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I'm just starting my second week of the program to help tone pear shapes, but after only one week, I've already noticed a difference -- and that is without making any changes in my eating! I will be sure to update my review after completing the full one-month rotation, but for now I wanted to record my initial thoughts in case others are thinking about purchasing this program to use this summer.

As a bit of background, I'm an advanced exerciser who usually uses Cathe Friedrich or Jari Love for my weight work, and, especially after doing Shaun T.'s Insanity program last summer, I was worried that Brazil Butt Lift might be too easy -- but it's not at all! The cardio workouts are much shorter than I'm used to doing (the cardio workouts range from 30-45 minutes long) so I had been worried that I would gain weight, but I'm noticing an allover tightening effect instead. In fact, the Tummy Tuck workout is one of the hardest ab workouts I've ever done.

The workouts are a lot of fun, and I love how they jump back and forth between the group being filmed in an indoor dance studio and the beach. The bright colors and the beach scenes make this perfect for thinking about looking good in a bathing suit for the summer. In addition, Leandro's energy is infectious, and I love his accent and enthusiasm. Many of the moves also come from samba and capoeira, which is fun for me since I did capoeira for several years.

If you're someone who doesn't like dance workouts, you might not like the Cardio Axe workout since it's very dancey, but it's a lot of fun and I would definitely attempt it a few times before writing it off! There is no way that I can wiggle or shake my hips in the same ways that the girls in the workout can, but I still have fun (and feel sexy) trying to move the way that they do!

As mentioned above, I will be sure to update this review after I finish the whole month of the pear rotation, but after just one week, I'm already impressed!

UPDATE ON 5/28/10: I just finished my third week of the pear rotation, and have noticed definite improvements! My thighs and saddlebags have trimmed down, as has my tush. I've been able to fit back into pants that had been a bit too snug in the rear end. I'll be sure to update again with my measurements after I finish my last week.

UPDATE ON 6/3/10: I finished the program today, and took my measurements and am incredibly pleased with the results! I ended up losing just a few inches overall, but my abs and rear end are in the best shape they've ever been in! Even though I'm small, I've always been cursed with a large, Italian rear end, and today I passed the pencil test -- meaning that the pencil that this set comes with didn't stay under my "overhang." I've never been able to get rid of that back overhang until now, no matter what I've done. I've also noticed a big reduction in my cellulite, and I think that the ab definition I have is because of all the ab work that is incorporated into all of the workouts. I can't say enough good things about this workout!

UPDATE ON 11/26/10: I'm just wrapping up another month of doing this series (I haven't done it since doing it back in May and June), and love it as much as I did the first time I did it. My legs are the slimmest that they have ever been in my adult life, and my "bum bum" has gotten more rounded and toned. Also, for any fans of this workout, I've heard that Leandro is developing a Brazil Butt Lift 2 that is supposed to be out in the spring of 2011.

UPDATE ON 5/7/11: If anyone is holding off to get Brazil Butt Lift 2, I was told last week by a Beachbody Coach that it won't be out until July 2011. The test group for it has been finished, but I guess they are filming two more workouts to add to the set. I had been holding off for the new set to get in bikini shape for this summer, but since it won't be out until late summer, I decided to do another round of this set. Once again, I am amazed at how quickly this works! I'm just finishing my first week, and am already seeing progress. Also, I want to emphasize again that this set does amazing things for your abs, in addition to your legs and glutes. So many of the workouts draw on your core that I've also noticed my abs tightening up. Can't wait to get BBL2!

UPDATE ON 12/15/11: If anyone is waiting on the BBL 2 series, Beachbody just announced that it will be out in early 2012. They said that it won't be out in January, but will be out some time after that. The new series are designed to be "add-ons" to the old series, and they said that they will be able to be used in conjunction with the first series.

UPDATE ON 1/2/12: If you're interested in more tips about the program and the best exercises to for your most difficult areas, Leandro recently did a webcast that is really good. If you do an internet search for "UStream and Leandro Carvalho," you can find a twenty-minute conversation with Leandro from 12/13/11, where Leandro answers questions about the best ways to use BBL to work on your trouble spots. (I would include the link here, except that Amazon usually doesn't like links in reviews.) He talks about doubling up on certain exercises, which exercises are best for certain areas, how to help reduce cellulite, etc. It's definitely worth watching!

UPDATE ON 4/16/12: One of my friends who is a Beachbody coach has been checking on updates for BBL 2 for me, and she said that the second version is finally supposed to be out in May 2012. Yay!

UPDATE ON 6/6/12: If anyone is interested, it looks like things have been delayed again with the new set. Leandro just announced that the new series will be out in September 2012 and will be called the BBL Master series.

UPDATE ON 8/25/12: There is now an announcement up on the BBL Facebook page that the second series (the BBL Master series) *will* finally be released some time in September. I also posted something on their Facebook page, asking how many new workouts there would be, and this was their response: "There are 4 workouts - 1 may be an exclusive, like the Secret Weapon - a workout on it's own bc it's very dancey (but you can take it to any samba club and own the floor!) - but the other 3 will definitely be together! Higher and Tighter will change the way you look at your bootay!" I'm not sure what happened to the original workouts that were filmed last year (I had heard that they had filmed eight), but it looks like this new set is definitely just going to be an add-on set, not a brand new series. Bummer!

UPDATE ON 11/16/12: I recently finished a month-long rotation with the new Master Series New! Brazil Butt Lift Master Series, and wasn't too pleased with the set or with my results from it. I wrote a full review of the new set in case you're interested in reading a comparison of the two.

UPDATE ON 5/11/14: I just finished up my first week of another rotation, and, again, am amazed at how quickly this works! After doing the Tummy Tuck workout, my abs were sore for two days. To keep things fresh, I'm also adding in kickboxing DVDs, Sylwia WeiseThe Firm Zip Trainer Medicine Ball Kitnberg's Tonique workouts (especially segments from her Tonique Addicted To Movement and short workouts with Tonique Femme Fatale with Sylwia Wiesenberg DVD instead of using the included Cardio Axe workout as my cardio. It's been a good way to add in some variety, and the Tonique workouts are especially good at targeting the legs and glutes, if those are your problem areas. Happy spring! :-)
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on March 8, 2010
I have never written a review before today but, the person who rated this program as 1 star inspired me to. I have been an exercise enthusist for 2 1/2 years now and this program is one of the best. I've never done any beach body stuff before. Got this program 3 weeks ago and have already dropped 2 sizes in my slacks. It's not easy by any means so if you're not willing to work hard and stay with it, don't buy it! Three weeks in and I'm still sore daily (in a good way)! I haven't even allowed myself to "graduate" to using the exercise band and ankle weights and I've rescuplted many parts of my body more so than any other program I've done in 2 years. If you want something different and fun and have the bonus of a great "bum" then this is the program. This program is tuff, the energy is inspiring and the direction is spot on. If you truly want to change the way you feel and look and are willing to work hard, get this program!
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on March 6, 2014
First of all, I purchased my Brazil Butt lift base kit via Beachbody's Australian website not Amazon. I purchased this workout program primarily to aide weight loss.

I started the workouts on December 25th 2013 and was aiming to do the full 8 week of workouts but had to take 3 weeks off due to a cold and severe cough (in Summer no less!) and am currently in the midst of the 2nd last week of my 8 week rotation. I am so glad I purchased the BBL as it really has helped me lose inches and actual weight. I really recommend measuring yourself as the program suggests (tape measure is included with the kit) but being the procrastinator that I am, I never got around to measuring. However, a pair of 3/4 jeans I purchased for an interstate trip (food holiday) in November 2013 and which threatened to cut me in half at the waist if I wore them too long (or ate more than salad) is now slipping off my waist and I have to wear a belt (one belt notch in!).

BBL really does work, and I would lose the weight faster if I had a cleaner diet (as suggested in BBL's meal plan booklet). Even so, just before purchasing BBL, I had started on a self-imposed health plan of more cardio (using: Jessica Smith's Total Balance DVD, 10 minute Solution Butt Lift and Jennifer Galardi's Barre Break Thru) and less carbs - think carb laden 3 meals per day PLUS carb snacks - and less chocolate (milk chocolate/bars - I now mostly eat dark chocolate). And I watch my calories (with one eye shut it seems). At the beginning of Nov 2013 I weighed 68.5 kgs (151 pounds), and am now down to 61.6 kgs (135 pounds) bear in mind I have developed some muscle which weighs more than fat but I still lost weight (Yay Me! But I've got to stop celebrating with food rewards).

A little about me: I have worked out regularly mostly using Ellen Barrett's DVDs for almost 3 years and though I love Ellen for transforming me from a person who hates exercising to one who works out almost daily, I find her workouts didn't improve my cardiovascular fitness much and the toning aspect of her workouts had plateaued for me - her DVDs are perfect for days you want a stress free peaceful vibe. I also tried interval training on my treadmill but that's just plain boring. So having worked out for that long, my cardio hadn't improved and my core muscles were not as strong as they should be, so I classify myself as a low end intermediate exerciser (as long as it's not core work oh and I have the upper body strength of a kitten! LOL).

Anyway, the BBL kit I purchased had everything you see on the picture for the BBL base kit - my kit did not include a wall calendar but the Booty Makeover Guide book has a workout schedule for the various body types. Yes, you work out according to the current shape of your butt. There's a) too flat or square, b) pear shape, c) too big and 4) combination (of the first 3 shapes). The initial program is 8 weeks long and you do the workout the calendar instructs you to do for that day.

The BBL base kit has 3 DVDs with 8 workouts though not all 8 are full length workouts.

Disc 1:
- BASICS. This is not a workout but an instructional segment on how to properly perform the moves that Leandro Carvalho uses in his workouts. It runs for about 15 minutes and has one lady performing the moves while a voiceover guides you along.

- BUM BUM approx 29 minutes. This is Leandro's signature class; it is excellent at getting your heart rate up, is mid to high intensity depending on your cardio fitness and is relatively low impact. This workout focusses on the lower body. There are some jumping moves but you can follow the girls doing the level one modified version. Some of the moves include: Arabesque, arabesque pulse, lunge back then kick leg to front (repeat), ipanema walk (lunge one leg back then lift that leg while balancing then lunge that leg forward then repeat), regular squats, lunge to side, curtsy lunge, burpees, side kick, side kick adding a squat, squat then standing up tall reaching arms up, capoeira, frog squats (?) basically you squat down then jump up like a frog. You get the gist. There are a lot of squats and lunges. So I would not recommend this if you have a history of knee problems, particularly bursitis of the knee(s). When I started working out, lunges would give me knee pain but that has stopped since I've built up the strength around my knees and thighs and always always make sure you're following correct form for lunges and squats (do not allow knees to bend forward past your toes etc). First few times I did the BUM BUM workout my heart was racing and I thought I'd pass out. I had to stop the video (and still do - though less frequently) to catch my breath.

- BUM BUM Rapido - this is an express workout of about 10 minutes. I have not actually used this as it's not incorporated into the workout calendar and I figure, if I am going to go to the trouble of changing into workout gear, I want to work out for longer than 10 minutes. From memory, this has a lot of lunges and squats too since it's a BUM BUM (booty) workout.

- BUM BUM Live - a bonus workout not listed on the DVD and approximately 20 minutes long. This workout features Leandro with one exerciser, like a personal training session. Some moves are different to the original BUM BUM workout but there are still the usual squats and lunges.

Disc 2
- HIGH & TIGHT approx. 37 minutes. This again focuses on the lower body (hey it is called the Brazil BUTT LIFT). Using ankle weights and resistance band - base kit provides a band but not weights. I am yet to purchase weights and have been using an old figure eight resistance band that was collecting dust - so I cannot attest to the quality of the band provided. The workout begins with standing leg work using the resistance band (Ouch!) and does include a few squats. It then moves to the floor for side lying leg work with the resistance bands. Leandro is fond of exercising all 3 butt muscles (there's three???) so you will feel pain in brand new places but the most intense is the 3rd set of leg exercises where you are down on your hands and knees. My butt screams at me each time (and I haven't even done this work out with weights yet) and I admit cursing each time we take a breather. Fortunately there is a sufficient stretch session in the middle and at the end of the floor work.

- SCULPT approx. 50 minutes. This is my favourite work out, it is whole body toning and sculpting. Warm up is a bit of cardio then you move to standing arm and shoulder sculpting with weights. They give you recommendations on weights (sorry can't remember) but I move between my 1, 2 and 3 kg (2.2, 4.4, 6.6 pounds) weights. Leandro has you work your biceps, triceps, lats, top of the shoulder (have no idea what that's called) as well as your core as there's a bit of balancing required. Note: there are a few squats, and a long side lunge where you hold the pose to work your shoulder and upper back with a weight. There's also some curtsy lunges. Next section is floor work with moves like Brazilian mermaid where you sit with legs to the side, bend down to do a push up onto your toes, turn your body over then repeat the push up. Next is lying on your back with the weights to work your chest, arms and core. Side lying oblique crunches. Some standard planks and side planks. Seated roll down and roll ups holding a weight to your chest. Seated oblique work rotating upper body from side to side whilst holding a weight. Some on your back core work including crunches while also holding a weight to chest. Finally flip onto your belly for "swimming" moves to work your core, butt and back muscles. This all ends in a kneeling with one leg out to side stretching. Also included is a backbend which may not be recommended for those with back issues.

Disc 3
- CARDIO AXE (pronounced cardio ah-shay) approx. 29 mins. This is a cardio workout as the name suggests though it's not as cardio intensive as BUM BUM. Leandro teaches you a variety of dance moves, building one upon another until you reach the last few minutes where each of the moves are strung together to make an actual dance sequence. This is fun and the time just flies by (the same 29 mins of BUM BUM lasts much longer). Don't worry if you can't get the moves straight away. I was tempted to give up as I've never been a proper dancer (wiggling on the dance floor doesn't count) and just kept doing the moves wrong or out of sync with the people on screen but you do get better - I swear, and I can now do the moves without watching the screen. The music is fun and moves along at a nice pace.

- TUMMY TUCK approx. 20 minutes. This is one of the hardest ab workout routines I've ever done. It's all floor work which I hate. There's the usual crunches (a lot), hold crunch with arms pumping, oblique crunch while reaching for toes, bicycle, legs in the air for windshield wipers, Brazilian Bikini combo - utilising moves such as crunches, hold crunch and pump arms, hold crunch with arms and legs in the air (like an upside down insect) and then scissor legs. Lower leg ab lifts, reverse crunches, plank, elbow bridge etc. As mentioned, I have a weak core and due to a car accident in 2000 have sensitive neck muscles that love to tense up as soon as I lay down for floor work. I try to follow along as best - working my way up a higher level gradually. If you have neck and core issues I suggest follow along but maybe do less reps then what they are doing on screen and gradually build up on the number of reps when your core gets stronger. Or if your neck tenses up keep your head on the floor. Modify where you can as there is no modification shown for people with neck issues.

In summary I am really happy I purchased the BBL base kit. It is fun and challenging for me. Though now there are moments when I am a bit sick of Cardio Axe and BUM BUM from doing them over and over. Once I finish this first 8 week run, I will take a few weeks off and go back to my old DVDs then return to BBL but with more of a focus on eating right, bye bye pizza, fast food and cakes.

I was worried before purchasing the DVDs that instructor, Leandro would annoy me or I wouldn't be able to understand him. But I find him endearing, likeable and encouraging. His energy is endless, his cueing spot on. His accent - charming!

Advanced exercisers may not find this challenging enough. Beginners may have a bit of a challenge but take it slow and work your way up, and intermediate exercises may like this if they've plateaued or are looking for something different.

The music is good, some of the workouts give you the option of keeping the music low so you can hear Leandro's instructions. There's alot of adverts for Beachbody and their other programs but no problem if you hit the FWD button to skip it.

Thanks to Leandro, my abs are stronger and I can now do unassisted roll ups!!!!!!!!!!! So excited because for years I have been grabbing at my thighs to pull me up while my neck would tense and shoulders shoot up (hello Frankenstein). Or I would only roll down part way with my back not touching the floor. I can now do a FULL ROLL UP - WOO HOO - heck I added them to the end of the High & Tight routine today JUST. FOR. FUN! I have lost weight and inches, am stronger (arms are really toning up) and did I mention I can now do unassisted roll ups? hahaha

OMG sorry this is so long but I hope this review helps & Good luck!
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on June 21, 2015
I never write reviews, but I am for this one. I like that the kit has different options according to your body type. I'm pear shaped so chose the "Lift" option. The Lift option comes with a calendar that tells you which days to do which videos. This is me before starting the workout and the after photo is my results after only 4 weeks. So happy and buying new sexy clothes for my new body. I thought my genetics would never let me have a nice perky butt. Never thought I could see results so quickly, very happy customer and cant wait to see the results that come from the rest of the workouts
review image
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on September 7, 2012
Okay, I must admit I was a bit worried when I read that everyone thought all the great reviews were fake, but let me tell you, even if they are, who cares?? They're right! I started the workouts exactly one week ago, but my schedule didn't allow me to start the diet until two days after starting the workouts. First of all, after a week of workouts and four days on the diet, I have lost 3 inches IN ONE THIGH!! My jaw hit the floor! I have been following the supermodel slim down diet (which is a six day restricted diet) and after that you are supposed to follow his other plan where your calories are higher. First thing I noticed on the diet is that grains are allowed on a daily basis! I have tried many diets (South Beach, Atkins, etc) and I have NEVER seen grains in the first week! I have been eating brown rice and wheat toast, even Kashi cereal. So, I started at 203 pounds one week ago and am already down six pounds.
Also, I want to say that there are a lot of people that say this is not for people who are overweight, what a crock! I have been an avid exerciser for most of my adult life, but have been inactive for two months due to a knee injury. I jumped right in and have had no problems. The workouts are tough, I'll be the first to admit. But how much more motivation do you need when you see the scale move and the tape measure as I have?
As for the workouts, I find them very fun (but very difficult). I have yet to do one that doesn't make me sore. Also, I have gotten sore in areas where I have notoriously had problems targeting. My perfect example is the oblique ab muscles. I have done all the ab workouts (including Jillian Michaels and Tamilee Webb) and have NEVER been able to target my obliques and actually feel it. I was so sore yesterday, I had to cough and about died.
I highly recommend this workout and diet plan to anyone wanting to lose some serious weight and get into shape.

5/28/2013 UPDATE
I followed this exercise plan for eight weeks religiously. I decided to switch the diet to Weight Watchers as that was easier for me. As for my results, astonishing! I lost 15 pounds in those eight weeks and dropped two pant sizes! After that, I have started going to more difficult workouts to keep myself motivated and to keep my body losing weight. But I wouldn't be able to do those more difficult workouts if not for Brazilian Butt Lift. I have now lost 25 pounds and am down three pant sizes in all. After eight weeks, there was a huge change in not only the shape of my butt, but my legs and thighs as well. I am pear shaped and carry all my fat in my butt and thighs. I still have 37 pounds to lose, but I can see amazing definition in my legs and butt! You have to commit and follow this program through and you will see great results!
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Late night surfers have all seen and lingered on the barrage of infomercials featuring Leandro Carvalho and his bevy of Brazil butt-lifted beauties dancing, sculpting and defying gravity while scantily clad in skin-revealing bikinis and the teeniest work out shorts. Boy oh boy--no wonder Carnivale is held in Brazil! His B(ea)utties surely look good, but is the system all hype or does it really work?

After consistently working out with Leandro of the smiling face, heavily accented English ("Ni---ice"---"Don't settle for less") for over four weeks, I can happily say that yes, indeed, it does. Carvalho, workout butt-miester to celebrity models and Victoria Secret stars, delivers an intensive program that can be extended indefinitely in an infinite maintenance phase that actually gets the results. A consolidated effort at his "Triangle Training" accomplishes that rounded effect one expects to see on the backend of a bikini.

However, there is a reason that Leandro's workout team consists of twenty-something lovelies--this regime is not for the faint of heart. As a woman of a "certain age," I found this routine tough and I have been running for over twenty years. With that in mind, if you haven't been changing it up--doing calisthenics, weight training or stomach crunches for a while--even if you have been aerobically working out, you will definitely feel your body creak and groan as it gets back into shape--making the old adage "no pain, no gain" a butt-clenching reality. If you are an exercise newbie, this routine may prove to be too challenging by far. Those of you stuck in your own exercise limbo need to think outside your carefully constructed box. Try this and over the span of the first four weeks you will find that gradually--like everything else--it will get better with practice and familiarity. Your body will begin to respond, your brain will register the routine as rote and you will find yourself smiling while doing some of the toughest butt exercises out there in video training land. Nevertheless, it would be nice, Leandro, in the next Butt-Lifting go-around (I know you are now offering a Brazil Butt Lift Maximum Results System of which I am a proud owner) to have some aging Brazilian cuties so that we, age-defying die-hards, don't feel as if we aren't even supposed to attempt your possibly youth-specific regime.

Not that these routines are new--Leandro puts a samba spin onto his moves with upbeat music and sequences shown alternatively in a studio and on a beach. Some camera shots showcase full screen blow-ups of the team's beautiful derierres that, nice as they are, do not help the at-home participant focus on the movements that will enable learning the moves faster. Any of you Tae-Bo Workout (SET OF 4: Basic, Instructional, Advanced, 8-minute Workout) [VHS] aficionados out there have done many of these butt beaters before. What's different is the pace--where Blanks sometimes motivationally speaks until the exercise became too repetitive, slow and cranks to a standstill, Leandro knows when to transition to the next move--he keeps the tempo accelerated until he reaches his cool-down stretch. By that time, you know that even after that hot indulgent soak in the tub, you will feel the strain of your muscles the next morning.

Wisely, Leandro anticipates this also--scheduling in days off in the first week so that your body can adapt. In addition, he mixes it up with five separate workouts to keep the repetition free from the boredom of doing the same 35-minute routine over and over again. In order to get a well-rounded exercise experience, I included an outdoor 3-mile+ run in on the days that Leandro recommends taking a well-deserved break. Keep in mind, however that running has been part of my exercise regime for years and that abandoning this activity while concentrating on my glutimus maximus/medius/minimus just would not work for me in terms of tiring me enough to provide me with sufficient sleep or a feeling of overall wellness. In conjunction with Brazil Butt lift sessions and running, I included a serious slim down plan of my own making which centered around the healthy consumption of green juices and raw salads with minimal amount of grains, fruits and protein--similarly Leandro suggests embarking upon a sensible 6-day dieting plan packaged superbly in a glossy foldout brochure featuring luscious looking foods and even more attractive Brazil Butt Lift graduates.

The five programs stretch out over three DVDs. The first, foremost and most frequently used is called Bum Bum ("boom-boom"). Consisting of 35 minutes of lunges, squats and Leandro's own trademarked moves like the Ipanema Walk (a real killer until you master it), Curtsey Lunge, and Squat Arabesque, `Bum Bum' introduces you an intense system of dance moves that incorporate butt-elevating magic that is sure to provide that proverbial pain that means delightfully rounding out your jeans. In addition, Bum Bum Rapido offers an alternative to Bum Bum--but, I confess to exercising to it only once as it was a more one-on-one targeted session featuring Leandro with only one model participant.

"Sculpt" (50 minutes) and "High & Tight" (35 minutes) require equipment--either handheld weights (Sculpt) or ankle weights and a resistance band (High & Tight). While "High & Tight" targets the lower body, "Sculpt" works out the arms and the chest. "Tummy Tuck" devotes an entire 20 minutes to tightening the core. Of the three, "Tummy Tuck" requires the least amount of perseverance--the exercises are tough but not grueling--you will, however, feel a bit of that familiar bruised feeling associated with stomach crunches the next day.

In the "Cardio Axe" (pronounced "A-shay") segment, Leandro teaches combination dance moves that he pieces together in a fun aerobic workout that seems like dessert after all the other, more butt-centric entrees. As I chose the "Lift & Shape"--"the Flat Solution" 4-week program to target my butt-shifting desires, "Cardio Axe" was repeated only twice--not nearly enough for me to actually learn the dance steps to perfection. Other butt goals include "the Pear Solution," "the Too Big Solution" and "the Classic Solution" all of which juggle the five routines in a way that will best help the participant achieve their desired "ends." The maintenance program repeats the Classic solution.

The package humorously includes a pencil that facilitates the performance of the "Pencil Test"--an easy indicator of one's derierre status. The pencil is placed in the crease where the butt meets the top of the thighs. If the pencil stays lodged in the crease, the participant has work to do. If it drops to the ground, the cheek is lifted sufficiently to indicate progress. Believe it or not, after completing the 4 weeks, the pencil dropped for me with a welcoming "plunk" onto the floor, proving, indeed, that Leandro's system does work.

Bottom Line? With steadfastness and determination, Leandro Carvalho's Brazil Butt Lift will produce the desired, promised results after fulfilling the four-week commitment to achieving a better looking, more rounded butt. The system includes handsomely designed booklets targeting: Booty Makeover (35 pages), 6-Day Super Model Slimdown--meal plan to loose 6 inches and 6 lbs in 6 days, and Fat-Burning Foods (51 pages of menus and recipes with a Brazilian flavor). In addition, a Measurement Tracker Card and Tape Measure provides a tracking system to monitor your progress as well as 12 large index cards detailing Leandro's signature moves. A yellow resistance band helps boost lower body resistance during the "High & Tight" 35-minute routine and a pencil advertising the entire program determines the rate of achieved "lift" with the traditional "Pencil Test." Be aware that Amazon's price is a little steeper than that offered on the infomercial. Recommended with the caveat that this program requires diligence to achieve results.
Diana Faillace Von Behren
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on October 2, 2013
I started in the middle of the first week on the Bum Bum DVD because it was the day I got them, and I wanted to start on a shorter video (I should have done one of the 20 minute ones instead). I'll continue updating this review as I continue the workout.

As someone who can squat with 100lbs on her shoulders, ride several horses in a single day and has to do crunches with 18lbs of weight to feel any burn... I was sweating and nearly dying by about 7 minutes into the DVD. By ten minutes in, I was drenched in sweat and had to stop and take a breather. My legs were fatiguing a bit at this point, but the reason I felt the workout was so challenging is that Bum Bum assumes you have a decent level of cardiovascular fitness and there are absolutely no breaks. You don't stop for a second. It really is 30 minutes straight of high intensity workouts.

Other workout DVDs I've tried have actively encouraged a pause if you get too tired, even marking a point in the video where they recommend it. He just wants you to keep on going, which I imagine, once you're fit enough to do the entire routine, is a godsend. However if you're more beginner level, or hate cardio, it's impossible to keep up. This is where I've learned just how badly my aversion to cardio has affected my fitness level as an athlete.

The solution to this issue, for those as weak as me in this area? Pausing. If I was starting to lose form, I'd finish that move and pause to take a 30 second breather (Used a stopwatch for this). I then jumped back into it and continue. It took a lot longer to finish the workout, but this is how one is supposed to train themselves up to something. Just take breaks and keep doing as long as you finish.

As for the workout itself, here are some things I noticed:

* I've seen at least one variation of a callanetics move added in so far. Callanetics helped me actually get ab definition for the first time in my life, at one of the heaviest weights in my life. This move WORKS. It's the one where you are rotating your bum and going deep into a squat, engaging the abs.
* Squats and lunges are heavily incorporated into this workout. Too many workouts promise a good butt without those exercises. They are necessary, and I'm glad this video has them
* The constant changing of the movements is very good for shocking your body and forcing it to actually work. When you do the same stuff for a long time, you can stagnate. This is definitely a good program for already fit people who want to change it up.
* This is also an ab workout

I have to admit, I really, really didn't want to finish the first DVD. The breaks made it so tempting to stop. But I made it through it, and I do find it to be a challenging and effective workout.

Will update again next Friday after a little over a week of doing the workout.
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on January 29, 2012
I am a big Jillian Michaels fan and I hate to say it, but this workout series has given me much better results than the multiple series I purchased from Jillian Michaels. First, I need to include that I work out quite a bit. I wanted to firm up my butt (hips and abdomen). So, I purchased this hoping to see results. I lost 4 lbs. the first week, which is absolutely amazing for me. I'm short (and at the ideal weight for my age and stature). Losing 4 lbs. in a week is extremely hard to come by for me!!! This is not an easy workout. It is difficult. I am hoping that the inches start to really come off after finishing the 4 week program. I had a baby recently and have struggled with getting the baby fat off. It just seems to be so stubborn in the hips, butt, and abdomen areas. I am very pleased with my purchase. I will try to give an update on my results. :)

I would also like to add that those who complain about the looks of the people, the clothes they're wearing, etc., this is a workout video. The purpose of the video is for working out. Who cares what people are wearing or what they look like? If you get results, then the video works for you. I can only imagine what I look like when I'm working out. :)

Pros: I LOVE the countdown. It helps me to know just how much longer there is on that particular move.
Obvisouly, the workouts.
The guy is really personable.
The moves that are coming up are listed at the bottom of the screen.

Cons: I don't like the switching back and forth from the beach to the studio. It's just a personal perference.

Update: 2/11/12
I just finished my 3rd week. I can feel that I am becoming more muscular. I've lost half an inch around my hips. I haven't lost anymore weight since the first week. I am going to see what the 4th week brings. :) I will keep doing this workout series. I do feel that it's making a difference.

Update: 2/18/12
I have finished the 4 week program. I haven't lost any more weight, but as I've stated before, I do feel more muscular and getting through the program isn't as difficult as it was when I first started. I have noticed some definition. :) I am going to keep up with this and hopefully see more results. I am still VERY pleased with the program and so glad I purchased it!
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on March 8, 2012
I have never in my life written a review for a product, but I felt compelled to do so after being so incredibly pleased with this set of DVD's. First things first, I am 5'3" and when I started the Brazilian Butt Lift weighed 118lb. I was certainly not overweight and was just looking to tone and develop my butt as I was not blessed with much of one. This workout is not for beginners!! If you have never worked out in your life or are extremely out of shape, I do not recommend this workout as your starting point. I had a hard time getting through my first few Bum Bum workouts and I would consider myself fairly in shape, working out 3 times a week prior to starting the dvd's. The Brazilian Butt Lift plan outlines different workout schedules depending on your body type, and most weeks they require you to workout 5-6 days a week. Due to my work schedule as a nurse, I only do the dvd's three days a week, and have still seen amazing changes in my body.

After only one week of following the workout plan for the pear shaped bum, I saw awesome results! My formerly flat bottom had definitely gained some volume and height and my saddlebags had started to diminish. I continued to see results in the second week and really noticed my entire body - arms, legs, abs, butt- looking much more toned and defined. In fact, I visited my parents who had not seen me since Christmas, and they were surprised that I looked so toned! My mother wanted to know exactly what I had been doing to look so good! My boyfriend is also incredibly pleased with my new toned body and butt, and even joins me on days when I do the Bum Bum dvd. I'm telling you, it's a pretty intense lower body workout!

What I really like about this workout plan is that it is a combination of five different workouts. Bum Bum- works the legs and butt, Cardo Axe - similar to Zumba, Tummy Tuck - a straight up ab workout, High and Tight - Works the butt and legs using the resistance band, and Sculpt - a full body toning workout using weights. As a person who gets bored easily with workout DVDs, the variety was key. Muscle confusion works and this workout delivers just that.

I have already recommended BBL to my mom and several girlfriends. I feel as if I have discovered some sort of body makeover secret and need to share it! If you are looking to tone up and transform your body, and already have a little bit of a fitness base, buy it!!
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on January 18, 2012
I'm on week 1 of the program. I see a noticeable difference, clothes fit better. I am not a coordinated person, nor am I trim and fit (sz 20), in fact I'm morbidly obese having dieted my way to 290lbs. I do not need to lose 20, 30, or 50 lbs, try 100+. I always read reviews, but rarely give them. I am giving one because I am very impressed with the program, its motivating and rarely are there reviews for people of size from people of size. I have done it all from weight loss surgery, pills, various videos, programs you see on tv, swimming, biking walking, rowing and never have I seen results so quickly. I have a weight lifting injury and am restricted from upperbody workouts. I can not even do an elliptical with the arm movements, I have radiculopathy. It's radiating pain from my compressed cervical disc down my arm making my arm weak, numb and painful. I am able to do this program with some modifications. Can I keep up, no. I'm just learning the routine. For one legged exercises I hold the dresser. I am also not young, 40yrs. Considering that I have about 50+% bodyfat on my thighs I'm astounded to see results after 4 days. I do what I can do with the videos, and will get better each time I do them and have even more pronounced results. I have changed my eating habits with 1 protein shake a day, smaller portions, and better choices. I do not smoke, drink, or have any soda.
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