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on January 20, 2013
I'll start by suggesting everyone looking to juice watch the documentary "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" Throughout the film they use the Breville as the standard for their juice fasting. I figure if its good enough for people juicing every day for every meal, then its good enough for my general needs.

Not only is it just a great film in general but it will change the way you look at your everyday diet. It will also help you get the best out of your juicer while explaining the benefits of FRESH juice.

We saved ourselves $100 by going with this remanufactured unit, and it is nothing short of amazing. Out of the box this juicer is built like a tank. This is not a "bullet" or a "vitamix" this is a full fledged juicer built for everyday use. Stainless steel covers The entire base and all of the moving parts are very solid and assemble and disassemble with the greatest of ease. The plastics they use for the pitcher and pulp catcher are also a very nice quality and should stand the test of time. Even the blade is a made of high grade stainless coated in titanium which should mean years of juicing with no dulling.

Now I could sit here and talk all day just about how beautifully made this thing is, but we're all here to see how well this thing works. To be honest I haven't used a piece in my kitchen this much since I got a Kitchenaid Stand mixer (and I use the juicer way more).

Assembly start to finish takes just a few seconds.

***TIP*** As many have posted putting a bag in the pulp catcher is key...It will not only save you the time of washing extra items, but it also gives you a way to reuse your bags that you bought your veggies and fruits it!! I'm very keen on reusing things as much as I can.

Once you have everything locked into place you just need clean produce. I must suggest starting with a carrot just to see how incredibly powerful this thing is. It will literally juice the carrot faster then you can grab another and throw it in. Then have a little fun.

As a rule of thumb through juicing I have noticed that I try to steer clear of mixing veggies and fruits. Something to do with the way body digests alkalines vs acids. Lots of exceptions like apples and melons, so I use those and carrots to sweeten my vegetables. Generally though my vegetable juices are all vegetables and the same with fruits.

***TIP*** Try to juice things like kale, carrots, radishes, romaine, spinach, arugula (as a general dark green is the most nutrient rich)...stay way from lettuces and tomatoes as they don't juice very well. Fruits like oranges, bananas, and mangoes are best left to blending and not juicing as they just don't produce as much and you lose more of the fruit then you gain from it. Great fruits are pineapples, apples, strawberries, watermelon, honeydew, anld pomegranate seeds (a pain to clean but actually gives a great amount of juice and TONS of flavor)

I did a 14 day fast with no real solid foods short of nuts and the occasional french fries to keep my sugars up. I felt weak and fairly tired the first 6/7 days. However after I reached the one week mark I started to feel great. No need for caffeine in the morning and no real desire to eat fatty foods, snacks, or meats. I know this is a review for a juicer, but for anyone considering juicing I figured I'd lay it all out.

This juicer has made it so easy to follow this kind of diet that I couldn't see myself giving it up for ANYTHING else on the market. I've seen the knockoffs and "blender-juicers" and they are pail in comparison to this machine. Nothing will juice better than this and if you have the willpower to juice this machine makes it easy to do.

***LAST TIP***
Juice loses lots of its nutrients when left to get warm or left unfrozen for more then a few hours. So buy a few cases of water and reuse the water bottles to make frozen juices. You can usually have them thawed in about 2 hours, so if you plan your day out accordingly these ready-to=go juices can be very handy and help you keep on track to your goal!!
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on September 28, 2012
So, I just finished putting, like, 20 pounds of produce through this thing, and it performed very well.

The instruction manual is well written, the whole device weighs 15 pounds or so, and when you turn it on, it spools up like the engine on an F-16. It is mean sounding. And it powers through produce like a metal, herbivorous animal. Honestly, you could juice a steak with this thing.

So, refurb is always dodgy, but it came with a 90 day warranty, which isn't mentioned on the product page. From what I understand, breville makes great products. My last juicer broke when a lemon seed shattered the plastic feed chute-- the breville fells really solid, like the plastic parts are made of Nalgene.

So, a great buy at a 100 dollar savings.
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on June 3, 2013
Like most would be, I was a little hesitant purchasing a 'remanufactured' product, but I've had great success with refurbished products in the past so I thought I'd roll the dice. Can't say I notice any difference whatsoever. If you were to package this juicer as new I would not question it. No indication anywhere that this was remanufactured.

I am 26 and am someone who is in great shape and works out and plays sports nearly religiously. My whole life I have absolutely hated most vegetables and fruits. They were the one huge thing missing from my diet. As I started watching what I ate even closer and started counting macro and micro nutrients, I realized that I needed to get more vegetables in my diet and even though it sounds simple, I just couldn't bring myself to add a side of broccoli or carrots to my meals. Enter juicing. To me its quick, easy, and a fun way to add those deficiencies to my diet.

I have juiced off and on for the past 3 years, going in and out of phases where I would juice heavily and not juice at all. In that time I used a Juiceman juicer I purchased from Walmart. I really can't say too many negative things about that $70 juicer, as it got the job done and kept on ticking. A few plastic parts cracked and broke off, but performance was not affected and there were no leaks to speak of. It performed admirably.

Recently I ramped up my juicing and decided to splurge and buy myself some new hardware. All the positive reviews pointed to Breville and more higher end masticating juicers from the likes of Omega and others were a bit too expensive for me. I decided on the flagship 800JEXL and have had it for about two weeks. Here are my thoughts:

One of the, if not the best highlight of this Breville is the build quality. Most parts are made from stainless steel and the few plastic parts are constructed very well and seem extremely durable. I can't speak to the longevity quite yet, but this thing seems like it will last for decades. Unlike other cheaper juicers, this guy deserves counter space and is something you will not be ashamed of having out if company comes over.

Once you do it once or twice, putting it together and disassembling the juicer is very easy. Everything is easily cleanable and makes the juicing process seem like less of a chore and less time consuming. From what I hear, the plastic becomes discolored over time so I pour my juice into a separate container and immediately wash the parts when finished.

As for the juicing, it performs very well. The low speed works well for berries and softer foods, while the high speed works well for the tougher vegetables. I will mention that sometimes it feels like you really need to press down hard on the feeder cylinder to juice whole apples (something I admit I feel my cheap Juiceman did a bit more effortlessly).

Before I get to the taste difference, there are two other things I want to point out. Firstly I am actually fairly surprised at how damp the pulp is that comes out. I make sure to clean out the mesh basket very thoroughly before each use, yet the pulp is still a bit more wet than I'd like. I end up re-juicing it to collect more liquid. And secondly, in relation, the amount of juice I collect from this Breville is pretty much the same as my old Juiceman. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I expected this machine to produce more juice. My standard daily juice mix contains 2 apples, 5 carrots, 3 celery stalks, 4 stalks of kale, 2 small tomatoes, 5 strawberries, and one large green pepper--each juicer gives me about 34 ounces of liquid.

That being said, I must say that the taste of the juice from the Breville is far superior to my old juicer. I wouldn't think that two machines that do the same thing could produce such varied results, but I am certainly very happy about the exponentially improved taste. The juices seem to blend together much better and the liquid itself, while I can't say its physically thicker, has a more smoothie-like taste to it and I enjoy it much better.

Overall this is a fantastic product and the few minor qualms I had are dashed away by the build quality of the product as well as the taste of the juice it provides. I am a happy Breville user and would recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality juicer.
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on December 6, 2012
This is the first juicer I've ever owned and I find it well built but I feel that it could use some design improvements. This thing is built like a tank and I expect it to last a very long time. The juice that it makes seems to be very good quality. There's two things however that really frustrate me with this product. The first is that when I first got it and turned it on, the blade/filter assembly was not properly seated due to bouncing around during shipping. Not being familiar with the product I turned it on and the blade/filter assembly ground against the chute removing a row of teeth from the blade and marring the end of the chute. Would have been nice if the unit were designed to safe guard against this as it is my feeling that it's very easy for this mishap to occur. My second gripe is that sometimes on high speed, the juice cup vibrates away from the juice spout discharging juice all over my counter.
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on December 1, 2012
This juicer is a beast. Well built, stainless steel very sturdy. Its remanufactured but it performs like new. Save some money buy this instead of a new one.
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on May 9, 2013
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on April 8, 2013
I looked into a number of juicers, and this one seemed to be the best functioning/looking juicer at the right price range for me. First of all, there weren't too many parts to clean which was good and was truly a nice looking appliance along with my espresso machine. Now... to the focal point: I tried strawberry, celery, artichoke, grapefruit on this machine and while the juice making process was very efficient and quick (it makes the juice almost immediately), the residue(pulp) produced out from this fruits and veges was so wet and I could literally see pieces of celery in it (not to mention huge chunks of strawberry but I understand as the purpose of this machine is not to juice a mushy fruit). I felt like there was definitely more juice to come out of the residue, so I tried putting those pulp back into the machine again to see if it can extract more juice: it did not happen. While making juice was very quick and breeze, I felt like I wasn't getting enough juice out of expensive organic produces that I purchased. Therefore, this is going back to Amazon. I bought Omega 8004 instead, and with the same input, the pulp thrown out was significantly more dry, which I was happy about. I had expected a little more of versatility and functionality from a retail $450 machine.
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on October 23, 2013
Hi! I fought against going on the juice fast for years. I have Fibromyalgia, and on top of that a prescription drug made my weight shoot up. I tried everything, with no luck. Finally, I was desperate enough to tell my daughter I was willing to try that juice fast. She has a Green Star masticating juicer, and was good enough to juice for me/us. Unfortunately, I have never enjoyed raw veggies. Steamed, yes. Stir-fried, yes. Raw, ugh. The green juices tasted so strong and 'green' to me, I had to chug-a-lug them, rinse my mouth out with water, and sometimes wiping the inside of my mouth with a tissue was necessary!
About 10 days into the fast, I stumbled upon the film Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead by Joe Cross. It truly reinforced my decision to do the fast. Today is day 36.
When my husband decided to try the fast, I ordered a refurbished Breville Juice Fountain Elite. (He does not have the time required to use the Green Star before work.) It just arrived today. Now, I do not like 'reviews' that go like this: 'I'm so excited I ordered this! It should come any day now!! 5 Stars!!' So please excuse the hastiness of this review. The reason for it is, after unpacking, cleansing, and assembling it, I could not resist the temptation to try it. The normal recipe we use it: 2 large kale leaves, 1 large cucumber, 2 small apples, ginger, and the last 1/2 inch of a pineapple thrown in. The Green Star took at least 10 minutes and a lot of elbow grease to force the produce into the inner maw of the machine. This Breville took less than 45 seconds! The juice POURED out. Admittedly the Green Star has dryer pulp. I reran the pulp into the machine and got a TBL of extra juice, so it's up to you whether or not to do so. Then the taste test! Would this juice taste like the compost sludge I've been downing for the past 36 days in desperation? Or merely like primordial ooze? I bravely sipped. What a surprise! Pleasure!?! From a green juice? I wanted to cry from happiness. This juice tastes wonderful! And not thick and slimy textured! (I'm sorry; I hated the Green Star juice so much I can't think of it any more kindly than this.)
So, I have a glass of juice at my desk, sipping it and enjoying it thoroughly.
Oh, and it is very easy to clean. Assembly is a no-brainer. And it is very quiet.
And FYI, in 36 days I lost 22 lb, my daughter lost 30. Wish us luck!
PS I tried a Jack La Layne juicer a few years back and it was flimsy and unimpressive. I gave it to my youngest, who actually wanted the thing.
PPS We live in AZ, and have a lot of fruit trees, including citrus! I can't wait to juice our homegrown fruit!
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on May 16, 2013
The juicer does exactly what it should. It makes juice! It is very well built. I can't imagine any of the parts breaking or wearing out, except for the centrifugal separator basket (not sure if that's its official part name). It looks like the basket will likely break at some point, either from scrubbing to clean it, dropping it, or maybe even from a few years of normal use. It costs around $40 to replace it. As long as you're careful with the basket though, the rest of the machine will last forever.

Tip: Clean the basket (and all the parts) while still wet after use. Letting the machine dry before cleaning makes the job quite difficult. Cleaning it while still wet is usually a matter of just spraying the parts with your kitchen sink sprayer. No need to use the dishwasher.

This machine does not work well for leafy greens as they tend to get shot past the grinder without being ground up. As a result you get a little juice and a lot of waste in the pulp bin. You can try balling up the greens in a tight wad. This helps the grinder to be able to chew on them a while before they get out of the feed shoot. You also need to be careful about putting stems and large seeds through it. The grinder cannot grind them up, and tends to force them past the feed shoot whole, which results in the whole machine jumping, and it sounds like you just broke something. I found this out when I tried to juice a bunch of grapes. It didn't like processing the woody stems.

But besides loose leafy greens and hard stems, pits, and large seeds, this unit does a great job. The pulp that is left over is damp but there is not much juice left in it. It produces some foam at the top of the juice pitcher, but the pitcher has a baffle that holds back foam as you pour out the juice, so you don't get it in your cup. Enjoy your fresh juice!
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on December 27, 2012
Nice to have healthy juice. Pitcher well designed to eliminate the froth from pouring into the glass. Stainless steel cleans easily.
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