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on June 22, 2012
I haven't written a review on Amazon in years, but since this is the only set of flexible breadboard jumper wires currently available through Amazon Prime, I wanted to make sure others didn't fall into the same trap I did.

You may have noticed other reviews commenting on the strong solvent smell of these wires. I ignored those reviews because, after all, they're just breadboard wires so how much could they smell? Obviously the reviewers were exaggerating and complaining about nothing, right?

Wrong; very wrong. The strength of the smell cannot be emphasized enough. These arrived today. I opened the package in our basement. I couldn't believe how strongly they smelled, so I went upstairs--thinking they might air out for a while and the smell would be gone. Fifteen minutes later, my wife--who had been upstairs the whole time--asked if I smelled gasoline. Our central air conditioning had spread the odor throughout the house! This isn't a minor, offensive smell. It is overpowering. I sealed them back up in several extra plastic bags and put them in a box outside, and we have been airing out the house with all the windows open for several hours now--so far to no avail. It is almost as if I poured a gallon of gasoline all over my downstairs workbench. I can't even go back in the basement.

I've bought thousands of electronic components over the years, including plenty from overseas, and have never experienced anything like this. I can only imagine that the reviewers who said the smell doesn't bother them must have been lucky and somehow got some that didn't smell. But these are going back to Amazon, immediately. I would strongly recommend against purchasing these and instead buying wires elsewhere or perhaps getting one of the breadboard kits available on Amazon which include wires, just for the wires.

Aside from the smell, there were two other problems. First, these are incredibly thin compared to other jumper wires I have; probably half the diameter of the standard (NOT premium) jumper wires I've bought from Sparkfun. Second, as I was putting these back in the bag one of the black plastic finger holds fell off the end of one of the wires. So they don't seem particularly durable, either.
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on November 8, 2011
These jumpers seem to be of good quality and work well, however...

There is some kind of chemical on them that really really really smells - kind of like creosote.

After you touch them your hands have the bad smell on them. Leaving them open to the air does not seem to help. Either it is a coating (oil or some kind of toxic smelling mold release chemical?), or the plastic itself is emitting this chemical. I'd sure like to know if it's toxic.

I am going to try washing them in some kind of alchohol/soap solution to see if I can fix this. It's foul!
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on February 26, 2012
I read some reviews that mentioned that these have a really strong chemical odor and they are correct. It smells something like fresh tires and kerosene, but probably much more toxic. I thought the smell would fade, but it hasn't yet after a month or so. I'll likely toss them out and buy another batch from somewhere else.
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on July 1, 2011
A nice assortment at a good price, and they seem to be well made. The weird thing is, they reek of gasoline. I don't know if it is the rubber insulation gassing off or what, but I'm going to let them air out for a few days outside before I use them.
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on February 4, 2014
Many of my jumper wires do NOT conduct electricity - read on...

I have had these since July of 2012; however, I have not used them much until now.

So... I was troubleshooting a solder-less breadboard circuit the other day (a little PIC processor work)... but it just would not work. After some head scratching, in desperation, I decided to do a crazy thing... "beep out" my cool jumper wire connections between component leads... and ... multiple jumper wires were NOT CONDUCTING ELECTRICITY... not just a poor connection of relatively high impedance, but a totally open circuit. Was this due to the use of a seriously old breadboard (with dust and corrosion on the little spring contacts in each hole)? No... I was using a brand NEW breadboard. So... I scratched the apparently nicely plated pins with my finger nail and a clear material (appears to be glue) came off that was COATING THE PINS!!! And... dried glue has a way of NOT readily passing electrons - AKA an insulator.

The glue appears to be used to glue the black rubbery handle/strain-relief to the pin/wire ... because it extends up into the "handle".

So, now I have to very carefully SCRAPE the glue off my "initially non-conducting jumpers" before I use them. Gee, simply stripping solid copper wire (old-school) seems a better way to go and way less time consuming. Do note that if one does use old-school solid jumper wire, go for the nicer plated wire (tin, nickel... gold would be nice) - as solid copper does corrode easily.

To make matters worse, if I don't remove the glue thoroughly, some of it gets stuck in the breadboard holes - so even good jumpers could end up also not working.

NOTE TO OTHER REVIEWERS: please comment on your findings as it is very unlikely that only my jumper wires have this problem.

Note that my order is a few years old... and maybe this serious problem has been fixed; BUT BEWARE of this issue.

Note there seems to be confusion as to who made these jumpers (probably unknown) and what seller supplied them - as Amazon does seem to change suppliers of an item (often). My order history (and order confirmation email) says "Sold by NKC Electronics", but when I click on the item... the item says "by RioRand" or is that "by wosang" or "by hacktronics" - they all kind of look the same in the photos.

So, again... my jumpers' pins have a coating of insulating material ... that appears to be glue. How about yours?
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on July 6, 2012
I once put something with this same odor in my attic for 6 months after washing if with soap and then again with alcohol. I was never able to get rid on the odor. If you keep them in a plastic sandwich bag the odor comes through. This chemical off gassing must be some bad stuff. I think it is or is related to cheap vulcanized rubber from China. I wish we would not allow it into the country. Where are all those government employees? I know we must have a Federal department of something that can put a stop to importing this junk. I am not going to let my 12 year old handle these wires. Anyone know were to get some made in USA jumper wires?
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on January 31, 2012
As other reviewers have noted, there is a distinct chemical odor and color coding the lengths would make the wires more useful.

There is an additional problem in that the insulators (finger grips?) at the wire ends are thick enough that it limits how many can be used for side by side connections. PCB headers and solderless breadboards typically use 0.100" spacing which is narrow enough that these wire insulators crowd one another. If you plan to make many adjacent connections to breadboards or headers, you'll be better off with plain wire.
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VINE VOICEon February 21, 2012
When working with solderless breadboards such as the BB830, you can use any solid wire in sizes 21-26 AWG. In the past, I have used insulated wires that I have cut and stripped myself, or a similar but convenient product in pre-made form. Often they work very well, occasionally the wire bends when you try to insert it by hand.

These jumpers are a step up from stripped wires. On both ends of each patch wire is a black plastic "handle" tube that makes it easy to grasp and insert the wires into the breadboard. They will probably last longer than simple stripped wires.

If there is a downside compared to the pre-made wires, it is that the pre-made wires stay low to the breadboard (if chosen or made correctly), and these jumpers tend to be a bit too long to stay low. But then these jumpers excel in connecting a breadboard to an Arduino microcontroller, or another breadboard.

They are inexpensive. They make wiring a bit faster.

But they are not a toy. It's odd to have to rate these wires on how much "fun" they are, but I have to admit that breadboarding circuits and making them work is a lot of fun.
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on November 3, 2012
The jumper wires are too thin and don't provide reliable connections on the breadboard. Beacause of this, they were useless for my needs.
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on June 21, 2011
These are not toys but professional terminated wires both inexpensive and durable. They provide for quick circuit prototyping without having to cut and strip wires. I now have 210 of these preterminated wires and use them frequently. Thanks for the time savings and utility.
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