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Size: 2'2" x 1'6" x 1'6"|Color: Navy|Change
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We put our new flat screen TV in the middle bedroom, which means that one or two viewers need to sit up in bed to watch. Finding some good backrests proved to be harder than we thought. Local stores had nothing. There is an item called a BedLounge available online but it costs $130-180.

This product for $26 with free shipping does the job. The twill cover is nicely made. Back support is good and solid. Fill material has the right density. Delivered to my porch free of charge. Excuse me while I go watch a movie. Thanks Amazon!
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on October 23, 2012
I was super surprised by the quality of this item. When I took it out of the packaging, initially I was afraid that I would have to return it because it felt like it would be too flimsy (not firm enough) and maybe too small, but it is SURPRISINGLY firm, in a GOOD way! I think anyone who purchases this item for reading in bed & general back support will be uber pleased! I posted a few pics as well.
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on December 31, 2010
I noticed one reviewer emphasized how heavy these are. I was prepared, before it came, to have a couple of muscular guys on standby to carry it around for me.....but no, it is just NOT that heavy. It is heavier than the very cheap ones found elsewhere that give no support and don't last long---I had one of those in the past that was totally useless.

This is a nice, firm, solid bedrest or backrest. It definitely holds you up and seems as though it will not soon break down and become "mushy".....I do agree that because the angle is pretty much straight up and down some people, like myself, will need a small pillow or rolled up sheet or blanket for behind their lower back to feel more supported. Others may want something similar behind the lower neck.

The arms ARE large and probably larger than they need to be. When I read or use the laptop in bed my arms are not on the armrests...but others may do things differently. The angle of the armrests is "outward", which gives you more room to sit IN the backrest but is an awkward position for the arms to actually rest on.

I don't understand why different prices are set for what appears to be merely different colors. I got the red (garnet) which is a nice bright color. The fabric is nice, not at all scratchy....though again I agree it should have come with a zipper so it could be washed when needed. I was able to blot out a small spill with cold water right away, and it dried without a stain or mark.

So far I'm happy with it. I read in bed sometimes, or use my Laptop, and that is my main use for it. Appears it will last a while without problems.
I would recommend it a bit higher if it had come with a zipper and shorter or differently angled arm rests. That is just personal preference however.
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on August 12, 2010
After too many mornings waking up with a sore neck, from leaning against my headboard, I decided I needed to find something that would help. I've seen something like these in stores, but what I saw, and felt, were pillowy. Sort of light and flexable. Not good for what I needed.

I've had these on my amazon wishlist for quite a while. I came back to amazon to buy an overbed table. I saw these on my wishlist, so decided to order these as well.

These are NOT pillows. These are more firm. I mean, I was surprised at how firm they were. Not solid, but firm enough. I mean they really are perfect for sitting up. I still put a regular pillow on top of these, behind my head, but these are great. With the little armrests, you get a lot of 'comfort settings'. For the price I got these for, I am wicked happy. Price actually came down since too *rough*.

I love that amazon lets us post reviews, and they seem to honestly allow both positive and negative reviews to be left. Kudo's to amazon!! I do worry my positive reviews affect prices for others, and I have a feeling the prices for these may rise back up after this post. But, to me, these things are WELL worth it!!!
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on July 11, 2010
We bought a couple of these three months ago for being able to watch TV and read in bed, and they're basically OK and get some use, but there are some problems with them that had known about them, we wouldn't have purchased the bedrests:

- The cover is not removable, so you have to put a throw or a sheet over them otherwise they will eventually get dirty and there's nothing you can do.

- Two will not fit comfortably side by side on a queen size bed. The armrests are not movable and quite stiff, so two people using them next to each other will be fighting for elbow room. Additionally, the armrests really get in the way of breakfast trays.

- The bedrests are really heavy. It's not easy to just pull them on and off the bed as needed, and if you're thinking of storing them in a high place when not in use then forget it, unless you're strong or prepared for a struggle every time. Sure you can put it on the floor, but remember if it gets dirty it stays dirty. (EDIT 5/6/13: Since moving out of state, I no longer have these bedrests, but based on comments and more recent reviews it seems as though this model has been updated and is now a lot lighter.)

- Tall people especially won't like leaving these on the bed when not in use, as they take up quite a few inches of the length of the bed.

- They're hard and not very comfortable on their own. I think this is especially true if you have a firm bed as we do. You have no support for the base of your spine when leaning back, so you need to also use a soft pillow.

If these things don't bother you, then you'll probably like this product.
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on September 15, 2012
Note: this Bed Pillow is available in several colors..
The decription reads " Brushed Twill," true, it does look like nothing can stain it. To prevent such a problem & to keep the Red hue perfect, I simply added a (stretchy material) King Size Pillowcase !It is heavy (about 6 lbs) & mine arrived very well protected/packaged, heavyweight paper held t in place... On the plastic bag surrounding it, it had Multiple wwarnings (about misuse/danger) on the bag,, i.e. "Do Not Use as a toy" .. Great to have the Warning printed on it,in *both Spanish & English. Good job.

Now, in response to those who are angry (what? Angry at an inatimate object?) because you do not know HOW to keep it from ever getting damaged? Stop & consider: It's a Pillow. Cover it with a Pillow Case (duh)! If your King Sized Pillow case does not match your bed duvets/comforter/blanket (Oh,fussy, fussy) or colors on your wall - put it in the closet & take it out to use when needed. * Notice there is a sewn-In Handle, on top of the pillow?

For the 1st time, I tried using it last night sitting in bed. Yes, a couple of actual pillows behind your head/neck completes the "Comfort Factor." OH yeah.. It made cruising on the Internet very comfortable.. If you sit up hard against it, you WILL get that lower back support (which some have complained about - the lack of, that is) ..

Now, it IS a hard/supportive pillow, if this is what you want.. & you want to:
* Watch TV sitting up
* Use your Laptop sitting in bed (with great support)
* Just be able to sit up in bed - when you are recovering from an injury/Surgery - & you are bed-bound..
* or, You simply enjoy reading (maybe a Kindle?)in bed...
Then This Pillow IS for you! (as it is quite perfect for me)..

Caution: On a Queen Sized bed, you can only fit 1 of these Bedrest Pillows, as the arms stick out and it IS a wide PillowRest. I am delighted with mine, order 1 so you can be thrilled also..
review image
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on April 13, 2012
Overall I'm pleased with the Brentwood Originals Brushed Twill Bedrest. It is extremely hard to find these in stores (especially black) and this looked like the best one I could find. I give it 4 stars for these following reasons: the space between the armrests should be at least 4 inches wider because I seem to put too much pressure on the stitching connecting the armrests to the backrest; the bedrest should be a little larger overall; and finally the stitching seems like it may come apart after long hours of use. These are just suggestions to Brentwood. I watch most of my TV in my bedroom and this is a perfect fit for people that want to sit up and watch TV in bed. There is plenty of cushioning in the bedrest and fits comfortably to my body size. The brushed twill is actually softer than I imagined and seems quite sturdy to hold up to the amount I will use it (except for the stitching which worries me). If you are looking for an inexpensive yet comfortable and sturdy bedrest this would be the one to go with.
review image review image review image review image
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on March 20, 2012
As a pillow, this is exactly what I was looking for. But it has completely discolored the white wall behind my bed. So my very inexpensive bed pillow is now going to cost a lot more when I have to repaint the wall
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on December 21, 2010
I feel like I am reviewing a different product than some of these other reviewers. This bedrest pillow is very nice. It is firm without being too hard and has just enough give to cushion my back comfortably. The pillow does have some weight to it but it is not heavy enough to be burdensome whatsoever and the fabric is certainly a good quality, (I have the celadon, the color is very nice), It is very comfortable for sitting up in bed to watch TV or read a book. When I want to recline a little more I have just to "skooch" down a little and my head is resting comfortably while I'm still inclined enough to see the television. Someone mentioned the arms get in the way of a bed tray, I do not know how that is even possible. If I'm using a bed tray I would have it over my lap, maybe as far up as my hips, there is no way the arms on this bedrest extend down that far, they are just not that long. I love this bedrest for it's quality, comfort and durability, and mostly because I am no longer leaning my head against a rock hard headboard whenever I'm sitting up in bed!
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on May 16, 2011
I work full time and my chair is uncomfortable, but when I get home I can set on the floor, the bed or the couch with this pillow and be completely comfortable for hours while doing schoolwork. I had a similar product years ago and I'm glad a purchased another one recently. If you spend a lot of time reading or using a laptop, this product may be for you.
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