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Platform: Xbox 360|Change
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on June 29, 2012
I'm a 22 year old girl and I bought the game for myself! I loved the movie so much that when I saw there was a game for the movie I instantly needed to buy it! Boy did I make a good choice! As an avid player of M rated first person shooters (the ones with the blood and gore) this game was a very nice change from my go-to genre of games. The action was not in anyway scary or gross! In the game Merida uses both sword and bow to fight of enemies. Within that she must find different elements to power her sword and bow (Earth, wind, fire, ice) because some enemies are weak to a specific element. You also get mini puzzles that can be skipped (but shouldn't! They're cute and are fun to figure out! Think Portal for kids with three cute little bears). There is content for the kinect & co-op but, I haven't explored those yet. While being mainly a fighting game there is a good amount of platforming as well (jumping from place to place to advance) which can be a little hard if you haven't played a game like that before, but once you practice it becomes quite easy!

In the end this is a wonderful game that is cute, fun, and easy for the whole family to play! As I said, I'm way over the age of 10 and even I found this game wonderful and a little challenging at times! I can see there is replay value as well, i.e going back to play on different hardness levels!

Totally worth every penny!
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VINE VOICEon June 23, 2012
The video game is loosely based on the movie. Of course its not going to be as intense but rather a condensed version told in such a manner that you'll just fall in love with her character all over again.

My 7 year old loved the movie and also loved the game. I've also played with him and I must say that you won't regret getting this for the kids. The mini puzzles that you have to solve with her triplet brothers now turned into cubs are not at all challenging and my son enjoyed doing them. The game is co-op but the second player doesn't get any achievements my only pet peeve which means that if you have kids playing together they will have to play the game all over again as the main profile. I must state that the puzzles can be skipped but you may not want to do that. *wink*

The second player is a willow wisp that follows her and since the game is focused mainly on Merida sometimes when fighting the "bad guys" its almost impossible to see the second player.

Merida's main weapons the Bow and Sword are both upgraded by finding hidden chests throughout the game. There are also charms that she finds in order to manipulate certain items in the game, wind, earth, fire and ice. These charms can be upgraded by collecting coins and buying upgrades.

For those kids who like a little bit more of a challenge I would suggest playing the game on Brave difficulty.

The game is relatively short but takes a bit of time if you're going for all 44 achievements since you may have to replay a few stages to collect coins in order to get all upgrades.

All in all I would definitely recommend this game for anyone with kids who loved the movie.
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on June 20, 2012
Finding a good game based on a movie is a lot like a sasquatch sighting, extremely rare. There have been a few exceptions in recent years like the X-Men Origins: Wolverine tie in game and Captain America: Super Soldier and i'm happy to report that Brave the Video Game falls in line with those two excellent examples rather than the countless piles of garbage that are typically churned out by studios to make a quick buck.

Having not seen the film yet I can't say how closely it follows the films story but thus far the story has been simple yet charming with some solid voice acting, I don't know if Merida is voiced by the same person from the film but if not the voice actor does an excellent job. It has a really nice celtic soundtrack as well which i'm assuming comes straight from the movie

Graphically its nothing special but still nice looking, its played from an isometric view that would make fans of Diablo, Torchlight and other games of that sort feel right at home. It has several different locations to playthrough ranging from forests to snow and ice covered lands to long abandoned castles.

The gameplay is where it really shines, its simple but very fun, Merida can use a sword and bow to hack and slash and shoot her way through the many foes that stand in the way of her completing her quest. Along the way she will gain access to 4 different charms that grant her powers over different elements, these come into play both in traversing the environment as each charm can activate different switches and platforms but they also come into play in the combat where most enemies have a specific element they are weak against and while they can be dispatched by using any element using the element they are weak to will obviously finish them off quicker, it can become quite hectic when there are several types of enemies on screen at once each with a different element they are weak against requiring quick switching between elements to finish them off as fast as possible. All this fighting will result in coins being dropped that Merida can collect and use to purchase quite a few upgrades to make her a stronger and more effective fighter. New swords and bows can be found in each level as well as a few different outfits be they dresses, gowns or armour that Merida can wear.

The game does feature a few mini games to break up all of the fighting and platforming as Merida, one has you fighting as a bear, another has you solving some simple puzzels with 3 bear cubs and of course there is an archery game that can be played with Kinect if you have one which I don't so i'm unable to comment on that. The puzzels with the 3 cubs are actually quite a bit of fun, none have really stumped me for more than a few seconds but it still gives you that nice AHA! feeling when you figure them out. The game can also be played in co-op with one person as Merida and another as a whisp so the kids wont have to fight over who gets to play.

So if you or your kids are looking forward to the movie feel free to give the game a go as well, it really is a worthy companion.
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on July 4, 2012
Saw the movie and then bought the game. I don't know which one has been a bigger hit! The kids have been playing this one a lot while waiting for the 100+ degree weather to take a break! I've even found myself getting into it with them...didn't expect that!
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on August 9, 2012
What can I say? You run around and hack at stuff with a sword and shoot your bow (the right stick bow action is pretty slick I have to admit, although it can be tricky sometimes) & collect coins to buy stuff and jump on platforms and sidescroll through the game while occasionally doing some puzzles and fighting a main bad guy here and there. In short, Merida may as well be a Lego figurine because that's basically what this is. And I can play with my kids because for some reason I LOVE collecting as many coins as I can; I do the same thing on the Lego games too. QUICK SIDE NOTE: I would really help out to watch the movie before playing this game because event though they do walk you through the story, it's hard to follow unless you know what happened in the movie.

I gave it 4 stars simply for the fact that it is a pretty short game with slight replay value without multiplayer (you can go back and try to collect all the stuff in freeplay, but that rarely happens with my kids and I only want to play when they are playing so you are buying a game for a start to finish experience once through only essentially).

Also, and I really didn't take any stars away for this, but I ordered the game for half off on a deal of the day special and it took over two weeks before it shipped! I don't know if this was a fluke, but I have seen when Amazon runs out of the daily deal, they simply run out. However, it seems that they continued orders that they knew they couldn't fulfill immediately. Not a big deal for just a video game I suppose and this is the first time I have experienced this, but I just hope this doesn't become a new trend because I love my Prime shipping and near instant gratification. :-)

UPDATE: 8/14/12

Ok, I just want to make it clear that this is solely a SINGLE PLAYER game, but there are times when an adult will be needed to solve a puzzle or defeat a series of enemies or make a difficult jump (even on the easy setting; I often ramp up the difficulty when I am given the controller in certain sections to make it more difficult and, thus, a little more satisfying and you can adjust the difficulty in game and on the fly as necessary which is great in my opinion).

Just wanted to clear up any confusion with my review (since I compared it to the Lego games, but those are CO-OP TWO PLAYER games and this is only SINGLE PLAYER if that matters to you. Still a fun and great game though. :-)
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on December 28, 2012
My 5 year old daughter loves this game. She adores the brave movie as it is, and couldn't wait to play as merida. The game play is fairly easy. They wander around the forest chasing after Merida's mother. they must use different runes to use different elements (fire arrows, earth arrows, etc.) to maneuver through the levels. They collect coins to buy upgrades and new moves.
Sometimes, my daughter gets stuck and doesn't know what to do next and there isn't any "hint" options.
also, sometimes when Merida is at zero health I am forced to help her because she can't get past the massive mobs of enemies without dying. There isn't any help for them when they get cornered.
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on December 28, 2012
I bought this for my seven year old daughter primarily, but found myself enjoying it very much. I play with her, she plays as the whisp. The whisp can die, and just come back 30 seconds later, does just as much damage and is just as useful as Merida, so she gets the full enjoyment, with less problems dying.

Good balance of action and problem solving, coupled with very smooth game play and colorful environment.
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on July 30, 2012
I bought this for my 10 year old daughter. She absolutely loves the game. We actually work together on it some because sometimes, the 3 little bear brothers are a little tricky to figure out! Great game!
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on May 29, 2013
this is a great kids game. a four year old can play it on the easiest setting with a good amount of parental introduction and explanation. after they get the hang of it, it's fun. for some reason, the kinect doesn't register kid-sized figures well in the archery section though...that's the only downside to this game.
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on March 28, 2014
My 6 year old daughter loved this game it was exactly what she wanted. For a child who likes Merida this game is great! Another wonderful feature is dual playing, two people can play simultaneously. Controls are well designed and graphics are amazing!
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