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  • Brave
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on October 9, 2007
It seems that Marc Anthony's creative energy rubbed off well on Ms. Lopez because it seems that after marrying him she's been doing her best work. I was very skeptical about this album especially after releasing it so soon after her spanish language album that really is for me her most solid album to date. It could've used some upbeat latin songs but that's another review. So I felt that Brave might've been rushed and so I WAS skeptical.
It turned out to be a pretty good album. The last record that i thought was her best was On The 6 to be honest so it's been years since I've cared for a Lopez album especially an english language one.
But I'm still waiting for her to really be brave enough to take a leap and record something a lot more adventurous.

Hold it don't drop it
I need love
Mile in these shoes
Be mine

And the DVD is a nice addition. It gives you the chance to continue to have her videos since where The Reel Me left off.
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on October 9, 2007
If your looking for the old "J.Lo" then "Brave" will not be your best bet. This women has done a HUGE dramatic change which fans and critics a like have given awesome reviews. "Brave" is unlike like any album Jennifer has done. This album sure has plenty of dance beats to keep you rocking on the dance floor as well as bopping your head in the car. With songs like "Forever" which drips sexy along with the song "Brave" which is a chock full of inspiration which is as sexy as Kylie Minogue's famous track "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" Jennifer proves that she still got it going which has always been the case. The song "Never Gonna Give Up" is full with beautiful vocals from Lopez and soaring violins and a reaping dance beat in the middle of the song on. This by far is Jennifer most danceable album. 2007 has been a busy but successful year. With two albums "Como Ama Una Mujer" which has sold over a million copies and was the most successful Spanish album of the year and "Brave". Also the movie "El Cantante" which was the most successful independent film of the year and a tour which is currently under way and a slew of many projects Jennifer shows no signs of slowing down. The album "Brave" will sure have plenty of successful singles under it's belt. The addtional DVD is a great touch! It leaves off where "The Reel Me" DVD left off! Awesome! I brought three copies of "BRAVE" today!
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on October 9, 2007
With the Music Industry full of Clones and similar Music, BRAVE steps out of the box. I have completely stopped listening to the radio because every song is the same song. Same similar beat, same old bullcrap. Brave was a breath of fresh air.

Jlo may not be the best vocalist, but she knows how to make fun, feel good music and Brave is Packed full of feel good music. I am Impressed with this entire album. For an artist to step out of the box and do her own thing I totally respect her. She is a Beautiful inspirational Latina and I am proud of her.

My favorite Tracks will have to be Stay Together, Gotta Be There, Forever, Mile In These Shoe's, Wrong when your gone, Hold it don't drop it, Mile in my Shoes.. heck, I could just add every song on the album. Jennifer Keep stepping out of the box because this album is like a fresh breeze after a hot summers day. Just wonderful! If you Like JLo you'll Love this album. Love it!!!
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on July 14, 2012
This is a highly underrated album of Jennifer Lopez's and I think any true fan of hers should have it. I know I gave it four stars, but that is because there is one song I'm not overly thrilled with. It's a minor blemish, but a blemish yet. 'Be Mine' should have just been left off and the album would have been pefect. But, who knows maybe you'll love, I just know I don't.
My personal favorites on this album are 'Stay Together', 'Forever', 'Do it Well', 'Hold it Don't Drop It', 'Miles in These Shoes', 'Gotta Be There', and 'Brave'. I know that's a lot of songs, but I couldn't narrow it down any further.
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on November 6, 2007
I am such a big fan of Jennifer Lopez and have been since she hit the music scene in 1999. Her first 2 CD's `On The 6' and `J.Lo' were both forces to be reckoned with. After that began a steady decline on the impact that her songs/CD's had as her numerous previous hits had from her first 2 debuts. She in a sense changed up her formula on `This Is Me..Then' as well as `Rebirth'. Things got a bit bland.

I was excited to hear "Do It Well" because it sounded like she had returned to her roots from her release `J.Lo' which was the dance/street feel. So, I was thrilled to purchase the `Brave' CD. I was let down quite a bit. It is just nothing that jumps out at you nor is it anything that is too groundbreaking and original from which Jennifer had been known for.

My favorite song from `Brave' is: "Mile In These Shoes". Has a bit of dark feel and then feels good during the chorus and has a great message and beat as well. I could listen to that song over and over.
Some of the other songs that standout are:

"Forever" - A type of song that should have been the predominant them on this CD (up beat, radio friendly and very catchy).

"Do It Well" simply because it is very reminiscent of her early hits.

"Never Gonna Give up" - a great song that starts out with her singing over strings for about the first minute and a half then the beat kicks in and really gives it life.

A lot of the other songs I just skip over due to the fact that they do not grab your attention very much. I was expecting much more.

~~~JAC 07'
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on November 17, 2007
I have to start off by sayin I;m beyond how far JLo has gone... this is much better than "This Is Me..Then" and maybe even "Rebirth". The production is top-notched, her lyrics seemed like it was actually written to match her voice and her life.
Outstanding Tracks:
Mile In These Shoes (needs to be the 2nd single)
Hold It Don't Drop It (a hot fly party track should be 3rd single)
Wrong When you're Gone (nice smooth r&b song--should be a 4th single)

All the tracks are excellent as well I don't even skip any tracks
To everyone with the bad reviews actually LISTEn to the whole album without skipping any tracks and you'll realize how great this is..JLO's still got it
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on August 23, 2012
This cd is very good. All of the songs are upbeat. My favorite is Do It Well. I like the slower songs, too. It's now one of my favorite cds. I'd recommend it to anyone who like Jennifer Lopez, or just likes upbeat music.
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on May 13, 2011
So I checked out her recent albums since there has been so much hype around her LOVE? album. Nothing worth buying except this one. It sounds like the release of this album was mishandled, but if this album had been handled right it could have made her relevant again. It is sooo much better than her new one LOVE?, which sounds contrived compared to the smooth sounds on Brave. Buy it, its so super cheap now. There's no better way to spend $3.
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on April 14, 2009
Jennifer Lopez is a talent powerhouse; there's just no getting around that. I don't mind supporting anything she does, because, nine times out of ten, I am not disappointed. Everything from here movies to her music to her clothing line to her perfume is great. I have enjoyed most of her albums, and "Brave" certainly is no exception. In fact, it's one of her best to date, certainly between her best and second best musical effort.

"Brave" brilliantly blends pop, r&b, and latin sounds together, but anyone who is familiar with Lopez's music knows that she does that with all of her albums: that is what makes her distinguished. I hadn't heard any songs from the album on the radio, but I didn't let that stop me from listening. What captured my attention, though, was the creative album cover. I love the fact that she is looking herself in the face. The album begins with an up-tempo tune called "Stay Together." She uses her upper register well here and the lyrics and melody get my seal of approval. She keeps the party going with "Forever." Again, she administers a hot beat, good delivery and an infectious hook. "Hold it Don't Drop it" is one of my personal favorites, especially the hook. The hook will have you putting this song on your iPod and dancing just like Jennifer Lopez! Well, maybe not exactly like her. Lyrically, "Mile in These Shoes" is the best this album has to offer. This mid-tempo track has lots of guitar, and although the hook doesn't match the beat, it's still a good track. The title track is a fine song, especially lyrics-wise. Lopez is simply telling everyone that she isn't afraid, she's going to be brave.

I highly recommend this album. It's a dance album, but there are some slower tracks for the ballad lovers. If you enjoyed any of her past albums, she has taken her music to another level, so I'm certain you will like "Brave."

Mikeisha's Top 5

1. "Gotta Be There"
2. "Hold it Don't Drop It"
3. "Forever"
4. "I Need Love"
5. "Stay Together"
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 29, 2009
Despite everything said about her J.Lo's albums are musically underrated. She doesn't stay stuck in a rut and lives for the adventure. And the funkier,the better. After all she comes from that crucual 70's South Bronx backround where latin,reggae,funk and the earliest forms of hip-hop were brewing all around her as she grew up so it's only natural her sense of both physical and musical style would have the strong tangy flavor that it does and honestly she's done a terrific job at keeping it up. This is a special album in at least as much that every track is rhythmic and eight out of the twelve tracks are hardcore dance-funk chocked fill of percussion,horn and wah-wah loops from many sources. "Stay Together","Forever","The Way It Is" and the title track really keep the nasty grooves and breaks pounding at you. "Hold It,Don't Drop It" is my favorite tune here:thumping disco-funk with some tasty analog type electronic textures. It's really a potent reminder how music recorded today can be popular and inspiring to the music fan (if they're listening) by taking musical cues from the golden age of funk whilst working ina contemporary context. "Never Gonna Give You Up" and "Mile In My Shoes" are the lulling middle of the album. It's not so much that they're too modern but they just aren't quite as distinctive the same way much of the other music here is. "Gotta Be There" loops a Michael Jackson Motown era riff (trust me you'll recognize it) for a more early 70's vibe than much here,which has stronger on the mid 70's disco-funk subgenre influences throughout. For an era where there was still a lot of copycat music around this not only stands out as a strong album but a really funky one too. This is a strong indicator J.Lo is able to carve out a place in the funk/dance/hip-hop/soul ideom with creativity,flair and enough youth appeal to keep her interested among people who probably would'nt be interested in reviews such as this. So if this direction maintains itself there is a long and happy road ahead for her.
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