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on November 28, 2004
After having bought and watched about 30 B-Boy videos of all kinds, having read half a dozen books about B-Boying, having watched and loved B-boying since the early 80s, and having participated in this dance form myself (on a non-pro level) I can say with confidence about this video...

*the instructors featured are not only top-notch dancers, they are very good teachers with good communication skills; they make this stuff look easy and it is way easier for you after you watch their video; I have literally never seen a teacher of the art form who is half as effective as Zulu Gremlin

*this video is a technical and historical landmark: you can probably learn more of what you want and need to know about B-boying from this video than from any other video in existence; there's a minimum of the usual clowning and posturing BS and lots of authentic history from people you never heard of who laid the cornerstones of the old school; some of them are very insightful dudes you need to hear if you think you already know what real hip hop is and how we got where we are now

*the production quality of the teaching segment is mostly way above average; the battle footage quality is a bit above average but nothing to write your homies about

If you only buy one B-Boy video in your entire life you should buy the Detours video at When viewing Detours be sure to wear a helmet or other protective headgear to catch your mind in when it gets blown. If you only buy two B-Boy videos, Breakdance Step-by-Step should be the second.

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on August 18, 2004
This two disc dvd is worth way more than $27! It's a great bargain. You'll learn the basic moves up to power moves and it is easy to follow. The moves are filmed in every possible angle for better understanding. When I began watching this dvd, I was surprised to know I had a few moves already down, but I wasn't aware the moves were of this style (bboying). If you want to learn to bboy (or breakdance. same thing), this is a must have dvd!! You can find official clips of this dvd if you're not sure if it's right for you.
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on April 9, 2004
This DVD Comes with 2 DVDs (Beginner) & (Advanced)
Both disc r DVDs meaning DVD quality very good to watch on a wide screen HD TV with your friends practicing.
DVD 1 (Basic Moves (Beginner))
0 Warp Up (Watch this, I thought it was stupid but it is not)
1. Top Rock
2. Drops
3. Freezes
4. Spins (Backspin)
5. Threading
6. Swipes
7. Tornadoes
8. Hand Glide
9. Footwork (Six-Step)
10. Floats
11. Windmills
12. Kip Ups
13. Rubber Band
14. Broncos
15. Head Hollows
Disc 2 (Power Moves (Advanced))
0. Warp Up
1. Stars
2. U.F.O
3. Jackhammer
4. Hollowback
5. L - Kick
6. Air Swipes
7. Munch Mills (Nicest Move)
8. Flares (Not Air Flares)
9. HeadSpin
10. 1990
12. 2000
13. Trax (Halos)
Good: This is the best thing I have ever bought it teaches u pretty plain and simple but yet very detailed and clean, I learned the moves pretty fast. I'm 15 years old, showing off at school gets u so much attention. I would say the guy teaching u talks at about a medium pace, not too slow, not too fast. U learn like 30+ moves on this DVD. Its only 27$ free shipping, I would say that's cheap as hell, a lot better than going to a dance school (very very few teach bboying). Impress your friends, maybe even get some girls (I did), hell, do it for a hobby incase u have no life like I used have. This is the Shiz.
Bad: My only gripe about this DVD is that they don't teach 1 move, the Air Flare (it's a power move, pretty much the hardest move, the god of all moves) the only reason I'm saying this is because the DVD has 30+ moves spread across 2 DVDs, why not include just one more move. THIS should definitely not stop u from buying this DVD. U can see what air flares look like on a video clip, if u get as good as me u can just see the move on your screen then go on the floor and do it perfectly. It looks like starting a headspin, put while on a handstand, and flipping off each arm. To see clips of breakdanceing see [...] very nice website, you'll know what air flares r when u see them, trust me.
Peace Yall BuY ThiS,........Latur iwould give this a 12/10 if i could
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on June 17, 2005
Before I saw this video I had never tried any of this. I went to a ton of raves and did liquid but was always amazed by the break dancing I saw going on. Based on the reviews here I decided to try this video.

After watching this video about a dozen times I'm only slightly better off than I was. There is no doubt that these guys are awesome dancers. They do break down everything into small steps and go over them slowly. The problem is that I can do every single step that they show slowly but they turn up the speed by ten, put everything together and talk more about style than instructing you through it.

The idea is that they don't want you to copy their style but evolve your own. I agree with that. But if you are a novice, like myself, than you want to be walked through one or two full routines so you feel you can move through all the different steps with ease. Only once I have that down can I begin to modify and add my own style. If you ever took dance lessons as a kid, you know that is how the professionals teach you.

If you are someone who already can do the basics of beat boy dancing this would be a phenomenal video for you. However, if you are like me and never tried it before in your life get this video later on.
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on January 19, 2005
Wow, this is an excelent DVD. It tought ME, can you believe it, to break. That I must say should be the only reason I need to list but as you don't know me it is hard to understand how significant that is. As other reviews said it shows every move from a thousand different angles. To make things simple it is truly a step by step DVD that makes it all so easy. This is the movie you want.
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on January 12, 2009
Much as I love my 14 yr. old daughter, her dancing style could probably best be described as "what the...?!" When she expressed an interest in improving her skills, especially in the break dancing arena, I was totally supportive! But I wanted to find something that would be appropriate for this 14 yr. old, and her 11 yr. old sister. This video turned out to be just what we were looking for. The video starts out with a warm up routine, then has several instruction sequences that are easy to follow and understand (works well for my daughters), while still teaching skills and moves that are impressive and current. It also has clips from competitions, giving the viewer an idea of what these moves actually look like on the floor. The video is simple and well organized, making it easy to find and repeat the exact sequences you want to view. And from what I've seen, this video is "clean" - moves, clothes, language, etc. A good buy!
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on November 7, 2009
This DVD could have been awesome. Unfotunately, it falls on its face. The dancers know how to dance. However, they for some reason recorded many of the instructional tracks without audio. Even my K-mart camcorder can do audio. I can barely tolerate this, but then comes the fatal flaw. This DVD does not play properly on most DVD players. If you go to the menu, and then select a particular move to learn, it displays an error message on ALL 5 of my DVD players (something like "data rate exceeds capability, overide?"). I have never seen this message before, and own thousands of DVDs. Doesnt matter if I play on blueray player, portable DVD player, standard DVD player, PS3. The compilation just sucks. Having to constantly override each time I want to rewatch a selection just brings me to seathing anger.

There are some good things about this DVD. Breakeasy in New York is a great and reknowned teacher (would have been nice to hear his voice!). The advanced class with Zulugremlin is great, watched it like 5 times.

All in all, as I own like 10 different breakdancing DVDs, I would definately AVOID this one. You will be much happier with Broadway Dance Center: Breakin Foundations (not sold on amazon but by far the best first DVD that eventually teaches a whole routine, utube sample [...]) or Breakdancing-Completely Street(carefully explained individual basic and advanced moves), or Top 20 Breakdance Moves(entertaining jokester teaches both breakin and hiphop). All of these are clearly better.
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on March 1, 2006
Excellent CD for a klutz with no rhythm like myself... I'm a complete newbie to the world of dancing. I could easily undestand the instructions, plus they have different people with different styles to dance the same routine for you to follow. Jam-packed with material, the guys are really good at what they know. I'm impressed. Go get it if you want to learn break dancing.
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on February 8, 2004
Yo from the clips i have seen this bboy(breakdance)film is off the hook. Its good for begginer or intermidiate dancers. The first disc gives you the basic moves like the six step. Well anyways i dont want to tell you everything because i could be here forever. But anyway get this video its tight. Later bboys bgirls keep dancin.
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on April 13, 2007
I bought the dvd last year, and I only apologize to the curious possible buyers that it took me so long to get on here and tell you how good the program is. First, the videographers are excellent because when they show the guys dancing, if they're doing a full body dance, they show them head to toe at all times, and whether its the upper body, lower body you ALWAYS know what the dancer is doing which is crucial to learning. Next, it teaches a whole lot of material, street dancing, waves with you body through muscle and joint isolation, the robot, top rocks, advanced/power moves, basic moves, it teaches you everything you need to get your bboy skills goin if you're serious about not only learning to break from a beginners stand point, but also advancing very far. If you master this dvd set you'll rock with anyone out there. Because you'll not only know so many different moves, and aspects of breaking and just street dancing period, that you'll be skilled enough to literally start developing your own style and moves, as well as to update on present day moves that you see in the coming future. You'll be strong enough, and fast enough in your body, and you're mind will just be in that breaking mode. If there are any moves your seeing from the past two years that arn't on the dvd, it's because the dvd was copyrighted in 2004, but if theres any level you need to get to this dvd will definetely advance you to it beyond measure. I'm glad I bought it, I can't say I regret anything from it. Oh i forgot, it has alot of different guys that brought different aspects to the culture of breaking, and if you like researching the dance, theres some names on here that you might appreciate knowing about. Theres a basic moves dvd in the pack, and an power moves dvd, and theres breaking events that you'll see, and just all these different dudes that'll teach you any and everything.
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