Customer Reviews: Brave (Three-Disc Collector's Edition: Blu-ray / DVD)
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on June 26, 2013
I admittedly had high expectations for this film, as I love all things with a Celtic flavor, and the story of a spirited little girl appealed to me. It starts out nice, setting up the theme of changing one's fate and Merida's attempts to do so are fun to watch.

But the story I think gets a bit off-center once the witch enters the picture. It struck me as undermining the whole message that she needed magic to essentially change the rules and get herself out of her current situation, rather than finding a clever way to do so on her own. Is she really changing her fate in that case, or is some mystical force doing so that we couldn't possibly call on in real life? What sort of message does that send?

I was also expecting the antagonist of the film to take more of a center-stage in things... possibly even being a love-interest, ala Beauty and the Beast. That is one time where magic would have been acceptable - to counteract previous magic. But this doesn't pan out, either.

What we get here is a perhaps-touching film about family values when we really could of had a strong leading female changing her fate through the sheer force of her will. While the film as it is is certainly enjoyable in its own right, the latter would have perhaps made a more powerful, poignant film. I can still recommend it, but not as strongly as I might have.
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on June 26, 2012
No spoilers, just saying that Pixar has redefined a tired Disney theme "princesses" with realistic themes that mother's and daughters and fathers deal with.

The animators were set completely free on animal & scenic rendering. It's scary how fantastic the animation is.

It's also a wee-bit scary in the middle. So see and judge it before you let your sub-eight year old kids watch it.

That said, it's going in my cart as soon as it's available.
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on December 13, 2012
There's plenty of brogue as the heroine struggles to come to grips with how to be a prim and proper Princess when all she wants to be is a warrior with outstanding bow skills. It is true to how a teen must break away from their parents' and sometimes society's expectations to discover themselves. It also shows how you can rebel and still meet everyone's expectations, even your own by being true to yourself. There is family conflict, teen-age angst, personal growth, loss, love and reunion. It's a Disney classic... and I love those! Sit back and enjoy a great story, a great moral and lots of flying orange hair! LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
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on January 23, 2014
My eleven-year-old son, who loves Pixar, didn't think much of this. I had to agree. It's sweeping and gorgeous, as we would expect from the revolutionary cartoon house of the last two decades, and it's jammed with action and rollicking caricatures, but it never really gets off the ground. I see lots of Miyazaki in this, the magical sprites, the heroic young female adolescent character, etc., perhaps this derivation and its predictability and political message is what undermines it. Not unpleasant to watch, but I'm never absorbed or transported as I was with Up or The Incredibles.
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on September 22, 2013
This is another wonderfully made movie from Pixar/Disney. The animation is outstanding, the actors picked for voices are well known and do an outstanding job, but the story is so weak as to make the movie trivial. The plot centers around a tomboy princess who wants to have her own identity and follow her own desires and of course her own life. This is a good opening, but the story degenerates into a farce about a magic potion that turns her mother into a bear, and the resultant senseless chaos. The only forceful, believable characters in the story are the protagonist (Merida, the Princess) and her mother,(Elinor the Queen). Every single man in the story is portrayed as a buffoon and/or vulgar slob, including her father. Who was Merida ever going to marry? None of the men in the entire kingdom are worthy of even a first glance. The craziness of her mother being bewitched goes on too long, and the moviegoer feels only relief when Elinor finally is returned to her own form. Masterfully done by the best animation house in the world, but could have been a much better movie with a stronger plot and a more profound story.
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on June 17, 2014
What at first looks like a familiar "girl coming of age" story, taking charge of her own life and asserting her independence, takes an unusual and quirky course. Very funny in parts. The animation is flawless. Of course contemporary ideas and puns get mixed with the medieval setting, but that is the be expected from Disney and Pixar. A lot gets thrown into the pot, but it does end up as a fairly savory stew. I enjoyed it.
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on November 24, 2012
Despite the quality animation, I could not identify with the decision of the main character to put her strict but caring mother in danger merely to satisfy her selfish ends. We were reminded of a standard Disney theme: headstrong young female defies parental authority and although her life is threatened and many other lives are put at risk, ultimately everyone has 'learned' from this selfish person and she is gloriously rewarded for her defiance.

Yes she was unaware of the risks she was taking, but that's the definition of selfishness - not taking any time to consider the consequences your actions might have on others.
Tasty but deadly poison for 8-14 year old girls IMHO. My children will not be watching this film.
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on July 31, 2013
It's not that this movie is bad, I just find it too questionable. What exactly was Pixar trying to get across in this film? The characters say something about changing their fates, but no one knows what their fate will be. We can only change our fates when we know them, or at least sometime we can. The accents...don't exactly help. And the story is just a little dissapointing. I was hoping this would be a "Mulan" kind of story where Merida goes into a war, or she could go on a quest, but instead we get...turning her mother into a bear. Yeah, bears are not exactly that interesting, and they let Pixar throw away a great opportunity for a film set in medieval Scotland. Also, the villain is yet another ferocious animal, with no actual evil plot. Yeah, villains who are downplayed like this just don't fascinate me very well. I mean there are some good things about this film, particularly the triplet brothers. They may not speak, but their comical actions speak loud enough. Also, I guess it is rare to see a strained relationship with a mother. It's usually the father whom the main characters argue with. Was this movie meant to teach a lesson to mothers and daughters? Eh, possibly. Merida's design is not that beautiful and I feel as though she's the black sheep of the Disney Princesses. SHe just doesn't do anything that remarkable. I am DREADING a bunch of complaints from my sister when she figures THAT out. I'd say the only time I felt annoyed at this film was when it won the Academy Award for Best ANimated Film instead of "Wreck-It Ralph" which I thought told a better story and should have been a Pixar film. I guess this film is okay for what is is, but I would still like to see something a little stronger.
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on October 14, 2013
My daughter is 8, and was really scared during the growly bear scenes. She got over it by the time the dvd came out, but as she left the theater she told me she did not want to buy this movie. That is our barometer of how much she liked it. Sort of weird to make a Princess movie that little girls can't embrace. I talked to lots of other parents who had the same experience as I had. I loved the movie, but parents with young girls should be aware that the bear scenes are too scary for some kids.
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on June 12, 2014
1st of all, the picture quality of this movie through streaming was very bad. 2nd, this is probably the worst movie Pixar has released to date. That said this is still a pretty good movie with an interesting twist! Worth watching & kids will probably love this movie more than adults!
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