Customer Reviews: Bride for a Knight
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on September 21, 2007
In the crowded genre of the Scottish historical romance there are a great deal of recurring tropes that can make different books very samey. Although this book is somewhat different than the norm as it apparently has a paranormal aspect it was still ultimately not entirely satisfying.

Jamie Macpherson's nine brothers have all been killed in an accident on a bridge and he is returning home - partly to see his father (from whom he is estranged) but mostly to get married to the woman his father has arranged for him, Aveline Matheson. As he approaches his father's house he spies a beautiful faerie in the moonlight of St Bride's Glade; how convenient that she turns out to be his intended wife.

Their betrothal takes place but Jamie soon realises there is more to the deaths of his brothers than just an accident as they appear to be haunting his father and his fiancée has also seen them. Jamie's distrust of ghosts (Bogles) is such that he looks for a rational explanation, at the same time trying to protect Aveline. The author made rather a lot of the fact that Jamie is a big lad (and we're told multiple times that he's big all over... ahem) and Aveline is a tiny thing and so he's worried he might hurt her when they consummate the marriage. Fortunately the story gets distracted from these thoughts by trying to discover the truth behind the deaths of the other Macpherson brothers, working out who might gain from the deaths and Jamie being all protective of his betrothed.

What was good about this book was that the unmasking of the villain was a real surprise to me although it was effected by some rather unlikely plotting at times. The book gave good descriptions of the life and politics of powerful men in Scotland at that time, interspersed with the less satisfying paranormal aspect. The romance between Jamie and Aveline was fairly low-key as it was a love-at-first-sight story and it actually seemed to get in the way of the plotting at times. I was also distinctly dubious about the happy-ever-after potential; Jamie and Aveline are happy now but knowing his immense size and her tiny stature I expect her to die in her first experience of childbirth. However, that aside, this was a reasonable read and different from many of the books in this genre. It's clearly part of a series, with many other side characters mentioned, but it also worked as a standalone book.

Originally published for Curled Up With A Good Book, [...] © Helen Hancox 2007
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on August 27, 2007
I was very hopeful during the first chapters of this book. The main couple, Jamie and Aveline, were instantly attracted to one another. There was none of the typical resentment or stubbornness coming between them. Jamie was chivalrous and protective of Aveline's feelings when her father humiliated her in front of her clan. Aveline was thrilled to meet her groom, and she was protective of Jamie's dignity in the face of her father's treachery. They wanted to spend as much time together as they could, and neither wanted to hide their growing feelings for one another. I was definitely looking forward to a romantic tale.

Unfortunately, I began to get very bored around the middle of the 5th chapter, then had a strong urge to start skimming at the beginning of the sixth chapter. Too many extra themes and characters entered the story. The original dilemmas of a rivalry between Jamie's and Aveline's fathers, Jamie's father's resentment over the fact the Jamie's mother died during his birth, and the loss of Jamie's brothers to a tragic accident were more than enough adversity to sustain the story. To my disappointment, Welfonder decided to also throw in the ghosts of Jamie's brothers haunting their father, mystical premonitions and dilemmas of characters from Welfonders' past novels, and various superstitious actions and beliefs by Jamie's clan. All of this happening at once made it impossible for me to dive into the story of the main couple. My head was spinning while trying to keep each character's problems separate, yet still keep them combined into one core story. What started out as a beautiful romance turned into several tangled stories of mythical legend.
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on May 4, 2013
This was probably my least favorite story in the MacKenzie series by Sue Ellen Welfonder. The story had promise but parts were highly predictable. Also the love scenes were odd in my opinion. They focused more on Jamie's overly large endowed male parts than the love that existed between the two main characters. The author wrote in detail about his large size which started to become distracting. I did like the surprise at the end of the story. I think part of this story went flat for me simply because Jamie is not one of my favorite characters even in the other books. I felt that he has always been portrayed as an overgrown olf, lacking brains and appeal. He does have a good heart and I am glad that he finally did get his happy ending.


On the eve of his return to Baldreagan Castle, Highlander Jamie Macpherson cannot believe his eyes: a golden-haired beauty haloed in the moonlight of St. Bride's glade, so delicate and fair she can only be a faerie. With his desire rising like a wave, the knight longs to see her again. The next time is even more surprising: Aveline Matheson is the flesh-and-blood bride of his arranged marriage, a woman eager to discover the pleasures of wedded bliss. And woe to those who would stop their lovemaking!

Yet danger threatens the newlyweds. Jamie's darkest foe has already murdered his brothers and now threatens to destroy every Macpherson. But the enemy hasn't counted on one thing: Jamie will do whatever he must to keep his bride alive and in his arms forever...
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on March 26, 2016
I liked reading it. You had sweet beta hero. Sweet, loyal heroine. Hero lost his whole family to terrible accident and he is left to continue family line. He is scheduled to marry to the heroine, but doesn't know it at first when he meets her. They have great chemistry together but hero fears hurting heroine. Seems he has a big, very big, male organ if you know why I mean. The heroine is not afraid and initiates much of their interaction moving forward. The climax was good and the HEA had many great surprises.

The only reason I gave this a 3 star is because I did get tired of hearing about the hero's whore. He went too much into describing their "fun" time together and how regular of a customer he was. Seems he visited exclusively because she could accommodate his package, but it felt like he developed feelings for her as well. I don't know it really took from the story and how he compared her to heroine. I know he says he loved heroin and was sweet to her, but it didn't sit well with me. Heroine even knew of this connection and got to meet her from afar. She was even comparing herself to her and wondering about hero's connection to her. Really took from story. Even thought hero was loyal it just felt his emotions were not free of this other woman. Who likes to be compared to an ex or their man keeps thinking about an ex, especially favorable. I wish these parts were not there, but they are. So even though I enjoyed book this would not make me read again. Everything else was so great. I am just picky reader.
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on March 15, 2013
Read this book long ago. Sue Welfonder is a good author. Nice pacing in the book and a really good love story. I liked the touch of paranormal with a twist at the end. Hope you like it as much as I did.
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VINE VOICEon September 9, 2008
I am almost finished with all of Ms. Welfonder's books in this series ... yes; I truly do seem to be a glutton for punishment.

All of her books have one thing in common ... they are all full of fluff and filler to pump up page count. These excesses detract from the stories. The reader is buried in all the tedious thoughts of her characters and the never-ending (and oft repeated) descriptions.

Other reviewers have given plenty of plot and character information so I will not add to it. I will, however, comment on something I found totally preposterous - no, it is not the size of Jamie's manly parts. It is the fact that anyone with knowledge of the Scottish Highlands would ever believe eight fully-grown highland men would walk across - all at the same time - a wooden footbridge which they knew to be in very poor condition. These characters were raised in the Highlands - survival skills would have been second nature to them. Doing something this absolutely ridiculous would not happen, even at sword point. They would have fought or died by the sword - not crossed a bridge like they were going to a picnic.
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on September 15, 2008
I'm not one to enjoy anything with even a hint of paranormal. One of the reasons I didn't enjoy Until the Knight Comes. This one was different. Perhaps it was the characters?

Big in every sense of the way, Jamie Macpherson joined clan Mackenzie and went on to make a name for himself through out the years. While still @ Cuidrach Castle, he receives word that his brothers have all died from a tragic accident. He is also told that he will be married to the daughter of his fathers enemy, Aveline Matheson. But why would his da's enemy want him married to his daughter? He hadn't planned on returning but honor would let him do no less. He would return even if it meant facing the truth; he would never earn his fathers love, last son or not.

Aveline Matheson, youngest daughter of Alan Mor is a delicate soul. She is likable within the first couple of chapters for she has an earthy nature. With her betrothal to Jamie approaching, she knows that she must make the best of her situation. Besides, it's for the good of their clans. Though she is a wee delicate lass, she has no fear. Nor does she let her small size shield her from all of the joys of life. of married life. of life with Jamie Macpherson.

I usually prefer a little bit of bickering from the h/h however these two gentle hearts were sweet to each other from the beginning. I enjoyed watching their romance bloom and not in a sexual way but love! On that note, I will admit that the sex scenes were "PG" and I had hoped for more. They were not steamy at all IMHO. Excellent secondary characters helped that blemish *Munro and Morag*! We also get a glimpse of the Mackenzie's; Duncan, Robbie, Linnet, Juliana, Arabella and our next heroine Gelis. Anytime this clan is involved, I tend to smile. With the ghost, betrayal and eerie feelings floating around, can their love last?

I had honestly thought not to read this novel..I was disappointed in Until The Knight Comes and thought that it could only get worst. However this is an excellent story and I await the story of Gelis (though I must wonder why we don't see Arabella's story first seeing as she is older).
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on July 19, 2016
Title: Bride for a Knight
Author: Sue-Ellen Welfonder
Genre: Historical (Medieval) Romance, Mystery, Paranormal
Year: 2007
Rating: 3 stars

I loved Devil in a Kilt. Even though that stories couple and their now grownup children make an appearance, I still just can’t seem to like Bride for a Knight all that much. In all honesty, I’m not entirely sure why. I like Jamie and Aveline just fine. But I remember the first time I read this one I didn’t really like it and even reading again a few years later hasn’t changed anything for me. It’s just an okay book, not as good as Devil in a Kilt.
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on January 14, 2014
This was a re-read for me and one of my favorite stories by Sue-Ellen Welfonder. Jamie Macpherson and Aveline Matheson have been calling to me for some time now and I answered their call.

The Western Highlands, 1325-

Jaimie is the 10th son of Monro, one of the lessor Highland Chieftains. His mother died birthing him which sent Munro into a deep depression. He named his son Jamie of the Heather saying it was where he was spawned and where he would return when he was old enough.


Aveline's father, Alan Mor Matheson wants her to marry Jamie to ensure the future and fortune of Clan Matheson. Her older sister, Sorcha, was to have married Jamie's older brother, Niall, who was killed along with the other 8 brothers when a bridge collapsed. Alan wants to keep the alliance with this new marriage agreement.

Sir Kenneth MacKenzie is Jamie's liege lord. It's here that he learns of the deaths of his brothers. He is shaken to the core. Jamie heads home with his aged dog Cuillin, a gift from his brother Niall years before, to see to his father and to stop and visit Alan Matheson about the alliance and marriage. Everyone is saying Munro had gone mad over the loss of his sons. Jamie thinks his father hates him and his feelings are all over the place about what he will find when he arrives home.

This starts the adventure that Jamie and Aveline must take to find their happiness and love. It not only is about a love sweeter than ever and full of passion but their journey is smack full of treachery and pain. Someone is out to hurt Munro and Jamie means to see it put to an end. There are ghosts and mysteries to uncover along the way. Through all the heartache and anger that have accumulated over the years comes an understanding that all things aren't as they seem....that love and acceptance are there for all who open their hearts along with their eyes.
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on October 17, 2015
A fantastic story, funny, passionate, imaginative characters, deeply emotional and you won't want it yo end. I loved the story and the characters that I have read this book 9 times so far and I'm sure I will read many more in the future. Debi Allen
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