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on May 27, 2014
After reading all about this item It looked like the perfect idea for someone with chronic migraines and headaches.
I have TBI and cervical spine damage sustained from an IED while in the Marines in Iraq. Thank goodness Amazon has such a fantastic return policy which is very liberal and accomodating!!

It fit good and worked great even on the first charge, but just did not target the areas of pain where i needed it most. Item has many adjustments to make before using it If you want a good item to rub your temples and head (no neck massage) then this is a great item for you! Thank you Amazon for taking it back within 2 weeks!!
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on December 22, 2012
Helps my headaches. My lymphatic system does not work properly and I fluid "lymph" build up in my head. Which causes severe headaches. This helps move the fluid so it drains out of my head.
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on October 26, 2013
This product is an extreme disappointment.

I purchased the massager because I work 12-14 hour days consistently at a stressful job. I feel tension in my head constantly and I get bad headaches. I thought this would be an excellent solution. 15-30 minute massages every night sounded like a great idea. This purchase turned out to be a complete waste of time and money.

Several things wrong with with product:

First, it doesn't fit correctly. While the length of the apparatus moves well, the top does not adjust enough to fit properly and it is extremely uncomfortable to wear, even without turning it on.

Second, it has a single setting if you do not have the remote, so don't lose it.

Third, even when you DO have the remote, there are only 5 pre-set settings that you can choose from and aren't able to have a customized massage experience. For example, if you didn't want a vibration but wanted a pulse, there is no setting for that. Conversely, if you wanted a constant vibration, there isn't a setting for that. You have to deal with whatever pre-set routines they programmed.

Fourth, I knew it was expensive, but I had justified the purchase by thinking "If I get 20 minutes a day out of this massager for the next 5 years, and it reduces my stress, it's worth it". The product did not do as intended and is extremely overpriced.

Fifth, and most importantly, it is actually PAINFUL to wear. The massage setting is not a massage, it is a death grip. My temples hurt for hours afterwards and it crushes your skull. The top of your head does not feel like a gentle massage, it has about 50 small prongs that poke into the top of your head. The back does not have gentle or soothing massagers, they have irritating vibrations that give you a headache almost immediately.

Lastly, the entire thing is very loud and in Japanese. This whole experience was disappointing, painful, and costly. Hopefully this will save anyone else from buying this terrible product.

Returned it immediately. Assume that anyone who says this product is beneficial is hired from the company to write a positive review.
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on January 13, 2013
This is an excellent piece of well-built and exquisite machinery. It has helped decrease the number of migraines that I currently suffer from immensely. Albeit costly, once you receive and utilize this wonderful massager, then you will soon realize that this was worth every penny and then some.
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on December 14, 2014
The Jury is still out on this one.... I bought this to replace an Osim U-Crown2 that broke. It did a great job massaging my temples and had strong vibration at a low enough frequency that it felt very good.

Pro: The eye massage really helps, as the really bad migraines come with eye pain.
It has windows over the eyes that let me see well enough to use the remote unit during treatment.
Being rechargeable, it can do at least 3 15 minute sessions without needing a recharge.
It comes with a travel case that has room for the remote and the charger.

The unit is adjustable, but if you have a large head it is harder to get on and may be too tight for some.
The bladders doing the massage don't do as well on the temple area as I'd like.
Vibrator isn't very strong, and at high frequency so instead of penetrating it's kind of "buzzy"
Charger is unusual size, so if you lose it it's useless.
NO pre loaded nature sounds like the U-Crown. It has waterfall, surf, forest, etc. I haven't tried the USB to load music on
it, so that might be better. Now I turn off sound as I don't want to hear relaxation exercises in Chinese.
While not painfully so, it IS loud enough for others in the room to hear pump and vibrators.
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on March 2, 2015
The Breo I dream 3 is very well made and fit well and was comfortable to wear. The compression seems to work quite well and felt good. I did not feel it to be too much pressure. The issue with the pressure I had is that it is constantly turning off and on. There is only 2 massage nodes in the back of the helmet, and they are so wimpy that I could barely feel them except when the compression happens to be on when the massage cycle is on, which is almost never.The remote control works ok , but if you wear glasses to read you will not be able to see the screen because you have to remove them before putting on the helmet. The Asian voice can be easily turned off via the remote. The visor limits your view to 2 small peepholes, so they advise you not to walk with the unit on. Personally I think it would be better if the visor was eliminated altogether. The battery charged in about 3 hours, and recharged in about 1 hour. What I was hoping for was massage all around the head and much stronger. So all in all my fingers do a better job at massaging my head.
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on May 11, 2014
I'm not a fan of people touching my face or person for a massage, but I needed to find a solution for the fatigue and tension in and around my eyes/forehead caused by my job.

I read all of the reveiws here and elsewhere, indicating that the unit can have a "death grip" on your head or causes headaches rather then releaving them as well as the heating unit never working. Also the humorous reviews of the asian woman whispering into your ear... I decided to take the gamble and purchase... and I am so glad I did.

This machine does EXACTLY as it states it would do. No, you cant program your own selection and no you cant watch a movie out of the eye holes in the mask... but when I have gone to get facial massages, I'm not telling the masseuse (with years of education and practice) what to do, nor am I watching movies while under their care!

As to the complaints that it has a death grip... yes, the airbags press firmly onto your head and sometimes it can get pretty tight but if you read the directions you will see that the unit has a pressure release button on the back. After using the machine every day for the last week I can say I have used the button twice. Whether from water retention or swelling from the days events I followed the directions and pressed it and continued through the 15 min cycle. You dont need to sit there and feel that your head is in a vice! Press to save yourself!

The unit does use airbags and vibration but in my opinion its not very loud. The first use I was 3 feet away from my girlfriend who was watching a show. I asked her about 4 min into the 15 min cycle if it was too loud and bothering her. She actually stated the only annoying thing was the music pumping out of the speakers (which was the whispering asian lady, haha), the vibration and airbags were fine (this was at 12:45am and the speakers were at the loudest setting). The next day I used it as soon as I got home from work. I could still hear my girlfriend in the kitchen two rooms away as well as the children playing outside (the speakers were on the lowest volume setting). If you are easily irritated by the noise massagers make, you might not want to strap your head into one... just saying. I have yet to load my own music onto the built in MP3 player or use ear buds with the unit, so I cant comment on those two aspects.

Also the nubbies that massage the top of your head: I'm bald (by choice) at the moment and as long as you dont overtighten the device they will not dig into your scalp. My girlfriend indicated some sensitivity to them but not extreme discomfort. Personally I think they are a weird addition but they dont bother me.

The heat is the only subtle aspect to the massage. Unless I set it to the high setting, I really cant feel the change in temperature (which is why I believe some people believe it to be broken). If I put the heat on setting 02 (high) I can tell when the heat goes off as my head suddenly feels slightly cooler. I'm guessing it does a gradual warming and then cuts off once it reaches the set temperature for low or high. This was my biggest worry reading online reviews because a badly wired heat unit was not something I wanted anchored to my head if it decided to kick in and burn my face or scalp.

While I cannot say why the unit would give some reviewers here headaches, I have yet to experience one. I can say that the area around my neck where the two protrusions sit under the base of my skull can be sensative to touch immediately after a 15 min session and continue to be that way for up to an hour. But again this is only to touch and does not throb or ache on its own (like a headache or brusied area). As with any deep tissue or point-press massage, you could end up with some sore/tender spots. So no complaints from me.

Bottom line is give yourself a little room when cranking the unit to your head... dont make it super tight to start... I have a large head from front to back. I actually have to open the device all the way up and then squeeze my head in. Once on I can get maybe one quarter rotation from the back dial and its where it needs to be. 5-15 min a day for the last week has been amazing for my facial tension. I have a better attitude at work and dont feel like an elephant is sitting on my forehead while driving home from work. I sleep better, wake up earlier and the dark sunken circles around my eyes have tightened and taken on a more even tone compared to the rest of my face. It actually feels odd to furrow my brow at this point... My vote is if you're on the fence... go for it because if at the end of the day (and reading the directions!) you dont like it or how the unit makes you feel: return it.

My only complaint would be the restriction should you lose the remote... you'll be left with NO options and probably have to listen to the whispering asian woman forever... even if you loaded your own music into the unit. However, it does come with a carrying case that is not in the Amazon description (I was worried as the Breo site says it should come with one) and everything fits nicely inside, so you shouldnt lose anything!
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on December 30, 2014
Didn't work as expected. Too much pressure on the temples and the scalp massage isn't effective. The vibrations for the eyes aren't relaxing nor is the lady whispering mandarin in your ear. I had an eye massager before and it worked great before I lost it when we moved. I was so disappointed.
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on October 6, 2015
the product run well for one year but today the battery only last for few minutes even after overnight charge. I am not sure where i can buy the replacement of the battery with 2300Amh and 3.7v used and there is contact information about the seller.
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on December 3, 2014
Very good although the instructions are not very precise. No idea what to expect in terms of temperature for instance (there are two settings but I don't see any difference, if it should get colder/warmer it is not working...). Another weird point is the girl whispering stuff in Chinese in your ears. They should record audio in multiple languages, that's not hard nor it would be expensive... But it's ok, just load it with your own relaxing music. Enya does the trick for me.
Other than that, it is indeed relaxing if you like Shiatsu (it is indeed strong massage and it takes getting used to), also the helmet needs to be well positioned and not too tight, as it will inflate and apply pressure your head.
Some people say it gave them a headache - some people call it torture, maybe it's misuse, defect, or maybe it just didn't work for them as they expected. I stay 15 minutes with this helmet on and I'm ready to sleep like a baby.
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