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on April 2, 2007
I bought this bread machine from Amazon because they had a nice sale on it about two weeks ago. It seemed like a good price for what looked like a decent machine, so I ordered it. I'm so glad that I did! I have made six loaves so far, all of which have come out perfectly. I tried two other, hand-me-down machines before this model, both of which burnt or did other crazy things to the loaves and so required tons of monitoring and adjustments. With this machine, though, it really IS as easy as throwing a few ingredients in the machine and pressing a button! So far I have made french bread, whole wheat bread, brown rice flour bread, irish potato brown bread, and more. The recipes that came with the machine work well, but I also picked up a few bread machine cookbooks for more variety.

In addition to making great bread, I love how quiet the machine is (like another reviewer, I kept checking to see whether it was working the first time). I also like that it's a little smaller than equivalent 2 lb. machines and so easily fits under kitchen cabinets, and I love the way it looks in my kitchen (it's not a huge, hideous white box!). There's a helpful fruit/nut add-in beep, the shape of the loaf is nicer than the other 2 machines I've used, and the finished bread easily slides out of the pan.

Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase. 5 stars!

Added 10/25/2007:
I am still so happy with this bread machine, so I had to come back and add to my review. Since I bought this more 6 months ago I have been using it often (at least 1 loaf a week) and I have never had a failure yet. In addition to loaves made with bread flour, I have made many loaves with 100% whole wheat flour (the majority of my loaves are 100% whole wheat) or other flours like spelt, rice, and oat, and all loves came out beautifully. This machine produces perfect, perfect bread! I now bring fresh bread to every dinner party I attend, and people are always so grateful.

In addition to homemade bread being delicious, I think it's much healthier, too: I love that I now know exactly what went into every loaf of bread I eat (i.e. no weird chemicals or additives, I can decrease the sugar or replace it with a natural sweetener like maple syrup, etc.). I would give this machine 10 stars if I could, I love it that much.

One helpful tip someone gave me was to buy The Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook by Beth Hensperger. I use recipes from this book every time I bake bread, and they always come out beautifully. I'm sure there are lots of other good bread machine cookbooks, but this is by far the best one I've tried.

UPDATE 09/04/2010:
3.5 years later, I STILL love this bread machine! My Breadman TR875 is still going strong, as of September 2010 with no problems at all. I made a loaf of whole wheat bread in it just yesterday, in fact :) In 3.5 years of near weekly use, I've had zero loaf failures, and zero merchanical problems. The machine has held up perfectly cosmetically, as well. Overall this has been a truly excellent, reliable machine - I remain thrilled with my purchase, and would absolutely recommend this bread machine to anyone.
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on December 14, 2006
This is truly the best breadmaker I have had in years. This is the seventh breadmaker I have bought. I have had Rival, Salton, Williams Sonoma and not to mention a very expensive one. This one tops all of them together. To start off with, it has a small size but makes a huge 2lb loaf. It is so quiet, that I had to keep looking if it was working. I have made 3 Cinnamon Raisin breads and 4 White breads and 1 French bread in the last two days. They all came out perfect. Also the body (exterior) of this one does not get as hot as the other ones so it can be put against a backsplash. This was the best purchase and I would recommend this machine to all who love a perfect loaf of bread.
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on June 16, 2007
I am still new to bread machines.

I was given an old chefmate thats not even made anymore and loved it. I was confined to only making a basic white bread from it though being I had no manuel and couldnt find one on line to use the other settings.

As I said, the chefmate was old and finally gave up the ghost.

I shoped here on amazon com as I always do to look for a new breadmachine, and also see the reviews of other amazon com users to help. I had it narrowed down to 3 differant machines. THen I found this machine. Breadman TR8752

I bought it directly from amazon which got to me in a lightening speed of 2 days. Perfectly boxed and protected.

This thing is a beauty. I put it through the one time recommended rapid cycle empty to burn off all manufacturing oils and couldnt wait.

When that was done I made the first loaf which was a basic white loaf to start with, from the recipe book included.

All I can say is WOW. This bread came out so soft and fluffy. Tasted so good. The digital controls make it easy to read and see exactly what cycle your bread is going through.

Very easy to clean after your done I should add. The window at the top really helps so you can see it knead or bake.

As I said, I am new to breadmachines so I am only judging from my old chefmate, which was nice, dont get me wrong, but the kneading cycle in this Breadman was absolutly incredible. I kneads the dough extremely thoroughly. Mixing everything perfectly.

I have just gone shopping and picked up ingrediants as so I can now go down the list making each recipe in this book. Tonight will have Italian herb.

I can't wait to give the jam's doughs and pasta settings a try, which there are recipes for these too in the booklet. I also can't wait to try out the timer. Put in my ingrediants the night before and have set to be finished by the time I wake up. It looks extremely easy to set. And the book walks you through everything so easily.

I find the machine is nice and quiet, and actually very sturdy when in kneading and mixing mode. Also I would like to note, although it is in a beautiful stainless body, it dosn't get hot at all. It is very well insulated.But inside does so you definatly want oven mits when taking out a new loaf. This just shows me that is was very well designed and put together. Alot of thought was definatly put into this by the company.

My only problem with this Breadman machine is that I can forsee making way to much bread. This thing is great!


# Added on July 17th 2007: I wish to add this to my review on the Breadman TR8752 pound bread maker. I have now had this machine for a month and been averaging 2 to 3 loaves a day. Yes, thats right. 2 to 3 loaves a day. I have been making not only for myself but family as well. I am going crazy with this thing. It is superb and still going stong. I am making a loaf now as I write this.

I still haven't tried the sourdough bread with the starter that is in the recipe book that comes with it 'not yet' but that is going to be soon. My father and uncle can't get enough of the Italian herb loaf recipe I have been making from the recipe book. I really enjoy the basic white bread and alternate between light and medium crust setting which is flawless. The wheat bread recipe is awsome as well.

I was kind of worried about making so much bread with this machine. I keep it clean and let it cool down fully before making a new loaf. As I love this thing and want to keep it in top condition.

As an extra note to add, when my shipment arrived I tossed the box away. I went to register it and needed the number on the box to compleat registration to mail in. So I found breadman company on line and called their toll free number. A very polite lady answered in help department, just asked for the date code stamped on the back and took care of me over the phone registering it in case something would go wrong with this and gave me my registration code in case I ever needed to send back to be fixed.

So even their phone support is 5 stars as well just to let everyone know.

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on August 9, 2007
I've been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance. Not actually Celiac Disease, but nonetheless, I've been wheat, barley, oats and hops free for over 2 months now. I purchased this Breadman TR8752 because it had the gluten free setting and I saw other reviews that were positive.

Here's my take on it...

1. It makes great bread. Now that that's out of the way, here's the details.

(I was looking high and low for review that used this TR8752 breadman and the Gluten free Gourmet books for any info, and couldn't find any. So I'm writing this hoping someone else will get some help.)

I started out just by making the recipe in the manual for Gluten free bread. I then purchased the "Gluten Free Gourmet" books. One was over 200 recipes just for breads. The book was made before bread machines had gluten free settings, so the instructions are more complicated than they need to be for the TR8752. Just put the ingredients in the machine in layers of a little wet, a little dry, a little wet, a little dry, and on the gluten free setting, you get amazing bread. I used regular rapid rise yeast from the local grocery store and it came out super.

The Gluten Free Gourmet book also has recipes for flour mixtures that match cup for cup to wheat flour. This requires a trip to a health food store. You won't find Garbonzo Bean Flour at the local A&P. Nor will you find potato starch flour, sorghum flour, potato flour, brown & white rice flour, etc...

So far, i've only made 2 loaves of bread. So each loaf has cost me 120 bucks a pop. Between the breadman, the books, and the ingredients, thank heaven the bread is good!

I highly recommend this bread machine for gluten intollerant folks like me. I also suggest that if anyone has been diagnosed with IBS, "weak stomach", "nervous stomach", Heart burn, acid reflux,has problems loosing or gaining weight, gets stomach cramps after eating a sandwich or pasta and has recently switched to the more "healthy" whole grain or whole wheat foods, to get tested for Gluten Intolerance. The United States is far behind in research on gluten compared to Europe. By Europe's estimate, GI is in 1 in 300 people.
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on June 2, 2007
Wife diagnosed with celiac disease; no more bread containing wheat. We selected this Breadman due to its GLUTEN-FREE cycle and the very positive recommendation of a friend.

We had immediate success with ready mixes (Bob's Red Mill brand).

We've had a few fizzles (bread not rising enough, bread 'sinking', being too damp in center, etc.) None of these disasters has been the fault of the Breadman; they're the product of our inexperience.

We're entering month #3 and our success rate has risen dramatically. Pamela's Amazing Wheat-Free Bread Mix has replaced Bob's Red Mill as our favorite but making bread mix from scratch is even better.

Overall time to completion is about an hour on the GF cycle. Cleanup is a breeze. Wish we'd have bought one years ago, even before needing wheet-free breads.

We read a lot of online chat about bread machines and agree that running this one without ingredients for the very first cycle is not good advice. It seems to be like running a microwave without anything in the cooking cavity ... a sure way to burn it out. We simply cleaned the bread paddle and pan and created our first loaf.

We left the paddle in for loaf #1 and removed it mid-cycle for the second loaf. Excellent bread either way but we prefer to remove the paddle during the cycle. The more loaves we create, the stronger we feel: REMOVE THE PADDLE BEFORE BAKING YOUR LOAF !!! Yes, it's going to get chewed and swallowed anyway but it's much more appealing without the irregular hole in every slice.

With strawberries now in season, we've gone into jam production using that cycle. It takes a bit of experimenting with pectin but the results have been fantastic. Just one more reason to own this machine.

In this price range, we think the Breadman Pro is the most elegant and user-friendly machine going. Best of all, it produces super breads and jams. Per other reviews, we agree that the included recipe book is pretty weak. You'll need to purchase a couple of bread machine books (also on Amazon) to really get the hang of it.

If you're in the market for a great machine, this is it.
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on January 27, 2007
I bought this breadmaker to make gluten free homemade bread. I noticed that there is not a 2lb setting option (only 1.5lb) for the gluten free loaf (even though in the instruction book it says there is). That is fine though- just use the super rapid cycle- it is exactly the same as the gluten free setting and allows for the 2lb loaf size. I have made one loaf so far- I was very pleased with the the results, my bread rose nicely and was moist and delicious, not crumbly (I used Gluten Free Pantry best sandwich bread)- I would recommend this breadmaker to anyone and especially for anyone looking to make a good gluten free loaf!
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on January 17, 2007
I bought this bread machine because of the need to feed a growing toddler and chose this model because of the look. After using it for more than 2 months, this machine has been a very good addition to our kitchen. Since this is our first bread machine, it took several trials to get used to making bread in a machine, and to make the perfect bread we liked. The recipes in the manual are not the best, so expect experimenting yourself, get a good recipe book, or download some recipes from internet (this is what we did).

Note that we did not follow the instruction in the manual to run an empty cycle to burn off the "machine oil", because I saw for a different model of Breadman machine, one review complained about the machine breaking after this empty cycle. It turned out that this burning run is not needed at all. Just clean the container well.

On the good side, this machine has a very nice mordern look. Has an easy programming panel. And most importantly, makes good bread.

Some notes:

1. this bread machine makes 1.5 lb and 2 lb only. If you need a smaller loaf, such as 1 lb, you'd better go with a different model. For two of us with a kid, 1.5 lb is perfect.

2. the machine is bigger than it looks in the picture. It is not among the large sized bread machines, but it looks really small in the picture.

3. the machine has a bit trouble mixing the last bit of flour from one of the corners. That will leave some dry flour in the corner of the final product, which doesn't really affect the taste though. We solve this by using a plastic spoon to help a bit in the second kneading cycle. But if it is set for over night run, you have to live with this.

4. We never tried the ultra fast cycle, but regular cycles take more than 3 hours to finish. With preparation time, normally about 15 to 20 mins, that means you will wait ~4 hours before the bread will be ready. Of course, using the delayed start will solve this, but we like to put milk and egg in, and we are afraid they might go bad sitting overnight.
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on December 11, 2007
I received my Breadman, used the setting to burn off the oils as per the instructions. That went well. Went to use it to make whole wheat bread (with all ingredients in bread pan)...and nothing. Threw out the ingredients. Not happy.

I called the company and was told to hold down the stop/start button to clear the computer, then wait 24(!!) hours and see if it would work. It did not. When I was talking to the company rep I was told that this model has a problem with the computer in them. Also was told they had none on hand to send me a replacement.

1. Why 24 hours for it to reset??
2. Why no machines in stock to replace defective ones? Or even to sell?
3. Why sell machines they know to have problems??

I did like the design of this machine so that is why I gave it 2 stars instead of just one.

I am going to order another bread machine - but it will *not* be a Breadman.
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on December 2, 2008
Prior to ordering I read some reviews and was satisfied that the product was as advertised. After ordering I read further into the reviews and noticed a number of people received 'refurbished' (read: used) machines.

I knew what to look for:

1) No plastic coating over the control panel to peel off as instructed to in the 'before using your bread machine' section of the manual

2) Twisty-ties are obviously re-tied. In fact, mine were not even binding the plug. The plug was tucked under the machine, loose.

3) Nicks, scratches and mars on the stainless steel and / or plastic.

My machine had all three tell-tale signs of being used, then repacked and sold to me.

This item was represented as NEW. And priced as NEW, too. I paid for a new machine, not a used or refurbished one. I really don't blame Amazon EXCEPT for the fact that this is a known issue. They should demand the supplier quit this nonsense or not carry any more items from this supplier. This borders on fraud on the part of this supplier.

Naturally, Amazon is great about returns, but the hassle of lugging this to the post office is not something I am looking forward to.
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on March 29, 2008
I should've known that paying half-price for the machine meant more of a problem than just a "resealed box." When I opened the manufacturer's box, I found a return slip from the person who previously bought it from Amazon and returned it, and it clearly stated that the machine was defective. I plugged it in and gave it a shot, but it's definitely defective. The control panel display is messed up and the machine randomly turned on and tried to run, and I could only stop it by unplugging it. Also, it had no manual.
On top of that, Amazon said that since I bought it through one of their subsidiaries, that I would only be able to return it & wait for my refund rather than have a replacement shipped out to me quickly.
So, I don't have an opinion on the general operation of a working model, but just warning others to watch out for the "resealed" or "refurbished" models, unless you want a 13# paper weight.
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