hard case, but there is no room for the cord in it, just the shaver.

By the way, the all-black 360 model is functionally identical, but comes with no case. Instead, it has a plastic snap-on foil protector that also shields the on/off button so it can't get turned on in your shaving kit while traveling. For some strange reason, the 360 model costs $20 more than the 370. Go figure.

Final note: There is another Series 3 370 model listed for less money on Amazon, but it is an older design with different cutters and is not featured among current models on Braun's web site.
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on January 30, 2010
The 3 370 shaver glides over your face easily but that may be because it isn't shaving that close. My old Braun (model 5525) still shaves well but wasn't charging for as long as it used to so I bought this model.
I don't like the fact that it has to have its own unique cord. I bet they charge a fortune if you lose it. Shaver doesn't have a plastic head cover so you need to put it back into its hard plastic case to protect the shaving head. The case doesn't have room for the cord so it needs to be packed separately when travelling.
Easy to clean with running water for the head and a shaver brush (not included - keep your old one) for the shaver itself.
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on February 1, 2010
I purchased this shaver a couple of weeks ago. I was using an older 1000 series Braun before this one. It was cheap and worked well for the $40 or so I orginally purchased for. The bad thing is that the replacement head is almost as expensive as the original unit. So I began to look for a new unit all together.

I looked at most of the reviews and found that the earlier version of this same shaver wasn't exactly great. The new version seemed to address some of the flaws the old one had and I decided for the $80, why not. I've been using this for a little over a week and it is very smooth over my face. No razor bumps or irritation (I must note that I never got razor bumps or irritation on my other shaver, nor do I consider myself having extremely sensitive skin).

As all shavers though, it takes me multiple attempts to get the neck area. It's a pretty close shave for a shaver, I think it's simply impossible to compare it to a blade. Another interesting note that I observed when looking at other reviews is that it lacked the ability to get longer hairs. For example, if you didn't shave over the weekend and you let it grow out until Monday morning. I tested this out and to my surprise it actually performed the same as if I shaved the day before. naturally, it took a little bit more time, but that is always the case. I must note that my facial hair does not grow out like a grizzly so this may be part of the problem others had.

I opted out of buying theversion that had the base cleaner because I felt it was not worth the extra money. It takes you only a couple of seconds to run this under hot water. I do wish it came with a plastic cover for the shaver head, but that's minor. Overall, i'm satisfied with this product and would recommend it to others. If you are a reasonable person and understand that this electric shaver is not going to give you the same shave as a knife/blade than I can guarantee you will enjoy it.
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on April 26, 2010
I have used rotary head electric shavers for past 10 years, mostly Norelco, and once Remington. They were good in most part, but always found difficult to get close shave in neck areas. I was really getting tired of missing hairs on neck even after spending long time going back and forth in the area. It was causing irritation, and looking awkward at work. I purchased three Norelco rotary shavers in last three years. I was really considering going back to razor, and wet shave, but wasn't quite convinced yet.
After reading some reviews decided to try a foil shaver. Braun seems to have good reputation, and have a good line of shavers to choose from, and at the same time I didn't want to pay arms and legs for a shaver. After reading some, I opted to go with Braun Series 3 370 model. It arrived in mail last Thursday, and I have been shaving with it since. I noticed a difference in shave immediately, I am getting closer shave especially on my neck areas. There are hardly any hair missed after a shave, its smooth, and most of all it does not take forever to shave every morning. I recall going over and over with my rotary shaver, and felt frustrated to find some areas just could not be shaved closely. It seems the foil shaver from Braun is working for me, and it feels good to rub my hand over face after a shave to find smooth face without stubble or missed hairs. I have ordered another one for my travel need from Amazon today.
There are a few things I would suggest Braun to consider. Providing a case that can carry the shaver and charging cord would be great. Also the shaver is noisier then my rotary shaver, less noise would be welcome.
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on March 20, 2010
I just recieved this the other day and I love it. I was replacing me Braun 8985 that I was OK with, I'm picky and I've tried several other brands but the Braun always worked best for me. I like this model better because it does shave closer and smoother that my previuos model. Also its alot easier to clean under hot water as opposed to the clean and charge system. I've tried it once in the shower also with a bit of shaving gel and it did a pretty good job also. I did buy the 340 model about a week before at WalMart and it shaved well, but the shave head kept popping off numerous times, I don't know if it was defective or not but I did return it. I then saw this model on Amazon for 9$ more that the 340 model and it is a good improvement with the lock position for mustache shaving and the battery level indicator. The 370 also came with a carry case that I use alot when I'm on the road.
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on August 5, 2010
I used a rotary shaver for decades, and got tired of having to virtually sand the whiskers off in tight places. This shaver is effortless, smooth and comfortable. Both the blade retractor (for under the nose, etc) and the trimmer are easy to use and work well. I attribute the comfort to the sharpness of the three shaving heads and the angle.
Yes, I could have bought the self-cleaning model for a $100 more, but I'm willing to take 3 seconds to remove the head and run water over both the head and the shaver (it's waterproof).
Great buy, good shaver.
One question is the battery life. The manual says 45 mins of shaving on a full charge, and I'm still on my third charge and am currently monitoring the total time to see if I'm getting that or less. If it truly lasts for 45 mins (about 10 days for me) then it gets a 5Star rating. For now I'll give it a 4.

Update: After extensive scientific testing (I kept track of when I charged it) it appears that the battery lasts about 10 days of daily use. That's as good as my previous shavers, and it runs at higher RPM, hence the smoother shave. I've also noticed that it fits my hand well, and I have hands like a bunch of bananas.
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on March 3, 2010
This shaver is easy to handle and is very quiet but the quality of the shave leaves a lot to be desired. Several older Braun models did a better job and that is why I decided to buy this new razor. It quickly goes from the full charge to a weaker charge but it is still new and may take numerous recharge cycles to get a longer full charge. One must constantly go back and forth over the same part of the face to get a clean shave. My MS2 390 Remington razor at $20 less is much louder but does a quicker job. However this Braun is easier to clean than the Remington. Even an older Panasonic model shaved closer when it was new. Amazon had a good price and was very prompt with the delivery. ......3/3/10
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on March 17, 2010
We've tried several Braun shavers. There isn't a bad one in the bunch. They all work well, keep a charge better than most, and shave gently. On the minus side, the 370 doesn't shave as close as some, which we found a bit disappointing. It is easy to clean, straight forward and simple. As with any shaver, you'll want to replace the head and foil (integrated) periodically. Braun suggests every 18 months. That's a good estimation as they can become dull after a few months. We use Remington's Shaver Saver spray which lubricates and sharpens the blade/foil set to ensure longevity. It helps but with consistent use, you'll still want to replace the blade/foil as we mention. You can wash them in soapy water to get the fine hairs out but not sure we'd recommend using the razor for wet shaves.

Our only gripe is the expensive purchase cost. If you're going to spend that kind of money, look at the 5 or 7 series. Overall, it is a competent shaver but not stellar and does not perform as well as the high line Panasonic shavers.

Pros: Nicely packaged, quiet motor.
Cons: Not as close a shaver as Braun's more pricey models.
Bottom line: Would recommend if you can get a good price. Shaver will last a long time.
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on April 21, 2010
I needed a replacement for my old worn-out Braun. I read all the reviews and selected this one. I am very pleased with it. The floating heads do a better job in less time than my old one and it's impossible to get a "razor burn". Best electric shaver yet - and I've been using them for 50 years.
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on August 5, 2010
I have been shaving with Braun products for 35 years, and have always been pleased, with the exception of the price for the replacement cutters/foils.
However, this particular product is awful, it does not shave close enough, and good luck finding replacement cutters locally.
Thankfully I saved my old Braun shaver, and as much as I tried to use this one (it was a gift) I eventually went back to my old one.
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